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First, I want to say that Islam is nowhere near homogeneous. There are modern Muslims that look at Islam in much the same way that nominal mainstream churches look at Christianity … it is viewed not as all encompassing, and they reject the idea that the Koran is anything more than just the writings of men without any infallible truth. I would posit that is a minority position at this point. There are others on the opposite extreme who would just as soon slit your throat if you were not a Muslim as look at you. There other others in between. If only 5% of Muslims are of the “slit your throat” variety, that means there are millions of people out there willing to slit your throat.

Educate yourself about those that do intend you harm … make sure you understand them. They are here (i.e., this country). Radical Islam is not a “nice neighbor” but an inflitration of those who would undermine our constitution. Radical Islam does not accept any religion as tolerable. In the long run, they will even not tolerate themselves (any faction different in even the smallest way from “their own”).

I highly recommend you look at what is the practice of jihad by these countries. TryThe Third Jihad as a start. Look at what Islam teaches its children. Here, teaching children to hate and desire being a martyr would be called child abuse. While I believe there are Muslims that are just as secular as any mainline church member, I know there are others that would want to lull us into thinking all Muslims are peaceful.

For those that did not catch this post debate interview, it can be seen on the Hannity and Colmes page at FOXNews.

This is a good interview, and I would really like to see McCain speak with this clarity and focus during the final debate.

Yes, contrary to all the socialists’ claptrap that lack of regulation lead to the current financial collapse, it was in fact SEC accounting and capitalization regulations that accelerated the collapse.  The primary culprit is the “fair-value rule,” S.F.A.S 157, a.k.a. Mark-to-Market.  That regulation says that banks must carry assets at their current fair-market value — what they can be sold for today.

Now, let us say that I own a bond, which I intend to hold until maturity, and which I fully expect to be paid.  Previously, one could compute the Present Value of the bond, assuming it to be held to maturity, and assuming some nominal inflation rate.  With the Fair Value rule, the value of that bond is determined by the current state of the market.

The Fair Value Rule is not bad in and of itself — it does give investors a better sense of the book value of the companies of interest.  However, the Fair Value Rule did not stand alone.  Banks are required to keep a certain amount of capitalization.  So, when the market tanked, banks were forced to sell assets to keep up the capital reserves.  Barron’s said it better than I can:

Mark-to-market accounting, which stipulates that assets be carried on balance sheets at their current market price, has been blamed for exacerbating the credit crisis. By requiring writedowns on loans and securities that have declined in price, institutions have to make a corresponding reduction on the other side of the balance sheet, to capital. That only worsens the credit crunch.

“Ending the credit crisis will be highly unlikely without some type of accounting accommodation,” according to Bridgewater Associates, the highly respected institutional money manager. “Because mark-to-market accounting on existing assets threatens bank capital today, it increases solvency concerns today, which raises funding costs and accelerates the need to sell assets today, which depresses the prices of those assets, which threatens capital and raises funding costs.

This rule may be relaxed or removed soon, but it may be too late.  We have again paid the price of unintended consequences of government meddling and ineptitude.  Will we ever learn?


Brokaw: “Do you think that health care is a priveledge, a right or a responsibility?”

McCain: “It’s a responsibility.” Maybe.

Obama: “It’s a right.” 

Really?  It’s in the Constitution?  They call what you want an entitlement, Barry and that is NOT in the Constitution!  When elected officials and others in the government-especially the president-lay their hand on that Bible (in your case Chairman Mao’s Red Book) and swear to “uphold the Constitution”; it does not mean circumvent with entitlements.

I have been alive for most all of the Cold War. A generation exists that has no understanding of what socialism is or does to a populace.  It has infected our system slowly and, like a cancer, continues to fester out of control.  The legislative branch of our government is just about terminal.  The Executive branch is very close and the Judicial branch is teetering.  Time and again it has been proven that once you allow your freedoms to be eliminated, it takes a hard-fought uphill battle and a great length of time to get SOME of them back.  Do you really think the Russians are happy with their lives?  The old USSR is not dead.  Do you really believe that all Germans loved Hitler and what he had done to their country?  Do you people who think that Osama-bama is the next Messiah really believe that he will deliver what he promises?  If so, what do you think that YOU will have to give up and sacrafice?  At what point will you begin to fight back?  When he dictates the car you drive; the school your children go to; the curiculum they are forced to learn and ingest; the type of house and its size; etc.  How about “community service”?  He wants to double the Peace Corps.  What he might really intend is to MANDATE community service, where dictated, for all.

