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Interesting column in the UK Times: The Democrats have squandered the chance of a lifetime:

Under pressure in a Democratic primary, Mr Obama has sounded just like any other tax-raising, government-loving Democratic politician. Worse, he has revealed himself to be a member of that special subset of the party’s liberal elite – a well-educated man with a serious superiority complex.

His worst moment of the campaign was when he was caught telling liberal sophisticates about his anthropological observations on the campaign trail…

The myth that Obama transcends politics and ideology has been smashed, permanently. From himself, his wife, and their friends, there is now a rich audio and video trail of evidence that will be used extensively in the fall to demonstrate that John McCain is the only candidate for president Americans should feel comfortable with.

How ironic that McCain, the least attractive candidate for so many Republicans, will be able to position himself as the candidate Americans can relate to. I guess that’s the best the GOP can hope for in a Democrat year.

UPDATE: More on the same theme here:

As people begin to learn about this just-arrived pretender, the magic dissipates. He spent six weeks in Pennsylvania. Outspent Hillary more than two to one. Ran close to 10,000 television ads — spending more than anyone in any race in the history of the state — and lost by 10 points.

And not because he insufficiently demagogued NAFTA or the other “issues.” It was because of those “distractions” — i.e., the things that most reveal character and core beliefs.

Obama had a good thing going when he was simply a guy with a good speaking style. Now, the tabula rasa has been filled in.

“A children’s story of marijuana.” Heh heh heh.

It’s just a plant

You don’t have to be a high-baby stoner to appreciate it, but it probably helps. A lot.

If you are inclined to support the current Herndon mayor and town council members who have taken a stand for the legal residents of our area, please consider giving a donation to the Help Save Loudoun PAC in the next few days. We will be buying newspaper ads in the local press to promote the public officials who are supporters of immigration enforcement here, for the May 6 Herndon town elections.

We want to keep these good guys in office for two more years!

The Herndon mayor and town council are up for election on May 6. This is an important local election because Herndon is the first town in America to take a strong stand on immigration enforcement at the local level. It’s the first town to enroll in the 287(g) program which empowers local law enforcement to assist the federal Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

As most local residents know, the mayor and town council of Herndon implemented strong measures to alleviate the local impact of illegal immigration in western Fairfax County and eastern Loudoun County. This included a strong emphasis on zoning enforcement – and the hiring of many new inspectors to crack down on overcrowded houses – and advocacy for stricter legislation from Richmond. Some of these measures which passed the Virginia General Assembly and were signed into law included harsher penalties for zoning infractions and driving without an operators license – infractions which were widely perceived as directly related to the influx of illegal aliens into our local communities.

And of course, the new Herndon government, which swept into office in large part because the previous government had approved a day labor center for illegal aliens, shut down that day labor center.

Taken together, these moves by the Herndon government have helped all the legal residents of this part of Virginia.

In fact, it is safe to say if the citizens of Herndon had not accomplished what they accomplished in May of 2006, the entire movement for local immigration enforcement throughout the U.S. would have never gotten off the ground.

Their election caused an earthquake in modern U.S. politics, demonstrating that the legal residents of our country can make a difference at the ballot box, and you can be sure the pro-illegal crowd are going to attempt to overturn this citizen revolution.

More background on the importance of the Herndon elections is available here and here.

If you want to help ensure that Mayor Steve DeBenedittis and Council Members Dennis Husch, Connie Hutchinson, David Kirby, William Tirrell and Charlie Waddell are reelected, please give some money to the Help Save Loudoun PAC. We will be taking out a big “Thank You” ad in the next issue of the local press to acknowledge these excellent public officials.

The “environmental” movement jumped the whale shark long ago, and is in the process of jumping the Loch Ness Monster:

Sunspot activity has not resumed up after hitting an 11-year low in March last year, raising fears that — far from warming — the globe is about to return to an Ice Age, says an Australian-American scientist…

“This is the fastest temperature change in the instrumental record, and it puts us back to where we were in 1930,” Chapman wrote in The Australian Wednesday. “If the temperature does not soon recover, we will have to conclude that global warming is over.”

