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It appears that Corker and committee didn’t accept the threats, lies and bullying from the Obama administration on the Iran “deal”. They now have delivered a statement to Obama That says Congress has a say. Obama concedes to this, only after Kerry tried to sway Democrats to his side on this issue. It didn’t work. Maybe he should have had James Taylor sing to them.

It appears that Marco Rubio is planning to declare he is running for President this coming Monday. We knew he would enter the race pretty soon so no surprise there. Not to be overshadowed, and aligning herself to a Friday night data dump, Hillary “the Sloth” Clinton will declare her perceived coronation on Sunday. “What difference, at this point, does it make?” My sentiments exactly. It doesn’t make any difference and that is why I don’t care. The announcement to be made is this: I’m going fishing. It’s that time of year again where I just started another job but money doesn’t buy happiness and happiness is sun, fat Southern girls in bikinis, the ocean, rednecks without teeth, friends, a pier, fishing poles and yours truly amongst it all. Did I mention fat Southern girls in bikinis? My downstairs neighbor will show up and bring his lovely bride who loves cooking for me. So the 25 pounds I’ve gained will turn into 40. At this point, what difference does a few more pounds make. I don’t fit my trousers anymore anyway. I will wear my fat pants (sweats) and just fish. Meanwhile the world will turn and others will do what they do. You guys have fun at the GOP primary. I can’t make it cause…….I’m going fishing!!!

I am building another shadow box for military medals. Being that I buy/sell militaria, I have no problem picking up most things I need. Sometimes what I need is new and not original. Such is this case as I went to a military medals outfit in Oregon called USAMM. I had not dealt with them before but decided to try because of the pain I was having with a couple other vendors. Having placed my order (with a not too knowledgable individual), I then checked that order to the e-mail sent me. With a boneheaded mistake that my “tech” had made came an unexpected eye opener on the financial page. There were two taxes being charged to me. One was Virginia state sales tax which, with everything being unequal online anymore, was to be expected. What wasn’t was the Loudoun County tax charged. I know that the states of Washington, California and Oregon like charging out-of-state taxes because that is what liberal progressives do. I called them on the county tax thing and told them that what they did was illegal and to re-instate the charge back to my card. Now I have requested an answer on this issue from my supervisor. Hopefully he will submit the answer here on site. If not, I will relay it to you when I get it.

Rand Paul has now officially entered the race for President. He is doing this as a Repub but under the guise of Libertarian. Make that “lite”. I like that he is reaching out to grow the GOP. I like that he hates crony capitalism and thinks the establishment of both parties need to disappear. I like that he wants to take back America (phrase coined many times with no explicit meaning). But he hasn’t stuck to his Libertarian roots. Matter of fact, he changes as the need arises, to soothe his detractors. The object of the exercise is to stick to what you believe, which makes you an individual and unique. Otherwise, if you are the same as the rest, just back someone else. There are no points for being a clone if you don’t like establishment politics. Ron Paul stuck to his guns and beliefs through thick and thin. I may have thought him a bit whacked but I respected him.

Speaking of the whacked: John “I can reach across the aisle and scratch Democrat’s balls” McCain is going to bid on another Senate term. This guy has been one of the problems for decades. Can’t Arizona come up with a real conservative Constitutionalist that will help America? Anybody but McLame!!! Or how about this whack: Marty O’Malley, the ex-gooberner from Mary-Land; the guy who could never run out of ways to tax people; owner of the rain tax. He wants to run for President. He’s good at running. He ran away from the people’s wishes. He ran towards Obama, illegals and ruination. He couldn’t even get his Lt. Goob elected because Mary-Landers were fed up with Dem bullshit and lunacy. Now O’Malley feels he’s ready for national stage. Well, at least he has one vote….his own.
But there is always Jim Webb. The article is too kind but he is lazy. And remember, there wasn’t a Democrat Congress/Obama initiative that Webb and his buddy Warner missed voting in favor of. At least these guys are trying to play at not showing that the scumbag Hillary isn’t already coronated.

