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Imagine if a year ago, the dimwit in the Whitehouse had listened to Obama and the Democrats and had not conducted the surge? What if Petraeus had not been allowed to conduct his brand of counter-insurgency-warfare? Obama in his own words …

I am not persuaded that Twenty Thousand addition troops in Iraq is gonna solve the sectarian violence there, in fact I think it will do the reverse.

Obama said the above on January 10, 2007. So much for Obama’s vaunted ‘judgement’. Today 15 of 18 of the benchmarks regarding progress in Iraq have been met. When was the last time Congress managed to meet 3 of 18 let alone 15 of 18 benchmarks with respect to anything? Today Iraq is a far safer place; Obama would not be in Iraq shooting hoops with the troops. It would not be ‘nothing but net‘, the guy would be in a bunker expounding on how the situation was all George Bush’s fault and how he (Obama) has better judgment.

Considering how the Obama has spent ~150 days in the U.S. senate, it is easy to say that he has not made any mistakes. That is because he has also not done anything worthy of note either. It appears that Obama was wrong with respect to the surge and what is worse, he is dishonest about it. His campaign has removed all the negative text from its website regarding the surge. How about a confession of his mistakes. It was OK to ask Bush about his mistakes back in 2004. Can the press corps stop fawning long enough to ask, “Why did you get this so wrong?” Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander and the press’s credibility is quickly approaching that of the Democrat led congress.

The following is an artist’s illustration what an Obama trip to Iraq would look like today if Bush had listened to the great Messiah of Chicago and his sycophants in Congress.


Now granted we cannot blame Obama completely for missing the boat on this one. He was not alone, and it appears that the poor dear has just been keeping bad company, again. Take the entire leadership of the Democrat party for instance; Pelosi and Reid are on record:

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) stated that she, along with the Majority leader, Harry Reid (D-Nev.), “informed the president that they were opposed to increasing troop levels.” Both Pelosi and Reid expressed their disapproval in a letter to Bush on January 5, 2007″

Then there is Murtha, Biden and the rest of the Democrat Congressional leadership on record trying to torpedo the effort. Politics no longer ends at the waters edge in this country. That extra-national politicking is the essence of incredible pride that goes before the fall.

So now Obama, being mobbed by reporters, safe in a country that was written off by the very party he represents and the press corps that carries its water. Are the American people noticing this comical theater, or is this all a ‘willful suspension of disbelief‘?

I decided that I would not go to Senator Obama’s meet and greet here where I live, in the International Zone.  I wanted to go to bed early, and I had a feeling it would be crowded.  I was right.

One soldier described it to me, “I’ve been to rock concerts that weren’t that pushy.”  He then informed me he actually had to have security help him through the crowd once he was done meeting the Senator.  Another member of my crew told me he waited 3 or 4 hours to meet him, including the hour he got there early.  A third soldier I work with got lucky, running into him in passing and getting a quick photo in.

Senator Obama had his meet and greet yesterday evening (Monday).  According to all accounts I’ve heard, he spoke briefly to a large crowd, but did not appear to have a speech prepared.  His normally polished words were filled of “uh” and “um”.  Poor guy must have been jet-lagged or exhausted or something.  He then proceeded to meet with and pose for pictures with anyone who wanted one.  There was no organization to this part of it, you just had to work your way up if you wanted to talk to him.  Seems he was a decent enough fellow to hang around for quite a while due to the large number of people.  He (or his security team) was also decent enough not to pull a Bill Clinton and disarm all the troops around him in the middle of a war-torn country.

Most evenings, I eat dinner in the same chow hall, then I go outside and have a cigarette and coke in the MWR area, near some outdoor pool tables in a shady gazebo.  Yesterday as soon as I left the smoking area, I noticed the largest motorcade I’ve seen here parked on the road.  I asked around and found out he had just walked into the chow hall I had left 10 minutes prior.  I went back to my room thinking I had missed my chance.   I was informed that after his dinner, he stopped to shoot pool with some Joes in the same spot I sit and smoke every night.  This morning, I was out for my regular PT run, and there went the motorcade right by me again, I’m assuming on his way out since the news says he’s already gone.

Oh well.  Would have been nice to have gotten a picture for the site.

I have to give the Senator credit, he “stayed in his lane,” as the Army expression goes.

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama met Iraq’s prime minister in Baghdad on Monday but did not raise his plan to remove combat troops within 16 months if he wins the election, an Iraqi official said.

-From a National Post report

It sounds like he did as he said he would.  He listened, rather than talked.  I hope his visit with the Iraqi PM was enlightening to him.  I also wish the Senator had been paying us more attention over here prior to this point in time.

Other than my previous objection to Senator Obama’s past comments, I think he did pretty well on this part of the trip.

Here and here are two different accounts.

I don’t have a problem with US Senators meeting with foreign leaders, so long as they are doing so with the approval of the State Department (hear that, Nancy Pelosi?).  Senator Obama’s meeting with President Karzai was good for America overall.  I think it is appropriate for a sitting US senator to act as an ambassador and help strengthen our alliances.

The only complaint I might have is this:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama pledged steadfast aid to Afghanistan in talks Sunday with its Western-backed leader and vowed to pursue the war on terror “with vigor” if elected, an Afghan official said.

