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Oh, yes, the time is long overdue to have term limits on Congress and judges. Why would we only limit the Executive Branch without having the same constraints on the Legislative and Judicial branches? Why indeed. It appears that the need of limits is really making its case known in these modern times. You see, politics is a “scratch your back, you scratch mine” type of forum. Unfortunately, bias does not belong in any of these branches and when the party trumps the people, the system is surely broken. Case in point is the recent decision on subsidies for ObamaCare sign-ups.

It appears that two conflicting court decisions are at issue: the U.S. District Court (just below the Supreme Court) where a 2-1 decision was handed down stating that subsidies could only be given through state exchanges. By the way; this court had 4 Obama judge appointments placed after Harry Reid invoked the nuclear option in the Senate. The other court, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ( which is supposedly equal to the District Court ) held that the subsides could be granted by What the 4th based there opinion (why would they have an opinion and not a sound ruling?) on is that Congress (read Dems ONLY) had the INTENT to make subsides available for all. Unfortunately, that is not what the law READS.

Here is my beef. We are no longer a nation ruled BY LAW. We have become a nation ruled by the intent of someone’s opinion of how they interpret the meaning of someone else’s thought. Words use to have meaning but, if you read this site enough, you will realize that Dems/liberals don’t use definitive definitions but, rather, however something should be interpreted at the time (which seems to change as constantly as wind direction). So it appears that all branches of government have been corrupted and no longer seem to function as their assigned duties prescribe. An old joke: “What do you call 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?” Answer: “A good start!” Don’t get me wrong; lawyers were a needed and noble profession once. Anymore it is a stepping stone for self glorification. It has become corrupted in too many ways and lawyers are ever mindful of side-stepping the rule of law and perverting it. This isn’t the entire profession but a good portion of it. It seems that those same lawyers become judges…..with political ideology and leanings, where law is NOW being made instead of interpreted AS WRITTEN. There is no separation of powers anymore because we no longer have checks and balances as established by the Constitution. Since lawyers won’t clean up their own house, term limits, review boards for misconduct and dismissals are our next line of defense.

This is just one story of one city of one class of drivers. It is happening in this country everyday and drivers are getting away with murder because of “loopholes” I guess. Then again, take away their license and they will still drive, even if they get caught again. And they are killing kids! When is something going to be done about these insane drivers that cause this havoc?

I beat the lefties to the story. Here it is. I know. No real information but that won’t stop the anti-gunners, will it. Another gun free zone. Still no solutions to protect our children in school, after the last school shooting. Or the one before that. Or the one prior to that. Etc. Wonder where these mental killers will strike when school term is over? No information but the floor is open. Speak up.

It is clear from the policies they support — from funding for abortion clinics started by a pro-eugenics woman who wanted to reduce the Black population, to laws that clearly say that Blacks and Hispanic (whether Black or White) cannot compete with Whites and Asians on a level playing field — that the modern American “progressive” (a.k.a. “progs”) are racists. The question is, WHY?

Well, we have already established that progs cannot really believe in God, because to do so would mean that they think they know better than God how He should have distributed things, so they must Re-distribute them. This is, of course, incompatible with the nature of God, so they reject Him.

In rejecting Him, they also reject the notion that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Without that Creator, we are products of random evolution. Those whom they deem to have evolved more — Whites and Asians — progs also deem to be inherently superior. Oh, they will deny it, of course, but the public policies they push which keep Blacks down — such as Minimum Wage laws and quotas — drown out their lies. (At least the originators of the Minimum Wage Law were honest about its purpose, just as the founder of Planned Parenthood was honest in hers.)

Contrariwise, Christians know that we are all created by God to do God’s work — that God has put us where we are, and given us the talents we have, to do His will to the best of our abilities. None of us is “better” than another any more than a carpenter’s hammer is better than his saw.  In the Body of Christ, a hand is not superior to a foot.