Found guilty on all counts. He never showed concern or remorse throughout the trial. When jurors cried while seeing pictures of carnage, the terrorist showed no remorse. Matter of fact, the only defense that was made was the older, dead brother made him do it. Convenient, no? Almost 2 years to come to trial. Short trial. Guilty on all counts, of which at least 17 carry the death penalty. He should get the death penalty. Then, long process of appeals. This is an Islamic terrorist that should have died during capture. Don’t waste time to find out why he did it. Don’t waste time giving him a trial for doing a terrorist act. Don’t allow the families to suffer unduly, trying to figure out if and/or when this Islamic terrorist scumbag will get his just rewards. And that reward should a fairly quick and little suffering execution. I would prefer that a ham hock be shoved down his throat to where he has to choke to death. It would only take a minute or two for him to succumb to the afterlife of virgins and Allah and blah, blah, blah.

Funny how times and circumstances can change one’s demeanor and belief system. I never use to believe in unnecessary sessions of cruelty. Anyone that cries out about “we don’t do that cause we are a civilized society” is nothing more than a denier and enabler. In other words, to give permission for others to commit barbarous acts upon us. Let the English be civilized and have the atrocities committed upon them. I would rather be feared by our enemies then submissive to them. Fear is an armor of its own. In the meantime, choking on a ham hock is very appropriate.

Well, it is here; the deadline for the Iran deal (NOT the lack thereof). There is no formal deal as yet but because they have “understandings” then they will continue wishing for that elusive binding agreement. Unfortunately for us, Iran has nothing but time to continue with their quest for the bomb while dum-dum Kerry is lead around by the platinum nose ring. What is surprising is a secret report out of Israel.

It appears that Israeli intelligence has uncovered movements between Iran and North Korea. Because of the unbalance in the Middle East and the internal turmoil and toppling of governments, Iran is trying to speed the process of obtaining a nuclear device while much focus is elsewhere. They have turned to N. Korea and it appears that the little, fat, dictator Kim Jong-un is antsy to help. What has been leaked in this report is that Iran intends to “borrow” 2 nuclear devices and 2 Nodong-B missile delivery systems. These will be smuggled in from the Gaza and into Iran. N. Korea will get an undisclosed amount of enriched uranium in the near future plus and alliance with Iran which could jointly target Israel and America. Iran will supposedly be allowed to export labor to N. Korea. Unfortunately, that “labor” comes in the form of captured Iranian enemies, about to work in camps for Jong-un. It appears that the N. Korean labor force (that is–forced labor) is way undernourished and too scrawny to continue the work needed. These laborers will include ISIS members, Christian women and children.

In other news, the Iranians have supported the mining (read–tunnels) under major Israeli cities, which already hold low yield “dirty bombs”. Israeli intelligence have determined where the tunnels are and neutralized the devices. What was also found has caught most people by surprise. Thousands of canisters containing chemicals have been piled around the explosives. Canisters containing mustard gas, cayenne pepper powder, old spice and Lysol. What good is mustard gas without pretzels? Anyway, Obama and Kerry have refuted this report as hearsay and racial and religious bias and blame the GOP for interfering with another legacy action. Kerry is now determined to challenge O’Malley for the Dem nod for President. Iran and N. Korea are backing the play. Sheesh.

We all knew the “Romney didn’t pay his taxes” ordeal was a lie. It was put out there, from the Majority Leader of the Senate, at the podium on the Senate floor, to sway the feeble minded from voting for Romney and having them vote for Obama. Try not to vomit while reading and hearing these lies. It worked. It worked because there are too many low information, low IQ, feeble minded, easily gullible “voters” who refuse to research and take what is said at face value. It also worked because a leader of a government body has no ethics, values, or cares about the “common citizen”. Lest you forget that tourist “smell” when they visit the Capitol building and Reid would like to ban them all. Well, I hear from a reliable source that Reid was lucky to just have bruises where he could have
lost an eye when that 15 year old boy he was molesting beat him with a shoe. The scumbag should have gotten worse. It’s never too late.