-From the above linked AP article

My opinion is that Presidential candidates should not be making “if elected” commitments to foreigners (hear that, John Kerry?).  The only people any US Presidential candidate should be making “if elected” promises to are the American people.  Like Senator Obama has said himself, he is travelling as a US Senator, not as a presidential candidate.

However, based on the way the AP article is written, he may have been quoted out of context.  If anyone knows where to find the full quote or a transcript of the meeting, fill us in.

This recently came across via e-mail; Loudoun Community Association:

Important government functions meant to protect our quality of life, such as zoning enforcement, are not being implemented even to the degree permitted by existing laws…

Please consider this forum an ongoing “open letter” to our local government officials.

That reminds me, tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 22, 6:30 pm) there will be a follow up public hearing in which the Loudoun County staff and entire Board of Supervisors will be at Park View High School to deliver the findings of the previous series of public hearings held in Sterling and Potomac Districts, and also to hear public opinions. I believe people get to speak for three minutes. It is an important chance to have the whole Board hear what you have to say – say, about zoning enforcement in eastern Loudoun – and not have to drive out to Leesburg to get it done.

So be at Park View tomorrow evening if you can.

The preliminary findings of the county staff are linked at the Loudoun Community Association Web site, go check them out. I won’t have a chance to read them for a while because of work but plan to eventually give my opinion. It will be interesting to see which public comments at the previous seven hearings the county staff heard.

This is way too cool.

More Here.

Someone let me know if you can find where to order the CD.


George Bush said ‘Drill!‘ and the price of crude dropped over nine dollars in a single day, and it continues to fall.   The market knows that the U.S. has huge, untapped energy reserves. The United States has more than three times the amount of Oil the Saudi Arabians do. Due to a masochistic energy policy brought on by environmental extremists we are now importing 70% of our oil from people who hate us, and indirectly funding our foes in the war against Islamic Extremism. The more energy independent we become, the less money we will be putting into the pockets of those who wish to kill us and end our way of life.

The need for energy in the long term will require a shift in technology.   We need to move away from our dependence on fossil fuels.  The most viable short-and-mid-term avenue currently is nuclear power. The other commonly discussed alternatives are wind and solar power.  These have yet to demonstrate economic viability, but should be pursued none the less.  Government funding of research for these and other ideas such as Algae_Fuels is a must.  With our economy growing, and our population expanding we will need more energy.  Conservation alone will not be able to cover the increase in energy needs. Therefore, until the future alternatives are found, we must make full use of our natural resources.

We are the only nation in the world with access to known oil deposits on our own land or off our shores that essentially refuses to tap those resources.

Giving our own people access to these resources should not be a political football.  However the Democrat party is seeking to further politicize the energy debate by couching it as a class warfare issue and giveaways to the wealthy.


Currently it is easier for the Chinese to drill in the Gulf of Mexico than it is for any American Oil company; this is ridiculous.

While Washington dithers over exploiting oil and gas reserves off the coast of Florida, China has seized the opportunity to gobble up these deposits, which run throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and along the U.S. Gulf coast.

There are new reports out circulating that Chinese firms are planning to slant drill off the Cuban coast near the Florida Straits, tapping into U.S. oil reserves that are estimated at 4.6 billion to 9.3 billion barrels. This compares with 4 billion to 10 billion barrels believed to be beneath the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge

Nancy Pelosi is more worried about Exxon being able to drill than she is about the Chinese pirating our very own oil reserves.  From an article in the Herald Tribune

“We have chosen to lock up our resources and stand by to be spectators while these two come in and benefit from things right in our own backyard”

The Cuban regime at least is prospering from our policies.  Neat trick, someone finally figured out how to bring a profit to Castro’s Caribbean gulag.

Obama’s idea to fix our energy woes is to, ‘Implement an economy-wide cap-and-trade program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions‘.  Great!! The patient is bleeding, Dr Barak’s brilliant idea is to apply leaches.  The Democrats in both houses of Congress have proposed a windfall profits tax, considering what a raging success this was under James Carter, I am surprised they are even considering it.  With help like this we should be on our way to the guilt-free third-world economy the left has always wanted.

The Democrat party is currently against drilling in ANWR, the Atlantic Coast, the Pacific Coast the Gulf Coast, the Rocky Mountains and Montana.  So what is left?  With the other alternatives even more economically unsound than $140/barrel oil, we need to tap into this reservoir now, while we still have an economy to save.  Waiting for the alternatives which are at least 30 years away from becoming available will sentence our children and grandchildren to contending with a crippled economy.

Any economy is dependent upon energy.  Currently our energy comes primarily in the form of fossil fuels (oil, coal, natural gas).  These fuels have made modern life possible. Without them we would still be huddling in the winter around wood fires, in cramped quarters.  In the summer we will perspire copiously and experience mosquito bites in our bedrooms as we try to sleep.  This life style romantically is also known as medieval.  The lifespan of an individual is 30 to 40 years under this technological regimen.  For those who wish to return to this level of existence please vote Democrat.  Their policies are putting us on a trajectory back to the past.