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Oh, I can’t take it anymore.  Another wonderful breakthrough that, if you believe hook, line and sinker will solidify what you have always known about being homosexual….well, almost anyway.

I particularly like this observation:

“This is significant, she says, and fits with data showing that women are three times as likely as men to suffer from mood disorders or depression. Gay men have higher rates of depression too, she says, but it’s difficult to know whether this is down to biology, homophobia or simply feelings of being “different”.

Being different?  They are no different then straight women, right?  Are they trying to say straight women are different?  Then what pray-tell?  Straight men?  Good observation don’t you think.

How about this one:

“They found that the patterns of connectivity in gay men matched those of straight women, and vice versa (see image, above right). In straight women and gay men, the connections were mainly into regions of the brain that manifest fear as intense anxiety.”

If straight men and homosexual women are alike, and straight women and homosexual men are alike then how about a simple understanding and solution.  I know many couples were the man is dominating and the woman is meek and submissive.  I know couples where the man is a “girly boy” (sissy when I didn’t know better and didn’t have PC about me) and the woman was more of a man then I could ever obtain.  Then there was rough/gruff men/women couples and meek/mild men women couples.  The important thing here is men/women couples.  Just because a male thinks/feels more feminine, why would he be attracted to another MAN instead of the opposite sex?

The study proves nothing.  So we might be born with more of the opposite sex’s feelings.  Big deal.  Doesn’t give us attraction for the SAME sex!  Another lame liberal cop-out for justifing sin.

…Well, sort of.  I’m not back in The States yet, but thanks to a gracious new roommate with a laptop and Internet connection, I’m back on the blog.  Sure beats waiting in line for a community computer.

So, this past year or so has gone by quick for me.  A summary:

-Few months of train-up in miserable Camp Shelby, Mississippi.

-Got sent to Kuwait, of all places.

-Nothing ever happens in Kuwait.  Sat around doing security missions for almost 8 months.

-Asked for and finally received a transfer (hence the new roommate).

-Got to Baghdad about 5 weeks ago.

I’ve been assigned to a CAV unit, and we run short escort missions around the city.  I don’t think I can go into much more detail than that, but I will say I miss Infantry work.

Hope everyone is well.  I’ll probably be throwing in my two cents on some old news while I try to catch up on what’s been going on locally back home.

There won’t be any “Rantings of a Drunken Vet” while I’m here.  If I had any fans of that…sorry.  Write your Senator and  Congressman, and tell them to change the drinking policy over here.  That was a joke.  Well, sort of.

So what happened to the Poof Guy?

Here in Northern Virginia, we are particularly affected by the illegal migration problem because so many illegal aliens have moved here.

It’s almost as if key local government agencies have made a conscious decision to ignore certain sections of Title 8 of the U.S. Code.

Get the full picture of this travesty of justice, at Blog Fu.

UPDATE: Blog Fu is not letting up.

Even the scorn of the top Virginia blog will not be enough to turn an election. By my own personal observation, the blogosphere has roughly 10% penetration into reality, which means 100% reprobation by a blog with 100% influence will only affect 1 in 10 actual votes. But here in June 2008, these messages should be viewed by the McCain campaign as deadly serious shots across the bow. There is still plenty of time for both presidential campaigns to make major path adjustments.

If John McCain is truly going to stick with promising amnesty for illegals as one of his first priorities in office, he is dead meat in November. I don’t know if Bob Barr is going to be a viable alternative. I think trying to convince Barack Obama that he might, in fact, consider the welfare of African-American workers would be a more realistic course of action for immigration-enforcement supporters. There is plenty of time to work on that angle, and John McCain seems intent on making that scenario a reality.

Pretty humorous, yet in an odd sense … so very true.

Although, as already noted here, the nose-holding might not quite be enough.

You’d also need the Jameson’s-pounding, whippet-huffing, and a ten-joint townhall to ensure you make it to the polls in November, followed by an Indiana Jones movie marathon just to keep the ol’ conscience preoccupied.

The Democrats have told us that ANWR is off limits because the size of the 16 billion barrel deposit is too small to risk the absolute purity of the barren, frozen waste up there. Considering that existing pipelines have NOT changed the caribou migration patterns nor have they had any appreciable effect on the herd size one can only wonder what the fuss is all about. The track record of these pipelines is excellent; yet the the claim of the environmental activists is that the opening of ANWR would destroy the wilderness. The likes of Green Peace, and other environmental activists along with OPEC lobbyists have found the Democrats in congress eager to do their bidding and keep ANWR closed.


