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I am curious, all of our left leaning friends here declare fascism to be anathema, but do they really know what fascism means? Here is a set of current laws, enacted for the public good, or some well meaning official tried to enact them.

1. You are required by law to sterilise your pet

2. You are not allowed to smoke in public

3. You are not allowed to own a gun

4. Fast food companies are required to put calorie information next to the item

5. Tobacco companies are liable for people using their product correctly

6. The government sets the temperature in your home

7. You are not allowed to smoke in your own home

8. You are not allowed to serve your own 18 year old son having a beer at your kitchen table

9. You are not allowed to park an SUV on the street

10. If you are obeise you can be denied government health benifits

My question is are these fascist in nature or not? Any and all are welcome to answer.

Wow, I just turned this on – the undercard is an incredible match between Pavlik and Taylor. The main event is Klitschko vs Ibragimov. For all I know it is a replay but I never saw the live version if it is.

If you are up watching TV, turn on HBO. The next bout looks like it will be a good one.

UPDATE: Looks like this is a big deal – Michael Buffer is the ring announcer. Yee hah. His events are the FDR Fireside Chats of our generation. But did FDR ever trill his “R”s like Buffer does, or say “Let’s get ready to rumble” with such authority? I don’t think so.

UPDATE II: Full disclosure – I am a huge Wladimir Klitschko fan simply because I saw some of his early heartbreaking losses. He dominated fights then got caught in the chin. He should have been the dominating heavyweight of this era. I am rooting for redemption.

UPDATE III: First round – not much going on. Klitschko just knocking down the guy’s jab. Interesting.

UPDATE IV: Second round – booooring. But Klitschko looks like a spring ready to get unloosed.

UPDATE V: Klitschko is like a cat playing with a lizard. Is he going to eat him or just keep batting him around?

UPDATE VI: Ok this is just weird. Round five. Klitschko is jabbing like Ibragimov is toxic: Don’t hit too hard or you might get some on you. He’s basically just parrying Ibragimov. Is this a fight or patty cake?

UPDATE VII: Six rounds. Meh. Halfway there. Kiltschko has the talent to cream anyone, it seems, but he is exceptionally careful.

UPDATE VIII: Seven rounds. Kiltschko’s hands are like lightening, but he doles out the shots like he’s being taxed to use them. Why doesn’t he mix it up? I recall thinking the same thing years ago.

UPDATE IX: Round eight. Kiltschko finally let loose, and his right hand was like a blitzkrieg.

UPDATE X: Round nine. I think maybe Kiltschko’s goal is not to break a sweat, and still win convincingly. On that score, he’s winning. He is a Ph.d, which is unusual for a fighter. Ahem. So no reason to think he might on occasion overthink the thing. He is still the cat with the lizard. It looks like he could end this in a second if he wanted to.

UPDATE XI: Round 11. Wladimir Kiltschko is the boxing version of every geek in the world. He overthinks and consequently underperforms. (I am in that group). If he simply went for the jugular he would be unstoppable, but I get the sense he is saving himself for a career after boxing. Do the least amount necessary to win, and do not get hurt in this brutal endeavor.

UPDATE XII: Wladimir Kiltschko won on the jab. Why go for the throat when a slap will do? Save your body. From Kiltschko’s standpoint, I can see it. From a boxing fan’s standpoint, it’s a little disappointing. We don’t necessarily want a clinical win. We want to see a destroyer of souls on the rampage. Oh well. At least he did not get caught on the chin in the end.

This is just funny.

The only thing new is the Democrats have now made it official that their guiding principle is “America sucks.”

As always, thank you Rush for pointing out the obvious which is too obvious for most of us to even notice.

You cannot make this stuff up. Apparently one brother-in-law, a Clinton supporter, stabbed his in-law for supporting Barak Obama. My personal response to finding a family member supporting the “empty-suite-with-a-smile” would be to stab myself. Seppuku is the only honorable way out of eternal shame in such circumstances.

