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Who knew, right? I haven’t stopped laughing since I watched this in awe yesterday. It was that “deer in the headlights” look where you just can’t believe what you just heard. Matter of fact, when you watch this lie that Schultz puts forth to the people, you will see that exact look. But don’t worry none because Josh Earnest came to the rescue and “clarified” what the WH was trying to say.

The above example is as basic as it gets. It is the same as drawing a picture with crayons to make someone understand what you are trying to convey. What is trying to be conveyed by this administration is this: The American people are stupid and will believe anything we say. I can’t make this stuff up. Not this good, anyway.

This all had to do with Bowe Bergdahl, whose favorite song is this:
Come Mister Tally-Bahn, tally me bonanas,
Daylight come and me want to go home.

Hey, I want to laugh as much as the next person. I try to cut up here to make things a bit more easy and to keep our heads from exploding. There is much going on in the news of late. We are learning about cells in European countries that are being rounded up after the Paris ordeal. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia just died. This has a great impact on the stability of that region. At the same time, Obama’s buddy who has made Yemen an ally of the West, has been ousted from office and the country is about to go into drastic turmoil. Iran is believed to be of great influence in all the region and could drastically change the landscape. It is still continuing to develop its nuclear program while Obama gives away everything. In the meanwhile, the new Congress is having the Israeli PM speak to Congress about the Iran situation where Congress may act to instill sanctions back on Iran. This is just a little peek of what has happened in the last 72 hours.

So what is gaining traction in the news? A story about the Patriots dropping a pound or two of air pressure out of their footballs while playing the Colts. It is forefront in most broadcasts and seems to be earth shattering. Or how about this story about a comedian that gets to do an interview with Obama. Not only did the WH staff not vet the individual, but if they had, I don’t think he would have wasted his time since there is TOO MUCH IMPORTANT STUFF GOING ON ELSEWHERE. Am I making too much of this or is this just another showing about how upside down the news and this world is. I would like to have a good laugh but not before we rid ourselves of some of the things that are affecting my and my children’s security and way of life. The real news that is happening is not just something you blow off or dismiss. I wonder when our news corps will ever regain the people’s trust or their lost integrity?

I know you have been looking for a post that you could comment on. Heaven knows that we can’t seem to find something to fit your needs. So here is the standard dumping post where anything goes and all is allowed. If you think Howard Dean is an idiot for calling ISIS a cult instead of the hideous Islamic terror group that it is, well then call it out. If you think Obama is a lying asshole for saying he wants to work in co-operation with the new Congress, yet threatens vetoes before the Congress has a chance to present any passed bills, well then call it out. Maybe you are tired of NYC mayor DeBlastio crapping on his police department. Maybe you don’t like the childish speaker Boner pulling conservatives that voted against him, from committee assignments. Maybe you just don’t like the way I do things or crap on others. Whatever it is, and if it doesn’t fit the other posts that we put out there, well then call it out HERE. Have fun and may the peaceful Christian God be with you. If you don’t like my last statement, well then stick it in your ear and then call it out here. :smile:

I almost forgot about this until I watched the new congress get sworn in. Having to listen to the wrinkled crow Pelosi made my stomach wrench. Then she stomped on Repubs as she announced Boner as the elected Speaker of the house, at which time Boner tried to plant a kiss on Pelosi’s ear/neck/hair. This is not what I expected from this congress on the first day. Looks like it is all down hill from here.

Anyway, my list of wishes go like this:

