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In yesterday’s election, Republicans swept all major offices in the Loudoun County government (click here and scroll down to see all results).

Loudoun County winners and your key elected officials for the next four years:

SHERIFF: Mike Chapman

Board of Supervisors

CHAIRMAN: Scott York
DULLES DISTRICT: Matt Letourneau

In other races, Dick Black won the 13th Senate District seat; Patricia Phillips fell short in her second attempt to take the seat of Democrat Mark Herring in the 33rd Senate District; Randy Minchew won the 10th District seat in the House of Delegates; and David Ramadan holds a 50-vote lead in his bid to win the new 87th House seat over Democrat Mike Kondtratick – a result that likely will be determined after a recount.

The local results represent a stunning, historic triumph for the Loudoun County Republican Committee (LCRC), which only a week ago was enmeshed in a controversy over a Halloween-themed email. Loudoun voters apparently were far less concerned about that email than about the future of the county.

Congratulations to the LCRC and the successful slate of Republican candidates!

More from the accumulated mail: Mike Chapman is running his own campaign and, I can tell you, if I ever run for office I would ask him to consult.

You will recall Chapman set off a firestorm of sanctimony several months ago when he mailed out the first postcard.

Chapman's very uncivil postcard

By any measure this was a perfectly typical political campaign comparison piece. Oddly, two of Chapman’s opponents (Mark Davis and Verne Dickerson, who have both since dropped out of the race) decided to make a public statement that this was somehow a breach of “civility” and decided to create a “pledge” as a sign of their displeasure and supposed moral high ground. The two opponents – who are decent, intelligent men but also with terrible PR instincts (in other words, novices) – came off looking silly and neither campaign ever got any traction. I believe starting off with such an indefensible defensive posture put them in a hole they never got out of.

To his credit, Chapman sent out the same postcard two more times. That, my friends, is strategic campaigning: Identify where the opponent is muddled or inaccurate, keep the opponent in that space as long as possible, and when the opponent reveals the weak spot keep poking it. Also, never apologize.

Then recently, Chapman sent this bottom one out:

Mike Chapman's second campaign postcard

Chapman's second postcard is even more uncivil

Oh, most uncivil cut of all. Let me point out the genius of this piece. For one, it is super-cheap. It screams “my neighbor got a two-color printing press at a yard sale and printed these for me by running the cards through twice.” This is not a man who wastes money when he knows it does not require a lot of money to get the job done effectively. Second, it is pointed, direct, and even with a couple near-subliminal touches (the “9/11″ dividing line that I marked in yellow is hard to make out, given the economy print job, but it could be picked out). Yeah it is smudged because the ink was not allowed to dry long enough … but that is part of the charm of true grassroots, guerrilla marketing. Bravo.

NOVA TownHall is conducting interviews with the candidates for the office of Loudoun County Sheriff in the 2011 elections. The first interviews are with the Republican candidates. NOVA TownHall will offer the same opportunity to any Democratic candidates for sheriff who may enter the race, and also extends an open invitation to Sheriff Steve Simpson to be interviewed and to rebut any criticisms which may be leveled against him on these pages.

Mike Chapman Loudoun County Sheriff Candidate

Click here to read the interview with candidate Mark Davis.

Click here to read the interview with candidate Verne Dickerson.

Click here to read the interview with candidate Ron Speakman.

Mike Chapman is a candidate for the Republican nomination for Loudoun County Sheriff. He will face off against two other candidates in the July 23 Convention to represent the Republican Party in the November, 2011 elections.

Click here to learn more about Mike Chapman at his campaign Web site.

NVTH: Why do you want to be Sheriff?

Mike Chapman: With young children at home and with plans to spend the rest of my life here with my wife Ann, I want to protect families and make Loudoun the safest county in the nation. I will be tough on traditional crime; drugs, gangs, and illegal immigration, but will also attack emerging crime issues like cybercrime, human trafficking, financial crimes, and crimes against the elderly.

I feel I am the only candidate who can effectively produce results. With 32 years of continuous experience, I have had successful careers in local, federal, and private sector law enforcement. I can tie technology together with local and federal partnerships to provide high performance, efficient service and best value to our residents.

