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The LCA group I reported on last week tonight sent notice they have begun growing from a forum to a blog, and it is a pretty impressive one at that.

What a concept: get a bunch of members of the Loudoun community to talk about what is happening in their neighborhoods, and end up with bucketloads of interesting commentary. They seem to be going in a number of different directions, but that is probably a good thing – bottom up rather than top down, and no telling where it will finally land.


My supervisor speaks out:

Our town is outraged that they don’t get with the program.

What a great one-line summary of the problem in eastern Loudoun County.

Well, color me chastened.

I wrote John Edwards off as an inconsequential, er, priss, last year, but I am having second thoughts.

I mean, really: Mistress? Love child? All we need is a recreational firearms faux pas or golf clubbing incident and I think every red blooded American will have to admit John Edwards as one of our own.

I guess the pirates had it right after all about ol’ John Edwards.

The Dulles Expo Center  located in Chantilly, Va. is sponsering the 3rd of its 4 gunshows.  Friday 7/25 from 3pm to 8pm; Sat. 7/26 from 9am to 5pm and Sun. 7/27 from 10am to 5pm.  There are goodies galore for everyone.  Bring the kids and show them how we utilize our 2nd amendment rights.  There is one of the best knife sharpeners I have ever owned there.  A bit pricey but it delivers an age in nothing flat; is just about fool proof and lasts forever.  Mama would love for you to have one for all those knives she uses to fix your dinner.  Jewelry, books, models and even bumper stickers.  It is worth your 10 dollars (one time for all 3 days-remember to get your hand stamped before you leave) to shop or buy at this show.  Hope to see you there.  I will be working the show for those who know me on Sat. all day. 

Global warming is forefront as an issue.  So is oil, alternative energy and fat people.  I still have the brick mark on my forehead where this one hit me.  It is just so easy to understand and resolve.

We start out with “We The People” to the understanding that our forefathers were in actuallity talking about “we the politicians”.  This is an undeniable truth.  If it were otherwise then we the people would be able to force our elected officials into doing what WE require-not what they deem is best.  If you doubt this understanding then I believe that you need to take this to the Supreme Court for an irreputible vauge decision.  Because we the politicians know what is best for us and they do make the rules, it is time for you slackers to get in lockstep and stop your whinning.  I have the solution that will work and it comes from my liberal ways and understanding of things.

First, everyone gets a house.  One floor of at least 2000 sq.ft (for a family of four) is considered the subsistance floor.  There will be exercycles mounted with alternator units to run the household.  100 sq ft will be dedicated to the storage batteries with a reserve of 5 hours (we don’t want you getting lazy).  The batteries and exercycles will power YOUR unit (unless there is an emergency of which time all energy will go to power the grid).  So now if you want heat above 60 degrees or air conditioning below 85 degrees, get off your fatass and get to work.  It is now on you.  Did I say fatass?  Oh but not for long.  Since you can’t control your eating habits and you want your refrigerator to keep your food chilled, you will HAVE to work for it.  And the pounds will melt away.  The batteries will be made of an ecofriendly substance so that at the end of their lifespan, they may either be buried in the yard (if you have one) or eaten.  And if eaten, the carb levels must be low and the protien levels must be high but without causing GAS!  This is most important!  No gas!

The rest of the floor will be covered with plants.  No pets.  Some of you (especially Asians) will think about eating your pets and that creates pounds and gas.  We can’t abide by that. You may choose what plants you want but don’t be foolish because these plants are what you will subsist on as far as intake.  They will also scrub off your co2 emissions and give you life maintaining oxygen.  We will supply water at a nominal price to bath (water must be used 3 times then poured onto plants), drink and water plants.  You can grow plants according to NORML  but you cannot give/sell those plants to others.  After all, what would happen if we had an emergency and need everyone on the grid, hum?

I know.  Some of you only have single floor homes.  Too bad.  You should have thought of the country’s needs long before you bought, you self-centered individual.

The only thing that can be nuclear is the Alka-Seltzer in your water glass.  Wind is okay and sun is also.  Matter of fact the sun is your new best friend.  It will handle your transportation needs.  Commercial planes will go by the wayside.  They don’t work on solar (but if you invented a way, we will think about bringing them back and giving you unlimited flights-excluding blackout periods of course-for one full year) and we don’t want anymore pollution in the atmosphere.  After all, “if man was meant to fly…”.  Military aircraft will use only ethonal and when the land on aircraft carriers, they will no longer be able to dump fuel to lighten the plane.  We’re sorry if you crash and die but we don’t want the environment polluted and we don’t want to waste good fuel.  And if we lose a plane, well, we don’t like the military anyway.  It gives the rest of the world the impression that we are a hostile people.

Farming will be for the soul purpose of plant growth for fuel-no food stock.  What the fatcats (they are the ONLY ones to remain obese) don’t use in their vehicles, we will sell to support our backrupt country.  Not even the grid will use fuel.  That is why we have citizens.  Professional sports will disappear and professional atheletes will use that energy for the grid.  They will be the only ones compensated for the making of energy-all others will either live or die by it.  Oh, and there will be open borders so that we can support the grids industry (read fatcats vacation homes, personal homes and concubine abodes as well as the lighting for the “general good”) because there will enevitibly be an increase of heartattack related deaths but once we get those whimps out of the way, the grid should stabilize and everyone will be skinny but healthy.