I wish—
-that someone is held accountable in the IRS and gets fired, without pension and/or goes to jail.
-that someone is captured, found guilty and incarcerated for the Benghazi massacre.
-that Bradley Manning does NOT get a sex change operation (paid for by taxpayers or otherwise).
-that Sgt. Bergdahl is found guilty of desertion during war, aiding the enemy, and executed…….soon.
-that those responsible for Fast & Furious are held responsible and put in jail.
-that someone is jailed for the VA debacle.
-that someone is jailed for the NSA debacle.
-that Al Sharpton is hounded by the Justice Dept. and put in jail for tax evasion, being anerexic, wearing bad clothes and a bad hairstyle.
-that Obama is impeached for criminal behavior against his oath of office.
-that Eric Holder is caught up in a racist demonstration he helped promote.
There is much more but I don’t want to be too greedy. Bad things happen to bad people and I wish more things happen to liberals like happened to Harry Reid. Sure, he had an accident because some exercise equipment failed. He should be more wealthy by it because I’m sure he’ll sue the manufacturer. That is unless he is lying. Oh the shock. He could have had a fight with his boyfriend for all I know. I also wish that the GOP in the House and Senate grow some balls and do what the people want; not what the lobbyist want. We’ll see.

This has been a very different season for me. I am just happy to be here and have quite a different outlook on life going forward. I have spent the last 2 months watching Christmas movies and mending myself. During this time I have paid attention to many things and this is what I see:

Christmas came late to my neighborhood. Some families no longer want to participate outwardly and others just showed up last week. Gas prices are down and people have more money yet retailers are not seeing sales like past seasons. The commercial side, trying to keep businesses together, have changed from “Black Friday” to “Thanksgiving Thursday”. The only thing this has done, instead of boosting sales, has caused fights and mob mentality 12 hours earlier. There are less red kettles and more poor in need. Unfortunately, this administration has decided to swell the poor class with illegals, when it is hard enough to take care of our own poor citizens. I find this very offensive. I see a growing culture of thieves, cons, liars, and just despicable people that are against and a burden on society. Then again, I hear very little about GOD, family and good will towards our fellow man. Matter of fact, a selfish and irresponsible element is creating havoc and anarchy in our cities and on our streets. Most of this is played out under falsehoods. With all this going on, I have been looking for some good news. Here, on Christmas Eve, the only good news that I can find is that Jesus Christ was born. He came into this world to die for OUR sins so that we could be saved. This does not mean that there isn’t a price to pay for eternal life because there is. As a gentile, I am thankful for the opportunity and I am always working at making my way to Heaven. Too many people seem to overlook that fact or just don’t care.

I may never see peace on earth during the Christmas season or any other time during my life, but I do know that in the end, it will happen. Because of this day, I have a means for salvation. There is no other good news or gladness that I need. I get the same gift every year and every day–the chance at eternal life. I take this time to wish you and yours an understanding of the gift, the happiness of its reward, and the peace it will give your heart from now until forever. Merry Christmas.

I didn’t want to say anything but it will be all over the news for the next week here; about how controversial and good he was. Go to the WaPo story if you don’t know the man. I have had to live through his exploits.

When I think of Marion Barry (which only happens when his name is thrown up), I think of three things: corruption, home rule, and corruption. Sure, we all have our faults and, yes, he will have to make it right with God. He has left a following to be reckoned with, which is a tribute to his achievements. Those achievements would be how he helped those with his social programs. All he really showed is that DC politicians are basically corrupt (they’re Dems you know) and that home rule, or even statehood, does not belong to the District of Columbia. But things haven’t changed and, I’m fairly certain, won’t in the future. Best let it be that another corrupt politician has left this earth and he will have more company soon to follow in the near future. When corrupt politicians have no more influence on the people (death is a strong indicator of such) then it is a better day for the people on the whole. I just hate having to hear the tripe about this guy for a week. Like I did with Ted Kennedy.

This report lists a few election where Voter ID laws have made it a little harder to go from polling place to polling place casting votes as different people.  That’s why the demonrats oppose such laws.

With the new Voter ID law in Texas, the vote total was down 4.6% from 2010, and in Virginia, it was down about 1% from the 2010 midterms.  But there was no Senate election that year, either.  “While there are no studies yet on the impact on turnout in Virginia, Nate Silver estimates, based on academic studies, that in general such laws reduce turnout by about 2.4 percent.”

But wait, there were 11% fewer votes cast in Maryland this year, too!  And down 9.5% in Massachusetts!!  How can that be?  There is no Voter ID law in Maryland or Massachusetts disenfranchising the fraudulent.

So where is the disenfranchisement that was supposed to happen?