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My main man Kevin turned us onto The Wire recently and the wife and I proceeded to tear through the first four seasons in fairly short order. I can’t say enough good things about this TV show because it is several levels above anything else on television. It is not just “good art” but it is serious history – the five seasons will comprise a document that will be studied by students of Western civilization for generations.

As a newbie to the medium, I might not have much authority to speak at this point. I think maybe I need to watch the first season, at least, again. But it is in the final phases: The first show of season five is On Demand now, and there are only nine after it. Maybe this would be something to discuss in the coming weeks?

Here’s a good story by the local paper of record on the current season. Soon I plan to start compiling additional commentary.

If you don’t have HBO – well, don’t bother getting it now because the show uniquely makes absolutely no sense unless you have watched every single previous episode carefully from the beginning. If you are interested, start buying and watching the first four seasons on DVD, and then catch up to the current (final) one at whatever stage you can.

Do yourself a favor right now and go to Amazon or wherever and buy season one and just start watching it. You will not regret it, and you will likely tell all your friends then keep coming back to this blog for all of the other great ideas I will pass along in the future. Win-win.

Again, there is nothing else like The Wire. I think the downfall, or one of the downfalls, is that it is too intelligent or too demanding in requiring absolute fealty from the viewers: You are not ALLOWED to miss a single episode across the years or you WILL lose the thread of the narrative. It’s a novel idea for TV, and for those of us who have become completely jaded to the possibility of any semblance of quality from TV it’s an absolute brainstorm.

If you are one of those idealistic sorts who has abandoned television, The Wire is reason enough to go out to the trash heap and see if that baby still functions. Or just go buy a new one: You will not regret it.

As the temperature dips below freezing tonight in New Orleans, the Georgia Bulldogs are in the process of demonstrating why undefeated teams from lesser conferences should get zero sympathy for being left out of the national championship picture.

This is not just a massive Sugar Bowl defeat for Hawaii: This is one team playing football and the other prepared to play tag. And not the hard-hitting tag of my youth, but modern tag where no one is ever “it” and everyone wins in the end.

Hawaii belongs in the Sugar Bowl tonight like I should be contending for one of the nine heavyweight boxing belts…except in my case, I would at least have a shot.

Prior to tonight I honestly thought the Sugar Bowl would be the most interesting game of the godforsaken BCS college football championship fiasco. Everyone acknowledges the rash of losses at the end of the regular season resulted in a “championship” game between LSU and Ohio State which would be suspect at best. What better way to poke a stick in the eye of the BCS majordomos than have Hawaii – the only undefeated team in the whole bunch – come in and win, thus casting a huge shadow over the entire, playoff-lacking joke of a championship.

Well, it looks like that did not quite happen, and any future controversies about undefeated teams with weak schedules not being invited to the big dance have been, I think, precluded tonight.

UPDATE: Man, upon further review, I wonder if I may have UNDERSTATED what is happening tonight. This is the sort of cataclysmic horror out of which new metaphors are born, such as: “The red hot knife sliced the stick of butter like Georgia tore through Hawaii in 2008.”


Er, check that: What I meant was HA HA HA HA HA!

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Gore didn’t dwell on the complexities of the hurricane debate. Nor, in his roundup of the 2007 weather, did he mention how calm the hurricane season had been. Instead, he alluded somewhat mysteriously to “stronger storms in the Atlantic and Pacific,” and focused on other kinds of disasters, like “massive droughts” and “massive flooding.”

“In the last few months,” Mr. Gore said, “it has been harder and harder to misinterpret the signs that our world is spinning out of kilter.” But he was being too modest. Thanks to availability entrepreneurs like him, misinterpreting the weather is getting easier and easier.

More here.

According to Rasmussen:

The number of Americans who consider themselves to be Republicans jumped nearly two percentage points in December to 34.2%. That’s the largest market share for the Republican brand in nearly two years, since January 2006…

Many will attribute this to the fact that we appear to have turned the corner in Iraq (more, here, and here) and the news has finally made it to the general public. (Maybe restating some of those 2003 arguments about why the U.S. went to war in the first place would be timely about now? Just a thought …)

I beg to differ, however. If you ask me, it’s the President Logan bandwagon which has reinvigorated the GOP brand.

He’s a rocker, for cryin’ out loud! Who can resist? Blue Suede Shoes, indeed …

Wail on, Huck dog!

On Sunday (12/30/07) on the program “This Week with George Stephanopoulous”, Senator Hillary Clinton stated that while she was in the White House as the First Lady, she “had been provided with classified material” even though she did not have a security clearance. This is a security violation!!


Question is, were any charges filed back then? Next question: Should any charges be filed now? Final question: Why do the Clinton’s get a pass on so many things?

For example: The whole Hsu campaign contribution mess? Or the dishwashers in China town contribution $2500 to the Clinton campaign. That is just this campaign. In the last Clinton Presidential campaign we had funny money coming from Beijing. Talk about Teflon! I wont bother listing all the other Clinton escapades but this picture is a descent illustration …


I’m just going to link to Laura W; you decide.

The Washington Redskins did what they had to do tonight, creaming the Dallas Cowboys 27-6.

It was a “meaningless” game for Dallas, insomuch as they had already clinched the number one seed throughout the NFC playoffs. But the Redskins did more than beat an uncommitted team: They showed they can hang with the best Dallas can offer. The Cowboys played their first string into the second half, and they did not even put up a fight.

The Redskins won, fair and square. Washington will be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs.

My take: The Cowboys have been terrible the past four weeks and the Redskins demonstrated they can beat them anytime, anywhere. It seems extremely likely the ‘Skins will beat the Seahawks next weekend, and will be the Cowboys’ opponent in two weeks. Dallas will have the fight of their lives in two weeks.

UPDATE: I did not catch most of the game on TV but apparently there was a questionable hit on Terry Glenn? Drama is a good thing.