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[The following report was submitted by Kent Clizbe, a former CIA officer, a Loudoun County resident and occasional participant at NOVA TownHall Blog. He has written articles for WorldNetDaily and Kent's report is reprinted here verbatim.]

Who is David Ramadan?

By Kent Clizbe

The first thing that struck me about David Ramadan, when I met him one recent morning, was how timid he was without a retinue. I’d arrived early, and greeted him with a handshake when he entered the café, by himself. He didn’t slow down, but kept moving, directly to the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later, when he had yet to emerge, I realized that he was scared of me. Only later did I learn why. Finally, he emerged from the potty, at exactly the same time that two supporters arrived. He was comfortable enough to sit down, but not yet ready to talk. Moments later, another Ramadan man arrived, the former chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, shaved head and all.

Now, Ramadan was ready to talk. And did he talk! First he let me know that he had my number! “Why did you bring him,” Ramadan said to my friend, gesturing at me, as if I was some sort of indelicate item the cat had dragged onto the porch. “I know he’s a CIA profiler,” Ramadan went on. Ah ha! Now he revealed two things–the depth of his ignorance first (there’s no such thing as a CIA profiler), but much more interestingly, the depth of his fear. I was immediately interested—what did he have to fear?

The conversation went downhill from there. In essence, Ramadan practiced the tactics that I recognize well from interviewing candidates and agents. The tactics are also practiced by covert action operators around the world, when their misdeeds are uncovered: Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counter-accusations, or “Andemca.”

Ramadan’s diatribe began with accusations against shady “haters” with shady intentions of fund-raising who were making wild accusations against him. But he quickly shifted to accusations against his primary opponent, who my friend evidently supported.

After a long interchange of Ramadan attacking his opponent (issues included the church she attended, and topics of discussions at meetings she’d attended), I finally had to interrupt his diatribe. I explained that I did not know his opponent, but as a fellow conservative, I was concerned about Ramadan’s allegations of unfair accusations made against him. And that as a fellow Muslim, I was especially concerned about the religion-based attacks he claimed to suffer. I told him that I was interested in getting to the bottom of these issues, and that it would help me to understand his background.

Whoa! Another flash of fear. He decided that it was time to spring what he seemed to consider his ultimate weapon: “So, are you a conservative?” Ramadan slyly asked me. “Of course,” I answered. He theatrically produced a smart phone. Peering at the screen, he asked “Did you vote in the 2008 Democrat primary?” I answered, “Sure did. It was Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos. There was no contest in the Republican primary, so the idea was to disrupt Obama’s chances by voting for Hillary.”

But Ramadan had stopped listening after “Sure did.” He assumed an arrogant air of superiority and dismissed anything I had to say, playing to his assembled peanut gallery of supporters. This is one arrogant dude, I thought. Since I am not a politician, I have absolutely no need to put up with an arrogant attempt to besmirch me. Nor do I need to tolerate a patronizing attitude. I’ve lived too long, sacrificed too much, and fought too many enemies to put up with twaddle from a twit.

He made me quite angry. His silly research to reveal that I’d voted in the Democrat primary didn’t bother me at all. I’m proud to have participated in the ingenious attempt to give the PC-Progressives a taste of their own medicine, since they had done the same to Republican primaries in other states.

What did make me angry was Ramadan’s air of superiority as he refused to make eye contact, dismissing me as a non-entity, under the pretense that my voting in the Democrat primary made me an unworthy interlocutor for someone of his stature. Ironically enough, Ramadan’s wing-man, who also assumed an air of smug superiority from that point on, is an ex-Democrat!

To make a long story short, here’s my assessment of this Republican candidate. This assessment is based on nearly three decades of dealing with foreigners, many of whom meant to harm America, and many of whom attempted to deceive me. I’m an expert in deception detection, and in assessing personalities. See some of my writing on this issue.

Mr. Ramadan is hiding something. I don’t know what it is. But he is unwilling to share very important details of his life. In my experience, those who practice “Andemca” include: PC-Progressives, criminals, intelligence agents, little children who’ve done something wrong, or others who have something to hide.

A sincere conservative candidate, who is suffering unfair, bigoted attacks would gladly help other conservatives understand his background and beliefs, so that they could help to counter the bigots. When that candidate instead practices inflammatory attacks and makes ridiculous accusations in response to a simple query about his background, the hackles on the back of my neck stand straight up. Something’s not right.

