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The Glenn Beck Restoring Honor rally in DC, which looks like it is going to attract over 250,000 people based on the current crowd, is live on Ustream. Click here to watch.

Sarah Palin just went on. Wish I could be there!

Yesterday’s videos and photos of walking around the 9-12 Project/ “Tea Party Express” demonstration in Washington DC give a decent sense of the size and composition of the crowd, and the general tenor of the afternoon.

(Press reports have the crowd up to 2 million people, although like all these DC marches it’s guesswork. In any case the size rivaled that of Barack Obama’s inauguration – which is fitting since this was like an inauguration, only in reverse.)

We had some discussion in yesterday’s thread about the message of the Tea Party demonstrators; after giving it some thought and reviewing the videos and photos, I think the overall theme was simply “it’s time to take our country back.”

With a sub theme of, “Barack Obama, you sure turned out to be somebody we do not want in the White House.”

See what you think.

UPDATE: Stacy McCain makes a good case for over a million people.


Here are some images from yesterday’s (September 12, 2009) 9-12 Project/ Tea Party Express demonstration in DC. Since I was not permitted to bring the chopper anywhere near the Capitol area the best I could get were ground shots, but this time lapse capture from a traffic camera gives a good sense of the size of the crowd.

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Grim Reaper as ObamaCare Czar

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Here is a quick and dirty video overview of today’s Tea Party Express/9-12 Project demonstration in Washington DC (be patient, the video may not actually be available for a little while but we have to go out so I am posting the nascent links). It looked like well over a million people to me – if RFK Stadium holds 55,000, it looked like at least 20 RFK Stadiums full of people around the Capitol.

This was NOT a demonstration against “big government” as CNN just reported. It was a clear and pointed demonstration against Barack Obama and the Democrat Congress, particularly in relation to the Democrat health care reform proposals. But there were a lot of other target which I will hopefully get to illustrate in more videos later tonight.

Big winners today: Glenn Beck, Joe Wilson, and the US Constitution.

Big losers: Barack Obama, the Democrat Congress, ACORN.

Here is what it was like out there:

UPDATE: Here is some more walking around video from the 9-12 Project/Tea Party demonstration. The key takeaway from these two overviews is the demographics – this is a slice of America, folks, this is the “mob”:

[Monday am note - some lovely updates at bottom]

“Green jobs czar” Van Jones resigns.

The Incompetence Meter reads “99″.

And let’s be clear, the incompetence factor here was not in the “failure to vet” Van Jones. Obama and his senior aides certainly knew all about Van Jones’ recent past – they just did not perceive it would be a problem.

It was not a matter of failing to sharpen their pencils and dot all the “i”s. It was a failure to have lived among normal Americans during any recent decades. And also not having the slightest clue what is actually going on in this country.

While it has been suggested here in the past “thank goodness Obama and his crew are so incompetent or they would REALLY be dangerous,” this episode is a reminder that everyone needs to continue to keep a really close eye on these clowns. We can’t always count on incompetence to stymie their plans.

But anyway: thank you, Glenn Beck. It’s not exactly like you’re facing off against the A-Team here, but you spoke up when everyone else was still silent.


UPDATE: Good overview, with the measure of the man, here.

UPDATE II: And this I steer you to because … well, just because I like you, and your enjoyment is important to me.

UPDATE III: Next logical step here, thanks to Mike Pence.

UPDATE IV: Following that, I know you will especially appreciate savoring this.