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1) Anyone watching the mens gymnastics? The US really is rising to the occasion. This is pretty cool to watch (two events to go).

2) Speaking of men, men’s synchronized diving was quite possibly the gayest thing I have ever seen in a “sport” venue and the Americans were the gayest of the gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it seems like if they want to add events why not just add more individual diving events from different heights rather than men in skimpy bathing suits giggling on the platform and then taking a shower together. Aesthetically speaking, certain sports are more appropriate for women, if you ask me. Two men on a platform should be doing a cannonball contest in cut-off jeans with stogies in their mouths and beers in their hands, nothing less.

3) NBC is doing a great job with this entire project. Much as I hate the MSM, this has to be one of the crowning achievements in broadcasting history. They just said that, on all the various channels and the Web, NBC is presenting more hours of programming this year than in every Summer Olympics since 1960 combined. The event coverage is substantive with just the right amount of human interest rather than the overwrought, soupy, weepy vignettes in broadcasts of Olympics past.

4) Key sponsors: McDonalds, Coke, Budweiser. Three brands I have never had a lick of passion for or loyalty to, and that won’t change after these Games. But they do nice commercials.

5) Much as I still plan to root against the Chinese throughout, just on principle, I cannot build up a head of animus for the kewpie-doll cute Chinese “womens” gymnastics team because for gods sake these little girls are like figurines; and frankly the Chinese mens team is a study in drama, tragedy and general emotional turmoil and their coach’s facial expression is like he must be downing a bottle of Maalox every hour. I want the US men to come through, but you have to feel for the Chinese gymnasts and the unbelievable expectations placed on them. They don’t seem like a particularly happy bunch.

UPDATE: On the third event, Jonathan Horton for the US is tearing up the floor exercise. The Chinese just body-slammed the field on the vault, the Japanese were solid on the parallel bars, but the US is hanging in there despite a few bobbles. After losing two key athletes to injury right before the Games, the US was not supposed to do anything, but they are now poised for silver going into the last event – pommel horse. Two of the three on this event were not even supposed to be on the US team a month before the Olympics. This Artemev kid supposedly can either fly like an eagle or fall like a rock and he is going last.

UPDATE II: Well, after the first two US men got basically pummeled on the pommel, Artemev just did an electrifying performance. Wow! The best they can probably get is bronze, but that would be a huge tour de force for this team.

UPDATE III: Cool, the US hung on for bronze, and China definitely deserved the gold. The first was not supposed to happen, the second was absolutely supposed to but was highly in doubt nonetheless.

Incredible race. 46 second flat split in the final leg. French trash talkers go down. Ha ha ha.

UPDATE: There won’t be any news links or photos for a while, but suffice it to say the US just accomplished one of its best coups of the games. This was a huge win. I can’t wait for the news and photos to come out.

UPDATE II: US final leg swimmer Jason Lezak is self-coached, and swam an amazing French-clobbering closing leg. There is going to be a massive amount of schadenfreude generated by this race.


UPDATE III: And here is the official news coverage.


(More here.)

UPDATE: Much more here (scroll down). Professional bloggers, of course, provide the best content.

MIchael Phelps won the 400m IM, and the National Anthem is cut on when it gets to the word “free.”

This is unbelievable.

Yes, folks, there will be a Big Tent at the Democratic National Convention in Denver:

The Big Tent will be the place to be for new media journalists, bloggers, reporters, and non-profit leaders covering the Democratic National Convention in Denver this summer.

What does one find in a Big Tent?  A circus with a bunch of clowns and freaks.  Welcome to the Democrat Party.  (And the sign said, “Long-haired freaky people need not apply themselves.”)

If you are planning on taking your life savings and going on that dream vacation to the Chinese Olympics, it be best to do your homework so that you don’t get more than you bargained for or you bring home a souvinier you would rather have not.  I just want to see the below Olympic records in some events, caused by the polluted air.  Then again, we might be able to steal that Chinese technology (big fans) that push smog and hydrocarbons into the upper atmosphere where nobody (other that astronauts and space aliens) go anyway.  Hey-I’m a realist!

First up is protesting and there is quite alot to protest about China.  Being as they are tolerant, they will allow you to protest-with stipulations.  You need a permit, you need to be in a “protest zone” (there are only 3) and be careful to read the fine print.  Atheletes competeing need to be aware of this also.  I imagine that the “higher profile” individual would be kicked out of the country for a violation.  A schmuk like me, well let’s just say a little fish in a big counrty.  If you disappear do you think your government will make an international incident over it?  And when the Chinese government shrugs their shoulders and says “we don’t know what happened to him but we will check it out to be sure”, then it is time to bundle up cause you’re going to a camp in Mongolia.  See ya!

Second, be careful what you eat.  Don’tcount on that meat to be beef.  It appears that there is a high incidence of mercury in their Tolapia (fish) that they farm and export by the thousands of metrik tons all over the world.  We are catching on to it in the U.S. but if you are in China, well….  It has appeared in most of their waters and in food crops.  As a matter of fact, if you aren’t wearing an oxygen mask with an internal source, you are probably inhaling gobs of it.  It debilitates and kills, people.  Unless you take…forget that.  You will know when they diagnois you.  And we worried about leaded gasoline!  Sheesh.

Next up is Asian flu.  Scratch that.  Avian flu which is most prevalent in Asia.  Now how come they get all the good kooties over there?  These people are BIG on chicken.  And it has been found in many of their other bird populations.  The whole of southeast Asia and northern Africa is a hotbed for this flu and IT KILLS!  We don’t here much about it anymore but that’s because people are dying in small numbers.  Wipe out a village-big news story.  There will be other nationalities there carrying their own brand of disease (remember hepatitis, AIDS, tuberculosus, pneumonia and others), some of which are highly contagious.

I don’t know about you but I am all stoked now.  Throw in the smog and you have what’s called Utopia.  There is nothing in China that I can’t get here at Wal-mart, K-mart and the like.  Matter of fact, we have things from China HERE that you can’t get in China.  I have a TV set that is willing to give me everything I couldn’t get a ticket to plus I can record if something pressing comes up.  I have been in my share of dictatorship countries where iron fists and terrorism rules.  I think that if I just sit on the couch, barring the TV from blowing up or a plane falling on the house, I will be able to enjoy the parts of the Olympics I want to watch in safety and without spending the kids’ inheritance.  I know-my loss but each and everyone of us needs to make sacreficies at times in our lives.  Enjoy the games!