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The good guys won some and lost some today. Goshalmighty there are some big Republican victories across the county.

In Virginia, we won a lot. That is good.

Lou Barletta won! More on the significance of that at a later date.

Following will be some observations as the results come in.

Point One: The House is ours, as some, ahem, predicted a year ago.

Point Two: Fox News is calling races with less than 2 percent of the votes counted all over the country, which seems odd. Based on such predictions, at 11 pm Eastern time, it looks like the GOP has 44 Senate seats. Not bad, and much better than what we had before tonight, but it makes you want to keep watching to see how the heck they can make such forecasts and whether the forecasts will hold.

It is going to be a real bad judgment on Obama, no matter what, but the question is … how bad. More points later.


Point Three: Barack Obama is not a very smart man. He has had a bad time with overwhelming majorities in both houses on Congress. He has set the wrong priorities and pursued them incompetently. Having a fired up opposition party running the House of Representatives is going to require both wisdom and acuity from the White House if the latter is going to avoid a series of PR defeats over the next two years. Barack Obama has neither wisdom nor acuity. Therefore, I think he is going to have a lot of bad days.


More on what the Amateur-in-Chief faces here.

Barack Obama and Jeff Barnett

Barack Obama and Jeff Barnett

Jeff Barnett, Democrat candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District, is a strong supporter of President Barack Obama’s economic policies.

Jeff Barnett is glad that Congress passed health insurance reform this Spring because it expands coverage and will “get healthcare costs way down.”

Jeff Barnett supports borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars and giving the IOU to our grandchildren in order to create imaginary jobs – like the “1.4-3.3 million” created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – and funnel money to public employee unions and teacher unions.

Jeff Barnett wants to hit companies with massive new taxes, a “stick” to compel them to reduce their carbon footprints, eliminating jobs and increasing consumer costs in order to lower the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.

If you believe we need a Congress that will help President Barack Obama fundamentally reshape our nation, vote for Democrat Jeff Barnett.