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Check out the Outrage of the Week.

What is frightening is that people this stupid are teaching our children.

What an interesting confluence of events.

Just as it is announced that a representative from a third-world kleptrocacy is going to visit Virginia’s Prince William County to investigate the citizens’ efforts to enforce the rule of law regarding illegal aliens, many of whom hail from the kleptrocacy in question, presidential candidate Barack Obama holds a public “rally” in the same jurisdiction.
So how did that go?

The presumptive Democratic nominee drew more than 10,000 people to a late afternoon rally at Nissan Pavilion and spent the morning courting voters in coal country at a town hall meeting in southwest Virginia.

As Virtucon notes, the “10,000″ number is highly questionable. In reality, the actual turnout at the northern Prince William County location was probably barely above 5,000 people.

But granting the benefit of the doubt: Today’s Barack Obama big, “10,000 attendee”, public event in Prince William County was a tad below superstar status. To say the least. Nissan technically can handle 25,000 attendees.

A comparable recent event was POISON / RATT, Date: July 29, 2007 – 8,696 attendees

I think the most recent incarnation of the Four Tops would have been able to exceed 15,000 attendees. And as a matter of fact I will be at Nissan in two days where I strongly believe Tom Petty will just about fill the little arena up.

So the Barack Obama juggernaut is presently at the POISON / RATT level of public acceptance. No small potatoes, I grant you. But Obama is far from a compelling figure in Northern Virginia at this point.

UPDATE: Man would I love to take Barack on a neighborhood tour of Sterling. (More to come in the days ahead – it is related to the above).

It is time to shut it down. Take back the property, cut off U.S. funding, and send them all back to where they came from.

A “UN Official” – whatever the hell that is, presumably someone who has graduated from merely raping children and now also knows how to put on a suit – is planning to visit Prince William county to investigate its efforts to crack down on the the presence of illegal aliens:

Jorge Bustamante, the United Nation’s special rapporteur on migrants’ rights, plans to tour Manassas and Woodbridge, receive briefings on local enforcement measures, and attempt to meet with local officials.

He contacted immigrant leaders in the county two months ago to begin preparing for a visit, saying he was interested in the landmark nature of the county’s actions.

Special rapporteurs are tasked with reviewing human-rights issues of international concern to raise political pressure and shape public opinion, but cannot issue sanctions.

BVBL has a worthwhile take on this issue. Be sure to read it all.

My take is, run the son of a bitch out of town on a rail. Maybe a big reaction from the citizens will catch on in other communities to initiate an effort to defund the useless, corrupt institution.

I have absolutely no comment on this report, for the usual “full disclosure” rationale. Except to say, in terms of emotional maturity, it seems to be working.

A modest proposal indeed, announced on Drudge:


Wed June 4, 2008 11:56:11 ET

June 4, 2008

The Honorable Barack Obama
Obama for America
P.O. Box 8102
Chicago, Illinois 60680

Dear Senator Obama:

In 1963, Senator Barry Goldwater and President John F. Kennedy agreed to make presidential campaign history by flying together from town to town and debating each other face-to-face on the same stage. In Goldwater’s words, those debates “would have done the country a lot of good.” Unfortunately, with President Kennedy’s untimely death, Americans lost the rare opportunity of witnessing candidates for the highest office in the land discuss civilly and extensively the great issues at stake in the election. What a welcome change it would be were presidential candidates in our time to treat each other and the people they seek to lead with respect and courtesy as they discussed the great issues of the day, without the empty sound bites and media-filtered exchanges that dominate our elections. It is in the spirit of President Kennedy’s and Senator Goldwater’s agreement, in the spirit of the politics of change, and to do our country good, that I invite you to join me in participating in town hall meetings across the country to discuss the most important issues facing Americans. I also suggest we fly together to the first town hall meeting as a symbolically important act embracing the politics of civility, and that in the course of each meeting we smoke no less than 10 (ten) thinly rolled marijuana cigarettes between us so as to ensure the American people have the best opportunity to peer into our respective souls…

Go to Drudge to read the rest.

Some liberties were taken with the quote there at the end, but be that as it may I think the Ten Joint Townhall is a fabulous idea and one which I wish I had thought of. Such a format undoubtedly would have kept Jimmy Carter out of the White House, because Americans could never elect a President they had seen in the fetal position, and would have brought Ross Perot victory in a landslide because he would have had HW Bush and Clinton cowering like freshmen in pledge week. Perot MUST be a total type “A” stoner.

While I would not hazard to predict how the Obama-McCain Ten Jointer will go, my guess is that Obama can’t finish a sentence but hugs McCain and uses the phrase “you’re a good white man” A LOT, while McCain just giggles incessantly while trying to get beyond “My friends … he he he … my friends …”

Depends on what sort of weed they have, of course, but with McCain’s warm ties to Mexico they’ll probably have the really good sh*t.



