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This would only be considered unfair if Barack Obama had not positioned himself as the know-it-all god man … but there it is.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife Michelle gave $10,772 of the $1.2 million they earned from 2000 through 2004 to charities, or less than 1 percent, according to tax returns for those years released today by his campaign.

The article goes on to note that after they sold a best-selling, ludicrously titled and interpreted book, they cut a nice check for charities which brought the percentage to 5%.

The paltry giving for someone who positions himself as eminently, didactically progressive is one thing. My family made a lot less money than the Obamas during that period, and gave more to charity, and we were not particularly charitable. We give a ton more nowadays, and have not sold any books in the meantime.

Besides a rather ungodly, pedestrian strain of stinginess, what the Obama family’s paltry level of charitable giving reveals is a disturbing level of normalcy. They have been doing the same stuff you and I have, and probably less of it.

So when the anointed one lectures America, America is right to ask “who made you Jesus?” All you fellow 1 percenters should ask where this guy gets the authority to demand we elevate our moral code.

Never let it be said that Nova Townhall Blog only worries about the big issues.  We worry about the little issues also.  Just so long as they are important to our readers.  That is why I want to promote some ideas that I believe would be beneficial for Loudoun County residents as well as all Virginians.

I think we should start finding and prosecuting those individuals who leave bags of garbage (Taco Bell, baby diapers, 3rd-me-down clothes, etc.) along side of our roads.  If we can’t prosecute to the fullest extent of the law then we should at least find out where they live so as to return their garbage to them as well as a few additional helpings.

How about those individuals who don’t use their turn signals?  They have to work to pass inspection and if you need to replace an assembly it runs a minimum of around $1000 so why not use them.  The signals actually aid in telling other drivers your intent.  Of course if you find someone who refuses to use their signals as they cut you off in traffic, write down their license and call the cops.  That is your civic duty and it is a crime related to aggressive driving and reckless endangerment.  Of course, I don’t think they can deport you (unless your illegal) but it does carry points and a heavy fine.

I also believe that we should be on the watch for the non-grasscutters.  It is the season and we don’t want our neighborhoods looking like the African velt.  If they use sheep or goats, turn them in as they are not considered lawnmowers (or pets).  Contrary to popular belief, neither are rats.

Nova Townhall is a full service blog and these are just a few of the many issues we believe are important to all citizens.  We are here to address YOUR concerns.  How may we help you?

Just some interesting points to note:

Stevens Miller: “It doesn’t take a study to know that when the employers stop hiring them, undocumented aliens won’t come here anymore…That’s why I want to see an end to the employment of illegal aliens in Loudoun.”

Andrea McGimsey: “We must crack down on businesses that lure illegal immigrants to our community… this situation is not fair to honest businesses that that hire legal employees and must compete with unscrupulous businesses which hire illegal immigrants for low wages.”

(It almost sounds like Ms. McGimsey was on board with the Honest Business Network and the entire Honest Business concept.)

Here is another blast from the past:

Stevens Miller Calls for Plan to End Illegal Employment

“The main ’service’ an illegal immigrant comes to Loudoun for is a job,” said Dulles district supervisor candidate Stevens Miller. ”I oppose illegal immigration and want to see effective measures to fight it. That’s why I want to see an end to the employment of illegal aliens in Loudoun.”

The Broadlands resident said he agreed with the July 17 vote by the current board, calling for county staff to study the problem, but added that, “while it’s refreshing to see Dulles supervisor Snow study a question before he votes on it, it doesn’t take a study to know that when the employers stop
hiring them, undocumented aliens won’t come here anymore.”

Saying it was time for private industry to clean house, Miller said, “I call upon Mr. Snow to ask his friends and donors in the NVBIA to deliver their own report, outlining their plans for preventing the illegal employment of undocumented residents, and for denying membership in NVBIA to anyone who refuses to abide by such a plan.”

Miller reiterated his belief that a blanket denial of services would be bad for the county’s honest residents. ”No one should have to shop at the grocery or ride a bus with anyone who’s been denied a flu shot. False solutions like that only create more problems than they solve. Eliminating illegal employment is the true solution.”


