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In yesterday’s election, Republicans swept all major offices in the Loudoun County government (click here and scroll down to see all results).

Loudoun County winners and your key elected officials for the next four years:

SHERIFF: Mike Chapman

Board of Supervisors

CHAIRMAN: Scott York
DULLES DISTRICT: Matt Letourneau

In other races, Dick Black won the 13th Senate District seat; Patricia Phillips fell short in her second attempt to take the seat of Democrat Mark Herring in the 33rd Senate District; Randy Minchew won the 10th District seat in the House of Delegates; and David Ramadan holds a 50-vote lead in his bid to win the new 87th House seat over Democrat Mike Kondtratick – a result that likely will be determined after a recount.

The local results represent a stunning, historic triumph for the Loudoun County Republican Committee (LCRC), which only a week ago was enmeshed in a controversy over a Halloween-themed email. Loudoun voters apparently were far less concerned about that email than about the future of the county.

Congratulations to the LCRC and the successful slate of Republican candidates!

Ken Reid held his campaign kick-off in Leesburg on May 1, with about 65 people in attendance including many elected officials and candidates for office. Ken noted his accomplishments as Leesburg Town Council member, particularly transportation projects completed, and his commitment to supporting the business community in the county.

You can hover your cursor over each picture for a partial listing of who is in each, and click on the photos for a larger version. Below is Ken’s speech (or click here to view).

Crowd at Ken Reid campaign kickoff

Ken Reid at campaign kickoff in Leesburg

Attendees at Ken Reid campaign kickoff

Dave Schmidt, Geary Higgins and Janet Clarke at Ken Reid campaign kickoff

Randy Minchew and Eugene Delgaudio at Ken Reid campaign kickoff

John Stirrup and Bob Wertz at Ken Reid campaign kickoff

John Whitbeck and David Ramadan at Ken Reid kickoff

Eugene Delgaudio and Geary Higgins at Ken Reid campaign kickoff

Bob Wertz, Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue, had a crowd of about 75 people at the magnificent Merriweather Manor near Leesburg last week for his official campaign kick off. (Thanks to owner Andrew Wright for the amazing venue!)

Having managed a business in Loudoun County for over 5 years, I can attest to the fact that our Commissioner of the Revenue office is a model of government effectiveness and efficiency – as I explained in this post. On top of that, Bob Wertz fully understands the importance of making Loudoun a business-friendly county, and his office is a pleasure to work with. As Bob states, “Besides cutting expenditures and accounting budget, expanding the commercial tax base is the only way we’re going to be able to reduce the taxes on people’s homes.” Hear, hear.

Bob does have a Democratic opponent in November, so if you want to ensure that the Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue office is run by someone who brings continuous improvement and understands the importance of economic development in the county, click here for Bob’s campaign Web site.

Below is the video of Bob explaining the duties of the Commissioner of the Revenue and what he has accomplished since first being elected in 2004. (Click here to watch the video at YouTube.) You can hover your cursor over the photos below for a list of who is in each, and click on each picture for a larger version.

Crowd at Bob Wertz campaign event

Rob Jesionowski, Robert Bruton, Suzanne Volpe at Bob Wertz campaign event

Matt Letourneau, Ralph Buona and Verne Dickerson at Bob Wertz campaign event

Bruce and Cathy Tulloch and Shawn Williams at Bob Wertz campaign event

Bob Wertz, Randy Minchew and Andrew Wright, owner of Merriweather Manor

Mike Chapman and Roger Zurn at Bob Wertz campaign event

Crowd of more than 70 people at Bob Wertz campaign event

Ken Reid, Jim Plowman and Eugene Delgaudio at Bob Wertz campaign event

Randy Minchew and Bob Wertz

Charlie King, Gary Clemens, Mike Chapman and Jim Plowman at Bob Wertz campaign event

Leesburg Town Council member Ken Reid has announced his candidacy for Leesburg District seat on the the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

He will be challenging incumbent Kelly Burk, with whom Reid wants to have four one-one-one debates.

Reid had been considering a run for the Loudoun BOS for several months and yesterday’s press release made it official:

Ken Reid and Mike Pence

Leesburg Councilman Ken Reid (l) with Congressman Mike Pence (R-Indiana) at an event in Sterling.

