The resent attacks by terrorist in Mumbia are enough reason for me to believe we (law abiding citizens, that are capable of being trained in firearms defense) should be armed. The link is to an account of a photo journalist who was upset at armed police officers that refused to return fire.

I heard from my pastor that one of the people in the office complex in which he works (it is closer to his home than the church, so he works remote to the building) wanted to get a conceal carry license and obtain a firearm after hearing about the police not being willing to return fire. That might not be that remarkable … my pastor knows the man well, and knows he is not opposed to firearms from a moral position (he is also a minister) but he has a very personal aversion to guns. He was shot when he was young, and he gets the shakes around them. The minister knew there was a problem, but he figured he would have to get around and work through the aversion. The reasoning for such?

My pastor had at least some insight; if you are faced with a man with a rifle, then you certainly don’t want to be armed with just a pistol. The police were outgunned in this case. A really good pistol shooter might be able to take someone out at 60 or 70 feet, but an average shot with a rifle can take down a person at 150 yards (450 feet). A person defending themselves might be much more willing to open fire with a pistol if he is defending himself or his family, but even a police officer could understandibly not want to reveal his position and attract what would be near certain death.

Mumbia (all of India) has very strict gun control laws. Those laws gauranteed the terrorist an unarmed populous and the ability to shoot people like the proverbial “fish in a barrel”. The laws that are supposed to “protect the citizen” are in fact the reason for criminals being able to get away with murder (quite literally at times).

If we can train an 18-year-old to effectively carry fully automatic weapons, send them to wars, and expect them to use reasonable care in the use of the rifle they carry, we should be able to train every (law abiding, mentally fit) 25-year-old to carry a semi-automatic pistol, or even a rifle both appropriately and effectively. I’d rather be in a group of 50 well armed law-abiding citizens than in a place where guns are prohibited.