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Does anyone remember that line? It was coined by Rahm Emanuel and, regardless what he says he meant by that, it means to take a tragedy and exploit it politically. This is what the Democrat party does. Exploit things and people. Take the Amtrak crash in Philly the other day. Within a 24 hour period, you had Democrats crying about the need for fixing our “infrastructure”. Wasn’t that what the almost trillion dollar stimulus for? That’s what we were all told. Where did that money go? And why are the Dems blaming the GOP and others instead of themselves? Even the CNN report I cited here makes reference. This particular train needs special equipment that won’t be installed yet to negate this accident. The speed of the train was twice the maximum allowed for that stretch of track. Sounds like human error but the engineer ain’t talking cause he doesn’t remember.

When will this senseless, immature, disgusting type of pandering for self or party gratification ever stop? When people tire of being used as mush-headed pawns and turn focus back on those ignorant rubes promoting this behavior.

And why are people saying that Obamacare is here to stay and stop trying to overturn it. I know that this administration keeps giving billions to the states with exchanges, yet the promise that the exchanges would become financially reliant has not come to past. Now, in Obama’s home state of Hawai’i (or is it Illinois? Maybe Kenya? Anyway….), that states exchange is going belly up. Not from lack of millions of taxpayer dollars being thrown at it, over time, to get it to be viable. Hark, the taxpayer isn’t finished. Looks like it will cost an additional 30 MILLION DOLLARS to roll it over to Wow! And no one is culpable and no one will be fired or go to jail. These are amazing monetary times we live in.

Speaking of waste. NIH has spent $500,000 studying pregnant women walking. They feel it will take away depression and have less complications during birth. I really don’t know if pregnant women should be exercising at all, especially walking. They aren’t Weebles you know. You can see more stupid waste here. Wonder where they are getting all this money from? Who pays for this crap anyway?

My daughter has just informed me that my niece’s son is missing. He is about to graduate and a very responsible kid. I don’t have all the particulars about this but if I could elicit your help, I would be grateful. You can see his picture and read the article here. If you have Facebook and friends who live around the King of Prussia, Pa. area (around Philly) or anywhere else for that matter, show them his picture and the news article. I hate when kids go missing. I have never had it so close to home (family). Any and all eyes greatly help in this matter. I pray he is alright. Thank you.

Baltimore City is the next police department being put under federal scrutiny. This time it was requested by the Mayor of Baltimore who, earlier, decided that justice needed to be served for the death of Freddy Gray (who had quite an arrest record) while in the “custody” of her police department. The same mayor who gave rioters carte blanche to destroy. She then initiates a curfew for her out-of-control action, puts her police force at great risk and in harm’s way, calls in Al Sharpton and then accuses her officers of murder in the death of Gray.
What have I forgotten? Oh, yeah, the professional rioters and agitators from out of state will be sought and prosecuted…..sometime in the future or, commonly known TBA. Something else……..oh, yeah. There is corruption in the police department and THAT is why the DOJ was asked to investigate. Holder wouldn’t have needed to be asked because he loves to stick his nose in state business. I can’t find a direct number of butt-in-skis for the police departments he intended to dismantle or straighten up but I’m sure it is stuck somewhere in this back patting tome of accomplishments. Regardless, why is the fed involving itself into state issues? It is up to the state and courts to deal with internal issues. Now the DOJ under Holder won’t prosecute Black Panthers (Negroes) but he will prosecute any white on black (Caucasian on Negro) act, regardless of the circumstances OR jurisdiction. But this has nothing to do with race. Neither did Fergusson. Nor Baltimore. It is all just about “Constitutional?” justice, right? Right.

Whatever we may think about the riotous mobs of looters and arsonists in Baltimore, they are not “animals,” but humans who have been taught to act like animals.  Although the majority are Black, it is not because of their race but because of their upbringing that they act as they do. White people with the same intellect and same upbringing would act the same.

So what is that upbringing?


From their birth, Liberalism has told them that they are too stupid to negotiate a fair price for their labor, so a Minimum Wage is necessary.  They cannot get jobs at that price, so the Minimum Wage teaches them not that their labor is worth less, but that they are worthless.

Since Liberalism makes them incapable of working, Liberalism provides them with welfare.  But if the women get married, their welfare is taken away.  So they are taught not to marry, and the children are brought up in the single-parent households that Liberalism forces on them.  The fathers, unable to find legal work because Liberalism priced them out of the labor market, turn to illegal work and end up in jail or dead.

Liberalism teaches them that they are too stupid to negotiate a fair price for the goods and services they buy.  As such, they think it is right to take back what what taken from them.  Prog politicians do this through progressive taxation and corporate taxes, and return the “stolen” money that they have stolen in Welfare payments, after taking out a nice percentage for themselves, of course.  But if the politicians can loot businesses through legislation via the mob power of the government, there is no moral difference in looting a store in person.

Liberalism, in support of killing babies in utero, implicitly teach that Black lives don’t matter.  So inner-city Blacks, steeped in Liberalism, murder and see nothing wrong with it, just as the rich progs support murdering children in utero and see nothing wrong with it.

“Liberalism is a mental disorder.”  Is it any wonder that those who grew up steeped in Liberalism do crazy shit?


First of all, greetings to everyone. I have been having some serious health challenges of late that have kept me busy – on top of daily life.

That said, I am very saddened to see the state our our union these days. Make no mistake. There are elements in DC that have promoted and fomented the type of behavior that we are witnessing in various cities nowadays. An example of this is when a looter told a CNN reporter that they were “taking back what is rightfully theirs”.

The idea that businesses and business people (such as CVS) have been “taking” from the common people is taught to these young people. This is why they feel justified to riot. Then on top of that, they are treated as heroes by social justice warriors (SJWs) on social media and even in certain parts of the mainstream media.

Here are some examples of the undocumented shopping in Baltimore and the dystopian future of the United States

Nothing like free toilet paper (and other stuff)

Nothing like free toilet paper (and other stuff)


Undocumented shopper

Undocumented shopper. Chips and sugar laden soda. It’s a “food desert”. Organic grocers need to open there, so that the undocumented shoppers can take better food.



And just imagine that all this happened while the hardened thugs were still asleep

Wonder why toilet paper was such a popular item? Do they roll blunts with them?

Wonder why toilet paper was such a popular item? Do they roll blunts with them?

Undocumented shoppers set a senior citizens' home on fire.

Undocumented shoppers set a senior citizens’ home on fire.


Complicit Pals!

Complicit Pals!

The safest place in west Baltimore today was the library

More like a middle finger in Obama’s and he West’s faces. This KGB scumbag; oppressor of the Russian people, has lost his mind like Henry the VIII with syphilis (or even Alphonso Capone). He has increased his military aircraft incursions as if with impunity. Pretty bold, no? Maybe if we had given Ukraine the arms necessary to fight back this little dictators conquering aspirations, he would be in a check mode today. Another feather in the loser cap of Obama, who is daily solidifying his niche in history as the absolute worse president, and joke. I wonder how Negroes will elevate him in he future for Black History month. This guy was a terrible role model to be sure. Kinda like our George Wallace or Ted Kennedy to be sure. Individuals Caucasians can surely be proud of…….not!