I have been waiting for this season to get started and let me tell you something: this isn’t good baseball; this isn’t great baseball; this is some fantastic baseball! For two games in a row, I have seen two grand slams. Unbelievable defensive plays and everyone is swinging the bat when needed. Rendon, Werth and Espinosa are the ones I want to see do well and they haven’t disappointed me. The others are performing in a gear likened to playoff time. And they are just as calm as can be. Almost like they have a secret that we don’t know about (like they are going to the World Series this year). Having some ups and downs with pitching but offense is covering that. I mean, the game tonight is no less exciting then the one yesterday. Matter of fact I only see one dark spot in these first 10 games. That is the instant replay. It is being used and abused for other than intended and it takes the fun out of booing the umps, which has shown that they get the call right about 98% of the time. I hope it goes away because I don’t want my baseball footballized, if you know what I mean. Since it is spring break and nothing is going on, tune into Nats baseball. You’ll be glad you did.

I cannot divulge the individual who showed me this 200 page document. As you know, I am all about secrets and anonymity here and everywhere. But I did see this initiative and I crapped my pants. If this were insider trading, I would be heading to jail now. Let me just say the cogs are in motion to head this off before it is implemented.

When you do your taxes, you attach your SSAN to that document. At times, taxpayers even have refunds directly deposited to their bank accounts. Do you remember when the government was trying to find a way to take over 401K’s? That idea didn’t die. This document (which I could neither copy nor show anyone. Matter of fact, I had to read it in the presence of the individual) was from the Treasury Dept with involvement from both the IRS and Justice. Why Justice I am not sure but the bottom line is a new tax.

The tax is called a “holding tax” and deals with individual’s monies in financial institutions and 401k’s wherever they reside. To be initiated around the April 15th timeframe, a tax is immediately levied on the dollar amount of any holdings at a 3% rate. That money immediately goes into a government “holding” account (extracted from your account) where it draws interest for the government. A lien is also put on your account (and any new established accounts) so that taking monies out below what taxes will be owed are stayed (which means you cannot clear out your account). That 3% tax will also be levied on your tax returns. After the initial tax and withdrawal from your accounts, every quarter there will be a 3% tax on those accounts done by ADB (I assume this is “average daily balance”) figures.

For example: you have 1,000 dollars in your bank account=30 to the gov’t. Small potatoes? 10,000 in your savings=300 to the gov’t. Now we’re picking up steam. 100,000 in your 401K=3,000 to the gov’t. No small potatoes there. And this will happen EVERY QUARTER!

Now there was much of this I couldn’t understand but the rational was to shore up “entitlement” programs-including the ACA-to keep them solvent and stave off budgetary shortfalls. Are you kidding me? It is a perpetuating tax if I read this correctly, with no sunset. I guess we don’t have to worry about estate tax much going forward. There won’t be anything left. I don’t know how they can get away with this but maybe that is why the Justice Dept is involved. And we already know that the ACA was Constitutional because it was a tax. I’m sure someone will take this to court but by the time it gets resolved (what, 2 years or more?), can you imagine the pile of money the government will have……all collecting interest for them? I don’t know who you could call to complain because it is being kept close to the breast. All I can do is what I already started; closing accounts. This sucks. ANY PERCEPTION RELYING IN LOGIC FINDS ONE ONEROUS LAW! Sheesh.

On my way to a meeting in Leesburg yesterday evening, I heard on the news about an accident at Dranesville and Rt.7. I was thankful I was not caught in the traffic. Today when I got some vehicle maintenance taken care of at the gas station there, I was pulled into the office and shown the station video that caught the accident. All the guys cell phones showed different things they videoed. I cringed. If you have seen the commercial for, I believe, Suburu, it shows a vehicle center punched with the caption “they lived”. This was much worse. Life-flight was involved. There are two things I adamantly check for while driving.

The second thing is to check my rear view mirror when coming to a stop and watching to make sure the vehicle behind me is going to do the same. The first thing is what happened in this case. The light changed to green for Dranesville Rd. traffic to turn onto Rt. 7. A truck on east bound 7 either tried to make the waning yellow or was preoccupied and ran the light, center punching a small car in the driver’s door (speed limit is 45 but traffic goes faster and there was NO braking action here). When proceeding from a stop or after a light changes, NEVER, EVER assume that the light or stop sign will stop all traffic. This is a common occurrence and could have been avoided just by keeping track of traffic that can affect you. This was a real ugly accident. Don’t have one of your own.