As a resident of the fastest growing county in VA and one of the fastest growing and wealthiest counties in the nation, I feel we deserve better. That is why I am in the race and why, early on, I introduced my Step Up plan to improve service, technology, efficiency and professionalism. Step Up has vision, goals, and a pathway to success.

I encourage our readers to visit my website to learn about my background – my work as a private sector expert consultant; my local experience that afforded me opportunities to serve in the functions of patrol, SWAT, and criminal investigations; and my federal experience as a DEA Special Agent that allowed me to partner with local counterparts to successfully disrupt the MS-13 gang, direct hundreds of agency employees and multi-million dollar budgets, and to arrest some of the most notorious drug traffickers who have ruined the lives of so many throughout the United States. Please visit: Also, please take a moment to look at the endorsements I received.

NVTH: How long have you lived in Loudoun County?

Mike Chapman: I have been a resident in Loudoun County for two years; was born in Washington, DC; and spent the majority of my life in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. I lived in Stafford, VA from 2000 to 2003, and maintained a permanent residence in Virginia until 2006. I lived in Maryland until age 28 when I began my national and international service to our Country with the DEA. My goal, once completing my service with the DEA, was to return to this area – specifically, Loudoun County. My wife and I consider Loudoun County our home.

NVTH: Why are you a Republican?

Mike Chapman: I have conservative values that align well for me with my family and religious beliefs. I believe in freedom, family, limited government, and that hard work is the key to success. A strong work ethic, I feel, enabled me to achieve an outstanding law enforcement career, an undergraduate degree and a Masters in Public Administration (all while working full time and raising a family). Freedom to pursue goals and achieve success is what makes the Republican Party appeal to me.

NVTH: Why do you think Steve Simpson should be replaced as Sheriff?

Mike Chapman: When I look at the growth of this county, changing diversity, and the lack of involvement the current sheriff has with other law enforcement partners, it is apparent to me that Simpson’s ability to remain effective has long passed. This county needs vision, fresh leadership and someone who knows how to tie the private sector, federal sector and local government together to bring about positive outcomes. It is time to break a pattern of behavior that does nothing to move this county forward and pursues agendas for reasons other than what is best for citizens of this county. We need fresh, innovative thinking and a Sheriff’s Office that is responsive to the needs of the community it serves.

NVTH: If elected, what are your top priorities?

Mike Chapman: My priority is to make Loudoun safer for families, and to have the most efficient Sheriff’s Office in the nation. Deputies serving one of the wealthiest counties in the nation should not be at the lowest end of the retirement spectrum, paid less than surrounding counties, or be in constant fear of losing their jobs. That type of environment inhibits success, facilitates turnover and costs Loudoun County residents more in the long run.

I would restructure the department for efficiency and apply the savings to our most important assets, our human resources. I would encourage, through incentives, continued education and training (mostly through cost effective on-line training) to further professionalize the Sheriff’s Office. Simply put, we need to take care of those who take care of us.

Next, we attack crime. We do it methodically, through research, partnerships and smart policing. We determine crime impact, danger, and frequency – we merge our findings with citizen concerns and we apply our resources appropriately. We also engage our community in highly interactive neighborhood “real time” watch programs so that they become part of the solution.

Crime and safety issues constantly evolve, require regular evaluation, and flexible strategies. Look at how much policing has changed since 9/11! I have spent eight months listening to the community and will continue to do so through weekly coffees our town hall meetings. I have talked with many deputies and I thoroughly reviewed the ICMA (independent consulting firm) study to determine what concerns the Board of Supervisors had regarding the performance of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office. I will continue to reach out to our community, review crime statistics, and studies – and will channel our resources appropriately.

This should bring in some support for the Chapman campaign – just came across the email:

Former Loudoun County Sheriff Nominee, Greg Ahlemann, Endorses Mike Chapman for Sheriff – cites Mike’s conservative values and ability to lead in the 21st Century

June 8th, 2011


The elections taking place this year are of great importance to the direction and future of our country and our communities. Change takes place at the local level where, as voters, we can directly influence this change. After watching the federal government grow and politicians fight to hold on to power at all cost, I have witnessed the same sentiment in our backyards. The sense of entitlement should be disturbing to all Americans and it is rampant at all levels of government. Specifically, we are now looking at the possibility of a Loudoun Sheriff who feels the entitlement to hold office for two decades, maybe more. This change begins here and begins now.

