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I almost forgot about this until I watched the new congress get sworn in. Having to listen to the wrinkled crow Pelosi made my stomach wrench. Then she stomped on Repubs as she announced Boner as the elected Speaker of the house, at which time Boner tried to plant a kiss on Pelosi’s ear/neck/hair. This is not what I expected from this congress on the first day. Looks like it is all down hill from here.

Anyway, my list of wishes go like this:

I wish—
-that someone is held accountable in the IRS and gets fired, without pension and/or goes to jail.
-that someone is captured, found guilty and incarcerated for the Benghazi massacre.
-that Bradley Manning does NOT get a sex change operation (paid for by taxpayers or otherwise).
-that Sgt. Bergdahl is found guilty of desertion during war, aiding the enemy, and executed…….soon.
-that those responsible for Fast & Furious are held responsible and put in jail.
-that someone is jailed for the VA debacle.
-that someone is jailed for the NSA debacle.
-that Al Sharpton is hounded by the Justice Dept. and put in jail for tax evasion, being anerexic, wearing bad clothes and a bad hairstyle.
-that Obama is impeached for criminal behavior against his oath of office.
-that Eric Holder is caught up in a racist demonstration he helped promote.
There is much more but I don’t want to be too greedy. Bad things happen to bad people and I wish more things happen to liberals like happened to Harry Reid. Sure, he had an accident because some exercise equipment failed. He should be more wealthy by it because I’m sure he’ll sue the manufacturer. That is unless he is lying. Oh the shock. He could have had a fight with his boyfriend for all I know. I also wish that the GOP in the House and Senate grow some balls and do what the people want; not what the lobbyist want. We’ll see.

Publishing the image below is (allegedly) what got 12 French citizens murdered today in France. Assimilation works while multiculturalism leads to a clash of values and eventually even war. Formula: Diversity + Proximity = War

The best thing Europe could do is to stem the massive tide of immigration and try to assimilate those that have already immigrated. Those that are criminals should be sent back to their countries of origin to practice whatever form of Shariah they want to practice and allow the people of the West to practice freedom, democracy and republicanism.

We need to stop apologizing for who we are. It only emboldens these irrational medievalists.


Note: most of this ideology is funded and supported by a certain key Arab state that produces a lot of oil.

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2015!

While most people are thinking of new goals such as losing weight, eating healthier, or saving more money, I am sitting thinking about our technological progress as a species.

Each time I think of the fact that it is 2015, I can’t help but look back on my childhood and think about how I (like most people) figured that we would have sent human beings to Mars (or perhaps even to the moons of Jupiter) by now. I also (like others) figured that we would have a colony on the moon or that an airplane would be able to travel from New York to Los Angeles in 20 minutes. Or heck, that we would have moved beyond airplanes. And yes…that we would have flying cars.

Well, at least self driving cars are on the way (maybe?). But then again, I just can’t put my mind around the fact that we sent a man to the moon in 1969 and can’t even dream to do even DARE attempt that in 2015! Can we even break the sound barrier anymore??

Did we peak in the late 1960s?

From a time when we dreamed of better things

Instead we have gotten improvements on technologies that existed back in the 1960s. Bigger and better TVs. Better telephones. Better kitchen appliances. GPS and automatic windows in our cars. And of course the internet and social media – which has spawned the “social justice warrior” (see definition of “social justice warrior” in this link). But our vehicles still burn fossil fuels, we still use plug ins and wires for electricity, and the Concorde has not only NOT been improved upon, but has been decommissioned.

When’s the last time we CURED a disease? In the 1980s, I certainly would have thought cancer would be cured by 2015.

“Mr. Fusion” home energy reactor that creates energy from trash. A vision of 2015 from ‘Back to the Future” (1985)


Yes, internet and social media is a good thing, but on the other hand, it sure prevents our military from being able to go out and WIN a war. World War II would have never ended had social media been around at that time. Our full military might may never be unleashed again. And that is sad because the irony is that that is exactly what it would take to save more lives. Can you imagine if we went into Afghanistan with our full strength in 2001? We should have bombed them into complete submission, salted the earth, closed our borders, and came home. None of that is possible with social media around.

And can any of you imagine what the Tawana Brawley rape story would have been like had it happened a few months ago, instead of in 1987? A story of a 15 year old black girl being raped by 3 white men (one of whom was a District Attorney, who had his good name smeared by Al Sharpton!), who were shouting racist epithets, would be far too rich for social media and the mainstream media to pass up. Fits their narrative far too well – facts be damned.

