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A little over 2000 years ago, an amazing thing happened. Most likely it occurred sometime around spring — late spring. It was the most amazing thing that ever occurred. The word that spoke “let there be light” (okay, he may have stated Maxwell’s equations specifically long before Maxwell “discovered” them, but the general gist of it was let there be light) took upon himself flesh and blood. The one who set the worlds in motion became a human on a small one of those worlds. There are those that deny it would even be possible. How could a creator take on the “stuff” of what was created? It didn’t fit any of the mathematical models.

Born of a woman? So poor a woman that his first bed was a limestone feed trough? Come on now, that just doesn’t make sense. Even if this creator did want to contact the human race (why would he want to do that in the first place … a jumble of immoral, violent, ingrates that would love nothing more than to be rid of him).

Born under the law? He was the author of all just law. The righteous law is a reflection of his character. There was absolutely no need for him to have the law, for his very nature would do what was required by the law. He would no more do wrong than a cat would fly.

Why? That is the most amazing thing of all. The king had a people who rebelled against him. They wanted to throw off his rule — even though that rule was good, honorable, incorruptible, and perfect. The just penalty for this treason was death. The problem is that the creator was both just (he could not ignore the traitors’ treason) and merciful. Justice requires that all debts are paid. Mercy seeks to forgive those who have done what is wrong. A just and merciful creator pronounced the death sentence, then took the form of the traitor so he could take the place of the traitor. And that is why. The creator/word took on flesh and we celebrate that this season. We are not commanded to do so, but we choose to do so. It is not particularly the time, but it is worthwhile to set a time — and what better time than that which the people who had been traitors used to celebrate, but now with a different meaning.

Maxwell’s equations were spoken into the void and light could not help but come forth. Mercy was spoken by the father and the son became flesh and dwelt among us.

Remember the gift that this season is about. I would wish wars to cease, famine to stop, disease to be conquered; that will not happen in this age.

Remember the gift. It was for us that he came. I would wish everyone would love each other with sincere hearts, treat one another with kindness, theft and violence to be replaced with charity and compassion; that will not happen in this age.

Remember the gift. Now we are the children of God … it is not yet revealed what we shall become.

Merry Christmas

The 2008 presidential campaign is shaping up to be a bipartisan letdown of monumental proportions. Can there possibly be a die hard fan base for any of the “front runners” larger than the number of people who can crowd around the back of a pickup truck to share a 12-pack?

No, there can not.

The nominating “system,” such as it is, is poised to deliver a bite in the butt to everyone who honestly gives a damn about the future of our nation. Therefore, I say, our best hope as Americans is that the system gets played, tested, teased to the breaking point by circumstances it was not meant to encompass, much like what happened to the BCS this year when everybody started losing games at the tail end of the season.

The integrity of the existing process depends on the primaries boiling down to a single candidate from each party, each with a substantially larger base of support than any third-party challenger can muster. Then, everything can run its supposedly proper course to deliver us two viable candidates – one Democrat, one Republican – by November.

To completely hose this process, we need spoilers, plural: people who can attract enough public support and shave off enough votes in the general election to whittle support for the Two down to surmountable levels.

We know who one of these ought to be: Lou Dobbs. If the Republicans nominate an open borders guy, Lou will have a huge opening.

Who else might jump in as an independent? I don’t know, but chances are better than 50-50 it would be a fortuitous development.

To shave the Democratic side, we need … anyone. Anyone will do. I don’t immerse myself in the strange world of the Democratic electorate enough to pretend to offer an analysis of the most salient issues by which a front runner is likely to piss off a sufficient number of voters to make a third party candidate viable.

But I do know one thing: A ham sandwich with a billion dollars can give anyone a run for their money.

On that note, I hereby heartily endorse New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s nascent candidacy.

Bloomberg aides reached out to people involved in ad-making – including one who had been involved in creating the mayor’s vaunted TV spots – asking about their availability in the coming months, the sources said.

That Bloomberg aides would look to lock up an ad team dovetails with what the mayor has privately told people about how he would spend up to $1 billion of his own fortune on an independent run, which would be played out mostly on the TV airwaves and through direct mail.

Do it, Mr. Bloomberg. The system is broken. Your country needs you to help break it completely.

