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A rather interesting article was published today in the Washington Post.  The author, Gerald E. Galloway, “is a professor of engineering at the University of Maryland and, as an Army brigadier general, led the White House study of the 1993 Mississippi flood.

Prof. Galloway has a number of recommendations, including mandatory flood insurance and more spending on levees.

First, most mortgage companies require flood insurance if they think the risk is great enough to warrant it.  They do not want people walking away from their mortgages after a flood.  If the owners do not have a mortgage, then they take the risk upon themselves.  Why should the government interfere with that choice?

Second, many of these communities in the Midwest are farming communities.  If we build levees to protect the crops, the cropland will not be fertilized by the floods.  Soon, the soil will be sucked of all nutrients.  No floods, no farms.

Yes, after a man in Tokyo drove a truck into a crowd, got out and stabbed seven people to death (wounding ten others), the National Police Agency is considering a ban on some type of knives.

Now that we have the story of the man who killed his family with a sledgehammer, I’m sure they will be trying to ban sledgehammers, too.

My better angels compel me to write this post in a spirit of understanding and humility, but I just do not know if I can pull that off. I don’t know if I can even do this and stifle the unavoidable chuckles.

Some stories simply cannot be spun.

That’s when Edwards got free, he said, started swimming and noticed he didn’t have his left arm.

I lived in Florida for ten years and have spent much additional vacation time down there, and I can say this with authority: The impulse in a man that impels said man to jump into a Florida canal at 2:20 am is the same impulse that causes you to jab a fork into your eye or leap in front of a Mack truck.


Edwards said his attack shows how something needs to be done about the overpopulation of gators.

“They’re not protected creatures. They’re nuisance animals,” he said.

Edwards said the credit for his survival and quick thinking goes to God and friends and emergency personnel.

I would not attempt to posit the mind of “God” in this matter, but I have to think our Creator is not exactly filing this incident into His “Quick Thinking” folder. I have to believe this is more likely going into His “Dumb Ass” file, with a notation to double check the wiring work product from His human brain department.

When drunken men jump into canals near Lake Okeechobee after midnight, there are no possible heroes. There are only losers of different degrees.

[After you read the following, you can find more on this topic at this post, a week later]


This is what “blight” looks like from the house across the street, and this is how it is allowed to happen. (click on photos for larger images)

For all of you who don’t have firsthand familiarity with the illegal alien problem in Northern Virginia, let me share a true-life story which might help paint the picture of what has been happening here in Sterling for the past five to seven years. In sum, I believe segments of our government at every level are at war with the legal residents of our nation, an economic war conducted on behalf of powerful business interests, a war that most citizens don’t even realize has already been declared on them.

I am going to relate this tale about Sterling to demonstrate what has gone wrong at the micro level – because the macro-level issues have been so thoroughly politicized that most people who are not on the front lines can’t make heads or tails of the controversy. Facts about border security and what the federal government is or isn’t doing are remote and opaque. Facts about what is happening at the neighborhood level are much easier to grasp.

In most American communities, where the rubber hits the road on the illegal immigration problem lies in the actions of three local government functions: Public safety, business licensing and zoning enforcement. We have covered the first two in substantial depth on this blog over the years (check here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.) We’ve touched on zoning, but it is time to probe a little further.

When we turn over this particular log, as most Sterling residents know and which was amply testified to at the May 14 community meeting, the reality is not pretty. Both the Sheriff’s Office and the Zoning Administration division received abysmally low grades from local residents.

This was no major surprise to me.

From my personal experience with filing zoning violation complaints in Loudoun County for the past two-plus years, I believe the Zoning Administration division of the Department of Building and Development is worse than ineffective. From my vantage point, I believe this particular section of the county government is, like Robert Mugabe’s Ministry of Justice, “part of the problem.”

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Oh, I can’t take it anymore.  Another wonderful breakthrough that, if you believe hook, line and sinker will solidify what you have always known about being homosexual….well, almost anyway.

I particularly like this observation:

“This is significant, she says, and fits with data showing that women are three times as likely as men to suffer from mood disorders or depression. Gay men have higher rates of depression too, she says, but it’s difficult to know whether this is down to biology, homophobia or simply feelings of being “different”.

Being different?  They are no different then straight women, right?  Are they trying to say straight women are different?  Then what pray-tell?  Straight men?  Good observation don’t you think.

How about this one:

“They found that the patterns of connectivity in gay men matched those of straight women, and vice versa (see image, above right). In straight women and gay men, the connections were mainly into regions of the brain that manifest fear as intense anxiety.”

If straight men and homosexual women are alike, and straight women and homosexual men are alike then how about a simple understanding and solution.  I know many couples were the man is dominating and the woman is meek and submissive.  I know couples where the man is a “girly boy” (sissy when I didn’t know better and didn’t have PC about me) and the woman was more of a man then I could ever obtain.  Then there was rough/gruff men/women couples and meek/mild men women couples.  The important thing here is men/women couples.  Just because a male thinks/feels more feminine, why would he be attracted to another MAN instead of the opposite sex?

The study proves nothing.  So we might be born with more of the opposite sex’s feelings.  Big deal.  Doesn’t give us attraction for the SAME sex!  Another lame liberal cop-out for justifing sin.

…Well, sort of.  I’m not back in The States yet, but thanks to a gracious new roommate with a laptop and Internet connection, I’m back on the blog.  Sure beats waiting in line for a community computer.

So, this past year or so has gone by quick for me.  A summary:

-Few months of train-up in miserable Camp Shelby, Mississippi.

-Got sent to Kuwait, of all places.

-Nothing ever happens in Kuwait.  Sat around doing security missions for almost 8 months.

-Asked for and finally received a transfer (hence the new roommate).

-Got to Baghdad about 5 weeks ago.

I’ve been assigned to a CAV unit, and we run short escort missions around the city.  I don’t think I can go into much more detail than that, but I will say I miss Infantry work.

Hope everyone is well.  I’ll probably be throwing in my two cents on some old news while I try to catch up on what’s been going on locally back home.

There won’t be any “Rantings of a Drunken Vet” while I’m here.  If I had any fans of that…sorry.  Write your Senator and  Congressman, and tell them to change the drinking policy over here.  That was a joke.  Well, sort of.

So what happened to the Poof Guy?

Here in Northern Virginia, we are particularly affected by the illegal migration problem because so many illegal aliens have moved here.

It’s almost as if key local government agencies have made a conscious decision to ignore certain sections of Title 8 of the U.S. Code.

Get the full picture of this travesty of justice, at Blog Fu.

UPDATE: Blog Fu is not letting up.

Even the scorn of the top Virginia blog will not be enough to turn an election. By my own personal observation, the blogosphere has roughly 10% penetration into reality, which means 100% reprobation by a blog with 100% influence will only affect 1 in 10 actual votes. But here in June 2008, these messages should be viewed by the McCain campaign as deadly serious shots across the bow. There is still plenty of time for both presidential campaigns to make major path adjustments.

If John McCain is truly going to stick with promising amnesty for illegals as one of his first priorities in office, he is dead meat in November. I don’t know if Bob Barr is going to be a viable alternative. I think trying to convince Barack Obama that he might, in fact, consider the welfare of African-American workers would be a more realistic course of action for immigration-enforcement supporters. There is plenty of time to work on that angle, and John McCain seems intent on making that scenario a reality.