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Although the Dallas Cowboys offensive unit spent the last six or seven minutes of last night’s game against the Washington Redskins beating the living crap out of the ‘Skins defense, it was a close contest which featured very little offense at all up until that point. The offenses on display were at best tame and the punters earned their paychecks. (And hopefully the Dallas punter’s paycheck is only $100 a week because that is definitely all he is worth, unless he is also the cook or something like that. Thirty-five yards with a two-second hang time is not much to write home about, but if you bring an assortment of exotic soups and sauces to the table, I suppose Jerry Jones might have had to take a hard look.)

These are a couple evenly matched teams with pretty good defenses, is what it all boils down to. If they played each other 10 times, each would win five games.

Thank goodness the Cowboys won because if they hadn’t their playoff chances would be nil. Not to say at this point they deserve to be in the postseason, because an offense with so little explosive potential is not going to scare anybody in January.

Granted, tonight was not a great one for passing. It was cold as hell at Fed Ex Field, and windy also. I could understand all the guys in the parking lot winging footballs around: They had been drinking for hours, so Mother Nature was to them no more than an abstract notion on the peripheries of their mental fog bank. But I am certain the players in the game had not been drinking hardly at all, and no one sober on national television would have felt remotely competent to pitch-and-catch at anything further than five yards.

Fortunately, Tony Romo returned from missing three games with an injured finger and did manage to complete some passes when it counted. And then when the time came at the end to run down the clock and preserve the 14-10 lead, Marion Barber and the offensive line did the job.

After approximately 12 consecutive Marion Barber runs, this is how the Washington defense looked. Note the slumped shoulders. If I had a better zoom, you would be able to see them panting for breath.
Cowboys vs Redskins November 16 2008 1

This is how the scoreboard looked.
Cowboys vs Redskins November 16 2008 2

And a minute later, this is how the field looked. You can see Tony Romo at the bottom just before he was besieged by the media interviewers.
Cowboys vs Redskins November 16 2008 3

Here is the first Washington press report.

Here is the Dallas report.

A few more observations:

-Terence Newman, also back from injury, played an outstanding complete game at corner. He had an interception, a critical break up, a couple important quick tackles and generally blanketed Santana Moss. This will be a huge bonus for the remainder of the season if he doesn’t get hurt again.

-Towards the end, with the ‘Skins on offense on third down, Newman motioned both arms up, as in “pump up the volume to make it difficult for the offense” – and the audience responded awfully loudly, for a visiting team. Yes, there were many Dallas fans in the stadium. Twenty years ago, at RFK, such a thing would have been as likely as garden gnomes taking over the Dirksen Senate Office Building.

-We were fortunate enough to get a pass for one of the stadium parking lots, which it turns out can take a REAL long time to get out of after the game. Unsurprisingly Redskins faithful are keenly aware of this fact, and therefore many have developed a tradition of post-game tailgating, or what seasoned alcoholics might recognize as the “second wind” phenomenon. They fire up the grill again, break out the bottles of whatever, and camp out until the wee hours of the morning. So here’s an idea matching social reality with public safety: Cheap hotels right next to the stadium. These could be really cheap – tent cities if you will – but I guarantee if there was a way to say, “Come party before the game, then party after the game, and crash here” there would be lots of takers.

-It was genuinely inspiring to see the level of friendliness between Dallas and Washington fans. Lots of them were in the same groups. Driving out, we saw a guy in a Redskins jersey grab an obviously intoxicated friend in a Dallas jersey and whisk him across the street under the gaze of Prince George’s County’s finest. Back when I used to go to RFK wearing Dallas Cowboys gear, I always felt like I might be in for a scrap. Not so anymore. We are evolving as a species.

This was the scene yesterday afternoon from the side of the Dulles Toll Road:
Rainbow in Northern Virginia

But wait, there’s more. The rainbow in Northern Virginia yesterday was actually a double rainbow.
Double rainbow in Northern Virginia
I have not seen that anywhere except Hawaii before.

I recently met up with esteemed commenters, fellow liberal Democrats and Digital Camel denizens Kevin and el Jefe up in Baltimore.

Kevin, El Jefe and Joe
(L-R) Kevin, el Jefe and Joe in B-More, loving President Obama

The main purpose, of course, was to celebrate the election of Barack Obama, which we did in grand fashion over a plate of Earth-friendly Obama Nachos and several pitchers of Hope and Change Lager. It worked, because by the third round we were all feeling more liberal than ever and well on our way to the type of change America needs.

Also, we were seeing Kevin off as he prepares to leave for Denver. I’m going to miss that guy. But thank goodness for the omnipresence afforded us by the Internet.

On which note, our discussion brought up a few interesting points relevant to this blog.

-Both Kevin and the Chief revealed strong suspicions that I was, in fact, both “Jack” and “Jacob.” When I pointed out their basic logical fallacy – to wit: I am obviously extremely lazy, ergo I could not possibly be ghost-writing two additional bloggers – they recanted, but then immediately expressed intense interest in what these flesh-and-blood “Jack” and “Jacob” characters are really like. When I explained that Jack and Jacob are both trim, well-manicured, kindly, self-effacing gentlemen more attuned to pastoral pursuits than the pell-mell of city life, both much in the mold of Supreme Court Justice David Souter, they seemed relieved. I think this foreshadows an even more elevated level of dialogue here.

-There will be another Amnesty Week at NVTH. It has been too long a time coming. We have a multitude of excellent commenters who deserve the opportunity to post whatever the hell they want on the main page. The upcoming holiday season seems a great time to put this in motion.

