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Nice day for a intraparty contest. Huge turnout. Among local personalities I saw Greg Stone and Jim Plowman (talking to guy in photo), Bob Wertz, Eugene Delgaudio, Bulletproof Monk and many others. No sign of Jacob Ash or LI, which surprised me, thought they would be spending the day there.

Results should be available any minute now.

UPDATE: Loudoun GOP Web site says Mark Sells has won the chairmanship of the Loudoun County Republican Committee. Congratulations, Mark!

Mark Sell, candidate for Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, yesterday released the following statement from Kyle Kunkler, the Eastern Loudoun RPV Victory Field Director in 2009:

I consider Mark to be an instrumental part of the GOP 2009 victory in Loudoun. Mark Sell’s ability to recruit and coordinate volunteer activities was essential. Throughout the campaign season, Mark came through and was able to motivate volunteers time and time again to come out and support our Republican ticket.

Mark was involved in virtually every aspect of the grassroots campaign in Loudoun from door to door events to the staffing of ‘Back-to-School-Night’ events for half of the county to his participation in various festivals, fairs, parades and community events. Mark brought people to these events, and participated, standing shoulder to shoulder with the volunteers that he so frequently was able to motivate into action. Mark also participated in phonebanking, the 72-Hour Task Force, and Election Day Operations. No job is beneath Mark, he knows that in order to lead one must be willing and able to do the grunt work needed to win an election.

Mark Sell always had a can-do attitude, and is ready to do whatever is needed to help a campaign. With his long background of activism in the local Party, Mark understands the nuts and bolts of what it takes to win the ground war. I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy for Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Party.

Klye was the Virginia Republican Party’s coordinator for eastern Loudoun. He lead the victory team. He oversaw the day to day trench warfare of the political campaign here in eastern Loudoun. The guy knows who brought the goods to the table. Mark Sell kept a steady stream of volunteers coming through the door. Volunteers are the life’s blood of a political campaign, especially at the local county level. The ability to put boots on the ground is called leadership.

It was this kind of leadership that helped make last falls campaign the success that it was. Politics is about advancing an ideology at the balot box. The Republican Party’s stated ideology is conservative. We all are conservatives here in Loudoun GOP. Some conservatives, like Mark, have been giving voice to conservatism for years in the public square. This involves, among other things, running campaigns. With this experience, Mark is able to consistently bring people to events. This is how campaigns are won. This is why Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli endorsed Mark for our Chairman. This is why the 2009 Victory Campaign in Loudoun endorses Mark Sell in 2010 — to take back the BOS in 2011!

by jacob
Today Loudoun County is at a crossroads. The people need to make a choice, either they can take back control of their government, or, they can leave it to the fiscally challenged Board of Supervisors (BOS) dominated by liberal Democrats. If the choice is to take back control, then Mark Sell is the man for this job. As a life long Republican Mark has been a campaign volunteer, Precinct Captain, Magisterial District Chair and Party Treasurer. Mark has paid his dues and learned the ropes in multiple campaigns. Mark has learned what needs to be done on the ground, in the trenches, to win elections. In the last election Mark was a deputy for Ken Cuccinelli in his successful campaign to become our Attorney General. The McDonnell-Bolling-Cuccinelli team ran as unapologetic conservatives, and won in a landslide.

Mark plan is to field a full suite of candidates, who will build on this momentum. Candidates who will remember their conservative roots, and that their duty is to the people. Candidates who are also unapologetic about their conservatism. Candidates who know that a government that governs well, governs least. Smaller government demands that the spending must be cut. Mark plan is to field a full slate of fiscal conservatives to oust the big spenders on the BOS in 2011, and engage every constituency in our county. This will require seasoned leadership. It is for this reason I support Mark Sell for Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Party and ask you to come out and vote him on March 6th, 2010.

We all have seen our party lose its way in this last decade. The spending excesses of our Republican congress, and our local county elected officials resulted in a Republican Party as a small minority. The party deserved what it got. The party must never again forget its fiscal conservative roots. Small government is good government. If we do not reduce spending we cannot reduce taxes without running even higher deficits. Runaway government spending is the root of our economic woes. Mark will find candidates who understand this, and more importantly, will not forget this.

