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Funny random thought: 

We just got an endorsement from the only person in this hall who knows what it’s like to be President.

-Howard Dean, after President Clinton’s DNC speech, to Fox News’ Chris Wallace (paraphrased)

 Umm…Did he forgot Jimmy Carer was in attendance, or was that an intentional insult?

I think both, on a subconscious level.

–It’s always good to stop by the Corner whenever anything of political significance takes place. K-Lo:

“The Republicans Said I Was Too Young and Too Experienced to Be Commander in Chief”

As I recall, he was impeached. Perhaps we had a point?

Also a lot of other stuff happened, well worth discussing in the coming months.

And now speculation that McCain’s pick is …. Sam Brownback. Not since Joe Biden was announced as Democrat candidate for VP has there been such electrifying news.

–Blogger of the year says




So there’s that. But I’m not sure it’s necessarily good news this year.

Vodkapundit says word on the Denver street is McCain’s pick will be Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor. Much better than Brownback, if you ask me.

–Not exactly Convention news but …. news nonetheless: Right Truth notes another possible problematic associate of the Chosen One.

7.62 mm Justice reminds us of the potential downside of a thin-skinned Prez.

More on this from Hillbilly White Trash. Seriously, if he is trying to get the FBI involved in squelching an unfavorable campaign ad, does anyone want to speculate what Obama might be capable of if he has the machinery of government at his disposal?

Oh the humanity!


Obama is too proud to have Bill sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom. Instead he would rather say to the PUMA Democrats ‘Drop Dead’. To Hillary, ‘Hey, its 3AM, you get it?’ Real smooth Barak!

He needs to listen to his teleprompter writers. This was a no brainer when looked at through the lens of ‘real-politik’. Imagine what a disaster this babe-in-the-woods will be when he comes up against some of the real bad boys of the world.

Obama speaks from Mt. Olympus

Barack Obama puts the finishing touches on his acceptance speech tonight in rehearsal for tomorrow’s historic address from Mt. Olympus.

What amazes me is how long the whole PUMA movement has been ignored by the Obama sycophants in the MSM.  Now at the convention there is a flurry of recent articles.  Outside of FOX and the blogg-o-sphere this movement has been ignored.  From …

Hillary Clinton’s supporters will not go quietly, it seems.  According to a Scripps-Howard report this morning, unnamed backers of Hillary have begun a “massive” e-mail campaign insisting that she won more votes and is the only electable candidate in 2008.  Perhaps, in consideration of the polling free-fall Barack Obama has experienced this summer, they may have a point

The story it appears has finally broken out and is now being reported in the MSM.  The folks at CBS finally write about but the articles concentrates on the Republican reaction instead of the root cause.  Media Matters is in full spin mode calling it hype.  The following sheds light on the matter …

The issue here is one of slander.  The Obama camp leveled the racist charge at anyone who questioned his bonafides.  Considering how small Obama’s bonafides are one can almost understand how sensitive his is in this matter.  Both Clinton’s, Ferraro and others have been tarred.  Wasn’t Bill Clinton the first Black president?  Is this the campaign rhetoric and tactics of the post racial candidate?


He actually said it.  Obama claims McCain thinks middles class ends at $5M.  That was joke.  Obama knows it was a joke.  But he treats it like it was serious.  He is lying through his teeth.

To shift ones position with every change in the wind is to flip flop. To observe over time, and change ones mind because as new information becomes available one can put together a more informed choice is sometimes sorrowful wisdom. I was planning to stay home and get into a pain free state this election day. Unfortunately, it appears that the differences between the candidates with regard to overall quality is sufficient to force me to make a decision, and to vote (sob). I will hate myself in the morning, but unfortunately, vote I must. The Democrats have once again won the ‘evil in the two lessors’ category. In a year that should have been a slam dunk for them, they have managed to make the race competitive.

There is a stuttering idiot in the White House; Bush has undone in 4 years what was the work of two generations, the building of a conservative majority. The Republican brand has been so badly damaged that this Presidential election should have been over before it began. It was until the Democrats found … the one.

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Pastor Warren’s program was brilliant. An apples to apples comparison of the two candidates. Each candidate answered the same questions without knowing the others answers. Obama went first, then came McCain. The comparison was striking. The pastors questions were designed to force answers, and to provide insight into the candidates character and world view.

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