The story would have quickly gotten out of control, and the black community and the “social justice” mob would have been whipped into a full blown frenzy before any of the facts ever came in. Tawana Brawley would be a national hero today. She would get an invitation to the White House, constant mentions by liberal members of Congress, and would be the inspiration for new legislation. Then of course, after the grand jury voted NOT to indict (as it did not in 1987 as it was a clearly phony story) there would be riots and undocumented shopping from the protestors. The slandered District Attorney would today be a racist pariah and would have to live in the shadows. He would have to move because some leftist anarchist group would publish his home address. Of course he would have to fear an indictment on “civil rights violations” as well. So he would have to keep a lawyer on retainer.

So, yeah. Instead of improving on getting the facts RIGHT, we have narcissistic social justice mobs and hashtag activists whipped into a frenzy on false information. Social media: our big advancement.

Social Justice Warriors demonstrated

Social Justice Warriors demonstrated

Anyway, Happy 2015 everyone!

This has been a very different season for me. I am just happy to be here and have quite a different outlook on life going forward. I have spent the last 2 months watching Christmas movies and mending myself. During this time I have paid attention to many things and this is what I see:

Christmas came late to my neighborhood. Some families no longer want to participate outwardly and others just showed up last week. Gas prices are down and people have more money yet retailers are not seeing sales like past seasons. The commercial side, trying to keep businesses together, have changed from “Black Friday” to “Thanksgiving Thursday”. The only thing this has done, instead of boosting sales, has caused fights and mob mentality 12 hours earlier. There are less red kettles and more poor in need. Unfortunately, this administration has decided to swell the poor class with illegals, when it is hard enough to take care of our own poor citizens. I find this very offensive. I see a growing culture of thieves, cons, liars, and just despicable people that are against and a burden on society. Then again, I hear very little about GOD, family and good will towards our fellow man. Matter of fact, a selfish and irresponsible element is creating havoc and anarchy in our cities and on our streets. Most of this is played out under falsehoods. With all this going on, I have been looking for some good news. Here, on Christmas Eve, the only good news that I can find is that Jesus Christ was born. He came into this world to die for OUR sins so that we could be saved. This does not mean that there isn’t a price to pay for eternal life because there is. As a gentile, I am thankful for the opportunity and I am always working at making my way to Heaven. Too many people seem to overlook that fact or just don’t care.

I may never see peace on earth during the Christmas season or any other time during my life, but I do know that in the end, it will happen. Because of this day, I have a means for salvation. There is no other good news or gladness that I need. I get the same gift every year and every day–the chance at eternal life. I take this time to wish you and yours an understanding of the gift, the happiness of its reward, and the peace it will give your heart from now until forever. Merry Christmas.

Do you realize that after a large sysmic event, after shocks (which can be many) can carry the same or near same intensity as the original event. This last midterm election should have changed the tone and landscape going forward and made Obama the lame duck he deserves to be. It hasn’t and the last vestiges of the liberal Senate are putting in their licks also.

It appears that carnage and woe upon the citizens is the end game going forward. Obama seems to be looking at two things here. First, he isn’t sure if the albatross around his neck called Obamacare will ever remain intact;the healthcare system going forward and his legacy. Second, to cover all bases for being remembered (OMG, Barack. How could we EVER forget you?!) and to snub our system of government, as well the citizens that put a cabosh on the Senate further covering his ass and taking the heat for him, he is moving forward with items that will be a nightmare for future administrations to get a hold of. Obama seems to be breaking the bottle after releasing the Genie. Talk about vindictive. If nothing else, going forward, Obama will be the reason for the legislative branch of government curtailing the power of future presidents from ever getting this criminal and reckless again. I expected more of the legislature than what we are getting. I never expected more of Obama. Certainly not more turmoil and criminality. Unless the citizens can personally have representatives incarcerated for dereliction of duty, I see two years of grief that will take us over the brink. I can’t afford anymore of this. Normalization of relations with Cuba is just the latest snub. What will happen tomorrow?


That’s right. It appears that she feels a need to declassify information that will give dates, names and occurrences where the CIA used torture to extract information from enemy individuals. Well, the torture issue is not new. What happened was some tapes from an enemy combatant were erased by the CIA to save lives. Feinstein and her committee decided to investigate the CIA and the CIA starting looking……with interest….into Dianne Feinstein. This is more a case of ruffled feathers than anything else. Also, because the Senate will change political sides come January; if Feinstein doesn’t release this report now, the new Senate will never let it get released. So for ruffled feathers and for little, if any, new information on tactics and techniques, Feinstein will put American lives in peril, as well as make it near impossible for future endeavors to get intel from foreign nationals or governments. It is hard to fathom how 8 years of a Dem president and 8 years of a Dem Senate with 4 years of a Dem House could set back this country 60 to 80 years. How do you explain this stuff to grandbabies and great grandbabies, who ask you how it came about and why was it allowed to come about.