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Good news, apparently. Prosecutions for identity theft on a large scale.

Now let’s sit tight and wait for an update on the prosecutions of the root perpetrators.

UPDATE: In the comments, Greg points us to this exhaustive background on the Postville immigration bust story. Yes, it is worse than you think.

Blog Fu, aka the president of Help Save Manassas, and some of his team spent the morning at a local 7-11 photographing and filming the ad hoc hiring taking place.

Half the enjoyment is in the telling, so go read the whole thing.

It appears they gathered some good information on people hiring under the table. Maybe some of it will be actionable by local law enforcement. There is this one particular section of the U.S. Code which just might be actionable for a police force participating with ICE.

Kudos and thanks to Greg and the others for taking the time to go out and help make a difference.

If you have not been following it, there seems to be a lively time going on in Denver right now:

One of the sponsors of the convention is Shotgun Willie’s, a local strip joint. Each delegate’s credentials packet includes a coupon for half-price admission. Shotgun Willie’s also has a booth in the exhibition hall, next to the Mike Gravel booth.

No wonder Libertarians always seem slightly bemused by Republican political events …

More R.S. McCain coverage is at the American Spectator blog and at R.S.’ own little slice of the blogosphere, The Other McCain. Just scroll on down the screen for the full chronology on each.

Also, scroll down at Donny Ferguson’s blog, Third Party Watch, Reason Magazine

Courtesy of reader and former Arizona resident Lynn is a pretty amazing story from former Tucson high school teacher John Ward, a Hispanic:

The basic theme of the curriculum was that Mexican-Americans were and continue to be victims of a racist American society driven by the interests of middle and upper-class whites.

In this narrative, whites are able to maintain their influence only if minorities are held down. Thus, social, political and economic events in America must be understood through this lens.

This biased and sole paradigm justified teaching that our community police officers are an extension of the white power structure and that they are the strongmen used “to keep minorities in their ghettos.”

It justified telling the class that there are fewer Mexican-Americans in Tucson Magnet High School’s advanced placement courses because their “white teachers” do not believe they are capable and do not want them to get ahead.

It justified teaching that the Southwestern United States was taken from Mexicans because of the insatiable greed of the Yankee who acquired his values from the corrupted ethos of Western civilization.

It was taught that the Southwest is “Atzlan,” the ancient homeland of the Aztecs, and still rightfully belongs to their descendants – to all people of indigenous Mexican heritage.

Read it all.

From the perspective of America’s legal residents, the essence of the illegal alien problem here is not who they are, but what they do. As in, they don’t follow the rules the rest of us follow (and our government at every level gives them a pass).

Whether it’s turning residences into boarding houses, bringing commercial vehicles onto our neighborhood streets, stealing identities or running businesses out of homes, the bottom line is illegal migration is a problem because of the illegals’ unwillingness to assimilate.

If the majority of them simply worked, lived in the neighborhoods, and played by the same rules as everyone else, there would be no problem. But the sheer number of illegals caused such an impact that by 2006 many, many previously unaffected neighborhoods suddenly were beset by an inflow of people whose agenda clearly was not to “become Americans.” Conveniently, in May of that year, these same people marched in our streets by the thousands under foreign flags demanding their “rights.”

The pro-illegal activists learned from the enormously negative reaction those marches provoked from America’s legal residents, and since then no public events of nearly comparable size have taken place and not a lot of Mexican flags have been seen on the TV news. But as Mr. Ward relates, there has been a movement active for years now to indoctrinate young people of foreign descent, some of whom are likely citizens, against assimilation. And it isn’t just in the high schools.

More here, here and here.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin wrote about this Thursday.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain continues to clarify his position on illegal immigration as the primary season closes and the candidates position themselves for the general election in the fall. McCain has been slowly reviving the notion of “comprehensive immigration reform” in speeches before various groups.

The problem “comprehensive” reform has posed to many Americans is that it posits a path to citizenship for people who are currently in the United States illegally, alongside a supposed array of immigration enforcement measures. Enforcement, however, has largely never taken place. It has been a chimera. This failure was made most evident before the 2006 elections when the Congress passed a law requiring 800 miles of fence on the U.S. – Mexico border, legislation which was signed into law by president Bush. But the fence was never built.

Those who are skeptical of “comprehensive immigration reform” believe that the amnesty portion of the program will definitely be enacted, while the enforcement measures will continue to be empty promises.

Amnesty for those who have jumped the border will send the signal that U.S. immigration enforcement is a joke, and will encourage more border jumpers. Following the 1986 amnesty, what was supposed to be leniency for no more than 3 million illegals resulted in over 20 million illegal aliens in the U.S. today. Those who oppose “comprehensive immigration reform” believe that giving a pass to those in this country illegally will result in tens of millions more illegals coming across our southern border.

