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When you go vote make sure the result is what you intended. There have been reports of people voting Romeny, and getting Obama as the result. In one case the citizen had to vote THREE times to get their intended result — which was a vote for Romney. Considering how many places this has happened there is a distinct possibility that something foul is afoot. The latest reported such incident occurred in Topeka, Kansas:

“He played around with the field a little and realized that in order to vote for Romney, his finger had to be exactly on the mark,” Nancy wrote in an email. She said “the invisible Obama field came down about 1/4 [of an inch]” into what should technically have been the Romney area.

It appears that the ‘calibration’ is rigged to cause mistakes in the Democrat’s favor. Last week the reports of such incidents in Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, Colorado, and Missouri. In all states where this has occurred the error is always in Obama’s favor. Coincidence? Only if you believe in the Easter Bunny.

As Edmund Burke once said:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.

Do something. Go out and vote. Pay very close attention to the result coming up on the machine. You can get a printout of your vote; do this. The Democrats are desperate, and their dear leader is from Chicago. Need I say more?

Re-Electing President Obama Is A Momentous Decision That Will Require Every Single Voter. What Would The Children Of The Future Say If We Let Them Down This November?

This ode to Orwell’s Oceana will back fire. Stripmines Fun and Free? Sick people just die? Oil fills the sea? My first response to the string of over-the-top Democrat talking points sung by the mindless cherubs was, “Forget you.” First off, no Republican is considering filling the sea with oil you hapless drones. Sick people dying is what happens under socialist a.k.a. government-controlled healthcare, and no one is proposing strip mining, or mining of any sort that is unregulated. They sing about endless war, which is a term right out Orwell’s novel. The interesting thing is Obama was the president who violated the War Powers Act, not Booosh.

What is truly sad is that it is the Obama-Democrat policies that will have us accused by children and grand children who will ask, “What were you thinking?” They might also ask “Why am I in debt to the tune of $100K because you could not say ‘enough’!?” Or, “You voted for someone because you felt guilty?” Or, “What was so wrong about questioning the Dear Leader?”

Obama is an Alinski-ite. This ad is right out of the playbook: Trash your opponents, make them react, fault them for their reaction. The trouble is that both sides have learned the playbook. The result will be action not reaction.

This commercial is so unjust, so enraging, the effect will be to motivate those who would otherwise only vote for Romney. People will now go out and knock on doors, stuff envelops, drive people to the polling stations for the Republicans. This should motivate one and all to put up Romney-Ryan signs. People won’t just vote for Romney, they will be writing checks, and working for the Romney campaign — in response to this campaign ad.

With this ad Team Obama has announced they are giving up on the undecideds and independents. They are now hoping for a turn out election. They are looking to motivate their demoralized base. This ad is the opposite of hope and change, it is the embodiment of a scorched earth policy. Playing this ad in a presidential year is a huge mistake; this is an off cycle year campaign ad. The Democrats are demonstrating utter desperation with these singing props.

Lastly, at the rate we are going it is not just Chinese stuff in our stores, it is Chinese ownership of our country’s debt. They already own $1.1T in US treasury bills. Foreign ownership of American dept has exploded under Obama. Some speculate that Obama is looking to take the U.S. down a peg. By now we should be able to peg Obama as a hollow, left-wing, ideological zealot. A community organizer is just another term for rabble-rouser. This empty suite has never worked for a private concern let alone made pay roll. Obama is a product of the Chicago Political Machine. He does not get economics, nor does he understand the lawlessness of his administration. Obama just does not get it, and he never will.

To say that Biden was an ass last night is an injustice. It is an injustice to all the asses of this world. Putting them in the same corner with this clown is patently unfair. The trouble is that this facile thug, masquerading as a serious politician, is beyond the pale. Ryan was respectful of his elder. The trouble is that his elder was soiling himself on stage while conducting a war on women, with Raddatz Biden’s target dejour.

Biden did himself no favors, he was the grin with a body behind it. Red meat for the OWS crowd. Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times, giggling in between and making little sense when he would start shouting. No doubt about it, Chris Matthews had another tingle down his leg. This debate performance will not do well with undecided voters of flyover country. This sort of performance does fine in Philadelphia, but not Des Moines. Still, give the Biden his due, he did fire up the base. Which was a must after Obama’s debate debacle.

