I don’t know why I never thought to do a Google search for our esteemed yet mysterious commenter “Zimzo.” But the recent constant drumbeat of “African Press International“-this and “African Press International”-that, which he has been bringing to almost every discussion on this blog the past few weeks, really got me to wondering what the deal is.


Zimzo Editor Of African Press International
Zimzo – the editor of African Press International! Aka, “Korir arap Sammy.”

A little bit of finagling with Google images advanced search and some scrolling is all it took.

This clears up so much. For one thing, I have always said that Zimzo is an excellent writer so it stands to reason he would be in the editorial profession. His vocabulary is second to none and he can dash off an outstanding essay without a single punctuation error in seconds.

Also, it does not exactly surprise me that Zimzo would have a little bit of “troublemaker” in his job description, because his frequently puckish argumentative tactics have more than once left us beguiled.

And of course now we all understand why Zimzo finally could keep it in no longer and has been not-so-subtly prodding us to dig a tad deeper into his background. Hey, if I was in charge of African Press International, you can bet I’d not be hiding my lamp under a bushel basket, either.

Well, it goes without saying that we now understand why Zimzo was never able to join in for Amnesty Week here, with an entire international news operation on his to-do list, and though I was sort of hurt at the time I realize Zimzo’s hands were completely tied.

No harm, no foul, old buddy. You just keep up the great work at African Press International, Zimzo. How fascinating it all is.

UPDATE: Zimzo himself has dropped in with a hale and hearty defense – or diversion should we say. But it ends up a few steps short of explaining his obsessive behavior … and in the end I think all of us have to give him a warm, virtual round of applause for putting up the facade so gamely. Methinks he protesteth too much, oh yes I do. Let me emphasize there is NO SHAME – no shame whatsoever – in editing African Press International. I count it as a form of celebrity and we are honored to have actual celebrities joining in the discussion.