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I watched this thing live yesterday and, even after taking some Tums and Dramamine, still felt nauseous. I knew it would be lies but, but holy guacamole, I thought I was looking at the Geico commercial with Pinocchio. This boy king is not only a joke but a great embarrassment to this country. He is qualified to be Mayor of D.C. But other than that, nada. Let’s look at lies then:

And now. Read some of the comments here. Two that jumped up are this:
“”A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” ~ Thomas Jefferson “A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money.” -G. Gordon

and this:
“If you don’t like your Democrat senator you don’t have to keep him/her. Vote them out. Liars all.”

The biggest lie of all has always been that if you don’t agree with ObamaCare and the GOP trying to repeal ObamaCare means they don’t want you to have health insurance. If I remember correctly, health insurance existed BEFORE ObamaCare. At last glance, there are still 40 million uninsured Americans that this law (I’m choking here) was aimed to resolve, except that everyone else got sucked in like a bad side affect. My, and most other entities, have open enrollment for two weeks, in which time you decide your plan so that it is ready BY THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR. ObamaCare has open enrollment for 6 months (actually, you can sign up all year long) but STILL left out 40 million uninsured. The government just made 4 BILLION dollars off the uninsured and they still have no health insurance. Boy, this is working out great!

I cannot divulge the individual who showed me this 200 page document. As you know, I am all about secrets and anonymity here and everywhere. But I did see this initiative and I crapped my pants. If this were insider trading, I would be heading to jail now. Let me just say the cogs are in motion to head this off before it is implemented.

When you do your taxes, you attach your SSAN to that document. At times, taxpayers even have refunds directly deposited to their bank accounts. Do you remember when the government was trying to find a way to take over 401K’s? That idea didn’t die. This document (which I could neither copy nor show anyone. Matter of fact, I had to read it in the presence of the individual) was from the Treasury Dept with involvement from both the IRS and Justice. Why Justice I am not sure but the bottom line is a new tax.

The tax is called a “holding tax” and deals with individual’s monies in financial institutions and 401k’s wherever they reside. To be initiated around the April 15th timeframe, a tax is immediately levied on the dollar amount of any holdings at a 3% rate. That money immediately goes into a government “holding” account (extracted from your account) where it draws interest for the government. A lien is also put on your account (and any new established accounts) so that taking monies out below what taxes will be owed are stayed (which means you cannot clear out your account). That 3% tax will also be levied on your tax returns. After the initial tax and withdrawal from your accounts, every quarter there will be a 3% tax on those accounts done by ADB (I assume this is “average daily balance”) figures.

For example: you have 1,000 dollars in your bank account=30 to the gov’t. Small potatoes? 10,000 in your savings=300 to the gov’t. Now we’re picking up steam. 100,000 in your 401K=3,000 to the gov’t. No small potatoes there. And this will happen EVERY QUARTER!

Now there was much of this I couldn’t understand but the rational was to shore up “entitlement” programs-including the ACA-to keep them solvent and stave off budgetary shortfalls. Are you kidding me? It is a perpetuating tax if I read this correctly, with no sunset. I guess we don’t have to worry about estate tax much going forward. There won’t be anything left. I don’t know how they can get away with this but maybe that is why the Justice Dept is involved. And we already know that the ACA was Constitutional because it was a tax. I’m sure someone will take this to court but by the time it gets resolved (what, 2 years or more?), can you imagine the pile of money the government will have……all collecting interest for them? I don’t know who you could call to complain because it is being kept close to the breast. All I can do is what I already started; closing accounts. This sucks. ANY PERCEPTION RELYING IN LOGIC FINDS ONE ONEROUS LAW! Sheesh.

Don’t know why everyone is so ecstatic of what ObamaCare is doing for the general public. No matter how many articles are shown to the detriment of this law, it is lauded by the progs as a success. Well, here is but another article that says “no, no, no”. I like the cost per person being spent compared to the number still uninsured. With the money already down the toilet thru all costs, including and especially ADVERTISING this asinine program, we could have saved money by just targeting those who were uninsured.

Seems that the Merryland administration is giving up the ghost on their health exchange. I guess they siphoned off as much money as they could hide without raising too much suspicion. 125 million in tax payer dollars gone into someone’s pocket with nothing to show for the cost. Incredible? Incredibly stupid!

As I have stated here on many occasions we got this equation all wrong. The mantra amongst corporatists over the past couple of decades has been “what is good for big business is good for America”. I would amend that to say that what is good for business is not necessarily good for America.

