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Below is a condensed version of the video referenced the other day of Potomac District Supervisor Andrea McGimsey giving a presentation in Delaware on behalf of her employer, the Climate Prosperity Project.

Someone may claim this version of the publicly available video is in some sense “out of context” so I urge you to click the link above to watch the unedited video if you are motivated to do so.

I think this one below may be useful if you only have six minutes instead of 30.

Basically, this shows that Supervisor McGimsey really should consider answering the questions posed by Loudoun Insider.

Mixing public office with personal gain is a big no-no, and was one of the arguments Ms. McGimsey made against her opponent in the 2007 election which she won. So far, she has ignored the question, and a certain amusing left wing dude has tried to make the case that only the “disreputable” blogs of NovaTownHall and TooConservative are making an issue of possible conflicts of interest.

By taking the cover-up tack to the next level and going after the messengers, Jonathan unwittingly is helping Supervisor McGimsey paint herself into a corner that looks like it will be difficult to get out of unless she comes clean, pronto. As the video below demonstrates, there are a ton of questions to be answered and the conflict of interest question is chief among them.

Such as: How exactly do you have a Loudoun County employee “MIT student” write a program that you then offer to potential business clients for free, and not have a major ethics problem?

Yeah, it might be “disreputable” to ask the question, but if so that is a cross I am willing to bear, Jonathan. Frankly, it looks to me like some very frightened Democrats are circling the wagons without even thinking through the consequences for their own credibility and that of their issues.

You want to drive a final nail into the coffin of climate change alarmist credibility? Blindly throw your support to someone who has perched herself WAAAY out on a limb in terms of credibility.

Andrea McGimsey of Climate Prosperity Project from Joe Budzinski on Vimeo.

Here is a video of Potomac District Supervisor Andrea McGimsey from January 2009 giving a presentation to a group called Green Delaware on behalf of Climate Prosperity Project – the organization she now runs.

A few minutes in when she asks if anyone wants to make money on climate change and raises her hand is, in my view, a perfect vignette for this hysterical and corrupt quasi-religion.

On another note, the contact page for Ms. McGimsey’s day job lists the CPP address as “37 Pidgeon Hill Drive #268, Sterling, VA 20165.”

The inimitable Ric James of HoodaThunk happened to be driving around and shot this photo of the Sterling, VA headquarters office:

Climate Prosperity Project, Inc. Headquarters in Sterling, VA

Climate Prosperity Project, Inc. Headquarters in Sterling, VA

Now please go over and see what LI has found about the guy you and I just paid $250,000.

It’s only the first round, but my money is already on the Redskins.

This came across in the comments:

[And yes, Firefox and WordPress are suddenly not playing together nicely. You may need to switch to Internet Explorer to watch the video, or else Just click here to watch it on the Youtube site.]

UPDATE: “Alcohol, sex, and cigars…” (I think I have died and gone to blogger heaven.)

I would like to say, right here, right now, that I am willing, anytime, anywhere, to hold this debate with Sally Kurtz. Obviously, I will be taking the “For-” position.

Supervisor Kurtz, please have your people contact my people.

UPDATE II: New motto: “Loudoun County takes looking a gift horse in the mouth to the next level.”

In the greater Washington DC metropolitan area there is no more potent brand name than the Washington Redskins. But it goes further than that. For decades in our nation’s history, through the Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations – before most of the Baby Boomers had entered kindergarten – the Redskins were the preeminent “local” professional football team throughout the American southeast, with a fan base extending from Maryland through Florida and as far west as Texas. East of the Mississippi and south of the Mason-Dixon line, you can find communities of Redskins fans whose roots go back for generations.

That is why the Redskins are an NFL franchise like none other (and I say this, begrudgingly, as a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan). That is why, despite a record of often chronic mediocrity since the early 1990s, the burgundy and gold has grown into one of the two most profitable franchises in all of professional sports (the other being a certain silver and blue team in Texas).

