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It would appear he is nothing more than a lying hustler that knows how to deprive people of their money and raise funds for his Democratic party. He hasn’t held office so he doesn’t know how to govern but he sure knows how to shuck and jive. With that, he manages to raise funds from fellow lying hustlers to make TV ads that pertain to nothing to make himself look good over his opponent. Watch the movie and read the articles. Tell your friends and low info voters. We need this guy as governor like we need foot fungus.

If you haven’t visited JTHmishmash blog before (blogroll on sidebar), I would suggest you drop by occasionally. The young man has great spirit, good insight and is trying to change the political landscape for young voters with an eyes open approach to the truth. I wish we had many more trying to serve us as he does. He’s given me permission to reproduce his letter here but I would suggest you stop by there and tell him how you feel. I’m sure he would appreciate your comments and insight.

” Mr. McAuliffe,

As a candidate for Governor, you’d probably want to talk to as many Virginians as possible before the election in November. That’s the impression I got from you when you said this back in April, at the opening of one of your campaign offices:

“If you’ve got someone to talk to me, I’ll go and talk to ya, no matter where that is”

I believe that statement is something every candidate should live by. It’s a pretty good idea, as a candidate for Governor, to give the people you’re hoping to represent a chance to meet and chat with you. After witnessing your actions, I’m beginning to get the impression that you don’t actually want to answer questions under the spotlight from average citizens in the Commonwealth.  You haven’t given us any opportunities and your campaign doesn’t even respond to my emails.  It seems to me that your actions are an opposite to your words.

Your opponent Ken Cuccinelli has been traveling all across our state trying to chat with as many people as possible. Mr. Cuccinelli has already held ten town hall events called “Community Chats with Ken”.  In fact, I just noticed the Cuccinelli campaign has added five more community chat dates to their event listing!  It’s pretty obvious that he’s making a continuous effort to get out and talk with average citizens instead of just wining and dining big money donors.

With a quick Google search I was able to find out about three separate fundraisers you’ve hosted with your wealthy connections from within Washington (and it looks like you have another one coming up soon with Hillary Clinton).  I spent even more time looking for events where citizens could have the opportunity to meet you and express their concerns, but came up empty-handed.

I guess the point here is, if you’re going to try to be our governor, you need to talk to the people first. Maybe you don’t want to answer my questions because I’m probably not going to vote for you, but at least talk to the rest of Virginia so they know what you’re about beyond the prepared statements and attack ads.

“If you’ve got someone to talk to me, I’ll go and talk to ya, no matter where that is”

Mr. McAuliffe, Virginia wants to talk with you, just give us a chance.

As I previously mentioned, I have a couple of questions for you, so if you read this, please let me know how I can ask them.  Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

God bless.


John Hill

A Voting Virginian “

Supervisor Volpe requested me to do some doorbell ringing on behalf of Ken so that is what I did last weekend. I can talk to anyone at anytime and those that know me know I can just talk…….sometimes just endlessly. Dan’s favorite statement to me was “can I talk now?” Hey, it’s a gift or a curse, depending. So I grabbed my assignment and set out to the unsuspecting. It is always a worthy thing to help others and what I and others did was exactly that–help others. I believe in Ken and I believe in a better, non-liberal Virginia.

What was interesting about the people I met were a couple of things. First, of those mot liberal, about half said they were moderate and half said conservative. Another thing I noticed was most were undecided on who they wanted for governor. By changing my question around I found that most didn’t know who McAuliffe was and that he is running against Ken. It tells me things like McAuliffe isn’t well known (most all his money comes from outside Va); people aren’t very interested yet, or there is a malaise, or they don’t stay on top of politics as most of the people who comment here; it’s summertime and there are other things happening.

I have explained to people the importance of their vote, researching the candidates, and making the best choice OVER ALL but not by single issue. I even had a guy tell me in no uncertain terms, how he felt. He did give me the respect by not “throwing me off his frigging (NOT the word he used) porch” and I thanked him for his feelings and opinion. There are people that need educating but most of all the people need involvement. I only see a dismal turnout for election this year, which is why it is necessary for all of you to talk to others about where we are in Va and where we need to be. The nation will be watching this election closely and it will be something that drives the 2014 election and beyond. Commit yourself to do something now so that we don’t all regret it later.

by jacob
Monk, thanks for reminding me to sign my previous article. It was an oversight. I appreciate your pointing it out.

As for rattled, hardly. With Ken’s endorsement and the endorsements of hundreds of others, I see Mark running a strong race. Mark saw all the venom on the blogs directed toward him and Candace back in January. He also saw all the old wounds in the party getting opened up. In order to squelch all that he asked me not to post stuff about the campaign on this blog. The party does not need the venom. By the way, that is called leadership. Leadership is about knowing what is right, and not just giving in to ones baser instincts to hit back. This is what Ken did when a number of blogs were attacking him.

Notice the difference. When Greg Stone posted an article or two about Candace, I did not call it a steaming pile. Or denigrate anyone. When I saw Tags endorsement of Candace, I did not lament it. I also did not frame it as a poor choice on Tag’s part, nor try to dilute Candace with some statement about Greg Stone calling Tag on her behalf. You have.