On Meet the Press, Ron Paul just stated there is moral equivalence between al Qaeda, on the one hand, and on the other the Bush administration, “neo cons” and whoever else is responsible for the U.S. having military bases all over the world.

My first thought was, This guy is toast.

But upon further reflection, I wonder if his fundraising will now go through the roof and his positive polling numbers spike. That’s not a flippant comment.

This is the first in a series of articles in which I will be examining each of the candidates. The order is based upon which candidate I find most interesting. It is not a question of electability; or for whom I would vote. In this posting I am providing an overview and a basis for examination of the candidates.

Several things are going on in the Republican primary race that make me wonder about the current crop of front runners. The main element is the overall dissatisfaction of the party with the raging mediocrities that have been put forward by the press. I am saying this because I have yet to find a Giuliani supporter who is a conservative Republican.

More examples are Huckabee and Thompson, who were/are as much products of the media covering the race as they are products of the electorate. All candidates need to get past the press first nowadays, but these two have experienced press support out of proportion to their abilities and standing with the electorate. As a matter of full disclosure in this particular, I like Thompson on his own merits (warts and all), I find Huckabee to be a second and diminished coming of George W. Bush. Huckabee is not getting my vote.

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Not surprisingly, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling is continuing to stand for fiscal responsibility and controlled spending, in this case opposing Governor Kaine’s reckless spending and new programs in his biennial budget:


RICHMOND – Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling today released the following statement in response to Governor Tim Kaine’s proposed budget for the
2008/2010 biennium.

“I am very disappointed by the budget Governor Kaine introduced earlier
today.  The Governor’s budget does not properly address the shortfalls
being experienced by the Commonwealth in the current fiscal year, and it
includes unwise spending commitments and unreasonable economic
assumptions in the upcoming biennium.  This budget is not in keeping
with the Virginia tradition of fiscal responsibility.

“In the current fiscal year, Governor Kaine has proposed eliminating a
significant budget shortfall, which arose because economic growth has
been less than anticipated, by taking money out of the state’s savings
account and raiding the Transportation Trust Fund.  We should not take
money out of the state’s savings account at a time when the economy is
still growing.  That is not the intended purpose of the savings account.
We should look for other ways to eliminate the budget shortfall.
Likewise, the Governor’s assault on the Transportation Trust Fund is an
affront to the people of Virginia, who just last year were asked to pay
higher fees and taxes for transportation construction.

“In the upcoming biennium, the Governor’s budget includes hundreds of
millions of dollars in new spending initiatives that appear to be
financed by overly optimistic revenue projections and billions of
dollars in new debt.  This is a fiscally irresponsible budgetary
approach, and it should be rejected by the members of the General

“If we fail to meet the Governor’s overly optimistic revenue projections
of 6.6% in the 2010 fiscal year, we could face budget shortfalls even
greater than those we are facing today; and the massive debt the
Governor has proposed will move Virginia very close to exhausting its
current debt capacity.

“The Governor’s budget includes a number of worthwhile initiatives, but
we simply don’t have the money to pay for these initiatives at this
time.  Rather than accept and acknowledge these realities, as his
predecessors have done, Governor Kaine has chosen to embark on a
spending frenzy that could have disastrous long term results for

“These are challenging economic times for Virginia and other states, and
fiscal responsibility requires that we resist the temptation to advance
new spending initiatives at a time when economic growth is

“The budget Governor Kaine presented today appears to be a political
document that seeks to appease numerous special interest groups, while
throwing fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraint to the wind.  I fear that the General Assembly will have little choice but to set the
Governor’s budget aside and seek to come up with an alternative budget
that better reflects the realities of the fiscal challenges facing our

The more I learn about the LG, the more I like the man.  My family is forced to live within our budget, it’s good to hear someone in Richmond advocating our state government do the same.  2009 will be interesting indeed.

We are fortunate to have an extremely valuable new Web resource for everyone interested in becoming educated about the illegal immigration issue: Extensive video interviews which are actually source material for the upcoming movie The Promise of Home.

Subjects include Roy Beck, Michael Cutler, Steven Camarota, Ed Meese, and many others. If you weren’t able to hear Starletta Hairston tell her story at October’s Help Save Loudoun meeting, here is your chance.

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