UPDATE: On the 11th District portion of the story below, two commenters say BVBL has bad information. Rick Hendrix says

Huh? Jim Gilmore did NOT “storm the stage” at the 11th District Convention. Convention Chairman Jay O’Brien called for the Credentials Committee report. When it was apparent the report wasn’t ready yet, he invited Governor Gilmore to come up and address the convention.

James Young says

Rick is exactly correct. I was ON the stage, and Greg does not accurately report how Gilmore came onto the stage.

As for “glaring,” I can’t honestly say. Even if he had been, Jay certainly couldn’t have seen it, with the bright lights on the stage. I could barely see that Gilmore was there, and he was right in the front row.

UPDATE II: Shad Plank is running a quick “Marshall v Gilmore” poll – go over and vote!

Blog Fu has a pretty damning report of hubris and general incompetence by the Jim Gilmore campaign Saturday at a couple of the district Conventions. Gilmore reportedly lost his temper and stormed the stage at the 11th District Convention, in order to give his speech earlier than was scheduled on the agenda, then arrived late at the 10th District, after the speeches were over and attendees had nearly all left, where a Gilmore staffer reportedly complained that Bob Marshall should not have been allowed to speak until Gilmore arrived.

Jim Gilmore is not a particularly easy candidate to get excited about, which is why so many of us whose time is too valuable to devote to anything we don’t really care about are supporting Bob Marshall for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

But incidents like Saturday’s show a distinctly unappealing side to Jim Gilmore and/or his campaign management team, and do not inspire confidence in how he would fare against Mark Warner in the general election. Gilmore appears to think he is owed a great deal of deference by Virginia Republicans. I suggest this presumption is misguided.

Gilmore likely lost a number of delegates on Saturday, and will lose many more tomorrow when the world wakes up and reads the entire Blog Fu account.