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This post is a change of pace for me, but addresses an issue that is bothering me. Why do some insist that we get involved in each and every conflict in the Middle East and other Muslim majority nations? It really is time that we bring all of our troops home and mind our own business.

Secondly, in reality, what is happening on the ground in those nations is a “you’re the wrong type of Muslim” War. What business do we have in such a conflict? Shi’ites vs Sunnis. Then there are several different factions of Al-Qaeda all fighting one another:

Deadly clashes were reported Friday[, Jan. 3] in northern Syria between Sunni Islamist jihadists linked to Al Qaeda and insurgents in other alliances, punctuating a growing schism within the armed Syrian opposition over the power exerted by its religiously radicalized members, many of them from other countries. Antigovernment activists in the Aleppo area said that fighting had broken out near the Idlib Province town of Atareb, west of Aleppo, pitting members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, a powerful Qaeda affiliate that includes foreign fighters, against an array of seven homegrown Syrian rebel groups.

Each faction claiming that the others’ version of Islam is the “wrong kind”. The truth is that there is no “real” Islam. It is demonstrated from the comment of the Syrian refugee in this article:

“The problem is that now we are facing a situation of multiple sharias [version of Islamic law]. Jabhat al-Nusra has its own sharia, ISIS has its sharia, and now the Islamic Front has its sharia,” Kanjo said. “They all want an Islamic state, but they can’t even agree on one kind of sharia.”

The point being that there is no “true” or “real” version of Islam, so they all fight over their various constructs. This article, makes a strong point:

Just as there is no “real” Islam, there is also no “real” or “true” sharia. The early sources if Islam are so obscure, incoherent and vague that it is nearly impossible to get clarity on anything except the most basic issues. If there were, it would be a lot clearer as to what it is. That is one of the real reasons why there is so much intra-Muslim fighting amongst the militant groups in places like Syria, Pakistan, Iraq and Libya. Each of them believe that their version of Islam is the “true” one. And unfortunately, each of these militant groups currently fighting in those places also believe that the blood of those who disagree with their version is “halal” (i.e., permissible to kill).
Fortunately, most Muslims are not so militant. But more people (Muslim and non-Muslim) really need to understand that there is no one “real” sharia or “real” Islam that stands above all of the other versions. Every Muslim thinks that his/her version of Islam is the “real” Islam. So in fact there are thousands of “real Islams”. It is for this reason that theocracy can never work. One can not force their version of religion on another person.
Yes, I fully understand that on a human level, all of this is a problem for all of the innocent people caught in the middle of the factional fighting, but this is not a problem that we can solve. Are we going to go in there and establish one faction’s version above all others? (And, by the way, Al-Qaeda WANTED us to go into Syria to give them an assist) It is not our place to do that. Muslims in those countries are going to have to decide for themselves to come to the table and agree to live and let live. And we need to learn to leave well enough alone. Besides, we have enough to do at home.
It is for this reason that I am hoping and praying that the “zero option” in Afghanistan (in which all US troops are removed) beats all odds and comes to fruition. “Nation building” has not worked, and it is time to allow Afghans to build their own nation and face their own problems with their own solutions. We can not impose our way of life on them – not even in 1,000 years.
Now, some would argue that we must be over there fighting them so that they do not fight us over here. I have never bought that argument. That was the retroactive argument for invading Iraq, and look what a factional mess it is today. Billions of dollars, over 4000 lives gone, and countless wounded for what purpose? Establishment of farcical democracies? A “Khalifah” in Fallujah and Anbar? Re-establishment of old clan wars? And I haven’t even mentioned Libya.
Secondly, while we were in Iraq and Afghanistan, did they not try to attack us anyway? We can invest in our own future and security while taking our troops out of what has become a pointless battle.

12 years ago this morning I was driving my pickup truck on my way to drop off a bid in Mississippi while listening to sports radio when the host confusingly announced that, “it seems that a small plane has hit one of the twin towers”. I quickly switched over to news radio and they were as confused as the sports hosts at this point. As time passed and details continued to come in (both towers were now smoking, the Pentagon had been attacked as well and a plane had gone down in Pennsylvania) I heard the news caster say, “One of the towers has collapsed!”.

I can still take you to the exact spot on the road I was driving when I heard that; it was so shocking. When I finally got to a TV, I saw the second tower collapse on live television with others who had gathered around the television. It was the most surreal thing I had ever witnessed in my life up to that point and still remains so. It was horrific. That night, I could not sleep.

The next day I saw something even more horrific: the footage of the planes going into the building. “What kind of incredibly evil and depraved maniacs could these people have been?”, I thought at the time. But I can only imagine what those who witnessed it live must have felt. I can only imagine the pain that those who lost loved ones must have felt that day. I can only imagine the incredible fear those who perished must have felt (some even decided to jump rather than burn). I will never know that pain. I can only continue to pray for their families and hope that we continue to honor them.

Oh, someone turned over a rock and some skeletons fell out of the e-mail closet. One lone voice and determined individual named Steve Hayes of the Weekly Standard just refused to let this thing rest, especially after the administration continues to voice “nothing new here” (along with Juan Williams–what an absolutely clueless asshole….kinda like BlackOut). Well it was a good thing he didn’t but also read what it cost the American people to get this information. I hate this deal bullshit. Regardless, the ball moves forward and Obama’s head gets closer to exploding. Hillary is looking awful skanky on this issue too. When the final whistle blowers come forward, I have the feeling we will have some Nixonesque statement like ” you want have Obama around to miss anymore hoop shots” or “now my golf handicap will final go down and you suckers will still be paying for it”. I would like to see him in an orange jumpsuit myself but that probably won’t happen. But we can ship his White House bust back to his brother George in Kenya. It is a damn good thing that un-buttered popcorn isn’t fattening.