After speaking with the Republican Sheriff’s candidates, consulting current and former deputies and studying the platforms of all running for the Republican nomination, I have decided to endorse one candidate. While I’m sure the other two are good men, one stands out from the rest. He represents, what I believe, is the only candidate who can unseat a career politician in November. The man I speak of is Mike Chapman. As the Republican nominee for Sheriff of Loudoun in 2007, I am confident that Mike is the right man to be not only the Republican nominee but also the next Sheriff of Loudoun County.

Unfortunately, this time of year there are many plans and ideas being thrown out on how to solve the many challenges facing the future of Loudoun County. Quite frankly, after looking and listening to all three candidates’ ideas, it become very clear that Mike Chapman is the only one who has a realistic plan. Many times statements are made that are good sound bites but they are simply impractical or even bordering on the absurd.

There are several specific reasons I support Mike Chapman for Sheriff. First, he has been in active law enforcement since before 9/11. Never has one decade changed the way law enforcement operates than the last 10 years. Being out of law enforcement leaves a candidate far behind the curve in facing the future challenges of battling crime in the 21st century. Second, Mike Chapman is one of the hardest working candidates I have ever seen. I assure you that you will see this during the campaign season. It separates him from the others, to include our current Sheriff who has been “missing in action” for several years. This speaks volumes about the level of commitment and enthusiasm he will bring to the Sheriff’s Office. The agency will follow his lead and, I believe, become one of the premiere departments in the nation.

Finally, Mike Chapman has been endorsed by several Loudoun deputies (based on my personal conversations with them). After more than a decade with the department, I personally know many officers who have my respect for their tireless work ethic and their integrity. When speaking to those officers, they all supported the candidacy of Mike Chapman for Sheriff. I do not take their endorsement lightly, as I have on numerous occasions during my career with Loudoun, entrusted them with my very life during the performance of our duties and service to the citizens of Loudoun County.

I am excited about the future of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office with Mike Chapman as our next Sheriff. While I recognize that all three candidates are pro-life, support enforcing immigration laws and believe in the strength of the 2nd Amendment, I expect more from our next Sheriff. Mike has the experience and the drive to lead Loudoun County forward. I am honored to endorse Mike Chapman as the next Sheriff of Loudoun County.


Greg Ahlemann (2007 Republican Nominee for Sheriff of Loudoun County)
Current Law Enforcement Officer and Sr. Pastor in Winchester, Va

Verne Dickerson held a campaign fundraiser at O’Faolains in Sterling on May 10, 2011, with a crowd of about 45 people including Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, Clerk of the Circuit Court Gary Clemens, and Supervisor candidates Geary Higgins and Steve Stockman. Verne stressed the importance of leadership and integrity as the primary qualities he would bring to the job, along with his commitment to the community of Loudoun County.

Click here for more information on Verne Dickerson and ways you can help his campaign.

Only a few photos this time – click on each for a larger version. Below is the video of Verne’s speech, or click here to watch. (Technical glitches wiped out a bunch of photos, and suddenly my computer is acting up thus the volume on the video drops off a little at the beginning and end. Sorry!!)

Verne Dickerson at May 10 campaign event

Audience at Verne Dickerson campaign event

Audience at Verne Dickerson campaign event

Ron Speakman, Mike Chapman and Verne Dickerson at April 26 debate
I have a full plate today so no full “report” on last night’s debate, but will put down some random thoughts below and invite all who are interested to comment. (Photos by Matt Vecchio added at bottom of post).

Main impression: All three candidates – Ron Speakman, Mike Chapman and Verne Dickerson – presented themselves well, spoke cogently, and provided a couple hours of interesting, civil discussion before a packed conference room. I don’t know how many people but it was probably in the neighborhood of 100+ with standing room only … the photos may give a better idea. Anyway, it was the best-attended and most substantive local political event not conducted under party auspices in at least a couple years (based on personal experience). Nice work by the organizers!