Now that we can finally say it is all over but the shouting, don’t you DOUBT FOR A SECOND JUST HOW MUCH SHOUTING REMAINS, DAMN YOU.

In particular, who will be the respective choices for Vice President?

Obama: We can now expect to see at least a full day of former Clinton true believers falling over themselves to praise Barack Obama, and the Obama campaign playing coy to the point of painfulness.

Surveying the political landscape, it is going to be extremely hard for Obama to choose anyone other than Hillary Clinton for Vice President. The Hillary Clinton campaign may have been ineffective, inefficient and incompetent on a scale to make the Robert Mugabe administration shake its collective head in disbelief, but it also comprised a huge population of supporters in a year when the Democrats, frankly, can’t take any chances. They should have won in 2000. They sure as hell should have won in 2004 (ask George Soros and Air America’s majordomos about that one). In 2008, they cannot give anything up. Shutting out Hillary would almost be a demonstration of hubris. Obama’s got nothing in his pocket yet for the general election.

When the Washington Post is opining Don’t look now, but the U.S.-backed government and army may be winning the war, the Obama camp has to realize it has nothing in the bag. If a drop in demand causes U.S. gas prices to fall at the end of the summer, Obama could have zero “killer” arguments. His campaign is going to need every boot on the ground it can get.

Personally, I’d like to see the Obama campaign look very carefully at Michael Dukakis, Al Sharpton or Jimmy Carter, but they likely won’t take my advice.

McCain: John McCain is a pretty uncompelling fellow these days when it comes to public speaking. I suspect overcoaching and, hey, if it worked for George W. Bush, I guess the thinking is they should keep a good thing going. He launched his new “Change you can believe in” message tonight, and it appears the McCain campaign strategy is to emphasize the candidate’s weaknesses. He is a great speaker off the cuff, and absolutely terrible reading from a script. Tonight, he smiled and chuckled unnaturally during the pauses as though he was just then getting the jokes his scriptwriters had provided. Or just chuckling for no reason whatsoever.

The media, recognizing Obama’s weaknesses in terms of policy positions and the Democratic candidate’s demonstrated thin skin, is going to attempt to redirect public attention away from issues, and make the central controversy over Obama’s strong points, which are race and speaking style:

The charismatic black guy who everyone likes, and therefore represents a fresh change, but denounces every policy disagreement as a “distraction,” against the uncharismatic white guy who gives typical, stiff, “politician” speeches.

If the recent trend in his public appearances is any indication, John McCain is going to be easy for the Democrats to pigeonhole as a typical, old-style politician. If the debate is framed by the media as a contrast in styles, McCain could be in for rough sledding.

Therefore, I think McCain needs a fantastic orator as his running mate, someone who can speak off the cuff so well that the media will give at least a tinch of coverage.

I hate to say it, because it is a ticket that would make me almost literally ill, but the most likely seems to be Mike Huckabee. He is a solid enough public speaker to keep the press engaged and following the campaign (possibly anticipating the next major gaffe). He would get a sizeable army of ground troops involved from the “evangelical” wing of the GOP, and if he can avoid making too many asinine statements, it just might work.

I know, I know many of you are objecting: “Huckabee’s a frickin’ moron!” But that is not the political reality. The voting public is about 50 steps behind the actual reality in America. If voters understood what was really happening in this country, we’d be talking about Tom Tancredo as the logical pick for VP.

A McCain-Huckabee ticket would be a huge boost for Bob Barr, but I think the McCain campaign has already decided to write off a bunch of traditionally Republican voters.

McCain needs a running mate who could win on American Idol.

I’ll be interested in hearing other thoughts on the Vice President sweepstakes.

Mike McHugh of VGOC and the Warren County Republican Party just left the following excellent commentary and analysis of this weekend’s Republican Party of Virginia Convention. It’s extremely valuable insight both because of his parliamentary expertise and the fact he was there throughout Friday’s apparent fiasco – thanks, Mike!

You can ask the unit chairs for the vote totals but don’t waste the time. Mark Tate did it for the 10th to make sure that the Berry votes did not affect the outcome. The Barry votes if properly counted, because they were primarily (though not totally) from Roanoake and Salem where Gilmore won would have helped Gilmore.

In Warren since I did the counting it was 22-3 for Marshall

If Marshall had put together a whip floor organization to fight the rules on Friday at 2:00 when I moved to strike rule h under voting and replace it with each campaign having an appointed teller there would have be no question of cheating at this point.

Because of the public pressure from the floor fight Friday, if there was going to be any purposeful cheating, I do not believe it happened. Yes there could have been mistakes in the counting but Marshall was not prepared to fight for the ability to oversee that. Hopefully he will next time.

Gilmore won fair and square.

The thugocracy of the early Friday 2:00 pm meeting, that very few people understand the importance of, did help Frederick because even the Gilmore people were disgusted with the trashing and ignoring of the rules.

Below is part of an analysis I sent to a friend that points out what constitutionally minded Republicans should learn.

continue reading…