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As the saying goes: “It is easy once you know the answer” and that answer is ObamaCare…..or the diversion from it. Let me explain.

That plane landed in China. With the political climate today and the exorbitant expense put upon our citizens, the ChiComs realized that America’s future borrowing was in jeopardy. Those treasury notes may go tanking and the value of the almighty buck not worth squat, so they contacted Obama. A plan was devised. Divert attention from ObamaCare until after the mid-term elections and make those spiraling debts keep spiraling up. So the ChiComs got the plane. Remember those 2 Iranians with false passports? They weren’t Iranians. Neither were the pilots. Obama needed to do something about those Benghazi terrorist so he made a deal with the four top dogs of that fight, the Libyans, and I’ll show you were this fits in.

First they fly the plane to China. The passengers are now residing in a slave labor camp. The Chinese military is having the Yen Chang Sock and T-shirt factory dismantle the plane, where it will be crated up and shipped to Mexico as car parts. You see, Obama made a deal with the president of Mexico, to get him off Obama’s back about immigration. What is suppose to happen is the plane will be painted like the Playboy Bunny jet, loaded with all the arms from Fast & Furious and filled with Cartel members. The object: fly into Houston, take over Texas and annex it back to Mexico. But the deal Obama made with the Cartels was for them to sweep and secure the southern states, going to California and wiping out their marijuana crops and thus, being the only game in town again for the illegal weed. The hitch in this is the Libyans. Their deal is to crash the plane into the refinery and storage tanks, wipe out the evidence of these pesky scandals, kill a bunch of Babtists and Cartel members and stick it to Bush and Perry.

While this is waiting to happen, Obama needs to do something with Biden since this is going to be a “big f’n deal” and Plugs is a big blabber mouth. Remember that statement Obama made about helping Putin after he was re-elected? Called in that favor didn’t he. Putin makes a diversion looking east in Ukraine and Obama sends Plugs out of the country. While all this is going on (and soon to be happening) do you think anyone is thinking about ObamaCare? Kevin Bacon.

You didn’t really think that lame suggestion about a “black hole ” was going to do it, did you?

I guess there isn’t enough state business on the plate. They end the legislative session with no budget, mainly because McAuliff wants Medicaid expansion in the state and the more logical representatives aren’t buying this bill of goods. Smart, you think? Not when they do a voice vote in favor of, without one descenting voice, commending this mosque in Falls Church. Who they have had attending, who they are run by and what they have done to kill Americans and Christians, should have been enough to CONDEMN, not COMMEND this institution. At this point, I think we need more than GOD helping us. This is disgraceful!

I bring this up because of recent snow days; school make-up; waivers to keep from extending the school year; student, parent, teacher and school administration opinions and beliefs; state and federal accountability, which seems to be at issue in recent weeks. First we need to know how this “public education” came about.

You can read here the history of public education. I perused many a site and feel this site gives a good, general understanding. For the most part, disciplining unruly children, rote and giving basic learning standards for children to do work, primarily factor jobs, was the intent for the public system. Compulsory attendance came into effect in the early 1900′s. Standards and minimum days (and/or hours) were later mandated and incorporated into state constitutions. Women were brought into the mix because they were seen as creating “good republican children with virtue”. All in all, it continued to evolve into the current system we now have instilled.

The current school system has become burdened with how to educate, what text and tools to use, as well vacations, holidays and “teacher” work days. I always enjoyed that term as being an oxymoron. When the teachers work, school for the children is not in session. Does that mean that when school is in session, teachers don’t work? Ponder that a bit. And why do we need to have the summer off from school? Why not winter instead? Originally, summer and fall was set for the kids to help on the farms with crops. We still do agriculture in this country but we can’t use child labor. Some of these farms don’t have a great return and it was always a family affair. Shoot, you didn’t have to attend school after you were 14. What changed and why? Even with mechanized equipment (which is very costly), how does the small farm make ends meet without family help? And who or what forces that circumstance?

Here is a brief stat on year round school. Yes, many countries do this because of the benefit of education. Why do people think that summer vacation (school break) is a holy grail? People work all year round with minimal vacation time-weeks at best, or even NO vacation time. Kids can’t handle school without constant breaks? Or is it school administration, teachers and parents pushing the point? Remember, public school was set up for those kids and immigrants to work in the factories of high density areas. But where now are those factories? And, of course, there where many other jobs and means of employment other than factories. Matter of fact, those jobs were pretty much OJT ( on the job training) where apprentices and employees worked their way up the ladder to achieve management, journeyman and masters of a trade or craft. But now, public education (or it’s equivalent) is being being pushed as a necessity to “make your way in life”. How so? Oh, right. It keeps people from feeding off the teet of the government where those social entitlement programs are involved. Why, then, are these same educated children, who cannot find jobs to their “skills”, doing just exactly that–feeding off the government? Something isn’t adding up here. Why can’t kids just quit school and work with their level of knowledge or pursue a desired skill or craft?