Reading the transcript, I would give points to Ryan for Libya, and Biden for Afghanistan. On the home front, Ryan got the better of the Biden overall, but unlike Obama, Biden actually put in a performance. Unlike the Messiah, Biden looked like he wanted to be there. The polls declaring who won are split, and the margins are all in the low single digits. Such a result is the norm. Blowouts like what Romney did to Obama are very rare. It requires that you opponent be a flaccid, clueless, detached, empty-suit in order to garner a 50+ point spread in your favor. Obama, despite protestations of the left, was himself that night. No teleprompter, no script, no prepped-for questions planted in the press pool. Just a clueless, lost, community-organizer in way-over his head.

Biden needs to take a class on Geography; the alleged foreign policy expert does not know the relative sizes of Libya and Syria. More importantly, how is it Biden can in one debate throw the intel community under the bus regarding Stevens’ murder in Benghazi and then pivot, and place absolute faith in their prowess regarding the Iranian nuclear program? Finally, the hard part in making a nuclear bomb is not the bomb assembly, it is the collection if fissile material for the bomb. This is a lie with monstrous implications.

My bs-o-meter finally broke last night when Biden intoned that his Catholic faith defines him; the spring shot out through the glass display and put a hole in the ceiling. There also were the lou-lou’s regarding the Libyan embassy debacle, the meter pegged red so hard it bent the needle. The sorry return to the mythical $5T in tax cuts was another peg-red moment. Still, considering Biden’s handicap, I should not be surprised that he can’t tell the truth even if his life depends on it.

The question then is what does this mean for the upcoming debates? With the bleeding stopped, can team Messiah recapture the lost momentum, and lost voters? The poll aggregates are trending against Team Blue since the first debate. Obama has a tougher row to hoe than Biden. Smokin’ Joe can afford to be a total ass on TV, Obama cannot. Obama, who is admittedly lazy, needs to come prepared, and have something other than a set of campaign-commercial one-liners memorized. This is a daunting mission, as Obama’s work ethic is not up to the task.

The look on David Gergen’s face at CNN said it all. Obama got hit by a bus. The bus is called reality. Obama has been sheltered by the media for the past six years. softball questions with no follow up. No critique of his answers. No fawning adulation. The shock on Obama’s face was obvious. He was lost. No teleprompter. No command of the facts. I guess he should have stayed with the girls from The View.


Obama was angry. Obama was angry with Jim Lehrer, despite getting FIVE MORE minutes of speaking time than Romney. Obama was angry with Romney, who was busy mopping the floor with him. He was exposed. The emperor has no clothes, for the emperor has no answers. His responses to the questions were the same tired cliches from four years ago.

Obama trudged back to corporate jets for Exxon — Romney educated the president that the $2.5B in oil subsidies go primarily to small wildcat outfits that are the real risk takers in the industry. Romney then asked about the $90B in subsidies to the windmill and solar panel green energy industry, the overwhelming majority of which went to companies that are now failing. Obama has given green energy 50 years worth of oil subsidies in one year. If $2.5B is bad, how much worse is $90B? Obama had no answers. Picking winners and losers is wrong. How much worse is it to only pick losers?

Obama droned on about “Tax breaks for exporting jobs” — Romney never heard of such a thing, and he has over 20 years running businesses. “Only 5% of business are purely owner operated, so what is the problem with raising corporate taxes?”, says Obama. “That 5% creates three quarters of all the new jobs”, is the reason why Mr. President. Romney was spot on, it is about employment. Each new job is a double win for the country. Each job means one less unemployment or welfare check needs to be cut. Each new job means more taxes can be collected, without raising the rates.

Looking at his shoes, like some errant schoolboy, Obama got his head handed back to him. Implementing the recommendations in the Simpson-Bowles report would have been better than doing what Obama did do, which has been nothing. Obama crowed how it is now going through to the congress. Mr President, you have had four years to turn this report into a bill, and then into law. How about a budget Mr President?

