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Not to rehash this old debate (and I realize that I was likely in the minority as more Loudouners probably wanted the metro) but the Washington Post produced a poll and article that I thought everyone would find of interest. The article basically says that the Silver Line may not be worth the cost. The way I see it, going through Tysons, and perhaps even going all the way to Dulles made some sense, but going further into Loudoun made no sense. The cost of driving into DC will be about the same as riding the metro. And more and more citizens of Northern Virginia are actually working there and/or telecommuting more often. Seems that they envision the Silver line as being DC’s version of the Long Island Railroad.

On the other hand, trying to see the bright side, with the new ‘urbanism’ proceeding full speed ahead in Northern Virginia, a future trip to Tysons or Reston during Christmas season would probably make more sense on the Metro given the planned lack of parking and the coming increased tolls on 267. But then again, who wants to haul all those gifts around in a train?

By the way, are they planning to discontinue the bus service after the Silver Line opens in Loudoun? I would think that something has to give, and it certainly won’t be the Silver Line. But then again who knows? The Silver line may make a pretty nice bike trail in 100 years!

This is from the Scott York campaign.

Dear Delegate,

Yesterday, Loudoun taxpayers and commuters won a great victory on the Rail to Dulles project. The Airports Authority finally agreed to my demand and cut more than Half a Billion Dollars from its bloated budget by switching from their boondoggle below-ground rail station.

I have worked hard with Governor Bob McDonnell’s administration and Congressman Frank Wolf to force MWAA to scrap the underground station and build the much cheaper aerial station. With this victory yesterday and other cost-saving measures such as privatizing the parking garages and reducing the size of the rail yard, the cost of Rail to Dulles is nearly back to its original projected price tag instead of grossly over budget.

Steve Stockman simply does not support rail to Loudoun. This project is vital to the growth of the commercial development in the Dulles corridor and expanding Loudoun’s commercial tax base so we can lower residential property taxes!

On Saturday, you have an opportunity to support the one Chairman candidate who has been actually doing something to fix our transportation problems – and cut costs. Mr. Stockman still thinks transportation is “not that big” of an issue. (Ashburn Patch, May 24, 2011 candidate interview)

I would be honored to have your support at the Republican convention! Please vote for Scott York to help keep Governor McDonnell’s promise of keeping Virginia moving forward.


Scott York