Impressions of the candidates – in the order they were sitting:

Ron Speakman: Best public speaker of the three; he was the only one who had actual applause lines. He made some good points about management at the Sheriff’s Office – why DO they have so many deputies manning the metal detector? One of his challenges was to tell how his extensive stretch of time in the business world would translate to being a good sheriff, and I think he did that well by referring to the inherent, unique difficulties of being at the top of any large organization. His proposed “self-deportation” solution to illegal alien crime is unique and has rightfully received a good amount of discussion. OPPORTUNITY FOR IMPROVEMENT: Prior to the debate, I had heard from people who follow law enforcement issues that Ron’s numbers regarding the increases in various types of crime in Loudoun County may need to be fine tuned. He referenced a fair amount of data and I could not judge how much of it was accurate – he was corrected on one point by one of the other candidates. He seems to be a very clear-thinking individual and I would like to feel certain that his information has been double-checked.

Mike Chapman: One of his strongest arguments is the importance of recent service in law enforcement and experience in various levels from local to international, and he made it well; in the answers to a few questions he pointed out innovations of the past ten years that would come into play if he was the sheriff and practices he had seen elsewhere that could apply here. His closing statement, delivered without notes, was by far the strongest. As my neighbor noted, “he seems the most confident.” Because of my caveat regarding the next candidate, Mike seems to be the one who could best walk into the Sheriff’s Office and speak the same language as the deputies, and he noted he would look to promote from within. OPPORTUNITY FOR IMPROVEMENT: Sometimes Mike gives the appearance of having a clearer idea of what he wants to do than he is able to communicate, and sometimes when the question only requires a 10 second answer he will try not to waste the rest of the allotted time. Plenty of public speakers do this, and they don’t need to, in my opinion; there are probably coaches who say otherwise. Most of his law enforcement experience is beyond the local level which connotes both positives and negatives.

Verne Dickerson: On the difficult question of “what would you do to address youth crime?” he was the only one who had a really substantive answer – involving new programs, one in collaboration with retired athletes. Though soft-spoken, Verne projects that he knows what he is talking about, has a quiet confidence that I would imagine deputies would pick up on – he seems like a reticent public speaker but when he speaks he is articulate and makes perfect sense. For every question his response indicated he was competent to handle that issue. OPPORTUNITY FOR IMPROVEMENT: He needs to explain exactly what the deal is with Mark Davis (candidate who dropped out and is now supporting Verne, and brings the “recent, local experience” element). Unless I am missing something, I think Verne still has to spell out whatever the position is that Mark will hold, because otherwise the combining of resumes is confusing. As with Mike Chapman, Verne has to really explain the positive aspects of bringing experience primarily from other levels – in Verne’s case, FBI.

Photos of the individual candidates are by Loudoun County’s own renaissance man, Matt Vecchio of the Loudoun Times Mirror. Thanks, Matt!

Verne Dickerson, photo by Matt Vecchio

Ron Speakman, photo by Matt Vecchio

Mike Chapman, photo by Matt Vecchio

At his April 13 campaign event near Leesburg, Mike Chapman, candidate for the Republican nomination for Loudoun County Sheriff in the November, 2011 elections, said that part of his leadership philosophy is “never ask anyone to do anything you wouldn’t be willing to do yourself.”

Host Patrick Stethem with Mike Chapman at Chapman for Sheriff campaign event

Asa Hutchinson and Mike Chapman at Chapman for Sheriff Campaign event

(Click here to see the complete photo gallery — thanks to Randy Sayles for some of these shots).

More than 70 local residents, including several elected officials and Republican candidates for office, attended through the course of the 2 1/2 hour fundraising event.

Guest speaker Asa Hutchinson, a former Congressman and DEA Administrator, said that he personally witnessed Mr. Chapman’s work “in the crucible, and I can’t imagine anyone could exceed his experience in law enforcement.”

Mr. Chapman said “In 32 years I have enforced statutes at all levels, from local to federal.”

As the only one of the three Republican Sheriff candidates who has worked in law enforcement during the past decade, Mr. Chapman stated that the changes of the past ten years – with increases in terrorism, drugs, gang activity and other crimes – require a Sheriff knowledgeable in the latest law enforcement methods and technology.

For more information on the Mike Chapman campaign, click here to visit his Web site.

You can hover your cursor over the pictures to see a partial listing of who is in each, and click on each for a larger version.

Guest speaker Asa Hutchinson at Chapman for Sheriff campaign event

Doug Satterwhite and Tag Greason at Chapman for Sheriff campaign event

Charles Cooper and Ed Levine at Chapman for Sheriff campaign event

Janet Clarke and Gary Clemens at Chapman for Sheriff campaign event
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