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In case you have not made up your mind about going to Richmond on May 30 to vote for Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia Attorney General at the 2009 Virginia Republican Convention, for which I will literally drive you to the Convention to vote, here is a video I just dug up from the highly disorganized Budzinski video library. I thought it was a pretty good speech.

The video is a bit amateurish, and I must admit I shot it myself, and if you want me to be videographer for your wedding I would promise to ensure a little of the bride and groom would actually appear, but I think it conveys why Ken Cuccinelli is such an outstanding candidate. He is a guy we will work for, and he is a Republican who can win in Virginia.

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Anybody else going to Richmond, May 30, to vote for Ken Cuccinelli for Republican nominee for Attorney General?

I and my wife and neighbor are, because Ken Cuccinelli is one of the very few elected officials at any level that I would give money to or, really, do anything for. We should have room for about three more people in the SUV so if you want a ride let me know, first come first served.

If you are in Loudoun you can still file to be a delegate by downloading this form. Fill it out (you don’t actually need to know your voter ID number), sign and date it, and leave a comment here if you want me to come pick it up and deliver it for you. It’s free: You do not need to include any money – donations are all optional. Anyone registered to vote in Loudoun County can use the form, you do not need to be a member of any party.

For Loudoun residents the form must be turned in by Saturday, but do it by Friday to be safe. There is a list here which spells out filing deadlines for all other localities.

Fill out the form! Leave a comment for me to come pick it up! Ride with us or join us in Richmond! Savor the sorry spectacle of a Republican Convention, but sit with a bunch of cool people! Bring a good book, some crosswords and possibly a hip flask!

Me, I’ll be taking photos and writing sarcastic Twitter posts, and of course hobnobbing with all of the powerful, influential Virginia Republicans, which will only take about two seconds so definitely count on a lot of the photos and sarcastic Twitter.

Seriously, there are a few excellent local elected officials – Jackson Miller of Manassas is another one – who I would love to see in a higher office because they are are right on all the issues, and walk the walk in office. Ken is at the top of this list, and well worth taking a day to go down to Richmond.

On the godforsaken Virginia Senate Courts of Justice committee, which when controlled by the Republicans was the place where a slew of anti-illegal immigration bills passed by veto-proof majorities in the House went to die, Ken was one of the lone voices of integrity and reason. During those sessions, he had a 100 percent perfect score by the American Council for Immigration Reform (a veteran group on the right side of the illegal immigration issue). He’s been a stalwart defender of Second Amendment rights. Strong on social issues. AND has managed to keep getting himself elected in largely liberal Fairfax County.

We’ve written quite a bit about Ken here – just search to read more.

Join us in Richmond May 30, it will be fun! In retrospect.

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Big Crowd For Cuccinelli

Virginia State Senator Ken Cuccinelli got his campaign for Virginia Attorney General off the ground like an F-15 tonight with a packed fundraiser at a home in Loudoun County. Well over 100 people showed up to give their support and donations.

I counted 95 just in the main room, and there were numerous people in the hallway and back room who I could not see from my spot in the middle of the crowd. His campaign manager told me 102 had RSVP’d; on top of that I counted over 30 who signed in not on the RSVP list. I’d estimate at least 120 in total. Not bad for an event only advertised seriously for the past two weeks.

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Let’s give Ken Cuccinelli a great kick-off to his campaign for Attorney General, at tonight’s fundraiser.

Hope to see lots of you there, 7:00 – 9:00 pm, 20978 Flatboat Ct in Sterling.

There will be a fundraiser Monday, Sept. 22 for one of the very few politicians I will go out and do work for: Ken Cuccinelli. Below the fold is the invite. Please plan to stop by and help Ken out!

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