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Jim Plowman kicked off his campaign for a third term as Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Monday evening in Leesburg. The event packed the back half of the Green Turtle restaurant with a large crowd of enthusiastic supporters, as well as numerous elected officials and Republican candidates.

Jennifer Wexton, former Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, will be Mr. Plowman’s Democratic challenger in the November, 2011 election.

Mr. Plowman is president of the Virginia Association of Local Elected Constitutional Officers and is a past president of the Loudoun County Bar Association.

Because of the size of the audience at the Green Turtle, estimated at over 100 people, this blogger got nowhere near enough to hear Mr. Plowman’s speech, although later in the evening at the Loudoun County Republican Committee meeting Mr. Plowman stated he would be running a positive campaign.

(You can hover your cursor over each photo for a partial listing of who is in it, and click on each for a larger version).

Jim Plowman Held His Campaign Kick Off March 28 In Leesburg

This is as close as your intrepid local blogger could get to Jim Plowman's speech

I actually did manage to squeeze through the crowd and stick the camera in the air for proof that Mr. Plowman was in fact speaking

Geary Higgins, Dave Schmidt, Randy Minchew and Gary Clemens at Jim Plowman's campaign kick off

Patricia Phillips, Cathy McNickle and Ed Levine at Jim Plowman's campaign kick off in Leesburg

Dean Settle, Jeanine Martin and Bob Wertz at Jim Plowman's campaign kick off in Leesburg

Dick Black at Jim Plowman's campaign kick off in Leesburg

Mark Sell, Callie Chaplow and Kyra Walton at Jim Plowman's campaign kick off in Leesburg

Joe Budzinski, Mick Staton and Ralph Buona at Jim Plowman's campaign kick off in Leesburg

Democrat Josh Actor has just announced that he will challenge for the office of Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue, currently held by Bob Wertz.

More information about Bob Wertz can be found here and here.

More information about Josh Actor can be found here.

According to his personal/campaign Web site, Mr. Wertz has held the office of Commissioner of the Revenue of Loudoun County since 2003.

According to his personal/campaign Facebook page, Mr. Actor says “Right here, right now, I am going to change the way Personal Property taxes are estimated, calculated, collected, etc.”

[NOTE: You must be logged in to Facebook to see Mr. Actor's page. For those without Facebook access, click here to see a screenshot of the top portion of Mr. Actor's campaign page, and click here to see the bottom part.]

Mr. Actor also identifies the office he is seeking as Commissioner of the Revenues, plural, rather than the office as it is currently configured, Commissioner of the Revenue (singular), signaling perhaps an intention of widening its scope.

We look forward to a spirited and substantive contest between Mr. Wertz and Mr. Actor.

Bob Wertz, Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue

Bob Wertz, Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue

Josh Actor, Democratic Candidate for Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenues

Josh Actor is the Democratic candidate for Commissioner of the Revenues

On Thursday, March 24, Eugene Delgaudio held a “100th Birthday Party” for Ronald Reagan, featuring guest speaker Pat Nolan, who was a longtime political worker on Reagan’s campaigns and overall a very interesting guy who now works for Prison Fellowship Ministries.

Nearly 110 people had crowded into Santini’s New York Deli in Sterling by the time I left about halfway through the event – I am told quite a lot of people showed up later bringing the total to 150 (many apparently came over after the Dick Black fundraiser the same evening which reportedly had over 270 attendees to hear Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli).

There were a lot of elected officials, candidates and local political figures present; some are in the photos. It was way too crowded to get decent shots of everyone there. You can hover your cursor over the pictures to see some of the people in them listed, and click on each for a larger version. Click here to see all the pictures.

Santini's New York Deli in Sterling, VA - Eugene Delgaudio Fundraising Event

Crowd at Eugene Delgaudio Fundraising Event on March 24

Delegate Tom Rust at Eugene Delgaudio Fundraising Event on March 24

Fred Avila and Bob Wertz at Eugene Delgaudio Fundraising Event on March 24

Pat Nolan, Guest Speaker at Eugene Delgaudio Fundraising Event on March 24

Dmitri Kesari, Randy Minchew and Eugene Delgaudio at Fundraising Event on March 24
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The Office of the Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue is a very competently-managed government agency and we should all be grateful for the work of Commissioner Bob Wertz. As most county residents should know by now the office has implemented a new, online payment system which is saving us money and demonstrates a good grasp of both IT and customer service. On the latter, the aspect that impresses me the most when dealing with his office is one can tell that Bob runs it with sensitivity to the customer’s perspective – as in, “if I were a customer, how would this look and how easily would it work.”

Many of our readers will know that I am not shy when it comes to complaining about badly-managed government organizations and crappy organizations in general, which includes most government agencies I know of. Having run a mid-sized business in Northern VA for the past 10 years, the last five in Loudoun County, I have now had numerous opportunities to deal with the county on matters related to taxes and business licensing, and on a personal level I spent some time a couple years ago researching Loudoun budget issues. Bob Wertz’s office is really good to work with.

Along with most of the county he has reduced the size of his staff through attrition yet over the past couple years has increased the level of service. If that is not the definition of what we want from our government I don’t know what is. Also, in conversation with Bob I have learned that he and I share the exact same philosophies of customer service, limited government and fiscal responsibility, as well as the need to bring more businesses into Loudoun to help right our financial ship.

I know we do a lot of tearing down on this blog, especially when I am the author of the moment, so it seems important to say something positive when someone is doing a good job. We should all be focused on making Loudoun more business-friendly, and I can say for certain our Commissioner of the Revenue is doing his part. Thank you, Mr. Wertz.