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People can vote in many ways. First off, of course, there is the ballot box. People can also vote with their feet. California has seen people fleeing the state in droves in order to escape the high taxes and even higher crime rates.

People also can vote with their wallets. A study from American University reports that an overwhelming majority of young people plan to purchase firearms. Campus Reform reports:

Sixty percent of high school and college students say they plan on owning guns at a later stage in life, an academic study from American University revealed on Monday.

The study results are based on a sample of over 4000 high school and college students. This sample size is far larger than your typical political tracking poll, which usually samples 1000 people. The sample is therefore large enough to be statistically sound, which is math speak for, “It is representative of the population sampled.” Considering how our political class is trying to score points off the tragedy in CT, this trend should give them pause.

Our Founding Father’s had a firm grasp of what is required to secure and safe guard liberty. We, as a society, have dismissed their wisdom. We may grow to regret this. For those who support the 2nd amendment, an “I told you so.” will be cold comfort.

During lobbying day in Richmond, I met Delegate Lionell Spruill, Sr., delegate for Chesapeake and Suffolk cities. I felt he was willing to listen, yet would not be considered a strong supporter of the second amendment. He explained that he had a personal aversion to firearms. He grew up in an area that was rife with gangs and shootings almost every night. He stated he did not oppose all the items we supported, but he would like to us help with finding a way to reduce the prevalence of illegal guns on the street. I am hoping this open letter moves toward that end.

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One of the arguments I’ve heard recently is that someone is placed in more danger by a law abiding citizen having a concealed handgun. This line of reasoning is out of a position of ignorance of modern firearms and the built-in safeties they employ.

One of the arguments goes along the lines of “if the gun slips out of the holster, then it could go off when it falls.” While it is conceivable that a pistol could “go off” on being dropped, it is extremely unlikely. Modern firearms have a “drop safety” that is specifically designed to prevent the gun from being able to be fired unless the center of the trigger is pulled back before the outside edges. If the gun is just dropped, the impact, even if the gun falls so the trigger is “up”, would have both parts attempting to drive back at the same time. The drop safety will not allow that to happen (and a 5 lbs. pull would also tend to prevent the trigger from having enough kinetic energy to overcome the trigger pull).

There are others that think a handgun could “just go off” sitting in the holster. While that might happen if the person was manipulating the gun (or he was being burned alive) guns do not “just go off”.

So then, “random” firing is not going to happen.

What about an enraged fight going to the point of drawing a pistol?

Not very likely either. Of the times when I’ve heard of someone shooting someone else after a fight at a bar, the vast majority of the times it was after the shooter left, and brought back the gun. I don’t know, but it seems like those that are hot headed enough will not have the right to carry a concealed firearm (they will have broken the law before and lost the right.)

So why do I say it isn’t just a negative, but a positive? First, if I’m out without a firearm, and someone walks into the business with which I am dealing and brandishes a weapon, I would certainly appreciate a law abiding citizen with a firearm stopping the criminal. If there were only seconds until the person would start shooting, then it would certainly be in my interest to have people *right* *there* to defend me (or at least drive off the criminal in their own defense).

So please, if you are a law abiding, able bodied, mentally competent citizen, obtain training, a concealed carry permit, and start carrying. It will make us all safer if you do.