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Woes In NYC


Seems that a great humanitarian doctor has caused just a little stir in NYC. A “doctor without borders” ( sounds like a tree huger without common sense) has come back after a month of aiding Ebola victims in West Africa. And he self monitored right up to the point of 103 degree temperature. Too bad he didn’t self quarantine instead. Yet to see how this will turn out and what fellow NYers REALLY feel about him. Oh, and the Dem parrot governor and the Dem parrot mayor say there is nothing to worry about and that everything is under control. Right!

Under control would be this Islamic psycho from California (another liberal state transplant) who decides to attack police with a hatchet. Recent convert to Islam? Of course, but we won’t mention that. This rides on the heels of another whacko Islam convert in Canada who tried to kill members of their parliament. I don’t know how much Canadians like their members of Parliament but I wish these lefty or Islamic terrorists would do us a favor and at least take out some of the US parliament members. Two birds with one stone as it were. We do these guys want to do harm to civilians who have no control over affairs that bring anger to terrorists? I don’t get it.

Well, our House of Representatives have voted to arm the “lite” jihadists (that we are calling “moderates”) in Syria to the tune of billions of dollars (that we do not have by the way). The Senate likewise passing this madness is pretty much fait accompli. Oh, to be a weapons contractors this month! (Or even a private military contractor)

So after Asaad is gone and the Islamic State group withdraws (note, NOT defeated), the war hawks (read: McCain and Graham) will come back and demand that we “secure the victory” by paying for a massive rebuilding project and oversee the installation of a democracy. That will cost another trillion dollars for so! Oh, and meanwhile the Islamic extremists (armed with our weapons) will continue guerrilla tactics, suicide bombings and such against us during the new occupation. No one is even debating ANY of that. And the biggest irony will be that Obama will have led us into this disaster.

The Islamic extremists have baiting us into spending ourselves into oblivion (to what end?) and are doing it again. Will we have a nation to leave to our children following all of this madness. But at least our ruling elite will be taken care of right? They have been leading a war on the rest of us for the past 20 years or so.

I can only hope that by 2016, perhaps neo-cons will be back out of favor again. But then again, are we – as the NY Times mentioned – in the “great unraveling”? The elites are leading us into decline and everyone is clapping for the freak parade.

…and by “it” I mean Iraq.

I am not saying that we need to “fix” it, but seeing as how our decision to remove Saddam Hussein and attempt to “install” a democracy has unintentionally turned that that nation into (in the words of Senator Rand Paul) a “jihadist wonderland” we have some obligation to help the Christians, Yazidis and other ethnic minorities that are being threatened with genocide by the forces of the group calling itself the “Islamic State” (i.e., ISIS/ISIL). I am saying this as a very firm non-interventionist that is often appalled by the hawkish rhetoric that comes from John McCain, Lindsey Graham and the rest of the “invade the world” caucus.

Let me clarify by saying that I fully recognize that Saddam Hussein was indeed a very bad guy (as was Qadhafi in Libya) but he at least kept the Jihadist hordes from murdering Christians. However, thanks to Neo-con arrogance, we removed the iron boot of Saddam from the necks of the jihadists and now Christians, Yazidis and any even other Muslims who disagree with their version of Islam are being murdered. Centuries old churches have been burned to the ground. Historic Christian lands have been abandoned. Thousands have been displaced. AND the jihadists are doing all of this with weapons that WE provided! I shudder when I think about it.

That said, we are where we are and we have to help those people. This video below of a Yazidi member of the Iraq Parliament begging for help against the Islamist hordes that are massacring her people broke my heart:

Watch Mark Arabo (an Arab Christian) speak about the crimes of ISIS against Christians in Mosul:

YES! He said that they are beheading CHILDREN!

The question is what to do?

In my humble estimation:

- Support a free and independent Kurdistan! Netanyahu already seems the wisdom of this. Cut the Maliki gov’t out and establish direct ties with the Kurds instead of going through the central govt in Baghdad. Allow U.S. companies to buy oil from the Kurds directly on the open market. Train and arm the Kurdish forces to protect themselves from the Islamic State. We can support their boots on the ground with air support in the effort to destroy ISIS.

- Covertly work toward dismemberment of Syria and Iraq into 6 or 7 smaller states. An Arab Christian state (similar to Israel) should be amongst those nations carved out to which the assorted persecuted Christians of other Arab countries can relocate. (I know this was tried in Lebanon once, but this time it has to be a stronger effort)

The Sunnis and Shia would have the benefit of ethnically purer states where they wouldn’t be victims of each others’ animosity. The smaller those nations the better. While we are at it, we should encourage the partitioning of Libya as well. Our long term goal should be the formation of as many smaller and gelded mini-states as possible.

