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People are changing their minds. Read about it here.

Also here is the best summary of how the mess started and why exactly the bailout federal intervention is necessary.

This needs to be widely circulated.

Excellent commentary at Hot Air.

House Sinks Bailout!


Read it in the Washington Times.

How partisan can you get!  Does this guy have any thoughts of his own?

Thrashed By The Skins


And not just by James Thrash, either …

Dammit, the Redskins are good this year. We have  competition across the board in the NFC East.

Honestly, I liked it better when the Redskins just flat out sucked, but what are you gonna do.

They definitely outplayed us, despite having several players knocked out by heat and humidity. The Washington defense did its job by limiting the supposedly explosive Cowboys offense to 24 points, and then Jason Campbell and the offense were spectacular. They executed when they had to, and the Dallas defense could not rise to the occasion.

They also outcoached us. Did they ever. During a critical stretch in the second half the ‘Boys attempted something like 5 consecutive passes to Terrell Owens, all incomplete. Maybe it was because all of our other receivers were blanketed, but I think it was a case of play calling malfeasance which wasted one of the key advantages Dallas brings to the table: having so many weapons in the passing game.

Then there was a critical penalty for 12 men on the field coming off a time-out, which was the nail in the coffin. I imagine the discussion in Dallas tomorrow will be initiated with a memorandum with the following header:

To: Wade Phillips
From: Jerry Jones
Subj: Shitforbrains

Congrats to the Redskins players and coaches for officially resurrecting the franchise.

Here is the Cowboys local coverage. Enjoy.

My take is I’d rather have my team take these kinds of losses early in the season, because they show the weaknesses. As opposed to when I was younger and all I hoped for was that the Cowboys would win; nowadays what I hope for is that they are good. We are not that good right now, so let’s watch the film and get better.

More Obama Thuggery


Enjoy the free speech while we still have it, folks. From what appears to be coming, I’d say the blogosphere will be a lot less crowded after the Obama Justice Department gets in gear.

More here.

UPDATE: Speaking of thuggery – some background on one of Obama’s mentors, ignored by the mainstream media.

Carried over from this morning’s post: Boy, this topic just riles EVERYONE up.

I still think it’s a strange verbal slip. And note that Stephanopoulos had to correct Obama when he said “my Muslim faith.”

Some of you disagree with my contention it is significant: Ok. That’s why I contribute to this blog, so I can write stuff and get yelled at for it.

You can read the transcript of that exchange here. Obama was not talking about his faith – he was talking about smear campaigns and saying he did not think McCain was behind accusations that Barack Obama is a Muslim.

For the record, I do not think Barack Obama is a secret Muslim. But I think he has the practice of Islam, to some degree, in his past.

So let’s shift the discussion to what might be a more interesting aspect of the controversy.

“My faith” is one of those phrases I would think it hard to muff. How many “faiths” do you have? It’s not like mixing up your brown shoes and black shoes. Actually, this is more analogous to mixing up your brown shoes with someone else’s black shoes. “MY” faith is personal and unique. So I don’t see how you end up attributing a foreign faith to yourself. Unless, of course, you’re talking about something you had in the past.

But this is just supposition. Let’s look at some facts, all from the mainstream media:

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