Ramadan, from what I can make out, is the scion of a Lebanese Shi’a family. He told me that his father paid for him to attend university in Virginia. It would be very interesting to hear more details about these issues. The Lebanese Shi’a are the backbone of the terrorist organization, Hezbollah (The Party of God).

Earlier this year, Congressman Darrell Issa (R, CA) introduced the Hezbollah Anti-Terrorism Act. The act ensures that no American aid to Lebanon will enter the hands of Hezbollah. Congressman Issa said, “Hezbollah is a terrorist group and a cancer on Lebanon. The Hezbollah Anti-Terrorism Act surgically targets this cancer and will strengthen the position of Lebanese who oppose Hezbollah.”

Evidently, Ramadan’s generous contributions, spread around liberally in Republican circles come from his “successful businesses.” Small women’s gyms are not known to generate much cash, so it would appear that Ramadan’s revenue stream must flow from his “international businesses.”

Since he refused to discuss any details about his background, all that’s known is that he has an interest in a “law firm,” maybe based in Lebanon. It seems that he is also active in “immigration consulting.” What is that? As someone who has interviewed hundreds of applicants, many of them with immigration issues, this interests me.

When I asked him directly about his own immigration experience, explaining that my wife and I had met as classmates when she was a foreign student, Ramadan blew a gasket. He launched into a classic Andemca tirade, culminating with, “You probably want to see my birth certificate, right? You’re a birther!” Turning to his friends he chortled, “He’s a birther!”

Who is David Ramadan? What is his real background? What does he fear? I wish I could tell you.

Kent Clizbe, a former CIA covert case officer, is a professional vetter. From spies to computational linguistics engineers he has successfully vetted scores of valid candidates, and exposed many lying candidates. His upcoming book, Willing Accomplices, explores how the KGB used covert influence to destroy American exceptionalism and create Political Correctness and Progressive politics.

Research notes:

Nadia Prouty, Hizballah penetration of the FBI and CIA, immigration fraudster:


More from the accumulated mail: The flyers from David Ramadan and George Allen must have arrived the same day because they were stacked on top of one another when we got home from a trip. I suppose in the mind of the Ramadan campaign having the same PR firm drop the campaign pieces together could be viewed as a positive since even an untrained eye could tell they came from the same company.

Same layout, same color scheme. Same arrangement of messages (Ramadan has a narrower message, but they did what they could with it.) Same postal indicia, same return address style, exact same phrasing of the addressee (used the same mail list).

For reasons of taste I would have wanted them to arrive separately, but that’s just me. My editorial marks and notes are in yellow.

George Allen and David Ramadan flyers page 1

Allen-Ramadan flyers: Same color scheme, Photoshop elements, message summaries

George Allen and David Ramadan flyers inside spread
George Allen and David Ramadan flyers page 4

Allen-Ramadan flyers: Same design, return address and address styles, postal indicia, social network links, and both summarize the main message

Via LinkedIn: David Ramadan, a 2011 candidate for the Republican nomination for the 87th District seat in the Virginia House of Delegates, is seeking to spend $500,000 to win the primary contest against Jo-Ann Chase.


David Ramadan, MA, CFE has sent you a message.
Date: 6/10/2011
Franchise Industry Friends,

As many of you already know, I recently announced that I am running for office in Virginia. Last month Virginia completed the redistricting process and I now live in a new open seat District. I NEED YOUR HELP. Will you please join this franchise industry fundraiser?

Scott Klososky, Foremost Technology Expert and Internet Visionary (, agreed to do a one hour on-line Webinar specifically designed for Franchise Executives and Franchise Attorneys as a fundraiser for my campaign. Scott does not normally do online seminars; but he graciously agreed to do this for my campaign and thus it is an opportunity for the attendees to listen to him and benefit without having to fly to see him or fly him in – if you have never listened to Scott then you are up for a treat; and if you have, then you are up for a new learning experience.

Please click the following link to Register and Donate to my campaign:

The webinar information which will take place on Wednesday June 15th at 1pm Eastern time will be e-mailed to you upon completing the registration and donation.

I truly appreciate your help. This is a very important step for me. The campaign is expected to cost $500,000 – yes five hundred thousand dollars and that is just to the primary. As a small businessman and Franchise Industry person I will work hard to ensure that the Commonwealth of Virginia remains business friendly and franchise friendly as I did recently by helping the IFA get a favorable opinion from VA’s Attorney General re a labor issue.


THANK YOU for supporting my campaign to the Virginia House of Delegates.

Note: Corporate donations are permitted in Virginia :-)

David Ramadan
RAMA International
P.O. Box 221288
Chantilly, VA 20153, USA

More coverage of David Ramadan here.

