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Amid the hullabaloo of celebrities and media “professionals” rejoicing over the election of Barack Obama to the U.S. presidency, let us not lose sight of who really won last Tuesday: the American working class.

After eight (or was it sixteen) years of a federal government seemingly doing the bidding of the very rich, the people have finally taken their country back. As an editorialist notes:

In this age of 24-hour news cycles and instant information, when a seismic victory happens it’s important to take a breath and reflect even while celebrating. There will be analysis in the coming weeks in our pages and web site. We’ll be taking closer looks at the many different actors, issues and developments.

But here is an initial take, a basic framework to ponder and analyze such a momentous moment. This was a victory for the whole U.S. working class. And workers of all job titles, professions, shapes, colors, sizes, hairstyles and languages put their indelible stamp on this victory.

This beautiful, simple statement strikes a chord with me because of my longstanding blue-collar roots, hard-to-remember job title and always nebulous hair “style” because of which I am compelled to wear a ball cap during most daylight hours.

Most importantly, all Americans should recognize that this victory for the working class was at its foundation a triumph of the American spirit of pulling together for a noble cause.

Yes the difficult work now begins, but we will all be working as a team for a change.

A post written recently by fellow blogger Jacob brought much ire from a commentor-Bulletproof Monk.  Monk became very accusatory and blameful about Jacob’s stance.  Monk is a Republican.  Jacob is a realist and a conservative.  Therein lies the issue.

I have commented to Monk and talked with him in person (although he does not know who I am) and Monk believes that elections are like horse races-you need to pick the winner.  Winning a horse race gains you a monetary reward.  What does winning an election get you if the 2 parties are closely aligned?  This is the problem with modern day politics.  We don’t vote in the best person for the job; we just vote for the most likely winner.  Shame on us.

The GOP has been leaning toward liberalism for decades.  You may call this a shift toward center.  I call it leaving your core values.  The GOP have become as greedy and crooked as the liberals (most democrats) and that is why we keep playing these ping-pong elections every 2, 4 and 6 years.  One cycle you don’t get what is needed so you vote the otherside the next cycle.  Then back again.  All to about near total dissatisfaction.  And why does this happen?  Someone told the Republican party that conservatism is NOT the correct path to take so the Republican party changed its core values and the politicians became RINOs.  Now there is basically no difference between parties.  Those conservatives in either party are continually shutdown and are unable to hold committee chairs.  All in all the people end up losing.

Bush was mediocre in the beginning and has been dead for over 3 years.  McCain, who was not my pick but made the primaries because 1) he was the best choice to win 2) he could get the independant vote from the “centrist” position and 3) it would be a win-win for liberals because they could live with his policies (and I’m sure that many libs voted in the primaries to get McCain as the ticket) was what the GOP got stuck with.  The GOP/McCain camp ran a bad campaign.  Obama was brilliant in mobilizing those individuals to canvas neighborhoods (my street alone, Obamaites showed up no less than 10 times during the campaign and not to just steal signs).  Where was the GOP?  The only thing that McCain did that helped his cause was to energize his campaign with the Palin pick.

Many more conservatives would not have voted this election were it not for Palin.  Not exercising your right to vote is something you can’t fully understand until one day it is lost.  I have friends and aquantances that did not vote-voter apathy.  They feel that all candidates are crooks (and they might be right) but still that is no excuse for not exercising your right to vote.  I don’t hold very high regard for apathy.  Jacob voted and I didn’t have to drag him kicking a screaming.  Monk was way off base and has alot to do with what is wrong with the GOP.  The conservative vote needs to be pursued.  There are many in both partys’ that would align themselves with a new “conservative” party.  When the elections continue to flip-flop from one side to the next and the people still can’t get the satisfaction that is needed, that is when the conservative party will have its chance to shine.  If conservative issues are adhered to, pork will disappear, tax cuts will insue, jobs and prosperity will erupt and America can get back to its standing as a leader.

You don’t pick the winner.  You elect the person that will do the best job for the country and its people.  It isn’t about power, glory and selfishness.  It is about “how can I serve you”.  Monk was wrong-Jacob was right.  My beliefs dictate that conservatism is the correct and most serving way for this country.

We got back Friday from a conference in Atlantic City but for whatever reason it has taken me all weekend to get my energy level back. They say there is no downside to kicking meth but I am living proof they’re wrong. So, not much to blog about unless you want to know about the TV I’ve been watching.

