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The entire pro-immigration enforcement town council in Herndon, Virginia was re-elected. Mayor Steve DeBenedittis was re-elected over challenger and former council member Harlan Reece by about 1300-900 votes. Reece’s seat will be filled by Richard Downer (no friend of the current council) so the status quo is precisely maintained.

A good day for the good guys.

UPDATE: View complete results here.

A few photos, maybe some more coming tonight along with some more commentary …

Former council member Ann Null (l), local grassroots political maestro Butch Baughan, and new Vice Mayor Connie Hutchinson.

Herndon, meet your newly re-elected Town Council – well, four of ‘em anyway (minus Dave Kirby): from left, Tirrell, Hutchinson, Waddell, Husch.

Re-elected Council Member Charlie Waddell with our man in Richmond, Tom Rust.

And … drumroll please … the man who truly had the coattails tonight, en route to a blistering 40% victory


The non-politician, graduate of Herndon High School, improbable victor two years ago (to say the least), has cemented the citizens’ victory of 2006.

The entire Herndon Town Council w/ significant others. Newcomer Jim Vickory (4th in from right) did not make it in, but in his remarks tonight he noted that his entire goal in running was to help re-elect the current Council which has done so much good work, and since the majority was maintained he has no regrets. It was a very touching and uplifting speech, apropos to the occasion.

Reading More McCain Troubles, I realize the Republicans managed to give the nod to a candidate who will be worse for the country than Obama. I am staying home. Lets have a party on election day. I think getting blind drunk is the only proper response to my country shooting itself in the foot.

Hopefully, Limabaugh’s operation chaos does not land “Her Thighness” in the white house. An Obama presidency is what we deserve and need. Just as only Nixon could go to China, without Carter we would not have gotten Reagan. We need a new Reagan. The current crop of Republican candidates had its good and bad points. McCain was the worst in the lot with the exception of Huckabee. So who did we get? McCain and Huckabee as the last two men standing.

McCain is the result of independents and Democrats voting in our primary elections. Huckabee is the result of my fellow evangelicals voting for a guy, just because he is an evangelical; this is akin to women voting for Hillary just because she is a woman. In short, grow up people; Huckabee is a populist big government big spender who would have sunk us even further into debt.

I think one of the good things that will come out of this election cycle will be closed primaries. The party should choose its own candidate. Having the other side do it for you makes NO sense at all. Also, allowing the other party to come into your primaries and keep the contest going also makes no sense. We are in a very real sense subverting the process. What we got in McCain was a vindictive old coot who hates his own party more than he does the opposition. In the Democrat party the result was a war of grievance groups who, despite what the dreamers think, will more than likely stay home when their candidate loses the party nod.

Neither party is more important than the country. The left wing of the Republican party has hijacked the ticket this year. It is time for conservatives to give these elites the proper response and stay home, get plastered, and weep for the country. I will see it as a good old fashioned Irish Wake, we will raise a toast to the dearly departed, and hope for better days, and the glory to come.


To all who think we need to go grave robbing, I am not looking for Reagan reincarnate, I am looking for someone who will take up the conservative mantle and do it his own way. McCain is not the man by any stretch, he hates conservatives because they preferred GWB in 2000. Furthermore, I am looking for someone who is not just conservative, but someone who IS A conservative. There is a world of difference.

I am not measuring them by the Reagan Yardstick but by the Buckley Test. To have conservative instincts is not enough. One must have a conservative frame of mind, and understand what does it mean to be conservative and most importantly formulate conservative solutions to the problems of the day. Being pro-life or pro-gun or anti-tax is not enough. One must have a framework through which one then formulates solutions to problems. GWB is right on the three issues above but his solutions to problems are not conservative in nature.

McCain is even worse, his solutions to issues will be based on getting adulation from the left and to stroke his “Mr Maverick” image. The dolt has come to believe his own press. He may have a conservative fiscal instinct, but he is not A conservative, and I am done supporting ersatz conservatives and RINO Republicans.

May 6, 2008

Help Save Loudoun PAC has endorsed the following candidates in today’s town of Herndon, Virginia elections:

Herndon Election: May 6, 2008

Help Save Loudoun PAC endorses the following “Rule of Law” candidates who are committed to continuing the town’s role as the standard-setters for local immigration enforcement in the U.S.

MAYOR: Steve DeBenedittis

COUNCIL MEMBERS: Dennis Husch, Connie Hutchinson, David Kirby, William Tirrell, James Vickery, and Charlie Waddell.

Herndon Polls are located at:

Herndon Community Center
814 Ferndale Ave
Herndon, VA 20170

Why is the election significant to Help Save Loudoun? Because the vast majority of eastern Loudoun County’s residents are as affected by Herndon’s policies as are Herndon’s residents. Sterling backs up to Herndon, and I, like many Sterling residents, live closer to the former day labor center than most Herndon residents.

The Herndon mayor and town council have accomplished the following: Made Herndon the first town in the U.S. to enroll in the federal 287(g) program in which local police assist federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement; stepped up zoning enforcement by quadrupling the number of agents investigating overcrowded houses; shut down the infamous Herndon day labor center which had established the town as a safe landing area for illegal aliens; passed a resolution to deny business licenses to companies hiring illegal workers; and sent a legislative package to Richmond which resulted in new laws increasing the penalties for driving without a valid license and overcrowded houses.

More on why you should vote for these candidates: Info from BVBL blog; info from NVTH blog.

Read it and weep.

