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I am building another shadow box for military medals. Being that I buy/sell militaria, I have no problem picking up most things I need. Sometimes what I need is new and not original. Such is this case as I went to a military medals outfit in Oregon called USAMM. I had not dealt with them before but decided to try because of the pain I was having with a couple other vendors. Having placed my order (with a not too knowledgable individual), I then checked that order to the e-mail sent me. With a boneheaded mistake that my “tech” had made came an unexpected eye opener on the financial page. There were two taxes being charged to me. One was Virginia state sales tax which, with everything being unequal online anymore, was to be expected. What wasn’t was the Loudoun County tax charged. I know that the states of Washington, California and Oregon like charging out-of-state taxes because that is what liberal progressives do. I called them on the county tax thing and told them that what they did was illegal and to re-instate the charge back to my card. Now I have requested an answer on this issue from my supervisor. Hopefully he will submit the answer here on site. If not, I will relay it to you when I get it.

Look. If you don’t understand this poor, wayward youth, read this article by the NY Times. It even explains that they didn’t know how he got captured. His fellow soldiers knew. The 6 that died looking for him or trying to retrieve him knew. And I am sure the Obama administration knew for they had plans to use this traitor pawn.
So he gets charged for desertion, as well he should. He gets charged with misbehavior. Funny term because of think of kids cutting up in school or at home. Why not just use the term treason. With these charges, Bergdahl is free to roam and ski or shoot his guns while waiting to decide how to go forward. You can see I used the NY Times for both articles to keep it congruent. The article says that the defense department doesn’t want to see him incarcerated. He may not even get a dishonorable discharge, loss of rank or forfeiture of accrued pay while held “captive” ( which is a term I use very loosely and don’t believe). To refresh: he willfully left his post and sought out the enemy. Fellow soldiers died on his behalf. 5 deadly jihadis released in “trade” for poor Sgt. Traitor Bergdahl. And he has suffered enough? No death penalty? No consequences save having to live with some type of conscience where he may hold a smidgen of guilt? More Obama influence and justice maybe? I leave it to you to decide.

Now, we’ve all heard the latest prog clap-trap: White Privilege clap-trap.

Does being White gives one a leg up on everyone else?  No.  Asians make up less than 20% of the students in Fairfax County Public Schools, but are more than 50% of the students admitted to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.  Why is that?  Asian Privilege, perhaps?  Blacks and Hispanics are admitted to TJ at far lower percentages than they occupy in the FCPS student body. Why is that?

Asian have higher graduation rates than Whites, who have higher graduation rates than Hispanics, who have higher graduation rates than Whites.

Asian earn more than Whites, just as Whites earn more than Hispanics, who earn more than Blacks.

Obviously, if Whites had all the power, and exercised that power to discriminate against people of other races, Asians would be down there with Hispanics and Blacks.  But if a cop sees a car full of Asian teenagers driving down the road at 10:05 PM, he probably figures the library just closed.  He does not think that if that car full of Blacks or Hispanics.  Call that “Asian Privilege”.

So the question is, WHY does that cop think as he does?

The fact is, Asians commit fewer crimes than Whites, who commit fewer crimes than Hispanics, who commit fewer crimes than Blacks do. Asian teenagers are more likely to be at the library studying.  So this “Asian Privilege” and “White Privilege” is the result of the actions of generations of Asians and Whites.

Which brings us to the Rat Race.  The progs like to cry that it is not “fair” that Blacks and Hispanics are more likely to start off poor, and so it is not “fair” compete with Whites and Asian.  But how did those Whites and Asians start off in such a better positions?

The children of Whites and Asians are better off because of the actions of their parents and grandparents and great-grandparents reaching back millennia.  The Rat Race is not an individual event, but a relay.  White and Asian parents tend to pass the baton to their children a bit further down the track than do Hispanic and Black parents.  White and Asian parents also teach their children how to run the race faster.

Is is “unfair” for Whites and Asians to teach their children how to read before Kindergarten, when fewer Blacks and Hispanics do?

Is it “unfair” for Whites and Asians to foster a respect for education in their children, when fewer Blacks and Hispanics do?

Is it “unfair” for Whites and Asians to discourage their children from having children out of wedlock?

