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That didn’t take long, did it? And Obama delivered as promised, didn’t he? And there is something happening with this administration that needs another immediate distraction, isn’t there. Here is the story.

Now here is the story where the Libyan government didn’t have prior knowledge of America’s intent and wants their suspect back. They want to try him under Libyan law but haven’t been able to capture him because the situation was too volatile. Hmm. The first story talks about a general in their army trying to get this guy. Any reporter wanting a story with the suspect didn’t seem to have any problems finding him. And now he will be tried in civilian court. We do we continue to play this game? Extract what little information there is; put a bullet in his brain and tell the politicians he jumped off the ship at sea and drowned. Better yet, capture him, interrogate him immediately at his home, kill him and leave. I don’t know if we even get any credible intel from these guys anymore.we need to stop putting on a show and just take care of business. Now we’ll hold him in jail somewhere and await trial 4 years down the road. And after he has his day in court, maybe we can go look for another Benghazi suspect.

Hello everyone!
Been a while because I have been busy out here with real life, but I wanted to comment on this Iraq issue because it is really bothering me.
Simply put, going back into Iraq is the LAST thing we need to do. The “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria/Levant” (ISIS) is posting the horrific pictures and atrocities on twitter and other social media in an attempt to goad us back into the war. US troops back on the ground would be a recruiting boon ISIS.

Yes ISIS is anti-Shia and a jihad against them is seen as legit in their eyes, but drawing in the CLEAR kufaar (infidels) would be an even bigger attraction for potential Sunni recruits from all around that region and beyond. If you listen to what they are saying they are ALREADY claiming to have defeated the “American/Shia alliance” each time they capture a new city. That of course is a lie because we have no troops fighting on the ground, but if we throw in on the side of the Shia, then many Sunnis will say, “hey ISIS was right all along” and many will join the fight against us. Then of course Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar will continue to fund the ISIS jihad. Meanwhile, the Iranians will not be forced to use their own troops to defend their side. They can sit back and watch us take another bloody nose while they benefit from our gains by dispatching their enemies. All of that without them lifting a finger or losing a single soldier.

The truth is that this is their war, not ours! We have given billions to the Iraqis in not only cash but equipment with which to fight. If they do not want to defend their homeland, then why should we defend it for them? I am betting that the Shia will not simply allow the ISIS militants to march into the south and slaughter them. They will defend themselves if we let them do that. We need to allow them to solve their own problems instead of constantly intervening and introducing an foreign element into the mix.

Secondly, in spite of what Bush and other neo-cons believe, we can NOT “install” democracy. That point is now so obvious that it should no longer even be a point of debate. The people on the ground must want democracy for themselves AND the culture must be in place for it to bloom. Those two things can not be “installed”.

Thirdly, most people in the United States have no interest in fighting another long, drawn out, quagmire where our troops are fighting with both arms tied behind their backs in a thankless effort at nation building where billions of hard earned tax payer dollars are pilfered by corrupt war lords.
This is what the “seeding of freedom” has brought to us. I say “no more”.

Kept hearing on the news back in April that rising fuel prices were the cause of converting over to the “summer” blend and that those prices would come right back down. They haven’t. Ethanol continues to cost the American taxpayer billions in subsidies and it continues to ruin engines. Electric isn’t getting off the ground and fuel of some source is necessary to run the power plants to make the electricity which charges those vehicles. Now there is a new problem with unrest in the Middle East where it is impacting oil exports.

We are sitting on immense coal, oil and natural gas supplies that would make us independent from the needs of other countries’ resources. Why are we not making this reality? Obama. The side affects are a weaker, non-working economy. People aren’t making a paycheck. The ones that are can’t afford the fuels that drive our lives so they are living in a deficit (including myself). Thing is, the greeners are happy because the planet is being saved thru their cause. Is it? Is anything we do here changing how other industrialized countries operate? Russia? China? India? Mexico? The climate changers, greeners, and the Obama administration want to be leaders where the rest of the world will emulate our initiatives. We haven’t led anything in years. Why would countries follow us down the economic toilet when they can keep their economies going through the utilization of ANY resources available to them? They wouldn’t and won’t. We are the only suckers committed to economic suicide. Boy, this Obama agenda is so screwed up.

If we ever get a regime change that puts America on the right track again, I’m going to get a T-shirt that reads “I survived the worst economic times in American history–Obama Socialism”. I believe that trumps my Dad’s Great Depression.

Once you get past the point where it was all Bush’s fault, with the concurrence of the Dems in Congress about going to war, then you will realize that it was all Obama’s fault for letting the gains and sacrifices fail miserably. Why did it end up like this? Partly because “plugs” Biden is Barry’s international affairs expert. Mostly just because of incompetence, a lack of understanding and just being “over one’s head”. Iraq is vastly becoming an Al Qaeda state. And it doesn’t appear that Obama saw this coming or even cares. When you read the UK story, you will see that a captive (the new wanna-be head of Al Qaeda) was released 4 years ago by unknowns. Maybe this is a reason you don’t release the bad guys.

War also makes strange bedfellows. Iran is getting into the fray because ISIS is Sunni based and Iran has poured tons of aide into Iraq to have a Shite ally. When you look at what is unfolding, you see bitter rivals between Iraq and Iran again(as it was before we ousted Saddam) when they slugged it out with each other. And who do you think is going to be a major target in the area? Yes, not ONLY Israel but Jordan also. And what of Syria? Usually dictators ruin their own countries and don’t branch out. Fanatics use countries as launching points to conquer and overcome others.

How do you explain to American service personnel that you did the right thing when the sacrifice made is destined for the “all for not” category, with the current CIC taking NO BLAME for any of it. And what help will America give to Iraq, other than the money and military hardware that seems to be abandoned and falling into ISIS hands? It looks like the people of Iraq don’t like these Sunni radicals and are taking up arms to save their way of life. Good for them. I wonder if any other Islamic nations will join the fight to stamp out this Al Qaeda cancer? Oh what a mess this is turning out to be. Do you see anything less happening in Afghanistan?

Yes, murdering unborn children is still in full force. A couple of state AGs are trying to get records from Planned Parenthood where 12 and 13 year old girls are getting abortions, because state law says that it is considered rape at that age–regardless of consent. These abortion clinics are suppose to deny these younglings abortions and report the incidence to the state per law. But as you can read, it isn’t being done in most all cases.

What is really abhorrent with this lax attitude with abortion clinics is the bad side affects that it causes. Read this article here. It goes back to the initial reason why there is abortion and how society continues to support this form of murder. I like this statement best:

“Truth is the reaction of Planned Parenthood isn’t a surprise. The surprise is that the so many millions of men and women can be alarmed and outraged by the sexual assault and murder of a 9-year-old little girl like Jessica and not see their contribution. It lies in society’s tolerance and individual support of abortion and sexual promiscuity in its myriad forms. In the end, it makes us all partly to blame for what happened to Jessica Lunsford.”

This is just one story of one city of one class of drivers. It is happening in this country everyday and drivers are getting away with murder because of “loopholes” I guess. Then again, take away their license and they will still drive, even if they get caught again. And they are killing kids! When is something going to be done about these insane drivers that cause this havoc?

I beat the lefties to the story. Here it is. I know. No real information but that won’t stop the anti-gunners, will it. Another gun free zone. Still no solutions to protect our children in school, after the last school shooting. Or the one before that. Or the one prior to that. Etc. Wonder where these mental killers will strike when school term is over? No information but the floor is open. Speak up.