This campaign, in any sense of the imagination, is not a joke.  This philosophy is DANGEROUS to a democracy.  You can say later you made a mistake but you know what they say about hindsight.  Don’t be selfish and don’t be conned.  Think of the U.S. as a whole and tell this guy NO OBAMA!!!



During the Democratic primaries, Hilary Clinton took a great deal of flak over her comments on punitive actions on those failing to comply with her universal healthcare package, up to and including garnishing wages.

Tonight, we received a similar surprise in the second debate between Senators McCain and Obama. During the debate, McCain informed the viewing audience :

To giving every American a $5,000 refundable tax credit and go out and get the health insurance you want rather than mandates and fines for small businesses, as Sen. Obama’s plan calls for.

If you’re a small business person and you don’t insure your employees, Sen. Obama will fine you. Will fine you. That’s remarkable. If you’re a parent and you’re struggling to get health insurance for your children, Sen. Obama will fine you.

Fine you. Standing alone, this is not an overly powerful statement. What is striking is that Obama did not refute it as he had many, if not most of, McCain’s other talking points. Obama left this unchallenged, adding an air credibility to this charge.

Obama’s health care plan is really beginning to sound like that in Massachusetts, where many opt to pay the fine as the penalty is well less than the cost of health insurance. What if you don’t pay the fine, what penalties does Obama envision then? Will he opt for the garnishment of wages as did his Democratic Party rival ? Obama needs to be pressed hard on these and other punitive actions that he plans for Americans not signing up to his nationalized health care program, i.e. Obamacare.

For those that already have health care, I believe Obama has a plan for us as well, stating during the debate :

So here’s what I would do. If you’ve got health care already, and probably the majority of you do, then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with it. You can keep your choice of doctor. We’re going to work with your employer to lower the cost of your premiums by up to $2,500 a year.

Well, he’s going to work with my employer to cut my annual premium by up to $2,500, this sounds very appealing. Thinking about this a little more, I am expected to believe that cutting my premiums by this margin, that I can expect the same level of benefits myself and my family currently enjoy ? Right…..

But can my insurance company continue to offer me the same level of coverage at this greatly reduced premium ?

The truth is, IT CAN’T ! This can’t be done, a significant decrease in policy premiums must be offset by a significant decrease in benefits. I believe the Obama plan here is to modify existing plans so much that conversion to the nationalized health care plan is our only option for decent health care coverage at a reasonable price.

For Obamacare, as with Hillarycare, the success of universal health care depends upon universal participation. Obama has just told us how he will make that happen. Fines for those refusing to participate, and making existing health care plans so lacking in coverage, that his plan is the only choice should we want protection similar to what we currently have.

What we are seeing is an amalgamation of failed liberal policies, dressed up in a new suit.

This is certainly not change that we need..

A recent response from one of our liberal bloggers-SPMM Stay Puft Marshmellow Man-went into an area that decnt people just don’t go.  Now you people know I like to have fun and that I am not afraid to call you out on issues; sometimes giving my opinion on what I believe you are.  That said, I can go round with you on all the personal name-calling you would like.  After all, it is me who is doing the blogging.  But stuff like this injected into the mix is not warrented or acceptable.

“do you mean like that snaggle-toothed crack whore infesting your bed? oh, that’s your mom!”

My mother raised 5 children and was married to a carrer Naval aviator of 33 years and a war hero.  She put up with alot and is now at peace.  Why in the world would any decent individual want to stain someone whom they do not know?  I can’t say the frame of mind SPMM was in but I find no acceptable excuse for this kind of behavior.  This just shows me further that the liberal mindset will go to any lengths and cross any boundries to make their case….or not.  If you don’t mind killing babies then I guess it is okay to spit on people’s parents.  And this is exactly what is backing the liberal ticket.

I can have fun and I can be serious.  I like blogging and I love some good confrontation.  What was said isn’t blogging.  It is hate, pure and simple!  You can read the comments at post “At Least Someone On The GOP Ticket’s Got A Pair”.

Anyone who wonders why Obama’s ties to ACORN are of paramount importance, needs to fully understand ACORN’s continued attempts at voter fraud :

ACORN Vegas Office Raided in Voter Fraud Investigation
ACORN’s Las Vegas headquarters has been raided by Nevada authorities looking for evidence of voter fraud.

Nevada state authorities seized records and computers Tuesday from the Las Vegas office of an organization that tries to get low-income people registered to vote, after fielding complaints of voter fraud.
FOXNews Full Story

Obama pours money into ACORN, they reciprocate by helping him steal the election. This is not the change we need is it ?