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I just realized this blog looks completely screwed up when viewed via Internet Explorer. Mainly, the sidebars are completely whacked. I have no idea why that is because the elements I am using are pretty much out-of-the-box WordPress.

(I think you Mac folks are fine using Safari.)

I could research and try to fix this IE problem, but a far superior solution would be for all of you – and I do mean ALL of you – to stop using Internet Explorer and instead use Firefox. With a reasonable broadband connection it will take all of five minutes to download and install the software, and even with DSL or dial up it is worth the effort, so if you are an IE person please go do that right now.

For anyone who has not already gotten a whiff of Vista, let me remind you what I have been saying for years: The less Microsoft software you use, the better.

Firefox is a far superior browser and after switching you will want to buy me steak dinners once a year for the rest of my life.

And you know what? I just might let you.


- Sees both sides of an issue
- Publicly religious
- Teachable
- Kind to everyone


- Takes both sides of an issue
- Politically religious
- Untrustworthy
- Kind to criminals

The whole Huckster controversy is enough to make one feel conflicted. Even though he is already being called the “Howard Dean” of 2008, and is getting clobbered in the press for various critical flip flops, I am the last one to want to take anything away from Huckabee after all he has accomplished in his life and the example he has set.

By losing goodness knows how many pounds he showed Americans it is possible to get a fresh start with one’s health simply by changing habits and hitting the jogging path.

Huckabee before and after

Huckabee’s a personable fellow, a compelling, self-effacing public speaker, not afraid to wear his religiosity on his sleeve, and by all accounts a decent man. He’s an accomplished bass guitar player – certainly a cool skill to list on any prospective president’s resume.

Huckabee Logan bass guitar

As the Arkansas Times recently pointed out, he is “the immigrants’ friend” who makes John McCain “look like a nativist.” (Read all of that article, by the way).

This issue is where the problem arises with regard to Huckabee. The leader of a national advocacy organization said last week in an e-mail that, on the illegal immigration issue, Huckabee is “a carbon copy of President Bush.” Prominent opponents of illegal immigration call Huckabee a “disaster”:

“Every time there was any enforcement in his state, he took the side of the illegal aliens.”

To his detractors Huckabee has said, simply, “I drink a different kind of Jesus juice.”

Fair enough, I say: It’s a free country for Jesus juice drinkers of all persuasions. I take mine the way I like it – neat – and the Huckster should have the same options.

This forthrightness has earned him serious hits from GOP primary opponents and also from political leaders in his own state.

UPDATE: Much more, here.

More, below the fold. continue reading…

Reuters is reporting the Venezuelan people voted against President Hugo Chavez’ sweeping constitutional reforms which would have swept the nation back in time to approximately 1980s Soviet Union.

The president’s initiatives would have allowed him to run for an unlimited number of terms and provided enhanced presidential powers. Chavez said explicitly he intended to turn the country into a socialist state.

A couple weeks ago news stories revealed that food lines were commonplace for items that had come under national price controls.

“Do you think it’s good to be here waiting in line?”

Chavez’ term ends in 2012 and it appears he will not emulate Cuba’s Fidel Castro as president for life.

It is that time of the year where the Christian world gets to celebrate a most favorable day-the birth of Christ Jesus.  Or is it?  The cards have started rolling in with funny scenes and sayings.  The stores are actively pushing their wares under the “Happy Holidays” banner.  What holidays?  New Years Day is a holiday but we don’t give gifts.  Chanukka is a gift giving time but we don’t get a holiday for it.  What happened to Christmas?  Now there is the real question.

Christmas isn’t gift giving.  It is a time off to allow Christians the chance to worship the birth of our Savior.  It allows all believers of different religions and non-believers alike to have a “holiday” from work or an excuse to do whatever.  But Christmas is truly for Christians.  Don’t allow the watering-down of its real reason.  Don’t be politically correct and subvert its intent.  Our savior is born and allow us to celebrate for His sake.  Understand what this day is and call it by its name……..Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all.  May God grant us peace.

RIP #21


This is my busy time of the year at work, but I wanted to put something up about one of my heroes: Sean Taylor. I have honestly been depressed the last few days about his passing. He was an amazing football player and apparently had become a role model as a father. I hope the Redskins honor his memory the rest of this season by playing some smart football because that would be what Sean would want I’m sure. Here’s a video to hopefully put a smile on the face of some of my fellow Skins fans.

Hello world!


Once again, we attempt to reinvent the NOVA TownHall Blog. This was a decision based less on whimsy than expediency, because the Movable Type version was running too slow on our new host.

And in the brave, incisive, hard-charging new world being forged here by the NOVA TownHall authors and commenters, “slow” simply deserves no place in our collective vocabulary.

This version of the blog, you will note, resides right at the NOVA TownHall site root, because over the past 4+ years of existence NVTH has evolved into a blog first, and everything else second. If we start having meetings again, we can certainly advertise and organize them here.

For the time being, both the old-new NOVA TownHall Blog and the new-new NOVA TownHall Blog will operate concurrently. This may be confusing, but I think it will be the good kind of confusing. Based on past experience, upgrading the blog is nothing if not a cluster-you-know-what, and by letting them both run we should minimize the downtime. This also buys me a lot of time to make sure comments work, spam gets deflected, the sidebars get rebuilt, and I learn WordPress. Eventually, all the new, exciting action will be here.

I am especially encouraged by the fact that installing WordPress, compared to installing MT, is like making nachos compares to decoding the human genome.

Thanks for putting up with yet another transitional phase here, and let’s hope this is the last one for a few years.