Of course not.  Blacks and Hispanics could do the same.  If they choose not to do these things, doing them is not “unfair”.

It appears by this article that Shawn Williams believes that King has started some type whisper campaign about his past, that Williams feels will affect his chances to run respectfully and win nomination for LCBOS chairman. I don’t see how his past should affect his present circumstances. It sure didn’t affect Delgaudio, did it? And who cares if he keeps getting stopped for drunk driving or that he may be beating his wife, relatives and neighbors. He is endorsed by Scott York so he must be a decent and stand-up kinda guy, right?

There are many reasons I would not vote for Williams and none have to do with his past that we are just finding out about. He is weak and timid and, as far as I’m concerned, has no spine. It also doesn’t help matters to be approved by York. This is best for the county and now let the games begin with Randall and King.

The sensationalism of the news, or should I say those “broadcasting” the news, never ceases to amaze me. It also pisses me off to no end that these arrogant, self-serving, vain individuals feel their lives are of greater importance then those around them. Brian Williams had his big lie come to the front. And it was just recently, on the re-telling of the story, that military personnel that this happened to, spoke up to say Williams had no involvement what so ever. Standing up for his own behalf, Williams had this to say:
““I would not have chosen to make this mistake,” Williams said. “I don’t know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another.””
What caused you to “conflate” is you perpetuated a lie that you didn’t think you would get caught for. Read the article as it shows the story is changing regularly. Before it is all said and done, we shall see how big this lie is and what was “forgotten” as far as the facts are concerned.

At this time, I want to relate a story about me. It was 10 years ago when gangs were at there height here in Sterling. While our 100 vehicle convoy was on patrol on the streets of Sterling, gang member gunships opened fire and disabled all our vehicles. We were about to have a high casualty rate when I jumped out of my vehicle and shot down 2 gunships with my 1911. While reloading my magazine, Seal Team 13 came into action in their PBR’s and took out the remaining 3 aircraft. At this time I would like to thank ST 13 for their help and support as I believe they helped save lives that fateful day. And please do not try verifying my story as it has been made classified and not available for public knowledge.

Who knew, right? I haven’t stopped laughing since I watched this in awe yesterday. It was that “deer in the headlights” look where you just can’t believe what you just heard. Matter of fact, when you watch this lie that Schultz puts forth to the people, you will see that exact look. But don’t worry none because Josh Earnest came to the rescue and “clarified” what the WH was trying to say.

The above example is as basic as it gets. It is the same as drawing a picture with crayons to make someone understand what you are trying to convey. What is trying to be conveyed by this administration is this: The American people are stupid and will believe anything we say. I can’t make this stuff up. Not this good, anyway.

This all had to do with Bowe Bergdahl, whose favorite song is this:
Come Mister Tally-Bahn, tally me bonanas,
Daylight come and me want to go home.

Hey, I want to laugh as much as the next person. I try to cut up here to make things a bit more easy and to keep our heads from exploding. There is much going on in the news of late. We are learning about cells in European countries that are being rounded up after the Paris ordeal. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia just died. This has a great impact on the stability of that region. At the same time, Obama’s buddy who has made Yemen an ally of the West, has been ousted from office and the country is about to go into drastic turmoil. Iran is believed to be of great influence in all the region and could drastically change the landscape. It is still continuing to develop its nuclear program while Obama gives away everything. In the meanwhile, the new Congress is having the Israeli PM speak to Congress about the Iran situation where Congress may act to instill sanctions back on Iran. This is just a little peek of what has happened in the last 72 hours.

So what is gaining traction in the news? A story about the Patriots dropping a pound or two of air pressure out of their footballs while playing the Colts. It is forefront in most broadcasts and seems to be earth shattering. Or how about this story about a comedian that gets to do an interview with Obama. Not only did the WH staff not vet the individual, but if they had, I don’t think he would have wasted his time since there is TOO MUCH IMPORTANT STUFF GOING ON ELSEWHERE. Am I making too much of this or is this just another showing about how upside down the news and this world is. I would like to have a good laugh but not before we rid ourselves of some of the things that are affecting my and my children’s security and way of life. The real news that is happening is not just something you blow off or dismiss. I wonder when our news corps will ever regain the people’s trust or their lost integrity?