This came about apparently during a heated exchange with respect to Obama’s being a realist. Personally speaking, if Obama were a realist, he would be a conservative. The report stated that the two men fought and the whole episode ended with one man’s getting stabbed in the stomach. Maybe this was an attempted seppuku on the part of the Obama supporter, after finding out that there was a family member who supports ‘Her Shrillness’. From the article:

…[A] Pennsylvania man allegedly stabbed his brother-in-law in the stomach after the pair quarreled about their respective support of Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Here I was thinking that support for Hillary did not run very deep. With all the hype about her being the consensus candidate, the inevitable candidate I figured, “Who would care?” It’s like Giuliani (who at least successfully ran a city bigger than 30 states) when his candidacy went off the rails, there was this Republican consensus shrug. Apparently, 35 years of experience is worth fighting for.

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It appears the need has arisen to access an archive of our Zimzo’s writings here. With the search feature in the old blog broken, we are left with Google, which is probably better anyway.

Here it is.

Quite the trip down memory lane.

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            The Merida Initiative is a new foreign assistance program designed to combat drug trafficking, transnational crime, and terrorism in Mexico and Central America .  President Bush’s proposed fiscal year 2009 (FY09) Budget includes $550 million as a part of a multi-year, $1.4 billion program. 
            Specifically, this program would provide training, technologies, and equipment to help Mexican authorities fight the war on drugs and organized crime. Some of the equipment includes helicopters, surveillance aircraft, ion scanners, secure communications systems, and other technologies. It is important that we continue to fight the war on drugs not only at home but abroad as well. We must work to ensure that drugs and criminals do not reach our soil.

This is a bit of a downer, my friends:

In a few billion years, the Sun will fuse the last of its hydrogen into helium, turn into a red giant and expand to 250 times its current size. At first, the Sun’s loss of mass will loosen its gravitational pull on Earth, which will allow the planet to migrate to a wider orbit about 7.6 billion years from now.

This process has led some to speculate that the Earth might escape destruction – but survival now seems impossible…

And I, for one, am pissed.

My original plan called for a couple years of pure advocacy here in Loudoun County, followed by a statewide public education effort aimed at informing the citizens of Virginia about the substance of both American political and everyday culture – this ongoing for maybe five or so years. Beyond that, I envisioned a national effort to increase familiarity with the foundations and mores of “western” civilization, from the Magna Carta to the Mayflower Compact to “Wealth of Nations”: highlighting what we all know but no longer notice, which could take a decade or two of undoing the many years of really bad education in history that our nation has bequeathed to its upcoming generations. Next would be a few hundred thousand years of advocacy for the much more basic “human” values contributing to the endurance of our species: convincing people to have stronger families with more focus on having kids and gradually reverse the decadent liberal value system of the 1960s pop culture. Finally – and I’m not saying I would be around to witness this, but I’d hope in some small way those I know and love would benefit – I’d have hoped for eight or ten billion years of grassroots political activism to gradually reverse the problems wrought by television, and thereby convince my fellow Americans to eventually read more books and spend more time outdoors, hiking, doing their own landscaping, and generally things like picnicking, shooting guns evenings and weekends, and jarts.

But apparently it is not to be, as this lame-o planet of ours has so little self-sufficiency that in seven billion years we could all be at the mercy of the whims of the dying star we call our “sun.” Maybe if we had known this, we’d have been calling it our “lamp.” Because – WORD – lamps burn out, but “suns” supposedly give life to your planet.

If this so-called “life” the sun is giving us is suddenly going to be snuffed around 7,600,002,008 AD, I say please just pull the plug on it right now and don’t get our hopes up, ‘kay?

Turn it all dark so we can start looking for a terrestrial home with a little more backbone.

Crappy frickin’ planet we’ve ended up on, story of my life …

So, yes, I will be modifying the long-term plan. I’m thinking more emphasis on fundraising and paid workers rather than volunteers, since the “sunset” of our project might arrive earlier than we hoped and we will have to pay a price to speed up the process. The strategy will still be the same but these tactical changes are annoying.