First game: Jets-Bengals is turning out to be a great game, with the Bengals coming within 7 points at the beginning of the fourth quarter. I’m sort of pulling for the Jets because they seem like a more interesting team and definitely have an interesting coach in Rex Ryan, Buddy’s son.

Linda is rooting for the Bengals because she wants to see a trend of teams that lost last weekend winning the rematch. I guess if the Eagles see the Bengals win, they will say to themselves, “see, it can be done!” I don’t know, I just find the Jets more interesting but I suppose I can also buy into a victory throwing some doubt into the Philadelphia collective mindset.

Obviously this game is the undercard. The question all of America is asking is: Will the Cowboys continue to choke in the big games? It’s a valid question. The Eagles, for all their faults, are seasoned, the quarterback especially so. It will be interesting to watch for early signs of Cowboys jitters, see if Romo can play this one big game like he’s played the last 6 or 8.

UPDATE: Close to halftime, the Cowboys obviously still have a major monkey to get off their backs. Six penalties for roughly 1000 yards so far. But they are ahead.

UPDATE II: Halftime, the Cowboys are way ahead. This could be a big win not just for this season but for the entire future of this collection of players, who up until now have been laboring under a curse – cannot compete in a big game. If they win tonight, they may not win the Super Bowl, but the demons will have been exorcized, for now and ever after.

UPDATE III: Thirteen minutes left, Dallas ahead by 20. Dallas winning this game will be world-changing for this organization. No guarantees for future wins, but also no longer under the curse of cannot win the big one.

We may not be able to beat Minnesota, but at least we will be on equal ground. DALLAS CAN WIN IN THE CLUTCH. That is the message. It will make it a lot easier to watch them play.