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Become unionized. Unless you have been living in a cave, everyone knows how the union hates Wal-Mart because it can’t sink its killing tentacles into the business. Things like steel industry, auto industry, garment industry, remember Hostess?, even the sports industry. The union spent 12 million dollars on Walker’s recall and lost. That was a lot of dues flushed down the toilet instead of taking less from its members. Now the union will picket Wal-Marts on its busiest day of the year because of “low wages and poor working conditions”. Sound familiar?

Here are the 2 statements that stuck out:

“OUR Walmart, which said it is no longer a subsidiary of the UFCW and is an unincorporated nonprofit association, said the protests aren’t about forming a union. Instead, the group is protesting alleged unfair labor practices, such as manager retaliation against OUR Walmart members in the form of schedule changes and employment termination, the group’s officials said. NLRB officials are also contacting the UFCW for its response, and will likely contact OUR Walmart. “

You got that? Then explain this:

“OUR Walmart is an independent organization of Walmart associates who have come together to call for changes at Walmart,” said Mary Pat Tift, who has worked at a Kenosha, Wis., Wal-Mart for 24 years. “We are raising our voices to try to create better jobs and a better company.”

Wal-Mart said OUR Walmart makes it clear on its website that it intends to call for union recognition. The UFCW has been involved in prior efforts to represent Wal-Mart workers.”

Something about “speak with forked tongue” comes to mind. Yup, the liberal assholes are running headlong to ruin this country just as fast as they can. Welcome to the 2nd term of Obama.

Got to love it. The question form the media to the Union Masters is: “Do you pay people to attend?” The answer “Of course not!” We just fine the snot out of them if they don’t!! Bloody hilarious.

The Union at Charlotte. I guess they are angry about something. Let’s see–the Dems are for unity. Unity is the essence of union. Unions are Democrats. Are these just oxymorons or plain old morons? I like the “Hugs for Thugs” booth idea myself.

Frank Wolf has just released a damning indictment of MWAA’s crooked accounting and business practices. How can our BOS continue to pursue rail under these conditions? Thank God at least one of our elected officials is standing up and looking out for the Loudoun public at large. It is a shame that none of our elected ‘conservatives’ on the BOS, have not been able to find a voice as clear as Congressman Wolf …

Dear Secretary LaHood:

I am deeply troubled by the findings released today in the interim report from the department’s Inspector General (IG) on the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (WMAA) Board of Directors. I requested this audit last year and am sure you agree that the report raises significant concerns about the current board’s policies and procedures, including contracting practices, ethics and transparency. This demands immediate action.

Most egregious are the IG’s findings about MWAA’s contracting practices. The report notes that in many cases MWAA failed to even abide by its own established contracting procedures, which already fall short of industry standards. Particularly concerning are the number of sole source contracts issued. As you know, MWAA is required by law to fully compete any contract over $200,000, with limited exceptions. Yet the IG’s report states that “[d]uring the period of our review, MWAA awarded five sole source contracts that were over $200,000, but did not fall under any of MWAA’s categorical exemptions. These contract awards, which amount to $6 million, did not have Board approval.” Not only did MWAA abuse the exemptions permitted under federal law, they issued numerous contracts that failed to meet even these basic standards.

The report points out that while MWAA’s Contracting Manual says some exemptions are allowed, but “comprise only a small portion of MWAA’s contracts and their dollar value,” the IG found that the use of exemptions “has amounted to 40 percent of the Authority’s $589 million in contract awards during the period of our review.”

The rest of the letter only gets worse, the rest of it can be found here. Scott York, Ralph Buona, Shawn Williams and Matt Letourneau are hellbent on hitching us to the MWAA/WMATA plow. Please call or write to these men and try to talk some sense into them. Time is running out for Loudoun.

MWAA and WMATA are organizations that do not represent the interests of Northern Virginia. They are run by union interests; 80% of metro employees are union members from Maryland and DC. The boards of these organizations force Fairfax, and the other NVA municipalities to pay more than their fair share for rail service, but these municipalities do not have much of a voice in the decision making processes. Governor McDonnell, in an interview on WMAL, lamented this fact. WMATA and MWAA cater to their DC and Maryland Unions, not to the tax payers of Northern Virginia. This is the political landscape that York is rushing us into. Why?

