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These are good videos. I think you’ll enjoy them.

First, Bill Clinton on John McCain and the rationality of voting by gender:

Next, Bill Clinton talks about Sarah Palin:

So all is NOT lost ….

But we must admit, there is an awful lot of voting left to be done and that Feb 5 mess is going to be a complete crap shoot. The candidates can’t give all those states anything like the quality time Iowa and New Hampshire just got, so there is going to be the real possibility that the top three Democrats (and top four or five Republicans, for that matter) each get some wins.

On the plus side, there are a lot of powerful media players who really want Hillary as the nominee, so last night’s victory will be played up as the second coming … maybe even the covers of Time and Newsweek adorning the supermarket check out displays in California, New York and Florida for a solid week. We can hope.

Of course, if John Edwards manages to win in South Carolina next week he’ll have the angry nutso wing of the party screaming his accolades right up until Feb 5 and then Hillary would be yesterday’s news … well, Edwards would probably not be a bad second choice since we’re not going to get Dennis Kucinich, right?