Today we do not have capitalism, but crony capitalism. Many large businesses of all types rely on the profligate spending by the federal government.

For those that did not hear, Walmart warned in its annual business report that cuts in Food Stamps would hurt its business.

This is NOT an anti-Walmart rant. They are simply doing what large businesses do: try to make profits by whatever means necessary. Target, Giant, and K-Mart are no different. Neither are defense/weapons contractors for that matter. It’s just that Walmart is more successful and has recently admitted it. My point here is to further point out how upside down things have become that these large businesses are counting more heavily on uncontrolled federal spending as part of their business plan. Most of the squealing about any defense cuts whatsoever originate from defense contractors who want to keep profits nice and fat. Thank God for Crimea putting that talk to rest, right?

Point here is that the food stamp/SNAP rolls are increasing and that is good for the oligarchs and plutocrats. That’s more profit for companies like JP Morgan Chase who profit handsomely from EBT card use.

What are we going to do when/if the day comes that there are no more EBT cards and corporate handouts?

When reality meets dogma. Reality ALWAYS wins

On my way to a meeting in Leesburg yesterday evening, I heard on the news about an accident at Dranesville and Rt.7. I was thankful I was not caught in the traffic. Today when I got some vehicle maintenance taken care of at the gas station there, I was pulled into the office and shown the station video that caught the accident. All the guys cell phones showed different things they videoed. I cringed. If you have seen the commercial for, I believe, Suburu, it shows a vehicle center punched with the caption “they lived”. This was much worse. Life-flight was involved. There are two things I adamantly check for while driving.

The second thing is to check my rear view mirror when coming to a stop and watching to make sure the vehicle behind me is going to do the same. The first thing is what happened in this case. The light changed to green for Dranesville Rd. traffic to turn onto Rt. 7. A truck on east bound 7 either tried to make the waning yellow or was preoccupied and ran the light, center punching a small car in the driver’s door (speed limit is 45 but traffic goes faster and there was NO braking action here). When proceeding from a stop or after a light changes, NEVER, EVER assume that the light or stop sign will stop all traffic. This is a common occurrence and could have been avoided just by keeping track of traffic that can affect you. This was a real ugly accident. Don’t have one of your own.

I guess when you feel emboldened from “others” in high office getting away with murder, you just feel you can do it also. Oops! I have some catching news for you and just wonder how it will be treated by those liberal cronies that always want to blame Repubs ( not that there aren’t Repubs just as bad).

First we look at State Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco notoriety (San Fran can pick them, can’t they?). Corruption and gang relations. And no one knew because he is such a nice guy and good politician. To whom, I wonder.

Then you have the mayor of Charlotte, Patrick Cannon. He was arrested on…….corruption charges. Like his Ca. buddy, he too is a nice guy where no one saw this coming and wish him the best. One of his charges stems from a free trip to Vegas with cash involved.

Speaking of Vegas, Senate Leader Harry Reid was caught once again with mis-management of campaign contributions. I think we can all agree that this is no less corruption in and of itself, as Dems are howling over Bob McDonnell. Then again, this is nothing new for Reid who has been playing the corruption game for years.

I wish these guys the best also……the best lawyers, then the best maximum sentence, and the best “playmates” (bubbas) in prison. We’ll see who escapes what and which rugs get the sweeping under. This stuff just makes my day. I would love to see a crooked politician from any party arrested at least one each day. That would be cleaning house. Hey, another reality TV show with people playing themselves. I’d watch for sure.

Big case in front of the SCOTUS this week.

Federal law now states that private companies must provide birth control in health insurance packages. Hobby Lobby claims that they should be exempt on religious grounds.

I do feel that a private individuals and businesses should be able to refuse service to anyone for any reason. (Such businesses would not be in business for very long) But the question here is whether a person or company can circumvent a law on religious grounds.

I must admit that I am afraid of the box this will open should they declare that Hobby Lobby is exempt on religious grounds. Where can/will the line be drawn because religion can be anything one feels? What exactly is “religious” anyway?

Are those arguing on religious grounds similarly ready for Muslim cab drivers to be able to refuse to offer services to women that do not cover or people who have pork or alcohol on them?

What if one’s religion states that they should not pay taxes? What about a religion whose meat slaughtering standards do not meet USDA standards? How far does it go?

I am not being sarcastic here and presenting this for serious discussion…