Obama claims to have found $4T in cuts in the federal budget. So why has the budget run deficits of over $1.2T each year he has been in office? Obama had a super majority for 2 years and has had the senate for all four. Romney worked with a Democrat super majority as governor. What has been obvious is Obama does not know how to work across party lines. At. All.

We are in trouble in this country. We need leadership. What we got is Obama. Obama is a shadow of James Earl Carter. James Earl Carter was the worst president in US history, until now.

Lets see. We have a barnyard full of freaks and animals, many of whom self identify as jack asses. The pig pen is full of fawning media types from MSM, gorging on the slop thrown to them by farmer Obama, who moonlights as a big tent ringleader. We got legions of clowns. Wasserman Shultz is eating fire, while Axelrod is juggling. One washed up vaudeville act after another — look its Michelle. She is telling a story about Barak’s rusty old car. Why was a lawyer from an Ivy League school driving a rusty old car? They drove the rusty old car to her parents country home, talking all the while about how money does not matter. The Obama’s are only worth $7M, how would they know money does not matter? Both went to Ivy League prep schools, and from there to the Ivy League. How did they learn that money does not matter? Someone was even selling popcorn and Tofu-corn dogs during this act. Yep. This is a circus. The Democrats have come to town of Charlotte NC, and the wheels have come off the clown car.

Bill Clinton will be taking the stage tonight. He is the man on the tight rope. I am sure he wants to help Barack Obama. Why? Because Bubba is just fine with his wife losing her bid for the presidency, and doing so in a grinding, underhanded and nasty primary campaign. Then there was the issue of Bill having the race card being played on him. I guess that knocked his honorary title of the first black president off his head and into the round file. Then there is the campaign in 2016 to think about, we can’t have Bill not playing the role elder statesman, gazing with approval upon his successor. Bill is just looking for someone to carry his bags, he said so to Ted Kennedy.

We also have the bearded women from NOW. These are serious women. Not a shred of humor to be found. Not a single funny bone in the lot. These serious women want people to think seriously about serious women’s issues. With 23M people unemployed or under employed, are these serious thinking women thinking about how do women find employment, keep their jobs, put food on the table and a roof over the heads of their families? Why no. These women are seriously fixated on getting public funding for abortions. They are so serious about this that it is now a plank in the Democrat party platform for this. This is serious business in a country where there are over 5000 abortions performed everyday. All Just to stop the so called Republican War on Women? Seriously? We are supposed to take the bearded women from NOW seriously?

So. How did the wheels come off the clown car? Well, remember that party platform we mentioned earlier? It no longer had language recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the one last reference to God, had been removed. A small matter, except for the possible loss of the Jewish and non-Atheist voting blocs. But hey, this is Barack’s Democrat National Convention and he runs a tight ship right? Uh. Not really. The rules were suspended so that two planks in the party platform could be amended, returning language regarding Jerusalem and God back into the platform. The clowns were pouring out from under the hood and through the windows at this point.

This language would not have made it back in had the votes been counted. But Mayor Villaraigosa, the man with the top hat on stilts, pulled a move that would have made any Tammany Democrat proud. He declared it passed. Passed by two thirds majority? Really? It sounded like the motion did not even command a simple majority, no matter how often he called the vote. This fiasco is the mother of all unforced errors. The best part is that Democrat operatives have called this a Republican dirty trick. Really? Did Republicans write the Democrat party platform? Did Republicans make the motion on the floor to suspend the rules, introduce the new language, or vote against it? It must be George Bush’s fault.

These people want to lead our country? Really? Seriously?

Very interesting commercial from the Knights of Columbus. It appeared when the Obama administration started their push against religious groups, having them provide benefits and/or care inclusive of birth control. This may have been the original intent but I derived something more important. It was George Washington’s quote:

“Of all the dispositions and habits, which leads to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.”

Morality in relation to political prosperity.  It is something that I have always known to go hand in hand.  How can you hold office and do the bidding of the people without having morality?  This has been an issue with politics since the birth of governments.  Our founding fathers knew this when they created the laws governing our nation.  Elected officials have bypassed their ethical moral code for selfishness, power and recognition.