Sadly that isn’t going to happen (at least not by our design) and we will likely continue with these asinine half measures that promote nation building and “installation” of democracy. Instead Christians will continue to flee the Middle East while getting raped, robbed and killed while Western governments simply watch. We will continue to inexplicably (and against our interests) continue to promote a “united Iraq” and a “united Syria” when fate has handed us an opportunity to simultaneously improve our position security-wise AND advance a more workable and peaceful Middle East for the foreseeable future.

That didn’t take long, did it? And Obama delivered as promised, didn’t he? And there is something happening with this administration that needs another immediate distraction, isn’t there. Here is the story.

Now here is the story where the Libyan government didn’t have prior knowledge of America’s intent and wants their suspect back. They want to try him under Libyan law but haven’t been able to capture him because the situation was too volatile. Hmm. The first story talks about a general in their army trying to get this guy. Any reporter wanting a story with the suspect didn’t seem to have any problems finding him. And now he will be tried in civilian court. We do we continue to play this game? Extract what little information there is; put a bullet in his brain and tell the politicians he jumped off the ship at sea and drowned. Better yet, capture him, interrogate him immediately at his home, kill him and leave. I don’t know if we even get any credible intel from these guys anymore.we need to stop putting on a show and just take care of business. Now we’ll hold him in jail somewhere and await trial 4 years down the road. And after he has his day in court, maybe we can go look for another Benghazi suspect.

Hello everyone!
Been a while because I have been busy out here with real life, but I wanted to comment on this Iraq issue because it is really bothering me.
Simply put, going back into Iraq is the LAST thing we need to do. The “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria/Levant” (ISIS) is posting the horrific pictures and atrocities on twitter and other social media in an attempt to goad us back into the war. US troops back on the ground would be a recruiting boon ISIS.

Yes ISIS is anti-Shia and a jihad against them is seen as legit in their eyes, but drawing in the CLEAR kufaar (infidels) would be an even bigger attraction for potential Sunni recruits from all around that region and beyond. If you listen to what they are saying they are ALREADY claiming to have defeated the “American/Shia alliance” each time they capture a new city. That of course is a lie because we have no troops fighting on the ground, but if we throw in on the side of the Shia, then many Sunnis will say, “hey ISIS was right all along” and many will join the fight against us. Then of course Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar will continue to fund the ISIS jihad. Meanwhile, the Iranians will not be forced to use their own troops to defend their side. They can sit back and watch us take another bloody nose while they benefit from our gains by dispatching their enemies. All of that without them lifting a finger or losing a single soldier.

The truth is that this is their war, not ours! We have given billions to the Iraqis in not only cash but equipment with which to fight. If they do not want to defend their homeland, then why should we defend it for them? I am betting that the Shia will not simply allow the ISIS militants to march into the south and slaughter them. They will defend themselves if we let them do that. We need to allow them to solve their own problems instead of constantly intervening and introducing an foreign element into the mix.

Secondly, in spite of what Bush and other neo-cons believe, we can NOT “install” democracy. That point is now so obvious that it should no longer even be a point of debate. The people on the ground must want democracy for themselves AND the culture must be in place for it to bloom. Those two things can not be “installed”.

Thirdly, most people in the United States have no interest in fighting another long, drawn out, quagmire where our troops are fighting with both arms tied behind their backs in a thankless effort at nation building where billions of hard earned tax payer dollars are pilfered by corrupt war lords.
This is what the “seeding of freedom” has brought to us. I say “no more”.

Once you get past the point where it was all Bush’s fault, with the concurrence of the Dems in Congress about going to war, then you will realize that it was all Obama’s fault for letting the gains and sacrifices fail miserably. Why did it end up like this? Partly because “plugs” Biden is Barry’s international affairs expert. Mostly just because of incompetence, a lack of understanding and just being “over one’s head”. Iraq is vastly becoming an Al Qaeda state. And it doesn’t appear that Obama saw this coming or even cares. When you read the UK story, you will see that a captive (the new wanna-be head of Al Qaeda) was released 4 years ago by unknowns. Maybe this is a reason you don’t release the bad guys.

