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What is The Most Important Job in Society? Motherhood.

Liberalism, particularly feminism, with its misguided focus on some faux “equality” between men and women (they change the definition of equal to mean “the same”) has dehumanized the human fetus and devalued motherhood. I guess in their twisted weltanschauung, if a man can’t do it, it’s not worth doing. How sexist is that!?

But there it is — only women can bear children. As “liberalism” and “feminism” (liberalism is not about liberty, but subservience to the government, and feminism is not about the wonder that is femininity, but about how to make women more like men) devalue motherhood, and try to make women more like men, our birth rates are dropping precipitously. Liberalism and feminism are killing western civilization.

There is nothing more important to a civilization than the next generation, and nothing more important to the creation of the next generation, and to civilizing it, than mothers. One man can father hundreds of children, but women, not so many.

So why do liberalism and it’s evil offspring, feminism, devalue motherhood? Why do they devalue that which makes women more valuable than men to civilization? Can it be to destroy Western Civilization?

Open Post


What you have to say is important….or not, depending on who you are. Regardless, get it off your chest or just tell us what we are missing out on in this appropriate space. Can’t think of anything? Recite your favorite Dr. Seuss book, which goes nicely with the goofiness of today’s environment.

I just figured, what the hey! Throw this story up so the libs would have something else to complain about. A teen in Miami was burglarizing a home and activated the alarm, which was sent out to the homeowner and the cops. The homeowner got there first and got into an altercation. Not sure what that altercation was but it didn’t turn out well for the burglar. I was trying to find the footage where the aunt or mother was talking about he didn’t need to get shot. He loved all kinds of things (especially when they belonged to someone else) and you have to understand that he needed money to live and have stuff. That makes sense but why didn’t he work for that money and live within his means? Ah, that is the tricky part. His mug shot (yes, mug shot from a prior arrest) makes him look like the boy Obama would have had. Crime has consequences and I only wish that it would happen to the dumbasses that try to justify these actions and vilify the criminal. Then maybe there tune would change but I highly doubt it. It is because of society and Uncle Charlie that these things happen. Yeah, right.

At around 5 o’clock today, someone shot a PG County cop. This at PGPD headquarters, next to a community center, about 3 blocks from FedEx field. They are locking down the area and already have a suspect (presumed more that one suspect sought) in custody. PG is in Maryland which is not gun friendly. PG is majority Negro in population.

Before anyone asks for more gun control, just a reminder that gun control cities and countries still have gun deaths because criminals will always get guns and commit gun violence. Also remember that your President thinks all police are prejudice against Negroes and would just promote the disarming of police. Also remember that the current political group is black lives matter, which group was involved in the riotist disturbance at the Trump rally in Chicago. Trump promotes violence towards hecklers/protesters at his rallies and it has come back to bite him. Obama, Holder and others have criminalized police and have caused a war on police. This is just another incidence where police are now victims. Unacceptable.

Have you noticed of late that the DOJ has been idle in its work load? I mean, things are running so smoothly that Lynch could take a year vacation and come back to hum-drum. Holder must have had to look for things or just fabricate them. Stop the presses! It appears that the liberal agitator Dems have found culprits needing incarceration. Climate change deniers. Really. Read it here. Like I was told, it is silly season, only this is more stupid than silly. Shouldn’t the FBI and Lynch be more focused on a sure thing like planting Hillary in prison forever? Does anyone wonder why this administration is a joke and the whole world is laughing? If I was to deny that liberals were homosapians, is that grounds for jail time? Weird.

Can anyone tell me what that means? Yes, I am watching Trump on suck-up Hannity. Trump only likes Hannity because everyone else are mean to Trump. But all I can hear is this:
“I’ll build the wall on the border. It will be a beautiful wall, and you know I can build beautiful things, and Mexico will pay for it.”

“I will bring jobs back to America. It will be a beautiful thing. And there will be jobs. It will be beautiful.”

“I’ll get rid of Obamacare and we will promote competition for healthcare. It will be a beautiful thing.”

“China, Japan and Mexico are taking our jobs. They are creating an unfair trade deficit and I will stop that.”

“I am ahead in the polls. These other guys should get out. People love me and it’s a beautiful thing. I loves these people. I love the smart people. I love the not smart people. I love the Latinos. It’s a beautiful thing.”

There was more of the same and it was a beautiful thing. Not like listening to “lying Ted” who was on earlier. All he did the whole interview was talk about substance. He talked plans and point by point how to make things happen. He acted so adult and knowledgable. It was all very presidential and boring like.

“Little Marco” will come on at bedtime and I really don’t need to hear about Trump’s anatomy or how he is the only one that can beat Trump and Hillary. He did win in the state of Puerto Rico.

Who? Me worry? I’ve had to focus on a family surgery for two weeks and all I hear about is these politics and how beautiful things will be. Hope and Change, right? I understand that people are upset. What I do is see and reason things out. I am looking out for all Americans, not what is in it for me. I am amazed and disgusted with all these clueless people who, with a glazed stare, follow a Socialist to further corrupt our founding. People who refuse the truth about a person so corrupt and disgusting that they would vote for her even if she served a Presidential term in prison. Could you imagine having state visits and dinners in the cafeteria of Leavenworth prison? At least it would cut way back on the costs of using Air Force One. People who will vote for a comb-over without substance just because “everything will be beautiful”. Yes, I have avoided a post. What can I say that anyone will hear? Evidentially no one has been listening. When this process is over I’ll probably write about night vision scopes, canning food, building bomb shelters, how to spot jihadis, and things like that. Maybe I will talk about a new political party for conservatives only. Don’t know yet but this stuff now is scaring me, as well it should you.

According to Black Lives Matter co-founder Marissa Jenae Johnson, the answer is

What it’s gonna take to dismantle white supremacy is white folks actually gotta give up something. You have to actually sacrifice yourself. You have to be willing to give up the things that you currently benefit from.

I benefit from having an education. Should I give that up? Should I not send my kids to school to bring them down to your level?

I benefit from not committing crimes? Should I commit crimes to bring myself down to your level?

I benefit from having had married parents. My children benefit from having married parents. Should I divorce my wife to bring my kids down to your level?

How about this, instead of trying to bring Whites down to your level, how about trying to bring Blacks up to ours?

Where is “Asian Lives Matter”? Where is “Jewish Lives Matter”? Where is “Irish Lives Matter”? (And if you don’t think they had problems with discrimination, remember this?)

Why do they not have the same problems Blacks do? Culture.

Black violent crime is about eight times the White rate. Blacks have children out-of-wedlock (bastards) at more than twice the rate Whites do, and at more than four times the rate Asians do. Blacks are more likely than Whites to default on a mortgage, at all income levels.

If there is such a thing as “White Privilege”, it is because Whites earned it. They earned it by working hard, getting an education, getting married before they had children, being law-abiding citizens, and by paying their debts.

Instead of trying to bring Whites (and Asians and Jews) down, try bringing yourselves up.