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Yippee kay yay … America.

From past experience I have the impression our readership is not by and large a “techie” audience, unless the technology happens to go bang – in which case I think we have the top experts in the world this side of Janes.

But maybe the occasional Web or marketing person will drop by, so I am going to share a great blog I discovered in the course of researching my day-job Web overhaul project (which remains highly diffuse at this point). It’s honestly one of the best blogs I’ve ever read in any subject field, and I have read a whole lot of them.

Jeremiah Owyang is clearly the rare individual who has found an occupation which matches his personal enthusiasms, so that his online diary bears the depth and quantity of content of someone who pours 100% of himself into the subject matter. This is a pure blessing for anyone interested in learning about the information-intensive, jargon-rich, and opaque – for those who have fallen a bit behind on tech innovations – field that Owyang specializes in: Web strategy. Every minute spent on his blog is worth that minute of your life. His posts on User Experience could serve as a certificate program.

For instance, this post and comment thread on Content Management Systems arrived at a perfect time – when I am engaged precisely in researching CMS and social media solutions for our company. If you are behind the times on Internet trends, terms like Twitter and Technographics are greek to you, if you are responsible for making a strategic Web decision, and you want to get caught up, read this guy’s blog.

I have been following all that is said and questions raised about this election and the candidates involved.  Politics is a dirty, messy business and I often wonder why anyone would subject themselve to the abuse and mud slinging that goes hand in hand with campaigning.  We have 3 liberals vying for a single position when along comes a spoiler that says he is a true conservative and an alternate choice.  This brought back elections with Ralph Nadar, Ross Perot and Lyndon LaRouche as well as some others.  It got me to thinking and I would like to present this for all to contemplate.

Competition is what makes business and the world go round.  We get a better product and a better price when companies and people compete.  If nothing else, we get choice in what we would like to have.  This election will be a stinker of great proportions.  Apathy abounds.  There is no one great candidate now or on the horizon.  So that everyone has a chance to feel good about pulling a lever (or whatever means to make vote) I propose that all parties start their signature campaigns to get on ballot for all 50 states.  Let’s have the Independents, Constitutionalists, Nazi, Communist, Queer, Blue Hair, Julio, Bikers-R-Us, Green, Veagan, Whig, Tory and any other party that wants to get involved.  I am dead serious here, folks.  There is absolutely no reason that this counrty needs to be a 2 or 3 party system.  Most other countries aren’t.  And being that the Republican Party is no longer my party of choice since they ate and vomited their values and mission statement, I would like to have other choices.  Why eat chicken every day when you can have beef, pork or fish.  We need the competition and it will help to remove the eletists from the ranks of the “2″ parties.  The main concern is that there are steadfast differences between parties and I mean more than just one issue or belief. 

I want my friends to vote.  I want voting to be fun and soothing.  I want people involved in the political process and understanding their country.  I want us to be “We, the people..” again.   Most of all, I want to be heard.  Give me some choices!

Pretty devastating critique in today’s TNR:

As the son of a Baptist minister, I can attest that Wright is and was an extreme aberration from how the overwhelming majority of black Christians worship. In church, black people hear about Peter, Paul, Mary, and how to get into heaven. How to forgive. How to love. Not how to vote.

But here was Barack suggesting that Wright’s behavior was commonplace in black churches: “I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community.” He generalized Wright’s ridiculousness to distract from his individual choice to worship under a buffoon for two decades. I have a cousin who attended Wright’s church for three weeks and then left, never to return. She had no interest in hearing his nonsense from the pulpit.

Barack obscured the true nature of black religious life because, to do otherwise, he would have had to answer the question, “Why are you a member of a church that is this racially divisive and such a sharp aberration to how the rest of black people worship?”

He has “worshipped” there for 20 years; he named his last book after one of the Reverend’s sermons; etc. etc. A great case could be made that Obama himself must be a closet racist or how could he possibly have withstood the storm of hatred emanating from the pulpit.

Thank goodness for the Washington Post. If it did not exist, we would have to invent it as a plot device for narrative purposes.

Some of you may recall the Post’s unwittingly ironic 2006 human interest story about Latin American men who come to the DC area to play soccer and work in jobs that Americans just won’t do, like carpentry.

Which, incidentally, explains why we in Sterling were all living in mud huts before the Salvadorans and Mexicans arrived to build houses for us.