War also makes strange bedfellows. Iran is getting into the fray because ISIS is Sunni based and Iran has poured tons of aide into Iraq to have a Shite ally. When you look at what is unfolding, you see bitter rivals between Iraq and Iran again(as it was before we ousted Saddam) when they slugged it out with each other. And who do you think is going to be a major target in the area? Yes, not ONLY Israel but Jordan also. And what of Syria? Usually dictators ruin their own countries and don’t branch out. Fanatics use countries as launching points to conquer and overcome others.

How do you explain to American service personnel that you did the right thing when the sacrifice made is destined for the “all for not” category, with the current CIC taking NO BLAME for any of it. And what help will America give to Iraq, other than the money and military hardware that seems to be abandoned and falling into ISIS hands? It looks like the people of Iraq don’t like these Sunni radicals and are taking up arms to save their way of life. Good for them. I wonder if any other Islamic nations will join the fight to stamp out this Al Qaeda cancer? Oh what a mess this is turning out to be. Do you see anything less happening in Afghanistan?

This post is a change of pace for me, but addresses an issue that is bothering me. Why do some insist that we get involved in each and every conflict in the Middle East and other Muslim majority nations? It really is time that we bring all of our troops home and mind our own business.

Secondly, in reality, what is happening on the ground in those nations is a “you’re the wrong type of Muslim” War. What business do we have in such a conflict? Shi’ites vs Sunnis. Then there are several different factions of Al-Qaeda all fighting one another:

Deadly clashes were reported Friday[, Jan. 3] in northern Syria between Sunni Islamist jihadists linked to Al Qaeda and insurgents in other alliances, punctuating a growing schism within the armed Syrian opposition over the power exerted by its religiously radicalized members, many of them from other countries. Antigovernment activists in the Aleppo area said that fighting had broken out near the Idlib Province town of Atareb, west of Aleppo, pitting members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, a powerful Qaeda affiliate that includes foreign fighters, against an array of seven homegrown Syrian rebel groups.

Each faction claiming that the others’ version of Islam is the “wrong kind”. The truth is that there is no “real” Islam. It is demonstrated from the comment of the Syrian refugee in this article:

“The problem is that now we are facing a situation of multiple sharias [version of Islamic law]. Jabhat al-Nusra has its own sharia, ISIS has its sharia, and now the Islamic Front has its sharia,” Kanjo said. “They all want an Islamic state, but they can’t even agree on one kind of sharia.”

The point being that there is no “true” or “real” version of Islam, so they all fight over their various constructs. This article, makes a strong point:

Just as there is no “real” Islam, there is also no “real” or “true” sharia. The early sources if Islam are so obscure, incoherent and vague that it is nearly impossible to get clarity on anything except the most basic issues. If there were, it would be a lot clearer as to what it is. That is one of the real reasons why there is so much intra-Muslim fighting amongst the militant groups in places like Syria, Pakistan, Iraq and Libya. Each of them believe that their version of Islam is the “true” one. And unfortunately, each of these militant groups currently fighting in those places also believe that the blood of those who disagree with their version is “halal” (i.e., permissible to kill).
Fortunately, most Muslims are not so militant. But more people (Muslim and non-Muslim) really need to understand that there is no one “real” sharia or “real” Islam that stands above all of the other versions. Every Muslim thinks that his/her version of Islam is the “real” Islam. So in fact there are thousands of “real Islams”. It is for this reason that theocracy can never work. One can not force their version of religion on another person.
Yes, I fully understand that on a human level, all of this is a problem for all of the innocent people caught in the middle of the factional fighting, but this is not a problem that we can solve. Are we going to go in there and establish one faction’s version above all others? (And, by the way, Al-Qaeda WANTED us to go into Syria to give them an assist) It is not our place to do that. Muslims in those countries are going to have to decide for themselves to come to the table and agree to live and let live. And we need to learn to leave well enough alone. Besides, we have enough to do at home.
It is for this reason that I am hoping and praying that the “zero option” in Afghanistan (in which all US troops are removed) beats all odds and comes to fruition. “Nation building” has not worked, and it is time to allow Afghans to build their own nation and face their own problems with their own solutions. We can not impose our way of life on them – not even in 1,000 years.
Now, some would argue that we must be over there fighting them so that they do not fight us over here. I have never bought that argument. That was the retroactive argument for invading Iraq, and look what a factional mess it is today. Billions of dollars, over 4000 lives gone, and countless wounded for what purpose? Establishment of farcical democracies? A “Khalifah” in Fallujah and Anbar? Re-establishment of old clan wars? And I haven’t even mentioned Libya.
Secondly, while we were in Iraq and Afghanistan, did they not try to attack us anyway? We can invest in our own future and security while taking our troops out of what has become a pointless battle.