There was a pitiful bunch standing outside the government building last night. I did not recognize a single one of them. Nor did anyone I know recognize these strangers. I am grateful that no one in the LCRC supported these clowns. They were shouting things about David Ramadan — a Republican in good standing from South riding. David is running for the GA in the 87th. At this point David has my vote. The strangers claimed that David wants to bring Sharia Law to Loudoun County.

Anti-shariah law protest targets David Ramadan's purported statement on Ground Zero mosque

OK. Now that you have stopped laughing, let us continue. David and I do disagree about the Mosque near the 9/11 site. I find him to be insensitive in this regard, but that is not a deal breaker. David is also not a proponent of Sharia Law — which is what the protesters where shouting about. David is busy living the American dream, and taking as much of that dream as the market will bear. I am always amazed at how immigrants get the entrepreneurial aspect of being an American far better than the native born. Must be something in the educational system nowadays, or the water.

David is many ways is a serious man who deserves our consideration. The 17 strangers who were in our midst yesterday are a sad and silly distraction as is anyone who supported their actions.