Really interesting read … as long as you don’t mind a rare expletive. David Berlinski is a rather interesting character. For those that want to say religion is the only reason for arguing intelligent design, he must be their worst nightmare. Irreligious would be a good description — though capable of quoting from at least four of the major world religions, he seems to not care for any of them himself. The Devil’s Delousion, Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions has some of the best jokes on science I’ve seen. It points out the religiously (i.e., unproven and unprovable) held views of much of modern scientists.

Berlinski is an agnostic … a “secular Jew” … for whom religion did not take hold. But he certainly knows that atheists are just as dogmatic in their doctrine about the lack of a god as any religous lead is about the existence of God.  While sometimes the book is rather dense (what would you expect from someone that has his phD in philosophy and was a post-doctoral fellow in mathematics and molecular biology) it is mostly very approachable, and spectacularly funny.

This is something I would not recommend to anyone that would be truly offended by 3 or 4 off color words in a book, but it is something that I find absolutely compelling in argumentation that flies in the face of modern physics and biology. It is rare indeed to find someone that both understands the mathematics and science and is willing to challenge the “party line”. It is especially refreshing to see this from someone that is saying all this from an agnostic position and so proving intelligent design is not just a religious position.