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We have all heard Obama speak of his support of gun rights while on the campaign trail. Now, let’s hear from one who has worked across the fence from him on gun rights issues in the state of Illinois.

Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director Richard Pearson Issues Open Letter to Nation’s Sportsmen Regarding Obama’s History in the Illinois Senate

Hello, my name is Rich Pearson and I have been active in the firearm rights movement for over 40 years. For the past 15 years, I have served in the Illinois state capitol as the chief lobbyist for the Illinois State Rifle Association.

I lobbied Barack Obama extensively while he was an Illinois State Senator. As a result of that experience, I know Obama’s attitudes toward guns and gun owners better than anyone. The truth be told, in all my years in the Capitol I have never met a legislator who harbors more contempt for the law-abiding firearm owner than does Barack Obama.

The Obama I know sees you, the law abiding gun owner, as nothing but a low-class lummox who is easily swayed by the flash of a smile and a ration of rosy rhetoric. The Obama I know is a stony-faced liar who has honed his skill at getting what he wants – so long as people are willing to give it to him.

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A “low-class lummox” ? Is this what Obama thinks when he refers to those who “get bitter, and cling to guns or religion” ? Sounds like it to me.

Then what is it ?

Obama tax cut ‘refunds’ those who don’t pay

Barack Obama says he will give 95 percent of all American workers a tax cut but does not mention that his plan would send checks to tens of millions of tax filers who pay no personal income taxes – payments that critics say look “suspiciously like welfare.”

Mr. Obama’s campaign promise, which he has repeated in his speeches and in the presidential debates, stems from his “Making Work Pay” tax cut that will give a $500 refundable tax credit to every worker or $1,000 to each working couple. But because this provision in his economic-recovery plan is “refundable,” a large number of middle- to lower-income workers who have no income-tax liability after taking tax credits and deductions the that Internal Revenue Service allows, will be given the equivalent of the tax cut in the form of direct payments from the U.S. Treasury – funded by higher-income taxpayers.

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The Democrats are at it again.  Now a Republican office in York Co.  SC,

Vandals spray-painted the words “Republican means slavery” on the door of the York County GOP campaign headquarters overnight Friday.

Then there are these other ‘interesting‘ Democrats in Portland Or.,

The presidential campaign got a little too hot for two Portland men who were arrest early Saturday morning, Oct. 11, and charged with burning a John McCain campaign sign in Southeast Portland. Portland Fire and Rescue investigators said the two men made a Molotov cocktail and threw it at the sign

A Molotov cocktail?  How apropos! Uncle Joe would be so proud.  This from the same bunch that invites the Iranian thug-in-chief to a dinner at Columbia.  I guess all morality, and viewpoints are OK, except for conservative, Christian, capitalist.  Of course according to our resident liberals its all about angry conservatives. If I recall correctly, was it not a Democrat who tried to run over some Republican campaign workers during the 2004 election?

Then we have the latest bit of thuggery from ACORN in Missouri …

Mr. Duncan cited a break-in at a McCain-Palin campaign office in Missouri and alleged harassment of campaign workers by members of Acorn, an advocacy group that promotes housing opportunities and voting rights for low- and moderate-income groups. Acorn staged a rally outside a McCain-Palin campaign office in Pennsylvania. “It was a peaceful rally,” said Acorn spokesman Brian Kettering.

So who are the nuts?  Always this talk about fear on the left, but it is ACORN that specializes in Direct-Action.  Always talk about the fear of the loss of the freedom of speech, but the NYT publishes Top Secret information above the fold, without criminal prosecution.  The icing on the cake is the penchant for the Obama campaign to file criminal charges against those who oppose them in public.   Care to defend that libs?

This is unreal.  I guess time with ACORN trained Obama well.  Why did this not wind up in the news!  Why are we allowing this fraud to be perpetrated on our nation?!  What is going on in Chicago that breeds this thuggery?

then there is part II

and part III, this is the most interesting one.  Here some handicapped individual talks about one of Obama’s minions getting in her face.

and finally part IV, even better…

This is a huge scoop! Why is this not on the TV?

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
Thomas Jefferson 

Just checking in from my business trip … more real blogging to come tomorrow perhaps.

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Cindy Adams at the NY Post writes that Sarah Palin will make an appearance on Saturday Night Live, on Oct 25.

Cindy Adams Column

I heard something on the radio today that reminded me of a post I wanted to write at the beginning of the year.  It seems very appropriate now.


This is a water and oil issue-the two just don’t mix and I will explain why.  We elect politicians to the Congress and Presidency.  These people are then priviledged  to receive classified information at just about all levels without ever going thru a background check, polygraph or being cleared which entails these procedures.  Some of this information is “burn-your-eyes-out” classified yet they are allowed access.  Why?


There are committees, sub-committees and Congress as a whole that are briefed on a regular basis with national security information so that “intelligent” responses and actions can be made.  Sometimes it goes as far as briefing staffers first.  Short history.  A staffer is someone appointed by an elected official who is NOT accountable to the citizens of the U.S. since they are not elected.  Staffers are used often as the frontline on issues and can carry a “yea” or “nay” vote before it even reaches a member of Congress.  These people-some don’t even shave more than twice a week-are the ones running Congress on a daily basis and give “insight, opinion and information” to congressional members for  how to proceed with issues.  Why?


We have shown over the decades how secrets have been disseminated to the news media.  That’s called a leak.  Clinton was good for that and those staffers were getting information without being able to obtain clearances.  “Loose Lips Sink Ships” and “The Walls Have Ears” are not just watch phrases for times of war.  It is a 24/7 way of dealing with secrets.  When someone obtains the PRIVILEDGE  of a security clearance there is a little paragraph about penalties before you must sign.  In that paragraph is a line that says the maximum penalty for a violation includes death.  Really makes you think about what you are getting into.  I surely take it seriously.


Here is the issue: Who are these people that are privy to classified information and can they be trusted?


Here is the solution:  We, as the American people, amend the qualifications to include “being able to pass a polygraph test and security background check and obtaining a security clearance”.  It takes as long as one and one half years sometimes to gain clearance.  It would keep some people out of the government who should not be there IN THE FIRST PLACE!  We know that the only secrets some congressional members can keep are those about themselves or others where prosecution and imprisonment would result.  Security is everyone’s business and this would be considered a gaping hole in ours.  I suggest we plug it.