-A truly novel idea: We will initiate a program called “Honest Talk” which will be utterly revolutionary. Here’s how it will go: We put up a topic for discussion, and everyone has to tell what they think about it completely honestly. No artiface, no BS, no games; enforced with extreme prejudice. This will allow us all to get to the core of our various beliefs and disagreements. In sum, it will mean taking the innate human capacity for conversation and using it as our Creator probably meant for it to be used. I realize it sounds insane, but it’s so crazy it just might work. Stay tuned, it will be coming soon, and please prepare yourself mentally for the challenge.

Once again, I make the rounds, read the posts, process the cognitive dissonance, thrust my chin out into the maelstrom of fists and bring it all back home, so you don’t have to.

-Alan Keyes sees a “constitutional crisis” over Barack Obama’s supposedly missing birth certificate. I’m sorry, but as a lifelong liberal Democrat voter I frankly don’t care what country Barack Obama is a citizen of. The whole concept of “country” is, to me, outdated. So I won’t be following this story, but I am certain our resident professional journalist Zimzo will be all over it with his news operation at African Press International.

-The Internet’s original voice in the wilderness, MonkeyWatch, reminds us: Don’t buy Chinese!! Much more, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. And that is only back through September, folks. The wise among you might see a pattern here …

-The Bulletproof Monk (no relation) has a provocative take on the current generation and our nation’s economic troubles. I detect a hint of grouchiness … but that’s probably just me.

-Cat’s doing quilts. Please send her some encouragement, friends, because there is no guarantee where the next generation of quilts will be coming from. For instance, they could be coming from China, full of flesh-eating bacteria.

-Climate change is being addressed! -thank goodness, as always, at VB Dems. Which is critically important, because now that the temperature is getting colder year after year, it is more essential than ever that we get to the bottom of the global warming phenomenon, lest we all show up in the history books 90 years hence as a society of drooling morons.

-The happiest blogger on the planet says Thumbs Up on the new Bond. His review is worth reading … but of course if you are anything like me you don’t care what Eric or anyone else says because you are going to see this movie just as sure as you are going to inhale your next breath.

-Brutus on Why John McCain Lost. John McCain’s losing is, to me, as natural as the rain falling on the plains or earthworms eaten by robins in the spring, but I do have an interest in the “ignoring Sarah Palin” angle. Worth reading.

-And in conclusion, the #1 under-reported story of the 2008 elections, which I predict WILL end up in the history books: Liberals behaving badly. And not just a little badly, but really really badly. “Hate speech” may never be interpreted the same way again after the defeat of gay marriage in California.

I don’t know why I never thought to do a Google search for our esteemed yet mysterious commenter “Zimzo.” But the recent constant drumbeat of “African Press International“-this and “African Press International”-that, which he has been bringing to almost every discussion on this blog the past few weeks, really got me to wondering what the deal is.


Zimzo Editor Of African Press International
Zimzo – the editor of African Press International! Aka, “Korir arap Sammy.”

A little bit of finagling with Google images advanced search and some scrolling is all it took.

This clears up so much. For one thing, I have always said that Zimzo is an excellent writer so it stands to reason he would be in the editorial profession. His vocabulary is second to none and he can dash off an outstanding essay without a single punctuation error in seconds.

Also, it does not exactly surprise me that Zimzo would have a little bit of “troublemaker” in his job description, because his frequently puckish argumentative tactics have more than once left us beguiled.

And of course now we all understand why Zimzo finally could keep it in no longer and has been not-so-subtly prodding us to dig a tad deeper into his background. Hey, if I was in charge of African Press International, you can bet I’d not be hiding my lamp under a bushel basket, either.

Well, it goes without saying that we now understand why Zimzo was never able to join in for Amnesty Week here, with an entire international news operation on his to-do list, and though I was sort of hurt at the time I realize Zimzo’s hands were completely tied.

No harm, no foul, old buddy. You just keep up the great work at African Press International, Zimzo. How fascinating it all is.

UPDATE: Zimzo himself has dropped in with a hale and hearty defense – or diversion should we say. But it ends up a few steps short of explaining his obsessive behavior … and in the end I think all of us have to give him a warm, virtual round of applause for putting up the facade so gamely. Methinks he protesteth too much, oh yes I do. Let me emphasize there is NO SHAME – no shame whatsoever – in editing African Press International. I count it as a form of celebrity and we are honored to have actual celebrities joining in the discussion.

Just an observation as to why Sarah Palin has become such a phenomenon that she has literally (and I mean that exact word) been getting more television time than Barack Obama since the election. Add in the Internet and (such as it is) print “media” and I’d say it’s Palin over Obama by about 20%.

Why is such a crazy thing happening?

Obviously reason #1 is because Americans by and large are fascinated by Sarah Palin and want to know more about her. From the perspective of the mainstream media people, who are largely liberal but also quite concerned about making a buck these days, Sarah Palin represents eyeballs. As a longtime liberal Democrat, even I can accept this obvious fact.

But I think it is also because Sarah Palin represents an extreme anti- figure to us liberals. She freaks us out completely. Oh yes, the media workers are liberal but this means they are also 100% in touch with the liberal mindset, which means they think she is a monstrosity, and they recognize such things can be profitable so all the more justification to cover the airwaves with all-Palin all the time if that is what viewers want.

Remember: liberals gave us Planet Death and the Terminator movies. Same basic concept.

UPDATE: Here is a pretty interesting final perspective on the 2008 and campaign (and a first glimpse at 2012).

Michael Yon just returned to Baghdad and this is his report.

Now that the election is over, a new age is upon us, and a rational perspective on current affairs should soon be settling in, I wonder how long it will take for my fellow Democrats to realize our nation has just successfully come through one of the major international challenges in its history. Remember 10 years ago when Iraq was a tinderbox? Remember Saddam’s saber rattling, the flouting of UN mandates, the bonuses sent to the families of terrorists?

Well it’s over. Our military men and women did the job. Shouldn’t there be a parade or a public address or something?