Noticed a couple of articles where a community in Baltimore and another in Oakland have, in light of cuts in police service in those cities, decided to pool resources and give extra money to hire private security to patrol their communities. Communities in Detroit have also considered doing likewise. Least anyone think this is something strange, there are already at least 3 communities here in Loudoun (Creighton Farms, Belmont Country Club and River Creek) that have private security. Some well to do individuals even enjoy what’s called “head of state level” security.

If police departments across the union lose funding and are forced to cut back, this could be the wave of the future and security could become something of a commodity. How long before other communities decide to (or even must) join the upper classes (to the extent they are able) and/or are forced to pool their resources to hire private security? What about stronger neighborhood watch programs? As I said before, when the federal government is forced to cut back at some point in the future, robust communities will be a must.