As a long time grass roots activist in Loudoun County, Mark has worked hard to stop the Meals Tax, the increases in the Sales Tax and on other liberal boondoggles, giving voice to our shared Republican and conservative ideals in the public square speaking before our BOS on many occasions, so that the people of Loudoun will not be saddled with even higher taxes. The People of Loudoun deserve better than what they have been burdened with in past years. Loudoun has the highest tax rate of any county in VA. Loudoun even has highest taxes of any county in the South. We can and must do better. To do so, we must win the BOS. To do that we need a leader who has been there, in good times and in bad, and who knows the ropes. Mark Sell will not need on the job training. He will be ready to lead from day one — Mark knows Loudoun.

For more details about Mark, his plans and his vision for Republican victory in our county go to

by jacob
Mark Sell, candidate for Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, today has released the following statement from Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli:

I can attest from first-hand experience that Mark Sell is an excellent choice for Loudoun County Republican Committee Chairman. Mark has worked side-by-side with many of us over the last decade on key conservative issues ranging from the fight against tax hikes to the Marriage Amendment. From Committee Treasurer to District Chair to Precinct Captain to Rules Committee Chairman to a Loudoun County Volunteer Coordinator for my own victorious campaign last year, Mark has shown his mettle where it counts — in the planning councils, in the trenches, on the phones and on the streets. He has the proven skills at organization, mobilization, fund-raising and finance to head up a winning effort for Loudoun Republicans in 2010, 2011 and beyond.

This is tremendous news for the Sell campaign. During the past weeks of campaigning, Mark has made appearances before the the good folks at Leisure World, LCWC, the LCRC and lastly the fiscally challenged BOS. Mark has received endorsements from many conservative Republicans, and his campaign delivered close to 300 applications in support of Howie Lind for the upcoming 10th district convention. Boots on the ground activism delivered those votes for Howie, and will deliver the votes for other Republicans in 2011. Ken Cuccinelli knows this and that is why he endorses Mark Sell for the Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee.

Mark sell has been a conservative voice in Loudoun County politics for years. He is an activist who has exemplified the word ‘active’. Mark has spoken before our Board of Supervisors both Republican and Democrat controlled on countless occasions. Mark has worked every election cycle, supporting our Republican party in both good times and bad. Mark has seen his fair share of big spenders on both sides of the political divide. He is a Christian, patriot and a conservative, this reality has reflected in his actions and words since the day I met him.

Here’s an idea from someone whose opinion I respect (and which parallels one that Jacob and I discussed recently):

Resolved: The two candidates for Loudoun County Republican Committee chair should pledge to appoint the other to their respective executive committees.

Life has to go on after Saturday’s vote. We need to ensure the two factions join forces quickly and this would be one way to do it. How about it, candidates?

UPDATE: Heh, thank you, Monk. I forgot ….



Glen Caroline is my choice for the new chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee. Since no one else is currently even RUNNING for the position the decision has a certain safeness to it, and I for one am up for that type of throwdown. Word: Let the chips fall where they may.

I’ve had several conversations with Glen and here is what I like about him for this position: He is a completely no-BS individual, which is what the local GOP needs right now. I am not really a “what’s your vision of the future” kind of guy but I asked him some specific questions about how we got to where we are and where we need to go and he did not fudge or toss out platitudes.

How do we address the rifts within the party? Get everyone focused on what we have to accomplish in 2008.

What happened to Greg Ahlemann? A portion of the GOP peeled off after the Convention and supported Steve Simpson, who had great name recognition across the county. Ahlemann needed our full support from the beginning if he was going to have a chance.

What do we do about the absconders? We all need to talk about that – everyone’s opinion needs to be heard so the committee can decide how to go forward.

He doesn’t bring a magic wand to solve all of our problems, but he understands the only things we CAN do to solve them. This is a time for realism, and Glen brings that.

He is also a professional grassroots organizer at his day job with NRA, and he lives for the stuff, and boy oh boy is THAT what we need in the coming few years. Some might say “Who would even WANT this job?” in light of the intraparty rifts. All I can say is, we are lucky we have someone like Glen willing to take it on.

He has already attracted a truly impressive bipartisan list of supporters, supposedly spanning from Delgaudio to Waters to Volpe to Wolinski. Whew, I must be part of THAT posse.

I gave him my deeply considered opinion on what to do with the absconders: “I don’t know exactly but I am TICKED off.”

I am positive everyone who wants will have a chance to weigh in. Glen is a fresh face, not aligned with any LCRC factions, very energetic, and a straight shooter. I think he will be a formidable leader.