More coverage of Jo-Ann Chase here.

In the latter link I opined that money would be especially key in this campaign, and that it would be an unusual campaign. Not risky predictions, to be sure, but so far, accurate.

Without a deep background in Virginia politics, I would still say it seems like Mr. Ramadan is planning to spend near the top of what might be considered proportional to the office for the primary portion of race. Ms. Chase obviously is being taken very seriously by the Ramadan campaign.

Jo-Ann Chase fundraiser draws large crowd
Jo-Ann Chase, candidate for the Republican nomination for the 87th District seat in the House of Delegates, held a very successful campaign kickoff event several weeks ago, with over 100 people in attendance including a wide variety of local volunteers and candidates for office. It was not your typical campaign event, and the 87th nomination race may not be a typical campaign. (Hover your cursor over images for partial listing of who is in each, and click for larger versions of photos).

Prominent Chase campaign supporters on hand included keynote speaker Delegate Bob Marshall, Virginia Senate candidates Tito “the Builder” Munoz and former Delegate Dick Black, and Genaro Pedroarias of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly.
Clay Chase with Tito "The Builder" Munoz
Instead of the standard-format political event in which a speaker or succession of speakers introduce the candidate, who then gives a speech, then closes the official ceremony; Ms. Chase’s campaign kickoff was more like a grassroots rally.

Randy Minchew gave the invocation; and Bob Marshall gave a brief speech. Then, after some initial words of thanks, Ms. Chase immediately invited her campaign team to join her in front of the room, about 20 people in all, introduced them, then gave her speech, and then said “Well, we have a microphone here, does anyone else have anything?”

Tea Party was well represented at Jo-Ann Chase campaign kickoff

Randy Minchew gave invocation at Jo-Ann Chase campaign kickoff

Following was a series of announcements and comments from attendees, just as you might see at a local Tea Party meeting, which is appropriate because in one sense the Republican race for the nomination is shaping up as possibly the only local contest where the “Tea Party vs Republican Establishment” theme fits. Ms. Chase had a much larger turnout than her opponent, David Ramadan, saw at his campaign opener, though fewer at Ms. Chase’s were party officials. Both Ron Wilcox and John Grigsby, leaders of two of the Loudoun-area Tea Party groups, were present, and Ms. Chase herself is a leader of the third.

In addition, Mr. Ramadan appears to be the candidate investing a much larger share of personal wealth in the contest, and the topic of money came up repeatedly in remarks from the podium.
Jo-Ann Chase and featured speaker Bob Marshall

Audience at Jo-Ann Chase campaign event

Audience at Jo-Ann Chase campaign kickoff

Randy Minchew and Bob Marshall at Jo-Ann Chase campaign kickoff

Bob Marshall:

I am proud to endorse Jo-Ann Chase tonight. In 20 years in office I’ve made very few endorsements, and when I do make them I do it with caution, and with consideration, and with conviction in this those people that I put my name next to.

Jo-Ann and I share core values, but you have to have something beyond the core values, and that’s why I think Jo-Ann should be the choice for this district to represent you in the Virginia General Assembly. When Randy was talking about a “prayer for boldess” I was thinking, well that is not what this young lady needs. She needs a prayer for restraint. But I’m glad that she’s bold and aggressive because she will be bold and aggressive for you. She is candid, upfront, she is not afraid, and she works, and she works, and she works…

This is a primary race. When I first ran, I did not have the endorsements of the insiders. I didn’t care. I had the least money, but I had the most volunteers. And I won in a 4-way race. And I’ve been winning that way. I’ve always been outspent…

You will make the difference in this campaign: the manpower, the womanpower, the dedication, the voters who see you at the door – you in a sense are more influential than Jo-Ann because when you go to someone’s door or make a phone call it shows you are not going to get anything personally out of this, you’re not going to get any money out of this, but you believe in what Jo-Ann’s going to do for you and for them.

You will be an advertisement for a young woman that we need down in Richmond.

Mr. Marshall encouraged attendees to make a donation and make a commitment to phone calls, going door to door, signs and bumper stickers, etc.