Here’s the little lady at her favorite slot machine (we did get a few – very few – free moments). I gave up gambling about 15 years ago just because I suck at it and figured there was really no justification for trying to get better, so while she’s playing I usually just walk around and look at stuff. Or drink. Also, taking the occasional illegal photo or two.

I dream of jeannie slot machine

You aren’t supposed to take photos in casinos yet I am strangely compelled to try it all the time. It’s the lure of the forbidden I suppose.

And hey, it’s Atlantic City. It’s a great place to have a conference, in the same sense that putting a fish hook through your ear is a “great” way to spend an afternoon.

It’s not that the gambling turns me off – it doesn’t. I’ve been to Las Vegas on business at least once a year for most of the past 15 years and that’s a truly great place to have a conference, possibly the best because attendance is guaranteed, there’s lots to do there and it can be very inexpensive if you don’t gamble.

Not to be uncharitable or anything, but Atlantic City is to Las Vegas like sniffing glue is to a bottle of decent cabernet.

For one thing, the city planners have managed to set things up so that no matter how nice a property you are at, in Atlantic City you can always walk out a door and find yourself in a crack den. Take a wrong turn anywhere in the city and you are on the set of The Wire. In fact, the basic rule in Atlantic City is, if you happen to get lost, drive into the nearest body of water because crack dealers are not, to date, amphibious.

I am certain, in time, New Jersey’s urban experts will work all these issues out once the gambling experiment by the sea has had a little longer to mature. In the meantime, I will stick by my basic philosophy of New Jersey, the state where I lived the first 12 years of my life. My basic philosophy of New Jersey, taught to me by an Isaac Walton League firearms instructor, is as follows:

No one should go to New Jersey at any time for any reason.

And if you are forced by circumstances to go to New Jersey, for goodness sake please don’t spend any money there because it will only encourage them.

On the other hand, if you happen to be a crack dealer, New Jersey is a wonderful place to go because I believe it is official state police policy to confiscate any firearms possessed by law-abiding citizens and deliver them directly to people involved with criminal enterprises. If you are a petty thief chances are you won’t qualify for anything more powerful than a Saturday night special but if you are a felon or at least a repeat offender you can do quite nicely up to and including large caliber pistols.

But alas, sometime circumstances do force our hand and we are compelled to travel to the godforsaken state of my birth, and any time you get out of New Jersey alive you are doing well. So all in all a good week.

“Uncertain times call for uncertain leadership.”

– Capitol Steps’ Bush Impersonator (via George Will)

The elections are over and the glouting has started.  It seems that stupidity doesn’t stop at the ballot box.  Will it be like a box of Cracker Jacks and end when you find the “surprise inside”?  I firmly believe it won’t after what I have seen and heard leading up to this “victory” for the liberals.  There will be more blame to pass around when things start seriously going wrong but Christian conservatives; aka the right-wing nut jobs will somehow take the heat for it.  It’s tough to have such broad shoulders to handle all this guilt thrown our way.

My real concern is what I will call The Movement.  No, this has nothing to do with that morning cigarette and coffee.  Although…..  It was a brilliant stategy to go into public grade schools (NEA propagandizing their membership) and brainwashing children who cannot yet decide what color underwear they should put on.  What good this did I don’t know since basically seniors are the only ones of voting age.  That is, unless you are one of those “special children” that feel the longer you wait to graduate-the more popular you become.  But the assault on colleges was brilliant.  These institutions have liberal arts classes and I imgine they were put to good use….along with the promise of making history, getting freebies, telling the youth that they are the most important people in the world.  Truly, what hypnotic affect could verbal lies have on an intelligent person?  Don’t they do research and fact-finding on a greater scale in college?  I believe it all boils down to Ipods and cellphones.

When this generation has the most advanced learning technology ever developed (as well as techno/inter-acting games) and the technology is used to text message while driving, watching a movie, eating at a resturant, etc.; same for cell phones; it makes me wonder what we have created in children.  That’s right-CHILDREN!  I feel it can only get worse with advancements in technology.  What happened to reading a book or enjoying a walk with nature?  Although I know many adults who shouldn’t have the right to vote, I feel that the more advanced our society becomes, the longer our children remain dumb and immature.  Instead of lowering ages of consents I feel they should be RAISED to an older age.  They may look adult but they sure are immature for their age.  I saw a movie once where people over 30 were put into camps…..  Naw.  That could never happen here.

