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Sad story linked at MonkeyWatch, although the ridiculous aspect is also hard to ignore. It’s surprising you don’t hear about more cases like this from eating contests.

This is why, while drinking contests may not be safer per se, they do provide a better likelihood of dying in your sleep. Which is nice.

Now that the cat is out of the bag it will be useful to begin cataloguing the growing scientific evidence which for some time has been showing that our trucks are not, in fact, changing the weather.

David Deming had a hint of this story back in December.

Back in 2002 there were already reports of Antarctica’s cooling trend.

For the entertainment value: A mocking look at two Chinese scientists who discovered evidence of the trend, back when the “man-made global warming” scam still had the aura of credibility.

Let’s not neglect to give credit to the forward-thinking visionaries at Time magazine in 1974.

Kevin Tapping’s work is showing data suspiciously pointing to the Sun as a possible factor in the Earth’s actual temperature. Good luck selling that one.

Russian scientist Dr. Oleg Sorokhtin of the Oceanology Institute in a report from January also fingers the pesky Sun among other factors for the current cooling period.

Stay tuned for much more on this topic in the coming months, as it will eventually end up in the mainstream press where I predict not every editor is going to be willing to follow the “global warming” true believers over the cliff.

Speaking of which, man can Al Gore not catch a break! He loses the presidential election in a year when the country was at peace and prosperous and the corporate shenanigans which flourished under the Clinton White House had not yet been discovered – and most likely the loss was primarily attributable to his First in Command being a bit of a scalawag. That election should never have come down to 500 votes in Florida.

Then, for his next career move, he hitches his wagon to the man-made global warming hysteria and tours the country warning of bigger, badder hurricanes … right before the hurricanes went on a two-year hiatus. He suffers the indignity of having to defend with a straight face his heavy use of SUVs and private jets because via the carbon-offsets marketplace he has “purchased” exemptions from the rules he wishes to impose on others. He wins a Grammy Award for his amazing picture book (or was it a Golden Globe – I forget) which has now inconveniently been revealed as hogwash. It’s a pretty amazing run of public crashing and burning. Luckily, he is a young enough man to have time for one more act, and I do hope he gets to finish his public career with a Richard Nixon-like image rehabilitation.

At very least, he can start saving all that carbon offset cash and put it into something fun, like off-roading and potato guns.

Heh heh heh.

..The total amount of cooling ranges from 0.65C up to 0.75C — a value large enough to wipe out nearly all the warming recorded over the past 100 years. All in one year’s time.

Following this story could make what was looking like a grim year rather enjoyable. Although, as we’ve seen, it sure does freak out some of our visitors.

I remember watching Buckley years ago on TV. The guy was brilliant, old school, and did not flinch. This WFB was one of several writers who helped mold my world outlook, and frankly I am real sorry to see him go.

William F Buckley on Bush: “I think Mr. Bush faces a singular problem best defined, I think, as the absence of effective conservative ideology – with the result that he ended up being very extravagant in domestic spending, extremely tolerant of excesses by Congress,”

This was stated years ago. I did not agree back then, to my eternal shame, I have since come to see my error. The world is a darker place now. Good luck sir,I hope to catch to you some time down the road.



I am curious, all of our left leaning friends here declare fascism to be anathema, but do they really know what fascism means? Here is a set of current laws, enacted for the public good, or some well meaning official tried to enact them.

1. You are required by law to sterilise your pet

2. You are not allowed to smoke in public

3. You are not allowed to own a gun

4. Fast food companies are required to put calorie information next to the item

5. Tobacco companies are liable for people using their product correctly

6. The government sets the temperature in your home

7. You are not allowed to smoke in your own home

8. You are not allowed to serve your own 18 year old son having a beer at your kitchen table

9. You are not allowed to park an SUV on the street

10. If you are obeise you can be denied government health benifits

My question is are these fascist in nature or not? Any and all are welcome to answer.

Wow, I just turned this on – the undercard is an incredible match between Pavlik and Taylor. The main event is Klitschko vs Ibragimov. For all I know it is a replay but I never saw the live version if it is.

If you are up watching TV, turn on HBO. The next bout looks like it will be a good one.

UPDATE: Looks like this is a big deal – Michael Buffer is the ring announcer. Yee hah. His events are the FDR Fireside Chats of our generation. But did FDR ever trill his “R”s like Buffer does, or say “Let’s get ready to rumble” with such authority? I don’t think so.

UPDATE II: Full disclosure – I am a huge Wladimir Klitschko fan simply because I saw some of his early heartbreaking losses. He dominated fights then got caught in the chin. He should have been the dominating heavyweight of this era. I am rooting for redemption.

UPDATE III: First round – not much going on. Klitschko just knocking down the guy’s jab. Interesting.

UPDATE IV: Second round – booooring. But Klitschko looks like a spring ready to get unloosed.

UPDATE V: Klitschko is like a cat playing with a lizard. Is he going to eat him or just keep batting him around?

UPDATE VI: Ok this is just weird. Round five. Klitschko is jabbing like Ibragimov is toxic: Don’t hit too hard or you might get some on you. He’s basically just parrying Ibragimov. Is this a fight or patty cake?

UPDATE VII: Six rounds. Meh. Halfway there. Kiltschko has the talent to cream anyone, it seems, but he is exceptionally careful.

UPDATE VIII: Seven rounds. Kiltschko’s hands are like lightening, but he doles out the shots like he’s being taxed to use them. Why doesn’t he mix it up? I recall thinking the same thing years ago.

UPDATE IX: Round eight. Kiltschko finally let loose, and his right hand was like a blitzkrieg.

UPDATE X: Round nine. I think maybe Kiltschko’s goal is not to break a sweat, and still win convincingly. On that score, he’s winning. He is a Ph.d, which is unusual for a fighter. Ahem. So no reason to think he might on occasion overthink the thing. He is still the cat with the lizard. It looks like he could end this in a second if he wanted to.

UPDATE XI: Round 11. Wladimir Kiltschko is the boxing version of every geek in the world. He overthinks and consequently underperforms. (I am in that group). If he simply went for the jugular he would be unstoppable, but I get the sense he is saving himself for a career after boxing. Do the least amount necessary to win, and do not get hurt in this brutal endeavor.

UPDATE XII: Wladimir Kiltschko won on the jab. Why go for the throat when a slap will do? Save your body. From Kiltschko’s standpoint, I can see it. From a boxing fan’s standpoint, it’s a little disappointing. We don’t necessarily want a clinical win. We want to see a destroyer of souls on the rampage. Oh well. At least he did not get caught on the chin in the end.

This is just funny.

The only thing new is the Democrats have now made it official that their guiding principle is “America sucks.”

As always, thank you Rush for pointing out the obvious which is too obvious for most of us to even notice.