LEESBURG, VA – Leesburg Town Councilmember Kenneth “Ken” Reid today announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, Leesburg District, saying he is running on the platform of “Proven Leadership with Results.”

Reid noted: “The new Leesburg District will now include the precincts of Balls Bluff, Tolbert, Heritage and Greenway. These areas were previously part of the Catoctin District and had to compete for the attention of their supervisor with rural areas. The other theme of the campaign is – One Leesburg. One Loudoun. One Supervisor.

“The other precincts in the Leesburg District are West Leesburg (voting at Ida Lee Rec Ctr.), East Leesburg (Frances Hazel Reid), Brandon Park (Loudoun County H.S.), Cool Spring and Smarts Mill.

“The residents of these communities have benefited from my work on the Town Council since 2006, as do the residents of the precincts already in the District—West Leesburg, East Leesburg, Dry Mill, Smarts Mill, Brandon Park and Cool Spring,” Reid added.

“I am seeking a seat on the Board of Supervisors to help the town achieve its goals of annexation, ensure it has total say over in-town and out-of-town water and sewer rates, to attract jobs and economic development to Loudoun; to build up our transportation network, including upgrading the Leesburg Bypass to a full- limited access expressway; to preserve the historic charm of the town and Loudoun County; to protect and grow Leesburg Executive Airport; to tackle crime, gangs, illegal immigration and health threats like Lyme disease, improve our education system by emphasizing academics over administration; and reconsider various proposals for expanding the County Government buildings south of Leesburg, including the proposed juvenile detention center.”

“I have the drive, passion and time to do a stellar job for the residents of this wonderful community. I believe the residents of Leesburg deserve hands-on and engaged representation on the Board of Supervisors, where so many decisions are being made that affect our quality of life and local economy.”

Reid also announced a fundraiser May 1, 5-8 pm at the Historic Glenfiddich House on North King Street in Leesburg. Click here to visit his Web site for more information.

Leesburg Town Council member Ken Reid’s Web site ran a Thanksgiving week poll asking “Should Ken Run For Supervisor?” So far 61% of respondents have voted “Yes.”

While Ken is unlikely to base his decision on a very early, informal survey conducted during a period of low Web traffic, it is not too early to observe that the contest for that Board of Supervisors seat will be an interesting one. Ken would be a formidable candidate and an excellent addition to the Board, but the question right now is which community exactly would he have the opportunity to represent?

Ken Reid and Mike Pence

Leesburg Councilman Ken Reid (l) with Congressman Mike Pence (R-Indiana) at an event in Sterling. Reid has conducted an online poll regarding whether he should run for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

Board representation of the town of Leesburg is currently divided between two magisterial districts: Part of the town is in the Leesburg District and the other part in Catoctin District. With Leesburg having approximately 23,000 residents, it would seem reasonable to assume that next year’s redistricting might result in a Leesburg District encompassing the entire town plus some surrounding communities (it is estimated that the new census will require the revised Loudoun County districts each to include approximately 36,200 residents).

It makes sense, after all, that the entire town of Leesburg would be best represented as an entity rather than as two or more disparate communities divided among districts spanning town, residential suburbs and rural western areas as is currently the case.

We know that the population growth east of Route 15 will require a major redrawing of district boundaries with a new district likely added in the east, existing districts melded together with one or more likely defined out of existence. Depending on the result of 2011 gerrymandering in Loudoun, it is possible that Catoctin could dissolve into a broader Blue Ridge in the west and revamped sections in the east. By the same token, Leesburg District – currently represented by Kelly Burk, who has already announced her intention to run for a Board seat in 2011 – could continue to be partitioned such that there is no longer even a district called “Leesburg.”

No one knows yet how the redistricting will shake out, or to what extent Leesburg would need to be partitioned to preserve Ms. Burk’s seat on the Board. Would she be helped more by bringing the town under a single magisterial district, or by keeping it dispersed among two or more? There will be public information meetings held on December 4th and 8th (click here for details), and these would be good opportunities for Leesburg residents and other county residents to get updated on the process and express their views.

Click here for more background on the redistricting process in Loudoun County.

