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It happened back in 2008. It isn’t the time but the circumstances that I wish to dwell on. This Michigan man brutally and purposely stabbed and cut the throats of his family before running away to India where he was finally caught and extradited for his crime. That he used a knife is not novel because there are many homocides that use knives. Rather, he had a masters degree in mathematics and was unemployed. We talk about illegals taking jobs away from Americans. We also talk about how financial issues push people to do some drastic things. Seems to be the case here. I don’t know if his wife brow-beat him to support the family. I don’t know if the kids expected all those vices available to Americans. I don’t know if he gambled or lost money in the stock market or lived too lavishly for his means. His defense focuses on finances being the cause. Other than his premeditated scheme to kill his family, I do believe he suffered from financial stress. It is an issue and there are many more stories out there like this. It can only get worse since those that work are at the breaking point of supporting those that don’t. Doing the right thing and trying to survive while the deck keeps getting stacked against you can flip a switch in your head. The economy has more ramifications than most people realize. We’ll see if this trend gains speed or gov’t comes back to reality.

That’s right. Time for another gun show this weekend at the Chantilly, Va. EXPO Center. Times are: Friday 6/6 1pm to 8pm, Saturday 6/7 9am to 5pm, and Sunday 6/8 10am to 5pm. I need a flint and screw for a Brown Bess I just restored. Shoot, I might even buy a bazooka or anti-personnel mine. You never know when you may need one. Need to renew my NRA membership also. Plenty to see and buy for everyone…..including the kids. Don’t forget to bring your old militaria as we are always looking to buy. See you there!

We all have very busy lives. We focus more on ourselves and immediate family circle as we plod, trod, race through this life we most hold dear. Sometimes we lose track of our extended families with such a busy schedule we run. Next thing you know, people are gone and upon our reflection, we wonder why it happened and what we were doing that we allowed these people to escape our company and some of our time.

Such is the case with my neighbor and dear friend. We have done many things together and enjoyed deep conversations on varying subjects. Our “busy” schedules with work and family have lessened the times we get together, other than some occasional banter over the fence. I’m use to his habits as he is with mine. I was away for the month of May and some of April. He usually takes a sibling outing during that same time period but little things were out of place. Children were mowing the yard. I didn’t see the grill smoking from the meal being cooked. Didn’t hear that Chevy pickup rumbling to the store or work. And the window of the man-cave has been shut for much too long. I caught his wife mowing the yard and inquired about his presence. The response I received was not what I expected. He is the same age as I and found out in March that he has cancer. He has done the chemo and radiation and is very weak; not seeing visitors. We are both proud people and keep things from others. And sometimes we keep it from each other as to not cause burden or concern, which is the case here.

My friend is with family and I offered to take all burdens from the women during this crisis so that they may focus on their Dad and husband. I don’t know how this will turn out and I don’t know whether my friend will shun his pride and allow me to see him in this depleted state. Wish I could talk with him again. I was able to converse with him right before this happened but it just doesn’t feel like enough to satisfy me now. No NASCAR, no vehicles, no Nats, no politics, no work; all things that were on the routine conversation menu. I pray my friend gets through this but, anymore, moving late into life, I pray I am able to talk and see those people that have made my life what it is. This is but another reminder to all that we only have the current day to do what we need to because tomorrow just might not be there. Call someone. Visit someone. Leave no regrets.

This one really frosts my ass. The administration decides to have a prison exchange and release 5 real bad guys with the Taliban for 1 army sgt. POW. My son’s platoon either lost or wounded every man in it from Taliban fighters on his last tour. Obama initiated a surge that was not requested by the Pentagon that caused a greater loss of U.S. military lives. Now his SecDef “advises” Congress of the release, without needing Congress’s authorization, just to show “transparency”. And for what? You can pick the poison that suits you. I picked this one because it asks fair questions and gives accounts for those questions. Is this guy a traitor? I guess we will find out more as time goes on. Regardless, was it worth the price or does this administration have something more nefarious in mind? Kinda like releasing alien criminals BACK (they shouldn’t be in the country anyway) into the American population. Of course, this type behavior will continue with this administration until one of released/exchanged people hit those close to THEM! Then things will change, right? Pretty shameful and disgusting behavior on Obama’s part, if you ask me.

Are the rats jumping ship? Has the fire become hotter than the frying pan? Are the distractions made to take the heat off of other unresolved issues and scandals? Are we now starting to read the obituaries of this house of cards administration? I sincerely hope so. I am starting to have a thrill run up my leg! :smile:

Now that many of the Democrat base in Congress voiced their disapproval of the VA scandal and for the resignation of Shinseki, they feel that the heat will be lifted off the party (as my logic dictates to me). Finally, a head of a department in this administration has been held responsible even though it was a resignation instead of a firing, which is what should have happened. And Obama says “Last week I said that if we found misconduct, it would be punished, and I meant it.” Yeah, well, how many times have we heard that empty rhetoric? And, for a problem that has existed before he became president, and the promise to fix when campaigning and every year hence, what got fixed? I believe the VA should close shop. Take all the employees and put them on the unemployment line. Use all the money saved and sign every Vet up on a FREE Obamacare policy–doctor and hospital restrictions and all. Moving from one government run program to another doesn’t seem like a smart move but at least it will give the same benefits to the Vets that every American has: lack of doctors; lack of hospitals; lack of all available care and procedures. It isn’t that I hate the Vets but the healthcare system of today. This would give the final death nell needed to go forward with a good, workable system.

It appears that the State Department considers the situation in Libya to be unstable and not conducive for Americans being “safe”. Hmmm. I wonder if this is a joke. I was just about to buy an airline ticket for that destination so that I could wave the American flag and bond with my Libyian brothers, who really appreciate all that my country has done for them in bringing about a peaceful, democratic country. Why shouldn’t I feel safe?