About two years ago, I noted that the Republicans where on the wrong track.  The issue that caused me concern was immigration.  Immigration is a law-and-order issue — nothing else.  Republicans used to be the law-and-order party.  It later occurred to me that they had been on the wrong track for a while.  I should have noticed when the late, great WFB and George Will were down on Republicans back in 2004.  They saw the writing on the wall four years ago.  Alas, the party should have used them as a weather vane and changed course then.  Here is where the Republicans have gone wrong in this conservative’s estimation:

Fiscal Hawkishness
Earmarks should be anathema.  The Republicans became just like  Democrats, and both parties are like pigs at the trough, feasting on the people’s money and in the process betraying the public trust.  This money is legalized bribery.  The politician is saying, ‘Here is money, so vote for me and I will get you more money.’

Small Federal Government
This is the outcome that is impossible if one does not keep a handle on the earmarks. Another element of this is keeping giveaways-writ-large off the table.  For example the ‘Prescription Drug Benefit’ was a Democrat program imposed on us by a GWB. Congress should have told him to take a walk.  Instead they let is pass.  It should have been filibustered.  Another one like this is the ‘No-Child-Left-Behind.’  Education is important.  A quality education is not all about money.  Look at DC, they spend more per student than anyone else ~$14K-per-student-per-year, and the results are the worst in the country.

Until these two issues are permanently resolved, and not spending the tax payers money is taken to heart permanently, discussion and arguments regarding taxes will ring hollow.  The ‘starving the beast’ strategy does not work.  It appears one must instead stop worshiping it.   The beast offers the illusion of permanent power and employment.  The conservative Republican constituency does not tolerate this.  Budget growth cannot exceed GDP growth.  Doing so is situation is not sustainable.  Higher taxes will not solve the problem.  If anything, they will bring it to a head sooner.

Nation Building
This is an idea that originated in the 1960′s, and it was a bad idea then, too.  Why did we resurrect it?  It was a bad idea, so Bush then resurrected it in the 21st century?  Look how popular it has made us around the world.  Obviously no one wants our ‘help’ in this form. This is something Republicans should treat like plutonium, and conservatives should have raised a bigger stink about.

Party Unity
Reagan said that Republicans ought never speak ill of the other Republicans.  Spencer, McCain, and Graham are notorious in this regard.  It is not helpful.  The only thing it does is provide ammunition to the MSM, which is blatantly in the tank for the Democrats.  The Democrats have taken this to heart and are highly disciplined in keeping their differences in the family.  Being a ‘maverick’ did not do McCain a bit of good in this election.

Principles over Popularity
Republicans should not care what the press says.  Espousing a position just to become a darling of the MSM was McCain’s moniker.  The minute he was up against a Democrat in the Presidential election, they threw him under the bus.  Speaking conservative principles without apology is integrity.  Undercutting your principles just to get favorable press will do you absolutely no good when the chips are down.

In 2002, the Democrats lost seats in the House and Senate running as Ersatz Republicans.  Many Republicans are now trying to run as Ersatz Democrats.  The results are equally dismal, as they should be.  Who wants zirconium when there is real diamond available for the same price?

Law and Order
We are a nation of laws.  We pledge our loyalty to a Constitution that represents 230 years of nationhood based on the proposition that all men are created equal.   Our republic is an embodiment of the principle that a government that is dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will bring the best possible result.  It is not paradise, but it is certainly better than elsewhere.  If we do not hold the law in respect, if we allow systemic corruption to take root, our form of government will eventually perish. More than likely, it will expire with a whimper.

Looking Forward
McCain received 56M votes to Obama’s 63M votes.  In 2004, GWB got 62M to Kerry’s 59M votes.  The end result is that this year 119M people cast a vote, and in 2004  the 122M did.  That is 3M votes less than in 2004.  The number missing is actually larger because Obama and the Democrats conducted a massive 1+M person voter registration drive.  So where did the 4M voters from the last election go?  They stayed home, and did not vote.

Considering the enthusiasm on the liberal side of the political spectrum, it is more than likely that the majority of the 3-4M people would not have voted Democrat.  But the Republicans did not deserve their consideration either.  This pool of voters will reenter the fray.  It should be a source of hope for the Republicans.  But they did not come out and vote for a Republican who espoused socialistic solutions to financial problems.  They did not come out and vote for a Republican who is apparently more comfortable making friends on the other side of the aisle than on his own side.

This is not a call to partisanship.  This is a call to return to the roots of our party.  The Republican Revolution in 1994 was supposed to change Washington.  It failed.  Washington changed the Republicans.