The global cooling scam of the 1970s morphed into the global warming scam of the 1990s, which is now transitioning into the indeterminate environmental freak out scam of the current age.

The point is to make everyone susceptible to behavior modification.

And because the actual environment refuses to cooperate with the ideological framing, eco-freaks are now attempting to re-brand the ineffable threat under the more plausible rationale of “climate change.”

This is a pretty safe approach, given the established concept of “seasons,” which much of humanity is prone to accept, considering what happens all the time around us. The cleverness of this approach will be measured by the extent to which normal people can be convinced that the weather should serve as a reason to reverse the gains that technology has brought to human civilization.

A flashback, for my good friend Ben.

Fanning the flames in Fairfax County.

It turned out to be a pretty fantastic trip aboard the Tenacious charter boat of Deale, Maryland.

(The full photo round up is over at Digital Camel.)

Fishing on the Chesapeake

Captain Jacob Henderson and First Mate Karl
Captain Jacob Henderson (left) and First Mate Karl of the Tenacious are definitely the bomb. I will eventually be posting a video of the trip but suffice it to say for now that these two combine excellent fishing skills with outstanding customer relations. If you’ve ever been out on a Chesapeake charter boat, you know the latter is not part of the typical skill set. If you are planning a family outing, and especially one that might involve kids or normal goofball adults who don’t like to get yelled at simply because they only go fishing once a year, you can’t go wrong with the Tenacious.

I’ve been out on many, many fishing boats all over the country, and I’ve only met one or two other crews that were nearly as good as these two guys.

Kevin and Steve Bishop
Kevin (right), the Digital Camel majordomo who put the trip together, and his brother Steve, who is the mischievous sort of elder brother, and with whom I naturally therefore have an affinity.

We had seven fishermen, and caught the limit of one BIG striper each. Most were 34″-39″ and heavy. Everyone went home with many pounds of rockfish fillets. A good day. Go read more about it!

Why I am watching the CNN broadcast with a moderate level of enjoyment, besides the sparkling statesmanship and soaring rhetoric:

An hour ago Hillary had an 8% lead; now with about 85% of precincts reporting she has a 10% lead and the trend is going toward 12% in the next few minutes.

Heh. Chaos, you have to love it.

UPDATE: Blame it on white people.

More on that emerging theme, here.

Well, they do comprise about 65% of the electorate, so I guess you can blame most everything on them.

But much as I hate to be responsible for Democratic activists learning the right lessons about anything, I feel compelled to note that the reason Barack Obama got walloped in Pennsylvania likely has less to do with the fact he is black than with the fact that he is so comfortable among people who hate America.

Exhibit 1. Exhibit 2. Exhibit 3.

UPDATE II: Looks like she is having trouble extending beyond a 200,000 vote lead. That’s a big lead, but with 94% reporting she really needs to step it up, dagnabit.

UPDATE III: Jeffrey Toobin on CNN just now: “This is the train wreck scenario.”

UPDATE IV: Oh, and also Exhibit 4. Ya think having a completely warped, elitist world view might have something to do with the thumping? Plenty of voters “cling” to religion, last I heard, some of them not in the least bit bitter.

UPDATE V: With 99% of precincts reporting, it looks like Clinton wins by 10%. Right now it’s actually about 9.8%. That’ll do – it’s a 214,000 vote advantage. A big part of the story when the “electability” question comes up will be the clobbering she put on Obama in so many Pennsylvania counties. She beat him soundly among church-goers and massively among Catholics. She should be in the race until August if she can just resist the urge to make up easily disprovable stories. A tall order, I grant you.

UPDATE VI: Did anyone notice Ron Paul got 16% of the vote in the Republican primary, to Huckabee’s 11%. (and McCain’s 72%). I guess Paul just peaked too darn late.