I bring this up now because social conservatives have been taking a beating on their stances.  They are being portrayed as a fanatical group which the people don’t want involved in their lives.  What usually happens when you are scared of something?  You deny it and then you destroy it.  Welcome to our path of destruction as a nation.  We have all but replaced God in every form and place other than in church “where He belongs”.  And the more you imprison God, the more our woes will multiply.

Social conservatives are not our enemy.  Social conservatives are not always right.  Who is?  But social conservatives keep God as part of our freedom which the framers intended.  To continue to dismiss them is nothing more than shredding the Constitution and what it stands for.  With God we prosper; without Him we whither on the vine.

National Review Online published an interview with U.S. Senate candidate Jamie Radtke. Here is a money quote:

“First of all, I’m not an unknown quantity in Virginia politics.” Indeed, Radtke’s career includes a stint as a staffer for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee under then-chairman Jesse Helms, a shift as political and grassroots director for the Virginia Conservative Action PAC, and a term as president of the Richmond Tea Party. “Number two, I’m going around talking about substantive proposals,” Radtke adds. “This isn’t a campaign built on rhetoric.”

As I said earlier, Allen is the favorite. But he needs to be scrutinized and some of his challengers are not all Johnny come lately’s, devoid of ideas as some already have alluded to. We need to look back and learn the lessons of our recent past or we will repeat the mistakes in the near future.
I, for one, was far from impressed with George Allen. Allen is a good fund raiser, so was George W. Bush, and Obama is a terrific fundraiser. Republicans, as a party, can do better. Republicans, as a party, must do better. While not in the same league as McCain, Graham, or McConnell, Allen is better then those three; George does not deserve a coronation, and should be given harsh scrutiny given his performance last campaign and his record prior to that.

The climate is ripe for new blood, new talent, and a fresh start in the Republican Party here in Virginia. Republicans should see what other talent is out there, willing to represent our interests, ideology, and philosophy.

Small-government Republicans need to take back the Senate from the Democrats and the Rockefeller Republicans who have brought our country to the sad state of affairs. The blame for our fiscal disaster belongs to both parties. Allen could have done worse, but he could also have done far better. Allen is no DeMint, nor is he an Inhofe. We need more of those, and fewer McCains, Grahams, and Browns. Senator Brown is about as conservative a Senator one can hope for from Massachusetts. This is Virginia, people — we can do better.

Jamie Radtke is running for the US Senate. She will be a primary opponent to Allen. She deserves our consideration and support as a potential replacement for Webb. Please give this process some consideration, and do not follow the establishment’s breezy “let’s get it back for George.” Visit Jamie’s website and read her positions on the issues and sign up for her mailers. Get informed on who Radtke is, and remember who Allen is, before you make a decision.

In an article from the National Journal on Radtke states:

“The Tea Party movement would not exist today if the Republicans had not failed under the Bush years”

From Radtke’s website:

  • Oppose raising the federal debt ceiling.
  • End the massive and unsustainable federal deficits.
  • Work for meaningful, courageous reform of entitlement programs.
  • Protect the intrinsic right to life.
  • Uphold the traditional family.
  • Defend the 2nd Amendment.
  • Fight to eliminate government subsidies of corporations (e.g. ethanol subsidies)
  • Advocate for energy independent policies that bring down the price of gas.
  • Oppose illegal immigration.
  • Propose a simpler and more fair tax structure
  • Demand a sound monetary policy.
  • Radtke’s record implies that she is serious about fiscal matters, and will not vote to enable the big spenders in Washington. Allen’s record on fiscal matters is a mixed bag. Allen would be better than a Democrat, but is that all we are shooting for?

    One reason Republicans lost in 2006 and 2008 was that the Republican Party had become indistinguishable from the Democrats on the issue of spending. Does anyone recall the polls that showed the public had more faith in the Democrats on financial matters? I do and I still wince when I think about it. Allen was part of the crew that made Obama possible. Allen voted three times to raise the debt limit without any demanding counter to stop the debt from rising.

    Allen was far too chummy with Mich McConnell, who will take Harry Reid’s job once Republicans take the Senate back from the Democrats. Do we want the same old thing once the Democrats are thrown out of power? Our Republic is nearing the tipping point, and we as a nation must do better.