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In keeping with our tradition here at NVTH of staying at least two years behind any given technological curve, I can hereby announce I am marching boldly into 2006 by incorporating Twitter into this Web site. What this means is, I can now send messages from my cell phone to the Twitter Web site, and theoretically they will be forwarded here to the “Twitter Updates” script at the very bottom of the righthand column.

I had to put it at the bottom so in case Twitter is down, as seems to be the case right now, the rest of the blog will still load in your browser.

Anyway, the point of Twitter is to be able to constantly broadcast the answer to the question “What are you doing?” I’m not totally clear on the appeal of that concept, because I can’t imagine anyone caring a whit what I happen to be doing at any particular time, and I know I sure as hell don’t care what any of you are doing at any particular time, but there it is.

One possible use I do see is being able to flash updates on things that people might happen to care about, like “I just saw a boatload of Chinese soldiers disembarking under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge” or possibly results from tomorrow’s RPV Convention.

Unfortunately, none of it will be too easy because I literally do have to use a cell phone – don’t have a Blackberry so the fastest I can create messages is by plodding through the telephone keypad.

So if Twitter is working, and I have anything of value to share, you might find some information of interest at the bottom of the right column of this blog, so please check back periodically.

UPDATE: Here is a video about Twitter.

The wife is in Baltimore where there is much cooler stuff going on than we typically get in the suburbs here. Hopefully some of the coolness will rub off on her and then by extension on me.

From the guys over at Blogger of the Year Blog:

Creepiest blind date ever.

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This Friday, candidates for Virginia’s 10th District U.S. Congressional seat will debate on WAMU radio’s Politics Hour.

Well, most of the candidates. GOP primary candidate Vern McKinley will be there. Democratic candidates Judy Feder and Mike Turner will be there. But Congressman Frank Wolf thus far is not planning to participate.

Here is last week’s press release from the McKinley campaign:

Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District has not faced a Republican primary challenge since he first won his seat as part of the “Reagan Wave” in 1980. Today, he faces strong criticism from many conservatives for turning from the “Reagan Values” that he once campaigned on. Vern McKinley, Republican challenger in the 10th district, is running a campaign on these issues. McKinley is an experienced policy expert who would bring vast federal government, international and private sector experience to Congress, along with a vision of limited government.

At least four independent efforts have been made over the past few weeks to organize a debate of the issues between Congressman Wolf and McKinley: the Politics Hour on WAMU with Kojo Nnamdi; the “Road to…” show on FCAC Channel 10; the Sterling Foundation; and the Loudoun County High School Young Republicans, all of which were turned down by the Congressman. The 10th Congressional District has a long-standing history of political debates. During Congressman Wolf’s early campaigns in the 1970s then-Congressman Fisher made himself available for debates several times against then-challenger Frank Wolf. Next week McKinley will debate the two Democratic Candidates in the 10th Congressional district to get out his message. This week he also debated the Libertarian Party candidates for President, including Bob Barr and Mike Gravel.

The two Republican candidates appeared at this past weekend’s 10th Congressional District Republican Convention, but were only given two minutes each to speak. “Two minutes is not enough to inform the Republican faithful on where we stand on the issues. I hereby challenge Congressman Wolf to have a debate on the direction of the Republican Party. There are stark contrasts between Congressman Wolf and the limited government base of the party, of which I am a member. Republican voters have sent Congressman Wolf back to Washington time and again over the past three decades. Yet he doesn’t think they deserve to hear him explain his transformation into a big government Republican. We need to talk about his stance on spending and entitlements, on the proper role of government, the 2nd amendment, life and foreign policy matters,” noted McKinley.

“The Congressman’s supporters are spreading misinformation and distortions about my work in emerging market economies, such as Sudan and Libya, where I have advised on the transition to more open, free-market based, financial systems. What we need is an open debate about the issues and our years in public service. Otherwise conclusions will be based on rumor and innuendo,” McKinley concluded.

To learn more about the McKinley for Congress campaign, please visit

I suppose Wolf feels he has nothing to gain from the debate – no reason to submit to attacks from three sides. But he has in the past articulated his positions well, so he should have no worries about being “out-debated.” His refusal to participate conveys a sense of fear, as though he does not want to have to defend his record in the Congress.

UPDATE: Read the comments – some good discussion!

Important new article in TNR: Al Qaeda’s days may be numbered.

If you have not been following it, there seems to be a lively time going on in Denver right now:

One of the sponsors of the convention is Shotgun Willie’s, a local strip joint. Each delegate’s credentials packet includes a coupon for half-price admission. Shotgun Willie’s also has a booth in the exhibition hall, next to the Mike Gravel booth.

No wonder Libertarians always seem slightly bemused by Republican political events …

More R.S. McCain coverage is at the American Spectator blog and at R.S.’ own little slice of the blogosphere, The Other McCain. Just scroll on down the screen for the full chronology on each.

Also, scroll down at Donny Ferguson’s blog, Third Party Watch, Reason Magazine

CONTEST: This is a test for our regular visitors and bloggers. The first three most accurate answerers get a log in at NOVA TownHall – AMNESTY – for a time period of no less than one week and they get announced far and wide.

All victors get their first round of adult beverages at the next NVTH consortium covered by me.

Please examine the graphic below (click on it for a larger image).

Republican National Committee Mail


- Identify each numbered element.

- Explain how each element is to be used.

- Explain why.

The contest ends at midnight of May 21, 2008. Thanks, and I look forward to good times with all of you.

UPDATE: Talk about being on the same wavelength: Blog Fu had it figured out within minutes of my posting it. Nice work, Greg, and I look forward to delivering your prizes sometime soon.

The only correction I will make is once assembled, the package must be delivered to the post office counter because of the rule limiting the size that can be placed in a mail box. It’s no biggee, as explained in this post. The postal clerks are perfectly willing to take the package and it will be delivered C.O.D, no questions asked. (The reason for switching to Spanish-language yellow pages is because I think they will provide a better potential growth area to assist Juan Hernandez in his outreach efforts).

UPDATE II: Oh, and I imagine the last thing Greg needs is another place to blog but if he wants to take advantage of Amnesty Week he can always be our guest.