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From an employee at one of the “major newsrooms.”

I guess in a sense the supposedly 1000-1 against message from constituents puts some of the blame in their lap, but sometimes leaders have to lead.

John Hinderaker:

For the first time in my lifetime, serious people are talking about the possibility of a depression. The credit problem is world-wide. If there is a competing school of thought, a view that the credit crisis isn’t so bad or will take care of itself without great damage being done, I haven’t seen it articulated.

“There is something genuinely sickening about seeing Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and others trying to stick President Bush and the Republicans with the blame for the financial meltdown that has put the American taxpayer in hock for the problem they created….”

People are changing their minds. Read about it here.

Also here is the best summary of how the mess started and why exactly the bailout federal intervention is necessary.

This needs to be widely circulated.

Excellent commentary at Hot Air.

House Sinks Bailout!


Read it in the Washington Times.

How partisan can you get!  Does this guy have any thoughts of his own?