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In years past, marijuana use and rock concerts went together much like soup and sandwich. Continuing in this tradition is the upcoming Grateful Obama concert to be held in Denver.

DENVER – A city drug panel has voted to urge police to refrain from arresting adults for marijuana possession during next week’s Democratic National Convention, but the cops aren’t necessarily on board.

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With 18 being the legal age of majority, their must be a great many Obamaheads rejoicing this decision. Obviously there remains a need for “change”. How do they get the police to also look the other way ?

There are many that will not agree with this decision from the city of Denver, but we cannot overlook the medicinal value of pot smoking that may be needed by Grateful Obama concertgoers. Face it, can you blame one for being stoned when you have to listen to not only his speeches, but Bill and Hillary Clinton’s as well ? They need to be careful though, as listening to Al Gore can lead to harder drugs.

Anyway, I need to cut this short as I need to get an after hours market order in for Krispy Kreme. Could pan out..

The other night, Joe and I were sharing some excellent wine, Smoking Loon, a wonderful Pinot Noir while discussing the sad state of affairs in our country. Looking at the label the term ‘loon’ of course turned my thoughts to the Democrat presidential candidate. Originally, about a year ago, before I got to know him I figured new, well spoken who knows. Now, after Alinsky, Ayers, Wright and a few other pals of his turned up I see that the guy has strange tastes.

I still think this election is Obama’s to lose, but I think the more we get to know him, the more he has to define himself, the less the pablum of buzz words like hope and change will be able to carry him. I have read his Web site, there are no specifics there either. So I realize the more discussion regarding this man the better. Obama is a teleprompter reader extraordinaire: he gives a great speech. I am not at all sure that a senator who worked 5 months in the U.S. Senate before going on to campaign for president is ready. Maybe 2012 or 2016. His short resume is backing him into a corner and he is looking less like something new and more like the standard small minded political hack. He can do better. We need better.

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An oldie but goodie, and one of the most painful moments in television history:

Obama’s goes to that city and makes a presidential visit, before he is president. He refers to himself as “a fellow citizen of the world.” I am not interested in a citizen of the world being my president, I am looking for an advocate, someone who puts his country first. The rock concert that followed Obama’s speech did well enough despite Obama playing the part of ‘opening act’. Hurry, hurry, hurry — step right up and see the amazing shrinking messiah!! What Rock Concert? I was wondering when that aspect of the 200,000 Germans being there was ever going to be mentioned in the MSM. Glad to see they maintain a perfect 1000 batting average in the predictable category.

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The Obama kids came to my door yesterday evening.  Children under 20 years old with the mentality of an acorn when it comes to politics?  How can I assume this?  They were soliciting votes for the messiah, that’s how.  Today I got an e-mail today and I wish I could have shown this to these kids.  Could it have made a difference and turned them around?  I don’t know.  Common sense is no longer something natural to mankind.  Watch this video and then submit others to it.  Make a call and make a difference.  After all, a president is pretty useless without a congress to back him/her up.

If it says “Made in China” and includes fur, you might want to check your moral compass before purchasing.

Lest we go too far falling all over ourselves to welcome China into the first world, here’s a news item on the area where culture and economics intersect. Cheap ain’t always worth the price (and everything that PETA investigates is not misguided).

Not for the squeamish. Seriously.

Don’t click to read the rest unless you have a solid existential position vis a vis pure evil.

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Guest Post By Nancy Matthis at ADMC

The election of 2008 promises to be an all-out battle throughout the country for the soul of America. Will we continue to be a nation of individuals who pride themselves on personal responsibility? Or will we keep sliding deeper into increasing government entitlement programs (and meddling) on the path to socialism?

The answer will largely be determined by the outcomes of the 435 hard-fought Congressional races throughout the United States. And in many of those races, the margin of victory or loss on average may be less than three percent. Which is to say that illegal aliens may decide the future of our democracy.

Our voting processes are deeply flawed. For quite some time the problem of voter fraud has been discussed, but tolerated. The website Illegal Aliens US comments:

Those ‘undocumented’ are actually ‘highly documented’ with fraudulent documents our government readily accepts.

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