I have this article where Wisconsin wants to change the length of their school year by SHORTENING it. I have this article that shows how many days behind the local schools are because of snow days and what options they have. Seems that that holy grail “summer” is not to be interfered with. But what of the children’s education? Are they going too long or not long enough? Are they not getting enough breaks to assist in their learning capabilities? Is it a money problem for the school districts? Does our public school system need to morph once again to meet current needs and requirements? Idle hands; disciplining children; working the factories–where did it go wrong?

It was the late 60′s (the “hippie” generation) where dress codes started vacating the public school system. We still have kids being berated because they don’t wear the right “cool clothes”. They force issues and suspend kids for wearing American flag and 2Nd Amendment/NRA t-shirts. I’m pretty much fed up with all this intolerance. I have my own intolerance: no t-shirts at all. Either Polo or regular shirts. No shorts. Long pants where the belt line isn’t in the middle or below the cheeks of your ass; there are no holes; and nothing with words or graphics. No plunging neckline tops for girls. Boys hormones are already raging and school is for education (yes, I am laughing. Can’t believe I really just said that) and NOT sex. I guess there isn’t much you can do about the piercings and hair styles and color besides take pictures and put them on the internet 20 years down the road when some of these kids have matured. Maybe that will help them with their children since their own parents didn’t seem to give-a-shit about them. It isn’t much to ask for since I pay this public education. It will stave off many confrontations caused by these issues in school and, possibly, even raise the self-esteem of the individual kids. Oh the horror!

I am a bit perplexed over what just happened in the House. Trey Gowdy R-SC just introduced a bill called “Enforce The Law Act” which would make the Executive Branch enforce any laws passed by Congress. But the Constitution already has that provision so the Act seems redundant. What is at issue here is that the Executive Branch and its legal arm, the Justice Department, are not abiding by those Constitutional mandates. So if you have an idiot that knows nothing about Constitutional law, who has a pen and a phone to change/eliminate anything he pleases, and no one is suing him on these grievous breeches of the Constitution, how will this law be any different?

Now supposedly the Act that was passed will allow a suit to expedite through the courts. I thought judges and courts had their own agenda? I surely have no trust in the Judicial Branch. And why would it be a suit? Is there some compensatory outcome involved? I would think it a criminal action and adjudicated as such. But when you read the article, a few Democrats voted for the Act along with the Republicans. Huh? You mean that this Act, with established basis in the Constitution, wasn’t voted UNANIMOUS? That tells me that not only is there a problem in the Executive and Judicial branches but also in the Legislative Branch as well. Either we are failing our children in school by NOT spending and dedicating enough time to the Constitution and its understanding or there is such a prevalent nature of lawlessness in politics that it has become as common place as putting shoes on your feet. Or both.

We are constantly being informed/told/reminded that we are a “civilized” society. That word alone has caused the lawless to take advantage of the masses with impunity, in my mind. I hear always that we can “vote these people out” and the ballot box is our weapon. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case since there are too many stupid voters who refuse to be informed or understand the rule of law. These “voters” work on the premise of “me” and “free” for the most part when they cast there votes. Some vote on color. How does this benefit “all”? It doesn’t. Term limits are a good start but far more is necessary. Harsh consequences need to be instilled on those holding office so that there will always be pause before someone seeks office. Me, personally; I am not averse to immediate extrication from office with a good public beating in the town square. But that is just me. I grew up with the understanding of how viable consequences are in all aspects of life–especially when it affects the nation and it’s citizens as a whole. Otherwise, show me a rational for having laws at all.

I wanted to do this yesterday but was distracted by a squirrel. Pick your poison and launch your favorite rant in any color you want. Time again for you to be the star. The podium is yours.

I can’t believe that this country has created such a quantity of pussies (pun intended). It seems that the baby grabbed the cat’s tail (as babies tend to do) and the family cat scratched the baby (that happened once to my daughter and it never happened again. Yes, the cat was still alive….I think. The family said they saw him on occasion but he never again occupied the same room I was in). So daddy gets pissed and kicks the cat in the butt (must have been a pussy kick) which enraged the cat and forced all pussy humans into captivity in the bedroom. What breed of cat could do this? I looked up all big cats such as lion, tiger (including saber tooth), cougar, panther, cheetah and others but could not find the breed “Himalayan” amongst the big breeds. That’s because it is a house cat. A little pussy if you will, just like the dog and dad. So dad calls 911 on the cat. I’m sure that blew half eaten donuts thru the nasal cavities at the PD. Read it here. I only wish I was that good to make this stuff up. Incredible.