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Or should I say the lack of testimony where she continued to invoke the 5th Amendment. There are 2 things that came to mind:

First, Cummings wanted to ask a question and was recognized. He immediately went into another hate filled, divert attention, diatribe where Issa then adjourned the meeting and cut off the mikes since no question to Lerner was forthcoming. I both laughed and applauded. Political theatre at its better moment. I don’t think it would have hurt Issa to allow another rant, because no one listens to Cummings anyway, but I appreciated shutting the loud mouth up. These people tend to say nothing pertinent to forward these proceedings but rather gripe illogically about fact finding of one of their own ilk. Had it been a non-liberal on the stand, Cummings would have grilled with real petty questions and innuendo to degrade and belittle the individual being grilled. Seems that those politicians in the state of Maryland were all raised and molded from the same pond scum. I liken it to the by-product from a failed green energy initiative (for those of you that are slow–algae was being formulated into a usable fuel and that is my association stated above). Yup. Maryland is in a whole new phase of useless politics and corruption by political means.

Second, why are they playing footsie with this woman? There is enough evidence to hold her culpable for abuse of station and position, abuse of power, and a bias in department. Indict her and take her to court. Let the cards fall where they will. If convicted, take her pension and send her to jail. Then she will have a “come to Jesus” moment and want to spill her guts, at which time I would say “too bad–too late”. Then, like a liberal minion that she is, she will do interviews and naming names where she won’t go down the creek alone. It’s a win-win situation. No deals, no immunity. Who knows what song the jailbird will sing. Then again, she might get acquitted and that will hang heavy on the neck of this administration.

I wonder if a new reality show would make a start–”Jailbird housewives of DC”. Progs like those kind of shows.

Although reports are sketchy, at this point there only seem to be Russian troops in Crimea, not in Ukraine proper.

But this begs the question, What, exactly, is Ukraine?

Ukraine, formerly the Ukraine (the Borderland), was really just that — a land on the border of Russia.  It was not a distinct country (though the people were occasionally promised autonomy that never materialized) until the dissolution of the Soviet Union.  The Crimean peninsula was only transferred from the control of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1954 by the government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  This was an administrative move only.  The people of Crimea remained largely ethnic Russians.  Even now, Crimea is an “autonomous republic” (the only one) inside Ukraine.  Sevastopol (which is on the peninsula, but is not part of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) is home to both the Russian and Ukrainian Black Sea fleets.  Russia has a rental agreement with Ukraine for that use.

Meanwhile, much of eastern Ukraine is ethnic Russian.  We hear, quite reasonably, that the people of Ukraine should be able to choose their own path.  But must they all go together?  Ukraine’s borders are what the Soviet Union made them for its own convenience.  If the people of Crimea decide they want to be under the auspices of Russia, should they be allowed to do so?  Should they be allowed to be wholly independent — a new country — if they so desire?  What of eastern Ukraine?  Should Ukraine allow them to secede — and perhaps join Russia?

What if Ukraine says no?  Who would fault the Russians for helping ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine from joining Russia?

There are no easy answers here.  I hope someone with more knowledge of the region will comment.

How many organizations are doing God’s work? Can you name some of the more notable ones? Most of us can because we know and donate to good causes. Or we see the good that religious organizations and God fearing people do. I don’t know about the more obscure organizations but I just heard of one. It is the OFA or better known as Organizing For America. Mike’s right says it best.

Yup. Makes sense to me. The world is more unstable than ever before and more people want to do harm to America and the western world than ever before. Hagel sure knows what he is doing. Oh. Hagel is a republican and is an absolute buffoon. How did he ever get elected to that post? What a disgrace to the party.

Now defense needs some culling in areas, no doubt. And Hagel talked with the top brass ( who tend to be more political in this day and age) for concurrence. Making military personnel pay for more things and get less in benefits would make anyone want to enlist (read: the draft will be coming back shortly). Money will be available to keep the F35 albatross going forward (why not just copy the Chinese–they already perfected the damn thing) but out goes the U-2. That means that anything to be seen by satellite will be hidden because our foes know when the satellites come into position. And the Warthog (ground pounder’s best friend) will go away. I assume Dragon Flys and Apaches will now cover that role. And the drones will be relied upon more than ever. Operations will be performed by SOG and we will disable and dismantle an enemies chance of waging war by internet.

Where will the savings go from all these “cutbacks”? Paying off the debt? Building a border fence? Probably into more ludicrous “outings”, rounds of golf, slush funds, entitlements. I know with this savings that the debt ceiling and budget will continue to go up. My advice is stock up on defense weapons. We may need it when Red Dawn comes to past.