On top of that, current U.S. immigration policy is geared towards family reunification and not attracting immigrants with needed skills. “Comprehensive” reform therefore promises millions of new unskilled, undereducated arrivals in the U.S. This is a sure formula for importing many people who will draw disproportionally on government benefits and impose a net cost on U.S. taxpayers.

It means radically increasing the size of the U.S. underclass, essentially relieving Latin American countries of their poorest citizens and putting those people on the U.S. dole. This provides a safety valve for corrupt oligarchic countries south of here, and shifts the public cost to working Americans. We end up bailing out the upper classes in Mexico and other nations to the south.

John McCain as quoted in today’s New York Times:

“Senator Kennedy and I tried very hard to get immigration reform, a comprehensive plan, through the Congress of the United States,” he said. “It is a federal responsibility and because of our failure as a federal obligation, we’re seeing all these various conflicts and problems throughout our nation as different towns, cities, counties, whatever they are, implement different policies and different programs which makes things even worse and even more confusing.”

He added: “I believe we have to secure our borders, and I think most Americans agree with that, because it’s a matter of national security. But we must enact comprehensive immigration reform. We must make it a top agenda item if we don’t do it before, and we probably won’t, a little straight talk, as of January 2009.”

Mr. McCain asked others on the panels for suggestions about how to “better mobilize American public opinion” behind the notion of comprehensive immigration reform.

It is an open question whether Mr. McCain will be able to continue to push for amnesty for illegal aliens while so many Americans are aware how difficult it is for those who are following legal channels to immigrate to the U.S.

Granting amnesty to illegals will allow the border crashers to jump in line ahead of the many millions of people who have been waiting to have their cases processed by the US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. This policy of blatant injustice may turn out to be an Achilles heel for McCain’s general election campaign.

The prospect of “better mobilizing American public opinion” for the corrupt policy of “comprehensive” immigration reform suggests that McCain is seeking for a way to pull the wool over voters’ eyes.

For a Republican candidate, that is probably not the best way to signal a break with the past.

UPDATE: Ace and John Hawkins join our own Jacob with some very, very serious reservations about McCain.

Our commenter Zimzo will be horrified at this: The Washington Post has joined a Jewish newspaper in furthering negative stereotypes with their impolitic naming of the religion of those accused in the Postville meat packing scandal.

Agriprocessors has been cited multiple times by federal and state regulators for food-safety, environmental, labor and animal cruelty violations. The violations were widely reported by a Jewish newspaper, the Forward, prompting Jewish advocacy groups to note that Jewish law protects workers and forbids inflicting unnecessary pain on animals.

So far, no officials from Agriprocessors have been charged in the immigration case. The company has been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for labor and environmental charges in previous years, and it faced two recent meat recalls…

“How can those who are responsible for preparing religiously fit meat not conduct themselves in a religiously proper manner? It’s an embarrassment to the Jewish community — how can this be seen as Jewishly fit?” asked Henry Karp, a Reform rabbi in Davenport, Iowa. The word “kosher” in English means “fit.”

Last week’s affidavit filed by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement quoted unnamed informants alleging that Agriprocessors paid undocumented workers $5 an hour and underreported worker injuries. The informants also asserted that there was a methamphetamine lab in the plant and that weapons were either “traded for drugs or sold” on the premises. Agriprocessors declined to comment on the allegations but said it is cooperating with the government.

Shame on all of us. Some things should never be spoken, even by a Rabbi.

CONTEST: This is a test for our regular visitors and bloggers. The first three most accurate answerers get a log in at NOVA TownHall – AMNESTY – for a time period of no less than one week and they get announced far and wide.

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The contest ends at midnight of May 21, 2008. Thanks, and I look forward to good times with all of you.

UPDATE: Talk about being on the same wavelength: Blog Fu had it figured out within minutes of my posting it. Nice work, Greg, and I look forward to delivering your prizes sometime soon.

The only correction I will make is once assembled, the package must be delivered to the post office counter because of the rule limiting the size that can be placed in a mail box. It’s no biggee, as explained in this post. The postal clerks are perfectly willing to take the package and it will be delivered C.O.D, no questions asked. (The reason for switching to Spanish-language yellow pages is because I think they will provide a better potential growth area to assist Juan Hernandez in his outreach efforts).

UPDATE II: Oh, and I imagine the last thing Greg needs is another place to blog but if he wants to take advantage of Amnesty Week he can always be our guest.