Anything not covered will be figured out later.  “Ask not what your country can do for you..” are the greastest words ever spoken and we mean to have you abide by them.  This has been thoughtout to the end of my nose so it is a proven way to proceed.  We will have a happy, healthy and energy producing country in spite of what you may think or feel.  It is what is necessary.  Get on board and start enjoying life again!

I’m not going to critique the Israel, Jordan, and Europe legs of Obama’s trip, simply because I don’t have the intimate knowledge of those areas that I have of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Once again, I’ll give the Senator credit for his conduct these past few days.  He did his listening without trying to impose his plans on foreign governments or military leaders.  In 2000, I was in a military audience for an Al Gore appearance.  He spent most of his time telling us how he wanted to give us a pay raise, better housing, etc.  A campaign speech, basically.  Senator Obama didn’t do this either.  I didn’t hear him speak, but according to the first-hand accounts I’ve heard, he kept his comments to thanking the military and giving us credit for all the progress that’s been made.

While I have no complaints about his trip, I do have some issues with his conduct leading up to and right after it.

First, why did it take him almost 3 years to visit again?  Why only the second time?  I would think such an outspoken critic of our involvement in Iraq would be doing this more often.  Especially since he claims to support the troops so much.  When was the last time he spoke with General Petraeus?  When was the last time he discussed the progress over here with any military leader at all?  His opposition to what’s left of this war has been strictly for political leverage.  He can say he’s always opposed it, while Senator Clinton and Senator McCain can’t.  Beyond that he doesn’t care.  I doubt he would have made this trip had not Senator McCain called him on his perceived lack of interest.

Second, as I said before, his past comments criticizing the Afghan and Iraqi governments were not constructive.  He is not the State Department.  He is a legislator.  His comments risk souring the relationship we have with these countries, who are already fragile allies in the War on Terror.

Third, I appreciate the Senator’s willingness to slightly back off his “16 months” timeline.  A “residual force” is a step up from a complete withdrawal.  However, I would have gained a lot more respect for the man if he had been big enough to admit he had been wrong about the surge.  I caught the clip on the TV where he admitted to Katie Couric that the surge had worked, and then proceeded to say he still wouldn’t have supported it if he had known then what he knows now.  What?  What did he want?  More of what we had here before the surge?  More chaos?  More sectarian violence?  More terrorism?  More dead Americans?  More dead Iraqis?  Straight up defeat?

I’m looking over his press release now and I have some thoughts I will share.  My comments are in italics. continue reading…

Imagine if a year ago, the dimwit in the Whitehouse had listened to Obama and the Democrats and had not conducted the surge? What if Petraeus had not been allowed to conduct his brand of counter-insurgency-warfare? Obama in his own words …

I am not persuaded that Twenty Thousand addition troops in Iraq is gonna solve the sectarian violence there, in fact I think it will do the reverse.

Obama said the above on January 10, 2007. So much for Obama’s vaunted ‘judgement’. Today 15 of 18 of the benchmarks regarding progress in Iraq have been met. When was the last time Congress managed to meet 3 of 18 let alone 15 of 18 benchmarks with respect to anything? Today Iraq is a far safer place; Obama would not be in Iraq shooting hoops with the troops. It would not be ‘nothing but net‘, the guy would be in a bunker expounding on how the situation was all George Bush’s fault and how he (Obama) has better judgment.

Considering how the Obama has spent ~150 days in the U.S. senate, it is easy to say that he has not made any mistakes. That is because he has also not done anything worthy of note either. It appears that Obama was wrong with respect to the surge and what is worse, he is dishonest about it. His campaign has removed all the negative text from its website regarding the surge. How about a confession of his mistakes. It was OK to ask Bush about his mistakes back in 2004. Can the press corps stop fawning long enough to ask, “Why did you get this so wrong?” Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander and the press’s credibility is quickly approaching that of the Democrat led congress.

The following is an artist’s illustration what an Obama trip to Iraq would look like today if Bush had listened to the great Messiah of Chicago and his sycophants in Congress.


Now granted we cannot blame Obama completely for missing the boat on this one. He was not alone, and it appears that the poor dear has just been keeping bad company, again. Take the entire leadership of the Democrat party for instance; Pelosi and Reid are on record:

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) stated that she, along with the Majority leader, Harry Reid (D-Nev.), “informed the president that they were opposed to increasing troop levels.” Both Pelosi and Reid expressed their disapproval in a letter to Bush on January 5, 2007″

Then there is Murtha, Biden and the rest of the Democrat Congressional leadership on record trying to torpedo the effort. Politics no longer ends at the waters edge in this country. That extra-national politicking is the essence of incredible pride that goes before the fall.

So now Obama, being mobbed by reporters, safe in a country that was written off by the very party he represents and the press corps that carries its water. Are the American people noticing this comical theater, or is this all a ‘willful suspension of disbelief‘?