Like I said yesterday, this party separates the men from the boys on SUNDAY. Where will you be? This is why I am asking you and others in the party if you will support the winner from Saturday, on Sunday. I will be there from day one. That is the adult thing to do. Candace has called for it, this is also leadership. You support her — so what gives? A simple yes or no will suffice. We need unity, the stakes are too high.

This is not about ripping each others guts people. The party does not agree on who is the best choice. The remedy for this is tomorrow’s election. The remedy is not demonizing and denigrating one another. The two campaigns have kept to the high road. That is called leadership.

by jacob
Mark Sell, candidate for Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, today has released the following statement from Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli:

I can attest from first-hand experience that Mark Sell is an excellent choice for Loudoun County Republican Committee Chairman. Mark has worked side-by-side with many of us over the last decade on key conservative issues ranging from the fight against tax hikes to the Marriage Amendment. From Committee Treasurer to District Chair to Precinct Captain to Rules Committee Chairman to a Loudoun County Volunteer Coordinator for my own victorious campaign last year, Mark has shown his mettle where it counts — in the planning councils, in the trenches, on the phones and on the streets. He has the proven skills at organization, mobilization, fund-raising and finance to head up a winning effort for Loudoun Republicans in 2010, 2011 and beyond.

This is tremendous news for the Sell campaign. During the past weeks of campaigning, Mark has made appearances before the the good folks at Leisure World, LCWC, the LCRC and lastly the fiscally challenged BOS. Mark has received endorsements from many conservative Republicans, and his campaign delivered close to 300 applications in support of Howie Lind for the upcoming 10th district convention. Boots on the ground activism delivered those votes for Howie, and will deliver the votes for other Republicans in 2011. Ken Cuccinelli knows this and that is why he endorses Mark Sell for the Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee.

Mark sell has been a conservative voice in Loudoun County politics for years. He is an activist who has exemplified the word ‘active’. Mark has spoken before our Board of Supervisors both Republican and Democrat controlled on countless occasions. Mark has worked every election cycle, supporting our Republican party in both good times and bad. Mark has seen his fair share of big spenders on both sides of the political divide. He is a Christian, patriot and a conservative, this reality has reflected in his actions and words since the day I met him.

The 2009 Republican Party of Virginia Convention served as a milestone for many Virginia conservatives, as the only true contest anyone really cared about was a resounding success for those who want to see conservative principles rebound in the Commonwealth, and who saw Ken Cuccinelli as the standard bearer for those principles.

Ken Cuccinelli Speech At Republican Party of Virginia 2009 Convention from Joe Budzinski on Vimeo.

For the record, Ken Cuccinelli’s speech for attorney general nomination was much better than the speeches of either of his opponents. They were not even in the same ballpark.

Bob McDonnell was uncontested for nomination for governor; Bill Bolling was barely contested for nomination for Lieutenant Governor; the RPV Chairman race was between a guy who really knew how to give a speech and a guy who sounded like he was reading from his shopping list at Barnes and Noble.

This Convention was all about the race for nomination for attorney general, and Ken Cuccinelli won after the first ballot with at least 51% of the vote over the combined vote totals of John Brownlee and Dave Foster. That race was the only reason I and a whole bunch of people I talked to even bothered to make the trip down to Richmond on a beautiful Saturday, and thank goodness Ken won.

The bottom line message to take away from this event: Conservatives, don’t give up. While it might be too early to say a new day is dawning, the sun is definitely peeking over the horizon. We have a candidate we can go to the well for in the coming months. You might have reservations about Bob McDonnell, but Ken Cuccinelli is someone who can really make a difference for our nation. I will see you all out on the campaign trail.

Besides me and the lovely Linda B, NVTH friends I talked to in Richmond included: ACTivist, Blog Fu, Brian Withnell, Bulletproof Monk, Cathy Mac, Donny Ferguson, Eve Barner, Mark Sell, G. Stone, Jacob, Jane, Loudoun Insider, along with illustrious Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (for whom I was wearing the traditional orange ball cap in solemn camaraderie), and blogfather John of Loudoun. And frankly, the Convention was just so packed with people it was nearly impossible to find anyone so I don’t think I saw a fraction of the people I knew there.

Bad for networking but FANTASTIC for Republican prospects in upcoming elections.

My Twitter comments from the Convention are here. Photos and more comments are below the fold.

By the way, a major highlight of the Convention was a speech by a Virginia Tech cadet which I missed most of. As soon as that video is posted I will link to it. It was not just a “good speech,” it was a seminal event in Virginia political culture. When someone gets it uploaded somewhere it will be a new post here. It is going to be one of the great political video clips of all time.
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After hearing the “John L. Brownlee” robocall on our machine tonight, my reaction was exactly that of Nova Conservative: It had to come from the Foster campaign because it fits with the argument of the comparison piece mailing we all received last week, and why would Cuccinelli need to do it? And being totally illegal – the sponsor was not identified in the call – it seems more like what you’d get from the last place campaign than the leader.

Or it could’ve just been some third party with an agenda. And a sense of humor. Call me irreverent, but politics gets pretty boring to me and stuff like this cracks me up. My only question is, since it was an illegal call, could I get in trouble by posting the audio? I was a huge Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan and this robocall was definitely in the “Plan 9 From Outer Space” league of political agitprop. I so very much want to let the world hear it.