Leesburg residents would do well to review the County’s “Guidelines” for the 2011 redistricting process. Click here to download the document. You will see that guidelines include:

All districts must be compact and contiguous;

Preserve communities of interest; and

Do not split incorporated towns (when possible) – with the following explanation:
“Loudoun County’s incorporated towns should not be divided within the boundaries of any town. It should be possible to maintain all towns intact, except perhaps the Town of Leesburg.”

Surely there is some logic for denying that Leesburg deserves to be treated as a community of interest. The residents of Loudoun County’s largest town should ask to hear it.

For my part, I vote “Yes” on Ken Reid running for a Board of Supervisors seat even though he would not be representing me directly. Ken has long been a voice of reason and fiscal restraint on matters related to Dulles Rail and the boondoggle that is WMATA – a topic which I believe deserves more sunlight upon it. In the next year I believe more and more Loudoun residents will be concerned about the financial condition of our county, and important decisions will need to be made on how the proposed Metro stops here will be funded.

We all need to look carefully at how WMATA operates. Here is something Ken wrote over five years ago:

Why is Metrorail so expensive?

Because Metro does not practice (or even consider) competitive tendering of labor, nor does it bother to outsource much of its work, as do other transit systems. About 75% of Metro’s annual operating costs are union wages and benefits, but unlike Fairfax Connector and other union shops, Metro’s salaries and benefits are out of sight …

WMATA pays rail operators an average of $67,000 a year, $58,000 for bus drivers and $72,000 for transit police. This is more than the average for Fairfax County teachers, police officers and Virginia State Troopers.

In the years since Ken wrote that, all of the WMATA numbers have gotten much bigger, and Loudoun County has gone over $100 million into the red. We need more voices of reason – like that of Ken Reid – on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

Republican House members were in Sterling, Virginia this morning to formally announce the Pledge To America.

Click here for news coverage of the event.

A small crowd of local business owners and residents of Loudoun County was in front of the Tart hardware store to greet the GOP members and large contingent of media. Chanting “Speaker Boehner” and “We Love The Pledge,” they had the opportunity to spend some time with Congressmen Mike Pence, Frank Wolf, and House Minority Leader John Boehner. (The captions are not all working but the last photo in the bunch is House Minority Leader John Boehner, who crossed the street to talk with local residents).

Small business owners and Loudoun residents greet Republican members of congress in Sterling. Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (center) was one of several local elected officials in attendance.

Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana talks with the owner of the In and Out Market in Sterling

Congressman Frank Wolf came out to greet his constituents

Mike Pence talks with Leesburg Council Member Ken Reid, Sterling resident and state senate candidate Patricia Phillips, and Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio

Polls closed at 7 pm in Herndon and Leesburg, results in the latter are coming in. We will update Herndon and Leesburg election results throughout the evening.

With 92% of votes counted Ken Reid appears to be the top vote getter for Leesburg Town Council. Good news! Congratulations, Ken!

More Virginia election results to come ….

UPDATE: The polls closed 2 hours and 15 minutes ago and still no Herndon election results, while Vienna results were reported a half hour ago. Annoying.

UPDATE II: Ken Reid is now listed as 3rd for Leesburg Town Council with 100% of the vote recorded. Dicier than I reported earlier, although good news in a pretty Democrat area. Not sure about absentee and provisional ballots, but I hope this means Ken is back on the Council.

UPDATE III: 9:30 pm, polls closed 2 and a half hours ago in Herndon and still no SBE results. Must be because there are so many Town Council candidates and probably a really low turnout. it is a single voting precinct but they are probably checking each machine twice or more. Stay tuned …

UPDATE IV: The SBE page is down, which tells me it is being updated …. results for Herndon soon?

UPDATE V: A commenter just reported the following as Herndon Town Council election results:

Connie Haines Hutchinson
Lisa C. Merkel
Sheila A. Olem
Jasbinder Singh
William B. “Bill” Tirrell, Sr.
Grace H. Wolf

Still no SBE confirmation, but if the above holds true … Connie and Bill Tirrell are great for the town, but otherwise, too bad for Herndon. I will be interested in seeing the final turnout results.

UPDATE VI: Final SBE results confirm the above. Herndon will be interesting to watch over the next two years.