Two things. I told you there was more and people in intelligence were lying (or being stifled as it comes to light) from the very beginning. Second, I wish BE would stop pouting and come back so that I could tell him he was wrong. Maybe he is already working on his humility but I doubt it.

It wasn’t white supremists as some had hoped for. Why? So it wouldn’t put a damper on the push for immigration reform. Who cares that the borders aren’t secure. Who cares that the US dismisses intel from other nations. Who cares about making “profiling” a useful law enforcement tool. Who cares about diseases not being checked when coming to this country. WE NEED IMMIGRATION REFORM FOR THE NEW VOTERS!

Guess what? Can you say ISLAMI TERRORISTS? That’s what these guys were. Regardless of what country of citizenship they were, they were I-S-L-A-M-I-C T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-T. Period. If you haven’t read anything about this yet, then read this. But here is the screwy part; the surviving bomber MAY get the death penalty, if convicted. He MAY get the death penalty for killing 3 people and he MAY get the death penalty for injuring, inclusive of blowing of limbs from human beings, 170 human beings. Or he just might get free room and board, at the expense of the tax payers of course, for the rest of his life before he gets paroled in the future. What? You think that sounds stupid? Oh, no, let me show you what stupid is. Do you remember these people? They are the useless pieces of shit that are trying to change America. Don’t be fooled. They may live right next door to you. I believe that bitch-slapping should become law, just to save future generations from themselves.

I will post 3 scary issues facing us today. One I am very familiar with. You can pick and choose which one scares you the most. All 3 worry me greatly.

Iran is a terrorist nation. It is building a nuclear device and is aided in both its refining of nuclear material and rocketry by another terrorist nation, North Korea. Both hate the U.S. and feel our government weak. Not a good thing. Sanctions aren’t working to the point they should because these nation’s governments aren’t too concerned about their people as they are about their standing in the world. That is a very bad thing. And what about the UN? Thugs LLC are very much part of the problem as being an inept body of thieves and “feel gooders”.

First, peruse this article about Obama’s feelings on nuclear arsenals, which appears to be a naive notion at best on his part (this is where strong, understanding cabinet positions count; not like minded lackeys). Then you have something on how the supreme authority in Iran views things. As he says, he’s a revolutionary. So was Che Guevara but not to the extreme of this guy. Then there is North Korea. It has its “eye on the prize” from whatever viewpoint it sees it. Read this article here and then hear what the little dictator who would be supreme ruler here (he is vying for the same position as Obama).

Now there are many more articles you can find but the bottom line will be the same–there is a current escalation of nuclear arsenals and countries, all being more than just “saber rattling”. The world has become that much more dangerous and you shouldn’t be worried about health-care, minimum wage or immigration at this time. The ante has been raised too high to ignore the seriousness of the game anymore.

I think we ought to send Obama letters of thanks for not getting us into war with Algeria. Even though the Algerians mucked up the hostage situation with al Kinda, only one American was lost (until we get the full details later). The Algerians refused our help, so we are told, because they can screw things up just as good Obama does. And now Barry doesn’t have to feel bad about not doing anything in a timely manner before he got all the “intell” of what was going on. Bravo!

Being as how it is Algeria, I’m surprised that the FFL (French Foreign Legion) didn’t do one of their spooky things and take out One Eye (not sure if he is kin to BlackEye) and his merry band of turbin pirates. Far as I know, the two countries are still on good terms. One thing I cannot figure out though: what the heck is a Mali? And why are the French looking for al Kinda there? Isn’t al Kinda dispersed and no longer a threat to the world since Trash Bin Laden was terminated? Does anyone have some good CIA dope on this?

First they have an Arab Spring that commences into riots in the streets and an over-throw of Mubarak. Then they have what is their version of a democratic election and elect a radical Islamist and the sharia Muslim Brotherhood. President Obama immediately speaks up to welcome our new partners in democracy and how the world is right once more. Alas, the military refuses to give full control to Morsi until some things are straightened out. The people revolt. Morsi gains full control and the people rejoice. Morsi condemns Israel and helps align Egypt with its Arab neighbors Syria and Iran. Morsi helps Hamas get weapons to Gaza. Morsi wants American dollars cause his economy is in the crapper. Hamas attacks Israel. Israel finally retaliates and Hamas plays the victim. SOS Clinton brokers deal for peace with Morsi for money and aid to the Palestinians. Obama is pleased once again and all is right with the world. Morsi, immediately after brokering peace removes power from the courts of Egypt and becomes supreme dictator. Egyptians riot. All is not good with our brethren in Egypt. Obama is silent.

What will happen is a military coup of Morsi and then military rule until someone tells the Egyptian people how democracy works. It will probably be Obama again (I have the strange feeling he helped in the first elections and that is why it looks like it does…..kinda like it looks here in the US) so that all will be right in the world. Except Egypt is NOT or friend or ally, there is no democracy and the Middle East is heating up once again. Some of this is distraction since Iran is still working on that bomb. Obama can only focus on one fire at a time and all the forests seem to be burning simultaneously. Where is Israel in all this? Wishing that they had a friend to cover their back. I’m sure they feel pretty alone in the world right now. And what is Obama’s strategy? Good question. Let me know when you figure it out. Hopefully before Farsi becomes our primary language.