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As reported here.

Who will run to take his place? Seems that Barbara Comstock has been positioning herself to run for that seat for years so I would expect her to run.

Congressman Wolf’s full statement:

I have decided not to seek re-election to the U.S. Congress in 2014.  It has been an honor to serve the people of northern Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley.  I thank my constituents for giving me the privilege of representing them in Congress for 34 years.

As a follower of Jesus, I am called to work for justice and reconciliation, and to be an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves.  I plan to focus my future work on human rights and religious freedom – both domestic and international – as well as matters of the culture and the American family.  My passion for these issues has been influenced by the examples of President Ronald Reagan, former Congressmen Jack Kemp and Tony Hall, Chuck Colson, and the life of 18th century Member of Parliament William Wilberforce.

I want to thank the many excellent former and current members of my staff who have helped me serve the people of the 10th District.  I am also grateful to my wife, Carolyn, and my family, who have faithfully stood by me all these many years.

Frank Wolf has just released a damning indictment of MWAA’s crooked accounting and business practices. How can our BOS continue to pursue rail under these conditions? Thank God at least one of our elected officials is standing up and looking out for the Loudoun public at large. It is a shame that none of our elected ‘conservatives’ on the BOS, have not been able to find a voice as clear as Congressman Wolf …

Dear Secretary LaHood:

I am deeply troubled by the findings released today in the interim report from the department’s Inspector General (IG) on the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (WMAA) Board of Directors. I requested this audit last year and am sure you agree that the report raises significant concerns about the current board’s policies and procedures, including contracting practices, ethics and transparency. This demands immediate action.

Most egregious are the IG’s findings about MWAA’s contracting practices. The report notes that in many cases MWAA failed to even abide by its own established contracting procedures, which already fall short of industry standards. Particularly concerning are the number of sole source contracts issued. As you know, MWAA is required by law to fully compete any contract over $200,000, with limited exceptions. Yet the IG’s report states that “[d]uring the period of our review, MWAA awarded five sole source contracts that were over $200,000, but did not fall under any of MWAA’s categorical exemptions. These contract awards, which amount to $6 million, did not have Board approval.” Not only did MWAA abuse the exemptions permitted under federal law, they issued numerous contracts that failed to meet even these basic standards.

The report points out that while MWAA’s Contracting Manual says some exemptions are allowed, but “comprise only a small portion of MWAA’s contracts and their dollar value,” the IG found that the use of exemptions “has amounted to 40 percent of the Authority’s $589 million in contract awards during the period of our review.”

The rest of the letter only gets worse, the rest of it can be found here. Scott York, Ralph Buona, Shawn Williams and Matt Letourneau are hellbent on hitching us to the MWAA/WMATA plow. Please call or write to these men and try to talk some sense into them. Time is running out for Loudoun.

What do these 8 Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives have in common?

Costa (CA-20) 50%
Peters (MI-9) 45%
Peterson (MN-7) 43%
Boren (OK-2) 43%
Holden (PA-17) 43%
Cardoza (CA-18) 38%
Altmire (PA-4) 38%
Owens (NY-23) 35%

They each voted for a higher percentage of spending-cut amendments to HR 1 (Continuing Appropriation Act) last week than Frank Wolf, Republican congressman from Virginia’s 10th District.

Wolf only voted for 33% of the 21 spending-cut amendments to HR 1.

You can use the tool located at Hot Air to see more detail on how the members of Congress voted.

Visit the Heritage Action for America blog for more information and to download a PDF file detailing which cost-cutting amendments Frank Wolf voted for and against.

By way of comparison, here is a list showing how Virginia’s delegation to Congress voted, from best to worst:

Robert Hurt (VA-5) 100%
Bob Goodlatte (VA-6) 95%
Morgan Griffith (VA-9) 95%
Eric Cantor (VA-7) 90%
Randy Forbes (VA-4) 67%
Scott Rigell (VA-2) 67%
Rob Whittman (VA-1) 36%
Frank Wolf (VA-10) 33%
Gerry Connolly (VA-11) 10%
Jim Moran (VA-8) 0%
Bobby Scott (VA-3) 0%

As you can see, the only Virginia representatives who showed less fiscal restraint than Frank Wolf were the three Democrats; and you can also see that Frank Wolf’s voting record on these amendments is much closer to that of Gerry Connolly than to the majority of Virginia’s Republican House members.

Presumably Congressman Wolf had what were in his mind sound reasons to vote against 2/3 of the amendments to cut federal spending. Presumably he believes in his heart that the spending items he voted to maintain are worth our continued support. Unfortunately, Mr. Wolf seems to have lost sight of the fact that it is not “us” he is committing to pay for those federal programs, but our children and grandchildren – because “we” can’t afford them and “we” have, in fact, spent ourselves into a deficit of about $1.5 trillion.

Perhaps Mr. Wolf believes the federal spending he voted to preserve is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. If so, he is tone-deaf to the message that voters attempted to send in the November 2010 elections.

It would appear that the next relevant question is: Who is lining up to vie for the Republican nomination for the 10th District congressional seat in 2012? Because the incumbent, Frank Wolf, has come out of the blocks with a blaring notice that he is planning to retire at the end of this term.

Frank Wolf at Dennis Husch Campaign Kick Off

Frank Wolf praised Dennis Husch's record on community safety issues

Last night over 50 people braved icy roads to turn out for the McLean, Virginia campaign kick off event for Dennis Husch, candidate for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf introduced Husch as someone whose principles regarding community safety, limited government and sound development policies would be a valuable asset for Fairfax County over the next four years.