In spite of all their faults, the previous Loudoun County Board of Supervisors had sent on November 30, 2007, as part of their legislative package to the Virginia General Assembly support for action to allow local authority to deny building permits and business licenses to companies employing illegal aliens.

Everyone who pays attention to this issue knows that corrupt hiring practices are the reason we have an illegal immigration problem in Loudoun County. Companies who can hire employees under the table, or hire subcontracting companies who are themselves illegal, have a tremendous advantage over companies who play by the rules. Illegal employment is cheap, and allows companies to bid lower for jobs. Consequently, trades such as carpentry, drywall installation, siding, roofing, plumbing, and many others, are no longer available to American workers, because illegal workers have driven the wage base down to levels that no American worker can survive on.

As one of their first acts in office, however, both Stevens Miller and Andrea McGimsey voted on January 3, 2008, to rescind this legal-hiring enforcement recommendation.

The motion to rescind passed 5-4, with Supervisors Waters, Buckley, York and Delgaudio opposing, which means the change of heart by Miller and McGimsey is all that is keeping Loudoun County from having a pro-enforcement Board of Supervisors.

Well, here is another article debunking the global warming lie, and attributing the changes to solar activity.

Michael Savage has compiled a whole list of similar articles.

The Loudoun County School Board’s proposed fiscal year 2009 operating budget contains a massive increase in spending on English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction which dwarfs the percentage increases in other areas of the schools budget (and in the overall Loudoun County operating budget as well). In fact, in real terms the proposed ESL budget of $20,682,481 is 34% higher than proposed school expenditures for English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Music, Foreign Languages and Gifted/Talented Education combined ($15,341,354).

As the Washington Examiner reported last week, Prince William County public schools reported over 600 ESL students left the system following that county’s crackdown on illegal aliens. This reduction of students would equate to a roughly $8 million reduction in expenses for the school system alone. Verifed and anecdotal evidence (from the news story and what we have seen here in Loudoun) suggests many of those illegal aliens have headed north into neighboring jurisdictions.

A decrease of 600+ ESL students is a huge shift, which suggests strongly that a large number of Prince William’s illegal immigrants had been sending children to school in Prince William County. To a significant extent it appears the effect has been moving north – here – to Loudoun County.

As Loudoun School Superintendent Ed Hatrick notes below, 63% of ESL students in this county come from households where Spanish is the primary language spoken at home. According to national surveys also detailed below, the vast majority of Spanish-speaking immigrants who have arrived here in the past ten years and / or are not fluent in English are here illegally. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to assume that the increase in ESL students in Loudoun County public schools is directly related to the influx of illegal immigrants in Loudoun County.

In fact, to make the only alternative argument – that Loudoun County has seen a massive influx of LEGAL Spanish-speaking immigrants in recent years – would fly in the face of all statistical data as detailed below. There is no controversy or national debate over legal immigration from Latin America. The entire debate is over the reality of illegal immigration. The incredible increase of Spanish-speaking households in Loudoun County – as politically incorrect as it is to say so – is certainly a result of illegal immigration.

Bottom line: Loudoun County’s legal residents are paying for the children of illegal immigrants to attend our public schools.

It should also be noted that ESL as it is practiced in Loudoun County Public Schools is conducted according to the principles of “structured immersion.” What this means is, instruction is conducted in both English and Spanish. There is a fair amount of leeway as to how this can occur. In the optimal case, students are taught primarily in English. However, in practice this mode of instruction allows for substantial instruction in the “primary language” – which means both printed materials and classroom instructors in Spanish language.

The objection taxpayers may have to “structured” immersion is that it puts a lot of money into accommodating foreign language speaking students in order to move them ahead grade-wise. It is not necessarily sink or swim in English; it can mean setting up a parallel course of instruction at every level which is exponentially more expensive and definitely detracts from spending on English-language instruction. Basically, taxpayers are paying for courses to be taught in multiple languages.

While I am not privy to Loudoun County’s procedures, the question remains whether Loudoun County taxpayers are funding Spanish-language instruction in our public schools while the expenses are skyrocketing and other priority areas are suffering.

