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Bernie Sanders’ reported net worth is between $129k and $712k, estimated at $330k in 2013.

Let’s look at his employment and income history.

From 1983 through 1990 (eight years), Sanders was the mayor of Burlington, Vermont. That position currently has a salary of about $90,000. Using the Social Security wage indexing, we can put that at about $30,000 in 1982, and we will assume he got no raise while in that office.

Between 1991 and 2006 (sixteen years), Sanders was a member of the House of Representatives. He had a starting salary of $125,100, and an ending salary of $165,200. As a senator for the last eight years, he has earned $174,000 each year.

Now, assuming a mere 10% savings each year, and a poor 7% return, Sanders should be sitting on a cool million in savings alone, never mind the equity in his house.

(His wife also had a six-figure income during her seven-year tenure as the President of Burlington College, and her $200,000 “golden parachute” upon leaving, but I presume that her net worth is not being reported with his.)

Sanders cannot even manage his own money.

The boy was definitely a bit off. To believe that he would never go off the deep again was a foolish premise. You can’t change a Zebra’s stripes. That Scott “everyone makes mistakes” York had him on his campaign team says a lot. Read the story here. His picture looks like he is still on a never ending bender but Williams really isn’t the story here. Ron Meyer is.

Meyer ran for another seat and lost in the primary 4 years ago. Then he decided to run for the 33rd Senate seat which caused angst in the GOP. Being the benevolent individual that Ron is, he backed away from the Senate and decided to start small with a Loudoun supervisor run; Shawn Williams seat. Here is the kicker: Meyer was offered to fill Williams’ seat right now. He declined, stating that he has knocked on doors and made phone calls and wants to WIN the seat. Hello? Ron? You will still have to win the seat since this is a 2 month TEMPORARY position. You could get a “feel” for what you are getting into. That is, unless you DON’t want to have any type of voting record before the election. Once elected, you can screw up for 4 years before you get dumped. Does anyone else out there believe that a dark hood is being placed over our heads? More politics as usual I see and endorsed by the LCRP. I am just speculating here but that country boy logic of mine smells a polecat.

I had been waiting for more information on this and I didn’t want to bother Sheriff Mike because I knew his hands were full. I asked a guy I know in a convenience store across the street about it but he had little information and the LCSO had already viewed his cameras. This morning is a different story cause now we have more info and I used this WaPo story on purpose.

When you read the story you find that this teenager came to Texas, leaving El Salvador because of violence and poverty. Obama allowed him to be “sent” to his aunt and uncle here in Sterling. A lot of how good and quiet he was. Sounds good but I have heard that tale too many times to believe it face value. He was shy with English so he mostly spoke Spanish. He liked to frequent Chuck-E-Cheese (a small children venue). He liked poetry and drawing, playing soccer in the street, and wanted to join the Navy someday. Okay, we will wait and see how this fits when they piece more of this puzzle together.

The story tells about recent “deaths” in Loudoun that were painful. A football player (drunk) mistakenly shot and a teacher dying of a heart attack. Nothing about the shooting at Safeway or the shooting of pedestrians in Country Side or many other “recent deaths”. It also talks about these kids in the school bawling at the guidance councilor’s office. Grief. I understand that. But during lockdown, kids were in one class all day. And after their 90 minute lesson, they were allowed to just sit around, talking and playing with their phones. Shouldn’t those have been in a locker somewhere?

I don’t want to sound like I am a heartless individual but I have been steamrolled all too often with this compassion of lies. The main writer for the Post on this story is Latino. Why? Puts a slant on things. There are always victims but usually there are circumstances when they are not “senseless acts”. I want to know more..a lot more. I will give you a “what-if”. What if this kid never tried to illegally get into this country? Would he still be alive somewhere today?

UPDATE: This just in from Delgaudio’s website

The VA is for our military personnel. You know, the GI Joe’s, Jane’s and Joke’s (referring to the transgender crowd). They well deserve what little benefits they get. Medical is one of these. Pretty abysmal state of affairs at the VA. This after a big shack up and infusion of 16 billion dollars just last year. You would think that in this Information Age that they could have better records management. No, not like the Obamacare website. One thing that I have noticed is that anything the government does is not-for-profit. That translates to a boondoggle and a massive debt pit. Usually because the money will always be there. Maybe we should have some of these departments switched to “for profit”. Bet we would have better services than we is being given now.

Yes, I did say stupid. Her and her minions, and God knows there are many, believe it cool and coy to play dumb about this server. No one in that camp knows what “wipe” means. Then the MSM and the WH spokesman carry on with that stupid theme. I mean, do we really need to extend stupid in the WH after 8 years of the stupid we have had already. No, don’t tell me about education and that Obama knows what he is doing. He has pushed stupid beyond the limit and this Iran deal of his WILL BE the height of his stupid legacy.

Now if you think that stupid is only assigned to the politicos, you have to understand that stupid is being indoctrinated. Too many kids can’t pass SAT scores to get into college and so many colleges are just looking for the money. Well, then the kids can’t pay the loan debt and want that absolved. That is pretty stupid…and irresponsible. But it really isn’t their fault because it has almost been promised to them that they don’t have to work hard to get ahead and college should be paid on someone else’s back.

Pretty much, stupid is the mantra of liberals and Democrats everywhere. Hillary is leading the pack but Bernie Sanders is bringing in a close second and they both are vying to keep stupid in the government. It is also infectious because many others are learning that stupid is rewarding. I don’t know about you but, when I was younger, stupid was never something like a badge that you wanted to wear proudly. Then again, when I was younger, we didn’t have boys named Caitlin either, that get applauded for the bravery of “coming out”. I mean, THAT is stupid also. Sheesh.

Oh, yes, they call them “refugees”, but they are invaders.

They will not enter Europe and adopt European ways. They will not adopt the values of religious freedom. No, they will demand that Europe change to accommodate them. They will demand that pork not be served in schools. Then they will demand that no students be allowed to bring pork for lunch. They will demand that they be allowed to operate under Sharia law.

In short, everything they claim to be running from is what they will demand Europe change to. They are not fleeing their problems, they are bringing their problems to Europe.

Shocking moment desperate father throws himself, his wife and baby onto rail tracks in Hungary after realising their ‘train to Austria’ is actually taking them to a refugee camp

Refugees threaten Europe’s Christian roots, says Hungary’s Orban

As this video explains, the fertility rate in occidental countries is below maintenance level:

Why? Why is the fertility rate so low? Why do Whites in America have the lowest fertility rate of all races and ethnicities? Feminism.

That’s right — the “career before kids” selfishness of feminism is destroying western civilization.