Ms. Chase thanked “Bob Marshall, my mentor” and said:

The importance of any election is about giving the people a voice to be represented by an individual, whether it’s a woman or a man, we need to make sure in this race and in every other race that the individual we elect is someone that espouses our principles, our morals, our values. Someone that is grounded and understands that it’s not the money, it’s not the title, it’s not the glory, it’s not the deals behind the scenes, it’s not the special interests: It’s the needs of the people. We’re supposed to be servants of the people…

I’m a conservative, I’m 100% pro-life, I’m 100% for the Second Amendment, I’m fiscally conservative, I want to cut spending, I want to protect our homeland security and national security. I think that is a very important issue that is not being dealt with by our representatives at the local level, at the state level and at the federal level…

If I were to be elected, I will promise you that I will protect our Constitution and our liberties. I’m not going to make deals. I’m going to follow the lead of my mentor, Bob Marshall.

My take on the campaign for the 87th District nomination:

From what one can glean from their respective Web sites, campaign literature and from cursory conversations with the candidates, it appears the Republican party will be well-represented in the November elections in this race, no matter who wins the nomination. Mr. Ramadan and Ms. Chase appear to share a number of general policy positions regarding scaling back the role of government and removing government obstacles to economic development.

The respective campaigns, however, could not be more dissimilar.

Mr. Ramadan has been an extraordinarily generous contributor to Republican candidates for many years, including in the current election cycle. For his campaign, he has contracted the services of local activists as well as the consulting consortium representing most Loudoun County Republican candidates this year, yielding a substantial team of endorsers and supporters. Comparing the campaign kickoff events, Ms. Chase had nearly triple the number of attendees and if you subtract out those who were “paid to be there” in some sense at Mr. Ramadan’s event, Ms. Chase’s advantage probably would be 5-1.

Yet the contest for the 87th District is a strange one in many respects, appropriate for a precinct-slicing district that will surprise many voters on the boundaries come election time and might have some wishing they had thrown their hat in the ring. Ms. Chase’s featured speaker was Bob Marshall, one of the most respected public figures among local conservatives, whereas Mr. Ramadan’s was Grover Norquist, one of the most reviled.

And like Mr. Norquist’s kindergarten-level policy platform that “the government spends and taxes too much,” Mr. Ramadan is running on stances that should be considered the bare minimum qualifications for elected office at any level. But somehow Mr. Ramadan enjoys the support of the majority of prominent Loudoun Republicans, either through outright endorsements or the de facto support of so many people who have declared neutrality but otherwise might have been considered solid supporters of the Chase campaign – and who certainly appear to have surprised the Chase campaign by their absence.

So on one level it is tempting to frame the nomination campaign as a battle between the grassroots and the establishment or between manpower and money, but either interpretation runs the risk of downplaying the inescapable centrality of …. money.

Just last week Mr. Ramadan sent his first campaign mail piece and while it said little specifically about what he would do as a delegate, it definitely cost a fortune. Eight pages, four-color, wide distribution: With design services and postage, that’s probably a $30,000 job at the minimum. If Mr. Ramadan is willing to spend that kind of cash to say, basically, “Don’t let my name scare you,” he is going to be hard to beat if he continues to spend that kind of money once he comes up with an actual platform to run on.

The Chase campaign has its work cut out for it, and it will need to make the best use of its strength in volunteer numbers.
Genaro Podroarias addresses crowd at Jo-Ann Chase campaign event

John Stirrup among large turnout for Jo-Ann Chase campaign event

Large crowd turns out for Jo-Ann Chase campaign event

Stephanie Stockman, Steve Stockman and Shawn Richmond at Jo-Ann Chase campaign kickoff

Patricia Phillips at Jo-Ann Chase campaign event

I recognize a challenge when I see one. (Click for larger versions.)

David Ramadan Campaign Flyer

David Ramadan Campaign Flyer

Joe Budzinski Campaign Flyer

Joe Budzinski Campaign Flyer

Just came across via email, click here for full story.

Ken Reid held his campaign kick-off in Leesburg on May 1, with about 65 people in attendance including many elected officials and candidates for office. Ken noted his accomplishments as Leesburg Town Council member, particularly transportation projects completed, and his commitment to supporting the business community in the county.

You can hover your cursor over each picture for a partial listing of who is in each, and click on the photos for a larger version. Below is Ken’s speech (or click here to view).

Crowd at Ken Reid campaign kickoff

Ken Reid at campaign kickoff in Leesburg

Attendees at Ken Reid campaign kickoff

Dave Schmidt, Geary Higgins and Janet Clarke at Ken Reid campaign kickoff

Randy Minchew and Eugene Delgaudio at Ken Reid campaign kickoff

John Stirrup and Bob Wertz at Ken Reid campaign kickoff

John Whitbeck and David Ramadan at Ken Reid kickoff

Eugene Delgaudio and Geary Higgins at Ken Reid campaign kickoff