A few thoughts on last nights state and local elections.

- Terry McAuliffe will be the Governor of Virginia for the next four years and pending a recount in which Obenshain was trailing by around 600 votes, Republicans will be completely shut out of statewide office in Virginia. Takeaway: if either party want to win statewide office, they must take Loudoun. Right now, for whatever reason, Loudoun is voting for Democrats for statewide office and Republicans for local office. With Mark Warner and Tim Kaine now firmly in place in the Senate, I don’t see much of a prospect for Republicans for a while in those elections. They can however try again in 2017 for the Governor’s office.

- Judging by the onslaught of ads and signs and general lack of enthusiasm I saw for Cuccinelli around Northern Virginia, I thought that McAuliffe would win by around the same margin as Northam over Jackson (55%-45%). This is not the “wipeout” that I am hearing some in the media (specifically those on Morning Joe)  present it as this morning. However, a loss is a loss.

- Loudoun, in spite of going with McAuliffe by about 5 points, voted for all Republican delegates, albeit by slim margins. David Ramadan won by around 200 votes – better than the 50 votes he won by last time around.

- I was surprised to see that Barbara Comstock, who wants to replace Frank Wolf if he ever retires, barely squeaked by.

- I predict that Chris Christie’s big victory in New Jersey and Cuccinelli’s better than expected showing in Virginia will only make the two sides of the Republican voters double down. Nationalist Republicans will point to New Jersey and want to alienate those who want nothing to do with the Leviathan. On the other hand, conservatives will point out that if the nationalist Republicans had supported Cuccinelli then he may have won.

“No free government, or the blessing of liberty, can be preserved to any people, but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality and virtue, and by frequent recurrence  to fundamental principles.” – George Mason, VA BOR