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Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and Attorney General Bob McDonnell recently rolled out their legislative agendas. It was heartening to see that both focused on immigration, mental health, public safety, and government reform… however I was a bit surprised to see that only the LG went further in addressing issues of importance to commonsense conservatives. As far as I can tell, only he addressed abusive driver fees, reigning in spending, protecting Virginia taxpayers with comprehensive proposals, the 65% solution for education, abstinence only education programs, and second amendment rights. Unfortunately, the AG’s legislative package doesn’t appear to be as aggressively conservative and tackle some of these important issues.

While not addressing some of the more core conservative policy issues, it’s worth noting AG’s package did propose banning the use of phosphorus in detergents for household dishwashing machines.

The bottom line is it appears that the LG is a bit more focused on conservative issues Republicans care about. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays into the looming 2009 battle.

More soon…

I’m not at the correct computer so I cannot link sites but I will give you times and locations.  Sorry.

Going backwards (in more ways than one) today’s Washington Post on the front page talks about an ILLEGAL immigrant who worried about graduating from Loudoun County public schools because he would loose his refuge.  Refuge?  But it seems that parents and counselors helped him out by having him return to Mexico for a year and speeding his visa to re-enter the U.S.  Now he can afford to go to college with in-state tuition.   How nice.  The article also states that there are about 65,000 illegal high school graduates a year.  Hummm.

Thursday, January 10 has an article in the Loudoun Easterner that states the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors retracted their efforts to pursue allowing illegals from getting business permits and going after the businesses that hire illegals.   The state will handle it.  It is a federal problem.  We have other issues of more importance (i.e. the roads that are crowded, the schools that are crowded) and we need to find out how to pay for things with a depressed housing market.  After all, we don’t coax business to Loudoun to off-set taxes of homeowners.  We coax business so that we have places to go for school field trips.  Loudoun is alot more affluent than Fairfax and the residences can afford anything thrown at them.  We have deep pockets you know!

On this same thursday an article on the front page of the Washington Post talks about what Kaine will do with the issue of illegal immigration.  The state is proposing new laws againest illegals and pushing the point to the federal level.  “Kaine stressed that the state has taken steps to enforce laws and that he will fight proposals that seem mean-spirited”.  What is mean spirited about enforcing the law?  Also he states that “One in 10 Virginians was born outside the United States, Kaine said, and foreign companies created 2,000 jobs in the state.”  We created more jobs overseas then what is created here.  And those born outside the U.S. seem to mostly congregate in No. Va.

When the Democrats get into office, things change.  Not for the better.  With the articles above, socialism is festering right along.  Do you think a Democratic president will be any different or just a tremendous boost for the cause.

As Kaine states, “6 percent of Virginians have serious mental illness and that one in four have a diagnosed mental illness.”  Welcome to the state of mentals.

Settling in to watch some football before flying home tomorrow, and as if anyone cares here are my thoughts …

You all watching the Snow Bowl in Green Bay? That is some extreme precipitation. At this rate there will be five inches on the ground by the time the fourth quarter ends. Green Bay once again seems to have the weather on its side. It will be interesting to see just what Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck is made of. Personally, I wanted to see Seattle win because I think Dallas has a much better chance against them – BUT ….

Dallas, as much as I love them, will have their hands full tomorrow. Beating the same team three times in one season is not highly likely. This would apply to the absolute best team playing the absolute worst team, let alone two that are evenly matched….

And on that note, I think the Jaguars are going to be very hard for the Patriots to beat tonight. The Eagles, Ravens and Colts helped sketch the game plan to beat New England; in part, run the ball on offense and pressure Brady on defense. Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio is a smart guy and will have that team ready with the right game plan.

UPDATE: My wife has posted a guessing game about where we are this week.

UPDATE II: Congrats, Packers. That was not much of a game. It begs the question of was the one team great or did the other team blow donkey. I’m not King Solomon, so don’t ask me. It’s hard not to root for Brett Favre – if the Giants win tomorrow I will have to say, “Sorry, Gints fans, but I am rooting for Green Bay.”

UPDATE III: NE vs Jacksonville, end of second quarter: 14-14 says to me, the Patriots are mortal. Be very afraid, Patriots.