Currently Loudoun is on the hook for 4.8% of the $6.0B that is the price tag for Silver Line construction. The construction bonds could be in MWAA’s name. MWAA due to its poor historic handling of its finances, has a BBB credit rating. This means that they cannot secure 4% loans; the best they can get is 6%. The life time cost for servicing what would be Loudoun’s $285,000,000.00 share of these bonds is around $605,000,000.00. Lets now consider the Capital Improvement Costs that are in the neighborhood of $13.5B, what if Loudoun were saddled with 4.8% of that mountain of debt? Then add in a yearly operating budget of of around $13M. The operating budget is based on WMATA’s estimate — this organization has a poor record when it comes to all matters fiscal — the real operating budget likely will be far higher. Think about what this will do to our taxes. Now remember that MWAA and WMATA get to pump all this tax money into their general fund before it is put towards its intended use. Think about that.

This is a bad deal for Loudoun. Mr. York should know better, but he apparently does not. We are being set up to pay millions per year in order to restore the badly mismanaged MWAA budget. Even the original loans for metro, still have not been fully retired. We are seen as a cash cow by DC and MD Unions; a cash cow that is to be milked for all it is worth. All this just to get 2.6 miles of rail into one corner of the county. York claims this is needed to reduce traffic congestion, when the studies show it will do no such thing. The plan makes no sense Chairman York, why are you pushing us into this?

I really didn’t want to write about this but something caused me to gravitate to it.  I was the hippie movement only I protested stopping the war because of unclear rules of engagement, a non “in it to win it” philosophy and an inept Sec. of Def.  My favorite aspects of that war was the use of Bouncing Bettys, Claymores, Beehive rounds and arc light.  Those dumb bombs kept the York Harley plant in full swing and caused nightmares for the VC.  The generations since have been looking for their “niche” or nouveau-hippie status without success.  The protests of old worked hand-in-hand with the civil rights movement and most were staged peacefully.  The outcome was usually otherwise.  Still great strides were made and bad “side effects” ensued.  You got the Weather Underground, the SDS (Students for Democratic Society) and the Black Panthers for a few.  Those organizations still exist in some semblance today and weren’t coveted as part of the movement of that era.  Radicals are always looking for an innocent “in-road” to work their ills.

Jump forward to Loudoun’s protest.  A 4 year old child that made her own sign is wonderful.  Unless that child is a political prodigy, she has NO comprehension of why she was there other than the words her mother used.  Hearing and comprehension are two different things.  All the crickets on LTM blog site suddenly committed a voice.  The exact things they were espousing to protest is what THEIR party and ilk promoted and did on the national scene.  Funny, that.  But where the gravitational pull came in for me was from none other than Al Neveraz.  You know, the radical from California trying to inject himself in local politics with his run as candidate for supervisor.  From what I heard these people were paid to be there.  Union dues work in varying and mysterious ways.  When you have a cause, the cause promotes the protest-not money.  These people were paid to do a job, which gives no credence to their values.  And all those liberals praised the young for their want and understanding and drive.  I got grades in humanities and government from my protesting.  I also got satisfaction that I was making a difference in government policy.  I didn’t “whore” myself out for money.  I did it on values.  I can’t say that about Protest Loudoun.  Lameness with a lost cause (or no cause at all).

You might think that I just like bashing the school system.  I don’t.  I bash the education system with all the fraud and waste.  Read this article on how unions protect their own and who wins or loses because of it.  Then read this article to see what they are protecting.  It is sad and pathetic.

It happens all over the U.S. and, as usual, they try to stem the tide when things get way out of hand.  The only reason anyone is looking at the education system nowadays is for budget cuts.  Remember, in good times and with many ignorant people, school budgets are the sacred cow.  Don’t tell me we don’t have anything of this nature in the LCPS.  I have been involved first hand with 3 instances for one daughter and have read other reports over the years.

Merit pay and evaluations are the only remedy for an out of control budgetary fraud as the education department.  Not all teachers are bad.  Not all counties have these type problems but problems DO exist and need to be dealt with.  Time to make everyone responsible for themselves again.