Husch is a veteran of eight consecutive terms on the Herndon Town Council, a level of government where he said “things you do really make a difference” to residents, and “being a go to person” was part of the job he found very rewarding.
Dennis Husch Campaign Kick Off January 18, 2011

Husch said he looks forward to applying his commitment to constituent services in the larger context of Fairfax County – a “bigger pool, a larger set of problems” but where the communities want the same things: “Safe, quiet neighborhoods, to maintain our quality of life … and not let government treat you and I like an ATM machine. We need to get value for our dollar; we need to see where it goes.” Regarding property rights and community standards, Husch said “at the end of the day everybody should be able to use their property in the way they want, as long as it does not negatively affect adjacent property owners.”

Dennis Husch campaign kick off January 18, 2011

Over 50 people turned out for the kick off of Dennis Husch's campaign for Fairfax County Supervisor

Those in attendance included numerous elected officials and past and current candidates for office, including Virginia Senate candidates Caren Merrick (in the photo at left) and Spike Williams.

For more information on Supervisor Candidate Dennis Husch and to contribute, click here for his campaign Web site.

Worked the most Democrat precinct in Sterling again. Result should be telling. Results shortly …

862 total votes, representing 33 percent of eligible voters in precinct.

While machines are being unlocked, I can note that it felt like a strong Republican sentiment – for this neighborhood.

Stay tuned ….

From today’s vote:
Barnett 423
Wolf 420

45 absentee uncounted…

We won’t get absentee results till later, but Wolf this close in this precinct is a very good sign for him …

Oh almost forgot – Redpath 13.

Republican House members were in Sterling, Virginia this morning to formally announce the Pledge To America.

Click here for news coverage of the event.

A small crowd of local business owners and residents of Loudoun County was in front of the Tart hardware store to greet the GOP members and large contingent of media. Chanting “Speaker Boehner” and “We Love The Pledge,” they had the opportunity to spend some time with Congressmen Mike Pence, Frank Wolf, and House Minority Leader John Boehner. (The captions are not all working but the last photo in the bunch is House Minority Leader John Boehner, who crossed the street to talk with local residents).

Small business owners and Loudoun residents greet Republican members of congress in Sterling. Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (center) was one of several local elected officials in attendance.

Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana talks with the owner of the In and Out Market in Sterling

Congressman Frank Wolf came out to greet his constituents

Mike Pence talks with Leesburg Council Member Ken Reid, Sterling resident and state senate candidate Patricia Phillips, and Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio

It appears that the Democrat strategists in Northern Virginia believe they’ve found the secret formula for selecting candidates:  clone Jim Webb.  The truth is that with a Jim Webb clone, they may as well combine the genes of Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi.  Throw in a little Charlie Rangel, and you’d be pretty close to the DNA of the Democrats in the House.  There is no such thing as a “moderate Democrat” any more.  In the Obama/Emmanuel/Pelosi/Reid world, you toe the loony-left line, or get the ax.

The Democrats are putting up Webb-clone Jeff Barnett to run against Rep. Frank Wolf.  Barnett is like a bad imitation of Jim Webb’s younger brother.  You can almost imagine Barnett trying on Brother Jim’s big pants at night, when no one is watching.

Like Jim, Jeff has a military background.  Like Jim, Jeff talks tough in public.  Like Jim, Jeff appears to be a normal, Northern Virginian retired government employee.  But, just like Jim, scratch the surface and a liberal monster appears.

What you find under the surface is a loyal supporter of each and every loony scheme the far-left leaders of Jimmy-Jeff’s party concoct.

The Democrats learned long ago to hide their true beliefs and their true goals for America.  Especially in a solid district like Frank Wolf’s 10th Virginia, the Democrats must conceal their true core beliefs and objectives.  But Webb has a voting record he cannot conceal.  Let’s look at some of his vote ratings:

Issue:  Abortion

Rater:  NARAL Pro-Choice (abortion supporters);  Webb’s score:  A perfect 100/100 support for unrestricted abortion.

Issue:  LIberal, Anti-American litigation

Rater:  ACLU;  Webb’s score:  90/100, for a solid B+ in the mainstream of Congressional liberals.

Issue:   Right to work

Rater:  AFL/CIO (liberal union); Webb’s score:  98/100, almost perfect support for job-killing unions.

Issue:  Defense

Rater:  Center for Security Policy (Conservative defense group); Webb’s score:  30/100, a failing grade in the area that Webb pretends he’s not liberal.  But votes don’t lie, Jim!

Issue:  Education

Rater:  NEA (Ultra-liberal, anti-child educators union); Webb’s score:  A, for his unfailing support of the teachers union and administrators against freedom of education for our children.

If Jim Webb had run on the above voting record, he would not have been elected.  Jim Webb, like most of the rest of the Democrat cabal roosting in our Congress provides 100% support to the raving loony left’s schemes to seize control of the economy, the auto industry, banks, the oil industry, energy, and more.  Jim Webb toes the loony left line with each of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid votes for more and more socialism and less and less freedom.

And just like Jim, Jeff Barnett is a “proud” supporter of Obamacare.

And just like Jim, Jeff Barnett blames business for the housing market scandal.

And just like Jim, Jeff Barnett is scared to death to deal with the reality of the housing collapse.  Jimmy-Jeff does not want us to hear about the revolving door that provided rewards from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to Democrat toadies–$90 million to Franklin Raines alone.

If you liked the housing collapse at the hands of Pelosi/Reid/Webb, then you’ll love what the Democrats have planned next–Vote Jeff Barnett!

Frank Wolf believes in accountability, and the rule of law.  Frank Wolf is on the lookout for the rights of all Americans, not just select Democrat interest groups.  Frank Wolf or Jimmy/Jeff Webb/Barnett.  Your Virginia, your call.