UPDATE IV: If the Cowboys get their act together enough to beat the Giants tomorrow, they will win the Super Bowl. Here’s why I say this: Dallas has enough talent to beat anyone, but they have shown an inclination to play to the level of their competition. The Giants are a really good team, and at this point in the season they will be Dallas’ final test.

UPDATE V: Hey, the Jaguars look ok. At 4:04 left in the third quarter they just lost a TD on a dropped pass, but these things happen. Their quarterback, David Garrard, has to be one of the major inspirational success stories of modern sports, so how can you not root for this guy – especially against the Superman/New York Yankee/Little-Lord-Fauntleroy Tom Brady? (RE: that “roughing” penalty at 1:50 in the third).

UPDATE VI: So much for interest and romanticism – Green Bay and New England, the favorites, won. Bleh.

So all is NOT lost ….

But we must admit, there is an awful lot of voting left to be done and that Feb 5 mess is going to be a complete crap shoot. The candidates can’t give all those states anything like the quality time Iowa and New Hampshire just got, so there is going to be the real possibility that the top three Democrats (and top four or five Republicans, for that matter) each get some wins.

On the plus side, there are a lot of powerful media players who really want Hillary as the nominee, so last night’s victory will be played up as the second coming … maybe even the covers of Time and Newsweek adorning the supermarket check out displays in California, New York and Florida for a solid week. We can hope.

Of course, if John Edwards manages to win in South Carolina next week he’ll have the angry nutso wing of the party screaming his accolades right up until Feb 5 and then Hillary would be yesterday’s news … well, Edwards would probably not be a bad second choice since we’re not going to get Dennis Kucinich, right?

He was stoic in the face of adversity this year and led the team through an amazing near-turnaround in December, but Joe Gibbs has retired from football – apparently for good this time.

The stated reason is to spend more time with his family, although he does not really need a reason: The NFL is pretty tough sledding these days, a fairly unpredictable venue in which to try and achieve success no matter how much time you sink into it, and he has given enough of his life to the sport. Since his first run with the Redskins ended, his racing team has been about a million times more competitive than he was able to get the ‘Skins during the second tour.

As my wife noted, now it will be a little bit easier easy to simply hate the Redskins again. Before, you had to add that qualifier “but I DO like Joe Gibbs.”

Daytona speed week is only about a month away. I bet we will be seeing a good amount of Coach Joe at the track.


I’m not an isolationist. I’m not afraid to use the military where it’s needed. But to sit in these extended f—ing wars, draining the economy – and if we stay or we leave, the same g–d— thing happens: nothing! So let’s leave.

When you read something in the paper with which you have some familiarity, and you see what is blatantly false, you expect the source to be someone for who the information is not necessarily part of their main body of knowledge. One thing you would not expect is a statement about “assault weapons” not to be confused with machine guns (fully automatic weapons) from a police officer. Machine guns are not legal to manufacture or import. The only people that can legally buy or transfer them are the military and people that have a very tightly controlled license (collectors) from the federal government, and they may only have those that were registered prior to May 1986 (FOPA). A link to the report:

The totally inaccurate statement in reference to “assault weapons” is here:

“You just pull a trigger and 20 or 30 rounds come in a second and in those 20 rounds you’re sure to hit your intended target and some innocent bystanders, totally unlike a firearm that is just one bullet every time you pull the trigger,” Miami Police spokesman Willie Moreno said.

Misinformation coming from a police spokesperson about something they should know (and I have to believe do know … it is incredulous that a police officer would not know that fully automatic weapons, machine guns, are not the cause of increases in murders). They know better. Even though the average police officer might not know the rate of fire for a fully automatic weapon (even at 600 rounds per minute, that only is 10 per second) and even the military no longer issues fully automatic M16s. Even the MAC-10 only has a 1000 rounds per minute, or 16.7 rounds per second, not even at the lower end of the range of “20 – 30 round a second” — and again, they are neither manufactured or imported, they cannot be bought new or even replaced if they break.

There is no excuse for this. I cannot believe it is just a mistake. The best I can hope is the person making the report took the statement completely out of context. The next best thing to hope is that the police spokesperson is grossly incompetent. The alternative of the Miami police department purposely lying about what they know to be true would put in doubt the concept that any police officer anywhere could be trusted to tell the truth — even in court.

Those willing to give up liberty to obtain security deserve neither and will lose both. (B.F.)