Little known to much of the “Redskins Nation” is the fact the Redskins spend the vast majority of their time in Loudoun County, with the main offices and training facility at Redskins Park located off the Loudoun County Parkway. But Loudoun has gotten precious little PR or money for that matter as a result of this silent partnership.

Now, Loudoun County, the area’s residential mega mart with homes as far as the eye can see and a commercial tax base consisting of seven motels and a roadside custard stand (and some massive corporations asked only to provide beer money for the Board of Supervisors’ summer picnic), has an opportunity to co-brand with the Washington Redskins – and serve as home for the future Redskins’ Hall of Fame museum. The price tag for Loudoun County’s share of this joint marketing effort is $250,000, which would be drawn from money already allocated to promote tourism here. This would appear to be a no brainer, because the Redskins brand is only going to get stronger, and our county desperately needs the revenues that would accrue from becoming a destination with more emotional buy-in than the airport is currently affording us.

For an excellent introduction to this issue, please click here to go read Loudoun Insider’s story at Too Conservative. Then come back here, please, to read the rest.

Unfortunately, there is a contingent on the Board of Supervisors who contend the money would be better spent educating hospitality workers about the Journey Through Hallowed Ground (JTHG) which is a stretch of road in western Loudoun that is being preserved from future development.

So either the $250,000 will be spent on a marketing initiative to allow Loudoun County to formally co-brand itself with the national powerhouse franchise Washington Redskins and open the door for the Redskins to build their Hall of Fame here, or the $250,000 will be spent on literature, receptions and meetings for personnel from wineries, antique shops, restaurants and bed and breakfasts in western Loudoun to tell them all how wonderful the JTHG project is so they can pass the information along to customers … at some point in the future, this educational effort is supposed to benefit Loudoun County.

It appears one of the main interest groups advocating to get the $250,000 spent on western Loudoun is the same group that funded many of the Democratic supervisors’ recent campaigns on the “slow growth” agenda. Read into that what you will.

I have also heard that at least one of the Democratic supervisors, Andrea McGimsey, is opposing the cross-marketing project with the Redskins in part because she has a problem with the “Redskins” name. Frankly, I have trouble believing this, because Ms. McGimsey’s district is practically ground zero for the Redskins Nation – portions only a few miles from Redskins Park – and from my brief conversations with her she seems reasonable and honestly concerned about her contituents. But the rumor is out there that she finds the name of the team offensive. Let’s hope this is not true and, in any case, that Supervisor McGimsey would have a bias for economic growth in Loudoun County.

Regardless of the hearsay, the fact of the matter is the Board of Supervisors may well vote against the Washington Redskins project and send the $250,000 to promote tourism in the western part of the county. I think this would be a major opportunity lost.

The public hearing will be tomorrow night, Monday, December 1, 6:30 pm, in the Board Room of the Loudoun County Government Center, 1 Harrison Street, S.E. in Leesburg. The matter will be voted on by the Board of Supervisors Tuesday morning. If you are a Redskins fan, or concerned about the lack of commercial tax revenue in Loudoun County, please show up at the meeting Monday evening and sign up to speak (arrive at 6:30 pm and walk down to the right front part of the room and ask to have your name put on the speakers’ list. They will call you up and you can speak for up to three minutes saying why you think we should spend the money on the Redskins project).

Here is the story in Loudoun Times earlier this month.

“Wouldn’t that be something to say, ‘Redskins Park at Loudoun County?’” said Supervisor Lori Waters (R-Broad Run), who chairs the Board of Supervisors’ economic development committee. “This is exciting news.”

The partnership would allow Loudoun to place its name throughout all Redskins-owned media outlets. A county banner advertisement would appear on the team’s Web site, and mention of the county would be made regularly on Redskins-owned radio stations and television programs. Also, “Home of the Washington Redskins” would appear on the county Web site and on other county material.

If you cannot make it to the hearing, send an e-mail with your thoughts on the matter to the entire Board of Supervisors at Or you can go to this page on the Loudoun County Web site and click on the name of each supervisor to contact them individually.