When one takes into account the shale oil reserves in the Rockies, the United States has more than three times the amount of oil than the Saudi Arabians.

The United States has an oil reserve at least three times that of Saudi Arabia locked in oil-shale deposits beneath federal land in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, according to a study released yesterday.

One would imagine that this resource is big enough to bother with. Though the study was recently released the US has known of this reserve for some time.

The vast extent of U.S. oil shale resources, amounting to more than 2 trillion barrels, has been known for a century. In 1912, the President, by Executive Order, established the Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves.

This resource is enough oil to last us to the next Century. The only trouble with this potential resource is that the Democrat controlled congress does not want to make it accessible to development. They and their masters in the Green lobby would prefer to see us paying $4 dollars or more at the pump.

We need a new energy source now. Windmills are for Don Quixote to tilt at, and are not meant for industrial energy production. The Indian and Chinese economies are growing fast. This economic growth has greatly improved the lot of the average Indian and Chinaman, but, these same folks are now competing with us for ALL the worlds resources. The time has come to increase the size of the pie. With Al Gore increasing his electric bill by 10%, we need to act fast.

Shell Oil Corp has a new idea for the extraction of oil from shale that potentially has a lower environmental impact than traditional methods. This new method is called the en situ extraction process. Since this is a new approach, there are risks in both development costs and schedule. As the method is new, the claim that this will be a more ecologically friendly approach remains to be proven.

The other trouble with this potential bonanza of energy is that our Democrat lead congress has recently voted to stop development of this resource.

The Senate Appropriations Committee today narrowly defeated Sen. Wayne Allard’s attempt to end a moratorium related to oil shale development in Colorado.

Apparently the need for oil is not great enough yet. We need to suffer, when the people start giving up their cars, living without heat or air conditioning then our betters in Green Peace and the Democrat party might be satisfied.


We have an energy crisis in the making; the world wide demand for oil is growing. Actually it has doubled every 20 years for the past 80. We are sending money to dictators and religious fanatics who hate us, in short we are financing our enemies. This is hubris on a grand scale. The Democrats in congress are in the pockets of special interest groups like ELF, PETA, The Sierra Club and Green Peace.

The only domestic sources of energy currently available for expansion are coal and natural gas. Coal is not an energy source known for being ecologically friendly, so why are we being forced into a corner to use it? Natural gas production cannot make up the need for more energy alone and foreign oil is getting more and more expensive.

Shale oil was not economically viable when oil was below $35 a barrel; at $100 a barrel we need to invest in this resource and clear the way for this to get to market. It will take time, so the longer we wait the worse our economic situation will get.

Woods has a torn anterior-cruciate ligament, and two stress fractures.

I have had my ACL replaced.  I was about the 75 patient to go through this particular procedure, which involves replacing the ligament with a freeze-dried one from someone who doesn’t need it anymore.  Then one’s own ligament grows into and replaces the freeze-dried one in a process called “creeping substitution.”  The result is a ligament that is all your own, as opposed to Gore-Tex, but it is never as tight as the original.

The really bad part is that one can put no weight at all on the knee for six weeks, and then slowly work up to full weight over the next six weeks.  One also has to wear an adjustable knee brace that regulates how far the knee can bend.  Getting full mobility back is very painful.  (A female friend has told me that the surgery itself is more painful than childbirth.  After all, a woman is supposed to have children — a knee is not meant to be cut open and inflated with saline solution.)

I do know that Woods can come back from this.  Although it gets a little sore, I can still go through batting practice, which puts tremendous torque on the lead knee.  (Fortunately, I am a switch-hitter, so when it gets really bad, I can hit from the other side of the plate.)

We wish Tiger all the best.

Hope you are ok, dude. It is always scary in this realm of obscured identities that someone could fall off the grid for one reason or another and no one would ever know.

I can think of a million reasons you would no longer be participating on this blog, and that is fine. But I am worried. You have my e-mail address; please let me know if you are still kicking butt in Ann Arbor, biatch (The General’s first post here – oh my how time flies).