The words of Paul Harvey were part of the American media landscape for over 50 years. He had many supporters who enjoyed his insight and wisdom, and the gentle way he delivered it. In 2005 he received the Medal of Freedom for his lifetime of work in media. During WWII he was a reporter in the South Pacific. In 1945, he moved to Chicago, and worked on finding work for returning veterans. In 1946 Paul Harvey launched “The Rest of the Story” and these 15-20 minute nuggets of information and insight became part of radio for the next 50 plus years. Harvey died in 2009, there were never many like him before, and no one has taken his place since.

Below is an add that made use of a old Harvey tract and it was hands down the best of show for this years crop of super bowl adds, many of which were at best vapid and lame.

It is a shame that remainder of the adds were as lame as they were. Considering how expensive the advertisement slots are for a super bowl, one would have thought the producers of this vignettes would invest into producing something creative, in lieu of something simply crass.