Ever heard the statement: It’s my ball so we play by my rules! This is my blog and we play by my rules, which means that other than outting a person or useless, vulgar diatribe, anything goes…….including offending someone’s beliefs. I don’t censor you. You don’t censor others, and so on. Notice how the censors have backed off on the “bad word” bleeps on some communications? Coming of the times I guess. Do I like censorship? Nope. Is there offensive language being spoke? Yup. My option is to turn the dial or channel so that I don’t have to listen if I don’t want to. Self-censorship. Works great. The government makes the censoring criteria and they love to use it to stifle their foes (or as one dictator states–their enemies….politically speaking I hope). They are trying to force a study to make sure that important issues are being covered; minorities and other areas of the population are being addressed; things are pertinent for the times; blah, blah, blah. New censorship. Oh, just forget about that Fairness Act thingamabob because it is only a law and laws are meant to be ignored with this administration. What? It isn’t going thru now and has been put on the back burner? It wasn’t eliminated, was it? Back burner for a later date to rear it’s ugly head once again. Think about this part being the overture for a movie because the meat is coming up now.

People are just plain burned out over the time and expenses for studies (and George Soros was pushing this newsroom study. No false premise there). Who cares how frogs fornicate; why snails slime everything; or how many progs it takes to screw up a lightbulb. But things are done in baby steps and tend to slip by those who are aloof (or on their favorite drug of choice). Let’s take the new censorship on the scene and it’s penalty. The NFL will outlaw the “n word” and give a 15 yard penalty for its use. Nut job? Nincompoop? I guess the n word they are talking about is either nigger or nigga or both. Three quarters of the NFL is Negro and they own the word and use it on themselves all the time. Who is being offended? Can a Negro be racist if he calls another Negro a nigger? Doesn’t make much sense to me. I never hear it or see it on TV games but it must have put a burr in someone’s briefs. Now what I have heard all too often (and seen it mouthed) are the words “shit” and “fuck” but that doesn’t seem to offend anyone. I would consider whitey, cracker and honky to be racist but no one is going after them either. To me, they are just words. I am neither shocked nor offended by them. My mother always told me that ” sticks and stones may break my bones but names would never hurt me”. She was a wise and tradition based lady. My point is that this is a stepping stone to censorship. The NFL will jump right on board to show they aren’t racist. So how can we make them show that cursing in general is an affront? Guess it isn’t important at this juncture. Oh. Almost forgot. Do you know what is as important at this juncture? Jeff Daniels wants to know why the NFL isn’t doing anything about the name “Redskins” also. Those Salem Witch trials that showed the ignorance of religion. Watch what ignorance does with CensorGate. Coming to a media near you soon!

I love stories where people become aware of the dangers and viciousness of unions. Some employees are paying attention and none more prevalent than those in the southern right-to-work states. Such is the case with Chattanooga’s VW plant. It appears that the majority of employes were satisfied with working conditions and pay. They also were in fear of having no control (read–having a voice) in union matters and ending up like Detroit. As well they should worry.

Remember when the NLRB was trying to make all employers more pro union and have personal information such as names, addresses, e-mails and phone numbers, being made available to the unions? Take about conditions rife with corruption and harassment. It appears that that harassment existed in this case. I remember numerous times when I was harassed in this way by the union. Death threats, abusive phone calls at all hours, destruction of personal and private property. This is how unions and their mindless minions make sure they get their way. Make no mistake; unions are owned and operated by thugs. Used to be an off-shoot of the mob but I couldn’t tell you that it is not still the case. With all that union money just waiting to be used…..or skimmed.

Union money. That comes from dues from union workers. The union calls it a “strike fund”. I’ve been on strike before. The union goes to exotic places and has outings (called “meetings”) where they are fighting for member rights while members walk a picket line. The dues come back to the members in the form of hats, t-shirts and coffee mugs. Those dues are suppose to be there for those who need food and pay mortgage while in an extended strike. Doesn’t happen. You actually have to rely on family and friends to help you out. And how about political candidates gifts, recalls and advertisements, trying to make a political union point (read–swell union ranks for more union dues). I heard the union spent between 1.5 to 5 million dollars on the VW deal. It was an investment in the future with no return. Someone else’s dues wasted, with no return ever coming back to the dues payer

The union is outraged by the influence of external and internal forces. Hell, yes. Obama even chimed in. And they may contest this vote. More union dues wasted. Not to be undeterred, they will be back to VW in a year to try again, as well hitting other car makers with plants in the South. The unions are hurting. The unions are thugs and asses. And the unions are desperate. How desperate? Well, being a political arm of Dems and Obama specifically, they have an ear and mouth piece with the MSM (save FOX). And the MSM came through with this revelation from Timothy Noah, NBC. As you can see, shit sticks together in clumps as Beckle proves with his remark. All that any liberal has to do is assert something and it automatically becomes fact, baseless or not, where all other mud scum liberals will defend the lie to their grave. This is also the way of unions. Look. Take my advice. The only union you need in life is for putting air or liquid lines, or pipe together and they can be purchased at any hardware store. Labor unions destroy economies and take the “union” out of American states. Believe it.

UPDATE: Here is just one of those unions persuading others to their cause.

While being snowed in today, I thought many of you would enjoy this video. The message transcends language.