Since McCain is doing his level best to turn off a such large segment of the country – those who are here legally and do not profit from the “invasion” – one has to wonder why another candidate does not step up to at least throw these voters a bone.

Promoting an appearance before La Raza while the illegal alien problem continues to grow in so many U.S. locales? Senator McCain may not realize how many pro-illegal votes he is going to need to compensate for the votes he is going to lose.

The article linked in that post also came across my e-mail from our esteemed visitor Lynn:

For Jazanique, Ashanae and Kimyen the job hunting experience is both frustrating and sobering. The unemployment rate among African-American teens is shockingly six times the national rate. This according to the U.S. Department of Labor translates into approximately 296,000 African-American teenagers actively seeking employment who are finding it difficult to secure a job.It does seem strange to Kimyen who grew up believing jobs are plentiful if you’re flexible, motivated and willing to work hard.

“It’s like three strikes…Black, young and non-Spanish speaking. I’m mad but there is nothing I can do about it. It’s not fair.”

The absurdity of the GOP candidate pandering to the den of thieves – now once again, unencumbered by the primary process, calling unabashedly for “comprehensive immigration reform” – is highlighted by the continuing saga of America’s legal residents (link also thanks to Lynn):

Richard says the men who attacked him are probably from outside the US, and are in New Orleans, looking for recovery work. Now, the couple feels like prisoners in their own home. “The drinking, the way they are out front, he has to bring up all his tools, we rented a storage shed, they siphoned all the gas, we can’t even keep gas in the truck,” says Deborah.

The Poches called the JPSO after the attack. But the couple says– even the deputies who arrived at the scene said little could be done to protect them. “They’re here illegally. There’s no process for prosecuting them. This is what the officer told me. They’re so disgusted cause their hands are tied,” Richard says.

While it’s highly debatable whether there is “no process” for prosecuting illegal aliens who commit crimes, the onus is certainly on the Executive Branch of the U.S. government to help local governments address this problem. John McCain’s breathtakingly arrogant reversal (or, more accurately, reversal of reversal on the original crime) on the rule of law does not bode well for the level of support he will receive this fall from Americans who want our immigration laws enforced.

How interesting that we have apparently three candidates for president who are publicly opposed to enforcement of U.S. immigration laws, and who are all deaf to the concerns of America’s legal residents, especially when those most affected by illegal migration are traditionally the core constituency of the Democratic Party. Talk about a political opening for … someone.

Assuming this situation remains through the November elections, it is setting up as the perfect scenario for a major political realignment. As the articles above attest, in California, in New Orleans – and I can also tell you right here in Sterling – things are getting worse.

I left yesterday around 4 in the morning for a relaxing vacation.  On the road and headed for Wake Forest to pick-up mama.   Imagine my surprise when we arrived.  Seems that Hilly, the man hater, was doing a stump for the cracker po’ white vote.  Before you could say “Yankees!  Fire!” we were on the road again.  This happened before breakfast and I’m just glad there wasn’t more of a delay.

 Heading to Myrtle you have to go thru Chadbourn-the strawberry capitol.  I couldn’t figure out what all the dust was off in the distance.  Once we got to the single traffic light, we saw what the deal was.  Can you say “strawberry festival?”  We are talking bigtime here.  The dust was from the hotrod riding lawnmowers-and those babies can really cook!  We had outdoor barbaques, classic car show and parade.  Life is good.  The simplistic things of small towns and the south.

 Moving onward without further interruption we made it to Myrtle where we settled in for a cool spring’s night.  The spring “breakers” are gone and the bikers haven’t arrived yet.  Just fishing, catching up on times with old friends (which for the older crowd consists of what ailments, what operations and who died), partaking (embibbing) of the favorite beverage(s), eating and soaking up the rays.

Now if you all are headed down this way, look me up.  Otherwise I will check-in to see the news and update this post with what I’ve caught and how big.  Maybe even some earth-shattering news if they re-open the Sante Fe restaurant.  We’ll see.

Update 5/5 Soaked up some rays. Got extra zzz’s. Went fishing but caught nada. Same with crabs. We went and got ice cream and they make some monster banana splits. Toasted Almond and cheese with crackers. Dinner. Another slow day in paradise. I might do something tomorrow but don’t hold your breath!

Well the Kentucky Derby had a tragic ending — the second place finisher, the philly Eight Belles, put on a tremendous surge to earn that place, but broke both front ankles in the process, and had to be euthanized.

Is this forshadowing?  How strange it is that Eight Belles was Hillary’s pick, and the victor was “Big Brown.”  Will Hillary be put down after the convention?

Sorry for the bleg but I am desperate:

My (day job) company is considering a Web software purchase which is a content management system that runs on Microsoft Server, and I need to get some information on Web site hosting companies. There are many Web sites that tout themselves as “Web hosting review” sites but a tiny bit of digging reveals the vast majority are simply advertising outlets that reprint each company’s promotional literature.

There is a special place in Hell for the guy who started that trend, believe you me.

The very few sites that actually do seem to be trying to provide reviews or compilations of customer ratings are either really outdated or – judging by other “reviews” for software and such that I happen to know about – don’t seem to have much going on between the ears, so I am not taking their word for anything.

The basic specs for the potential host would be dedicated (co-located) server, very powerful machine to pull the gargantuan pile of ore which is Microsoft software, and MS SQL Server. Backups and such, obviously. If anyone knows of any place on the Web or elsewhere where there are actual reviews or test center results for any hosting companies, that info would be greatly appreciated.