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Oh, the humanity.

I sincerely hope this story gets out … perhaps via the mainstream media itself? Is it too much to hope for? That Gwen Ifill feels she was disrespected in her journalistic greatness?

Because what little else we know about John Q. Public, we can be certain that John Q. will wholeheartedly relish the notion that Sarah Barracuda made the PBS “journalist” feel put out.

Testify, Gwen, shout it from the rooftops.

Thanks, Sarah.

“Some of his comments that he has made about the war that I think may — in my world– disqualifies someone from consideration as the next commander in chief.”

Your turn to speak up, how about on this topic, John.

I’m still wrapped up in a project, but not too busy to recommend good material when I run across it: That list is all the stuff you can read about, and should read about, as soon as you get reading all Shiplap’s and Jack’s stuff here.

Over at Ace of Spades HQ. Start at the post from Oct 3, 6:55 pm, and scroll the next 13-15 posts. The man was on fire today, and his entourage has just come in and thrown a big purple silk cloak over his back and shuffling him off the stage, off to see American Carol.

The Andrew Sullivan and Barney Frank stories are worth the trip. Unbelievable.

I hope by now you all know you need to be reading that blog several times a day, beginning around noon. As I’ve mentioned once or twice he does this for a living, which is pretty ballsy, but he’s pretty frickin’ good at it. It’s the blog I’d most like to be stranded with, if I was stuck on a desert island and too retarded to e-mail for help.

I don’t agree with all the choices, and neither does the Rifleman, but it’s a cool slide show.

Here, straight from the mouth of Товарщ Биден, we have one of the basic fallacies of modern socialism:

We’re going to focus on the middle class, because it’s — when the middle class is growing, the economy grows and everybody does well….

And later, repeating himself:

 The economic engine of America is middle class. It’s the people listening to this broadcast. When you do well, America does well. Even the wealthy do well.

Finally, this nugget:

The middle class is the economic engine.

As on most everything else, Товарщ Иосиф is wrong here, too.  In fact, he has it completely backward.  When the economy grows, the middle class grows, not the other way around.  It is not the people who are struggling who create jobs, but those who have money to spare.

Today, the House is expected to vote on the $700B bailout.  Where will the money come from.  Read the bill.  The fed will sell bonds to raise the money.  Who’s going to buy the bonds — the middle class?  No.  The rich are.

And that brings us to the dirty little secret — the real reason the leftists don’t want to lower taxes on the wealthy.  If the marginal rates on the wealthy are reduced, the value of the fed’s tax-exempt bonds are reduced, and the fed has to pay a higher interest rate on them to attract buyers.

Gotta work today for a change, but here are some initial thoughts while I’m waiting for all the machines to warm up and Dr. Pretorious releases the kites up into the electrical storm:

Gwen Ifill did a pretty good job, though Ace notes she did not ask a single question on any of Sarah Palin’s strongest issues – ones she might have spanked Joe Biden with. I thought it was well and fairly conducted, though. Maybe the hullabaloo over Ifill’s book had something to do with that? Morton Kondracke suggested beforehand if he was in her shoes he would be excessively fair. Anyway, I have no darts to throw at the moderator.

Too bad McCain was not there!! Biden had effective machine-gun blasts of charges about John McCain’s actions in the Senate. I’m sure no one would have expected Palin to be in a position to dive into those arguments and she wisely did not attempt to. McCain just got a great preview of what the opposition considers his biggest weaknesses.

Good work by Joe Biden. He certainly “won” the debate in that he had a lot more information at his command and scored more points – all jabs, no power shots. His delivery was excellent, I thought; probably told a bunch of lies but that’s part of the deal. I thought he came across as likable. If his charge was to do no harm as all the commentators were saying beforehand, he did his job and then some.

Sarah Palin surprised me, after what we saw in the mainstream media interviews. That lady is smart as a whip and has self confidence to spare. Clearly she does not have the massive repository of facts (or lies – let’s say “data points”) that Biden has in his quiver, but she sure held her own. Like I told my wife afterwards: It was like if some really clever person off the street came in to debate me about the business I’ve been in for 19 years, spent a week studying and then I could not put them away in the debate.

I think she surprised Biden also, in the way she came back time and time again with effective, substantive ripostes when he must have been thinking “Surely she won’t have a response for this.” She had a month to prepare and everyone else in the contest has been at it for years. Not too shabby.

Palin was able to control the discussion when necessary and ensure some of her key issues were discussed – most importantly, grabbing the steering wheel from Ifill and launching into the discussion of energy independence. At times it became a little tiresome towards the end when Palin reverted to a talking point – though Biden did the same thing almost as frequently, so she lost no points for that. She should, however, expunge the word “again” from her vocabulary because reverting to a talking point is annoying enough; no use telegraphing it.

But if anyone was wondering “does this woman have what it takes to grow into the position of U.S. president – really quickly if necessary?” there is no doubt the answer is “YES.” She is a stunner. She is going to be a force in American politics no matter what happens in November.

What will really matter, of course, is what happens in public opinion the next few weeks. Sarah Palin just ensured that the McCain ticket will not lose because of her. She definitely enthused Republicans and probably took some heretofore uncommitteds who will be charmed by the fact she is quite the “regular guy” persona – a huge change from what we usually see in Washington. She might not have made much of a dent among the Zimzo demographic, but she’s going to bring some votes with that personality.

Now it’s up to John McCain to make his case to the American people.

Here is Senator Иосиф Биден making excuses for not convicting President Билл Клинтон:

Our job is not to dissect the motives or even the tactics of Ken Starr, the trial lawyers, Linda Tripp, and others. Our only job is to determine whether the President of the United States by his conduct committed the specific acts alleged in the two Articles of Impeachment. Not generally, but specifically: Did he do what is alleged? And if he did, do these actions rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors necessary to justify the most obviously anti-democratic act the Senate can engage in–overturning an election by convicting the President.

Wrong, Товарищ Биден, your job consisted only of determining “Did he do what is alleged?”  It is the job of the House of Representatives to answer the question, “do these actions rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors?”

No wonder so many unconstitutional programs are foisted on us by the Democrat Party.  They neither know nor care what the Constitution says.