The key question is whether Loudoun County taxpayers are paying for the education of people who should not be here in the first place, and whether those people are paying into the tax system. Yes, illegal aliens pay sales tax. We would ALL like to have that deal, because sales tax is a pittance. The truth of the matter is illegals have a huge advantage in living here “off the books” except for the fact they can send children to our schools.

The Supreme Court has said – so far – that once the illegals are here, we have to pay for their education. What this entire Loudoun County budget discussion should evoke is a discussion over whether they should be here at all in the first place, considering our fiscal situation.
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For twelve years now – since the Clinton administration decided to ignore the recommendations of the Jordan Commission and the Bush administration did likewise – America has been afflicted by rampant corrupt employment practices, which have led directly to the illegal immigration crisis we are experiencing in Northern Virginia.

When the Executive Branch of the U.S. government decides to stop enforcing the law, the resulting effect is that state and local authorities must exercise initiative to ameliorate the problem.

State and local authorities, unfortunately, are generally not prone to initiative or usefulness in general, apart from a few Cuccinellis, Vogels, Rusts, Marshalls, Millers, Fredericks, Waters’ and Delgaudios here and there. Of course, the Town of Herndon and Prince William County governments are run by outstanding elected officials. Beyond them, however, the field is pretty dismal.

Consequently, under the watch of our second Democrat governor in a row, the employment environment in Virginia is now an utter cesspool of corrupt practices, characterized by companies hiring illegal aliens at greatly reduced cost and largely off the tax grid to do work that was once done by legal workers. Drywall, carpentry, siding, flooring, bricklaying, roofing, plumbing, landscaping, and pretty much every mode of subcontracted work has become overrun by companies using illegal laborers (and in the case of subcontractors, often OWNED by illegal aliens).

With the U.S. President, the U.S. Senate, the Virginia Governor, the Virginia Senate and the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors all standing firmly in favor of more corruption, things are grim for the legal residents and legal workers of Virginia.

But we the citizens do have some power: control over where we spend our money.

Hence, a group of Eastern Loudoun residents has formed the Honest Business Network, a rapidly growing coalition of companies who do not use illegal workers or illegal subcontractors.

This coalition will grow to include “Good Guy” businesses throughout the region. It provides a practical way for citizens to take a stand against the tide of corruption. Most importantly, it requires not a whit of approval from our multitude of corruption-supporting elected officials.

Governor Kaine, Senator Saslaw, Supervisors Miller and McGimsey: Y’all just go on promoting the corruption from your exalted seats. We citizens don’t need your help.

Legal residents and workers of Northern Virginia, please visit the Honest Business Network. If you need home repairs, heating and air conditioning work, construction, painting, electrical work or a plethora of other services, the Honest Business Network is your source for finding companies that do not hire illegals. Please be sure to pass along this Web site information to business owners you know who play by the rules. Companies can sign up online at that site.

We will be promoting this program continually here at NVTH and in PR releases to the local press. If you know folks who are not part of the problem, please direct them to the Honest Business Network to get their companies listed.

I am certain this makes sense because so many smart people, most of whom have degrees in science – wiccan science – are on board with it, but NPR is reporting that a very recently concluded study of the oceans shows that they have not exactly “warmed” in the past five years.

In fact, 80 percent to 90 percent of global warming involves heating up ocean waters. They hold much more heat than the atmosphere can. So Willis has been studying the ocean with a fleet of robotic instruments called the Argo system. The buoys can dive 3,000 feet down and measure ocean temperature. Since the system was fully deployed in 2003, it has recorded no warming of the global oceans.

“There has been a very slight cooling, but not anything really significant,” Willis says…

Leaving aside the fact that NPR – god love’em – is compelled to frame this news in terms of what “global warming involves,” objective readers will be hard pressed to conclude anything other than that ‘global warming’ is going the way of blood-letting as far as hard science goes. So when we are confronted with flat-Earth ideologists who persist in trying to sell the global warming scam, it might be most appropriate to reply, “Groovy, dude,” or even “How now, Sirrah!”