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– Condolences to the Obama family on the death of Barack’s grandmother. It is terrible timing to lose someone on the final day of the campaign because there is no time to grieve or reflect. Very sad. It’s got to be tough for the family to deal with when their heads are spinning anyway.

– On the other hand, classy is as classy does.

– As of a few minutes ago: Optimism growing within McCain camp.

– How are things looking at 10:00 pm the night before? Hard to say, but take a look at Zogby’s final electoral college prediction prior to the 2004 election: Kerry 311, Bush 213. So you know what that means … GET OUT THE VOTE, TAKE SOME TIME OFF WORK, SHOW UP AT A PRECINCT AND HAND OUT SAMPLE BALLOTS …. LET’S SHOW UP IN FORCE TOMORROW!

– That Joe Biden pick was a stroke of genius, friends. A sure sign of management expertise worthy of the office of president.

Five reason Obama lost this election. I’m not exactly poised for chest-thumping but they make some good points.

The PUMA effect, spelled out.

Obama’s ever evolving positions (video worth spreading around).

Networks may call the election before voting is complete. Ya’ think?!! Wouldn’t that be a shocker. I predict the mainstream media will begin calling it over before the sun sets in the east.

– To reiterate, get out and vote, no matter what the media are saying at 6:00 pm.

NBC/Mason Dixon poll just announced John McCain now trails Barack Obama 47% – 43%, with a margin of error of 4%.

Elsewhere on the same page, the Time/CNN poll has Obama 55%, McCain 43%. So you need to choose whom you believe.

Or like RCP just average them together, which lends an air of credence possibly not deserved to whichever is wrong. But what the hey. As Karl Rove said, there’s a lot of polls out there nowadays.

I have labeled the the left side of my front yard as Obama territory and the right side McCain, and I can tell you there is far more squirrel nut-burying activity on the right side – something like 58% to Obama’s 39%. Average that poll in with the other two and McCain has pulled ahead of Obama for the first time since late September. To me this indicates the undecideds breaking for McCain, which has to be the Obama campaign’s chief concern right now.

But here is what is most interesting: Even with the ungodly advantage in advertising in all forms he has been doing, Obama not only cannot close the deal but may be losing ground as time goes on. Americans are getting to know Barack Obama better, and not liking what they see.

This is surprising: Early voters in Florida are giving John McCain a 4 point advantage over Barack Obama, and McCain is leading by 20 points in absentee ballots already tabulated. Democrats are turning out in larger numbers than Republicans, as expected – but they are not all voting for Obama.

As the Dems for McCain crowd has opined, there are some lingering bad feelings about the Obama campaign’s tactics in the primaries, and paybacks can be hell.

Or maybe all those Democrats who happen to own or work for small businesses are getting wind of Obama’s tax hikes for over a million small companies which might just be the beginning.

Whatever the reason, this is great news.

McCain-Palin now within 4 points (after trailing by 9 points last week).

The Obama campaign held a “20 point lead in terms of enthusiasm” when the survey was taken, but I am going out on a ledge to predict that is about to change.

“Who is the real Barack Obama?” indeed. He’s the guy who peaked on October 1 on a message spun of gossamer threads.

… and what we DO know, what is starting to come to light in the weeks before the election, is unbelievably bad. Like Barack Obama’s “abetting” Wall Street corruption and silence on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when John McCain tried to defuse the bomb.

Where other candidates have to explain themselves and their records, Senator Obama seems to think he’s above all that.

All ye who have been weak of heart – ye conservatives and regular folks and middle of the road Americans – who have watched in horror as your country launches itself over a cliff with the momentum of the mindless Obama cult of personality: Be strong. Though you have felt increasingly powerless and starved for rationality, John McCain is here and he is serving red meat.

The gloves are off. And John McCain needs to bring them to the debate tomorrow, for slapping purposes. The gauntlet is now thrown down: We won’t let Barack Obama hoodwink America.

Some random observations:

- A commenter during Ace’s live blog (which was hysterical, by the way – go here and click “Replay,” and click each new link to read through to the end, it is well worth it) noted the pall cast over CNN’s expert commentators is a sign McCain thrashed Obama. Great point, they looked like they just had a death in the family. David Gergen could barely get his words out.