The focus of the story was entrepreneur Jorge Morales, semi-pro soccer coach, owner of J.K Carpentry of Sterling, and also owner of numerous local houses which serve as “dormitory style” residences for his player/workers. Interestingly, the print version of the August 7, 2006 edition of the Post featured a photo of a number of players in the front yard of their “dormitory,” which was also a house across the street from one of Help Save Loudoun’s members. This HSL member remembered fondly the time when that dormitory was a single family residence – but that was another era, thanks to the Loudoun County Zoning Enforcement Team.

Today, the Post has another priceless, unwitting stunner, detailing how Male Latino Workers Find Domestic Skills Are Survival Tools (below the fold):

continue reading…

In the parts I & II of this series I laid into John McCain. I also explained why I thought it would be better to treat election day as an Irish Wake. Out could come the pipes, a few pints and the blarney would flow as we we watch the socialists lather up the clueless Republican Johnny ‘Boyo the Maverick’ McCain with their left wing media shillalies. We could then spend the next four years three sheets to the wind as a coping mechanism during the Obama presidency.

I got a lot of grief from some quarters saying that the Republican Party must moderate and not be so extreme. I’d rather see us show a respect for the Constitution I swore to uphold and defend when I joined the Marine Corps in 1983. Having principles is not extreme, it is called sticking to your guns. Upholding the law is not extreme, or is it? Do I need a dose of nuance from the left? Wandering about the internet I have stumbled upon a kindred spirits in the issue of the Republicans ongoing leftward meandering in the name of Wir and Hawkins. Both present interesting views on the matters. From Wir:

Republicans are denied a “meaningful opportunity to participate” in the affairs of their own political party. If you are asked to join something, anything, you expect that joining means involvement and participation. People don’t join civic or political affairs just to receive barked orders.

This is something that rings true, and Wir goes on to write …

Turnover in leadership, changing of the guard from one generation to the next is being delayed because simply turning 65 no longer means one’s getting infirm.

The trouble with this is that as the leadership becomes entrenched it becomes self serving which is why we get bridges to nowhere, and other forms of runaway spending. Wir further notes:

The GOP once the party of reform, became the party of insiders. Access to power replaced the power of ideas.

We started to try to hold on to power by any means necessary, which narrowed the differences between us and the Democrats. This is lethal for Republicans for unlike the Democrats the Republican party does not have the old guard media carrying its water. With the scandals and spending excesses the Republicans may have consigned themselves to the wilderness for a generation.

Then comes part two of this disaster, the non-conservative Republicans. Spector, Graham, Bush et all, and of course … McCain. They have shown contempt for the constituency that propelled this party to power. The Conservatives are the mainstay of the Republican party. The trouble with the economy, Iraq etc all pale in comparison to the disenchantment of conservatives with the GOP. Hawkens states:

there is one overriding problem that dwarfs all the others, a problem that few people in the leadership of the Republican Party seem to have come to grips with. That problem is that conservatives, who are the heart and soul of the Republican Party, no longer believe that the GOP has their best interests at heart.

We do not see our selves being served. So we are staying home. We stayed home in 2006, we have seen nothing to fight for. Simply voting against Obama is not enough. People need something to vote for. Hawkins continues …

does the Republican Party adequately represent conservative interests? No. Do George Bush and John McCain’s values and beliefs match up well with those of the average conservative in the Party? No, they do not. Does the machinery of the Republican Party — the RNC, the NRCC, NSCC — treat conservatives fairly and do a good job of representing conservative interests? Not at all.

This is the heart of it. The McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill was brought up and the elites tried to stuff it down the countries’ throat, that finally tore it. Sen Graham’s calling us bigots was not helpful either. The money dried up. The approval ratings dropped even more, and the conservatives walked; most have not returned, for nothing has been done to improve matters. Some will provide an anti-Obama vote, but face it, this is small potatoes when compared to the millions of votes that will be home Nov 4. Good luck fellas, you’ll miss us.

For those who insist on not getting it: When a political party has your interests you will forgive mistakes, like those made in the occupation in Iraq. When a political party does NOT have your interests, things like a downturn in the economy, which are technically NOT in your control, will hurt you. When the voter sees no gain for themselves supporting a party, then the party is finished regardless of circumstances.

Dog takes kittens as children

Ok, you softies are going to absolutely love this story.

A female dog takes on a litter of kitties; a cat takes on a deer fawn; a leopard takes a monkey. Mothering instinct at its best.

Happy Mother’s Day, all.