- My wife just noted: “That’s how they looked after Palin’s speech.”

- Obama could not name a single thing he would cut from his plans in light of our financial tightening – except for his energy independence initiative, which incidentally he had just said is the number one thing he would NOT cut.

- McCain, in my view (imagining I’m an independent swing voter), did not clean the floor with Obama. He did not get a knockout punch. But he did sort of dust the blinds with him. Obama was on defense the entire time.

- McCain’s biggest accomplishment: He was the Dad. Obama was the college junior holding forth about how the world really works.

- Obama looked sort of “presidential,” which was something he had to do, except when he was showing his frustration and interrupting McCain which was back to college junior.

- I thought McCain did pretty well on the economy part of the debate, he underplayed his true role in attempting the reform Fannie and Freddie five years ago. In the next debates he should list more specifics.

- I think there are a ton of domestic issues that McCain can clobber Obama with. Lots of time to practice.

- McCain is going to be energized by this. Obama not so much – I predict lots of defensive spin from the Democrats tomorrow. Less so from McCain’s camp.

UPDATE: CNN just showed a group of “McCain supporters” and they are jubilant. We have yet to see an Obama supporter who doesn’t look like they just swallowed something terrible.

UPDATE II: David Gergen would make a good funeral director. He’s got the look down.

UPDATE III: CNN announced within 10 minutes of the end the results of their CNN/Opinion Research poll which had Obama winning the debate in a landslide. How do they do that so quickly, have a thousand people making three phone calls each, or 10 people making three calls each? I think the latter.

UPDATE IV: Hey, anyone with access to an ear in the McCain campaign: Go read that live blog. Some good advice there, seriously.

UPDATE V: Others commenting: Bulletproof Monk. Bearing Drift. Spank That Donkey. Captain Ed.

Barack Obama merely needs to hold it together in this debate, and the following two, and he will likely be our next president. Whether justified or not (it’s not), the economic crisis is going to benefit the party that is not in the White House. When banks are closing, and people have to be thinking about whether they are over the FDIC insurance limit at any one institution, things are bad. The easiest way to register protest against that state of affairs, if you are the average voter whose main source of information is the mainstream media, is to vote for the guy with the D after his name.

That, and the fact Obama supposedly is going to have a much better ground game on November 4, and the Democrats have a huge head start in the critical vote fraud effort, means the status quo is a loss for John McCain.

McCain needs to dramatically break through the mainstream media filter with 1) strong, clear messages that will resonate with viewers and 2) at least one bone-jarring attack on Barack Obama that causes Obama to completely tweak.

In McCain’s favor are the facts that he is right about more issues than Obama and he is a better extemporaneous speaker. Off the cuff, Obama has a history of letting slip what he really thinks, which often, rightfully, comes off as highly repugnant to many Americans. He also has proven himself thin-skinned and easily rattled.

So McCain needs to hit on some topics that reveal the cracks in Obama’s facade. My suggestions are some inconvenient truths such as the following:

- The Annenberg-Ayers connection and general fact that the Obamas like people who hate America;

- The fact that Obama, despite his rhetoric, pays his female employees worse than either McCain or Hillary Clinton did;

- Obama’s abysmal record on Second Amendment issues;

- Any of Obama’s lies – here’s a set of them, and here are some more;

- Or any of the “Chicago machine” stuff, because of all the swipes “typical politician” seems to be one that cuts to the bone, probably because it is both extremely true and extremely ruinous to his carefully constructed persona.

I think any of these truths, clearly and calmly explained by McCain, will get Obama twitching, and one major instance of this in front of 40 million viewers will be the end of his viability as a candidate.

That’s not to say McCain can’t win the thing just by making the case for himself. He can be very persuasive and sincere when speaking off the cuff, and as at the Saddleback Church forum, this contrasts very favorably with Obama’s tendency to stumble for words and generally show muddled thinking.

But it does not seem like a very safe tactic to assume Obama is going to make himself look bad, and besides it would be better style to at least try and rattle him a few times – people love to see clay feet revealed, and this is one juicy target.