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Not much of true interest, as far as I’m concerned, until this evening. But watching the Washington-St. Louis game, at the start of the 4th quarter, I must say I appreciate the Redskins allowing the game to stay so close, because it is more interesting that way.

UPDATE: 12:00 left in the 4th. After recovering a crucial turnover, the ‘Skins quickly stink up the joint and end up punting from their end zone. It is going to be up to the defense as so often in the past.

UPDATE II: ‘Skins pulled it off, not exactly in impressive fashion especially on the offensive side of the ball – but a win is a win.

UPDATE III:  Anyone see the Dallas-New York opening? Pretty impressive visual extravaganza, akin to an olympics.

UPDATE IV: After seeing President GW Bush and John Madden sitting together at the game, tell me this: Don’t you feel better about Bush now, than you did 6 months ago?

UPDATE V: The Cowboys are looking bad. Really bad. Badly coached. Does this ring a bell? Yes, like the past 15 years of Dallas Cowboys history.

UPDATE VI: At 1:20 left in the 2nd quarter, the overall game seems close, but the Giants are making the big plays off Tony Romo’s mistakes. 20-14 NY

UPDATE VII: But the Boys bring it back to 20-17 at the end of the half. Cool. Now we have to listen to the NBC moron Olbermann.

UPDATE VIII: Dallas takes the lead 24-20 with three minutes left in the 3rd. If they can overcome their many mistakes to pull this game out it will be a huge morale victory going forward. In any case, they have shown they can play with the NFCs best. In September. That’s our challenge.

UPDATE IX: The Gints are looking good – well, not exactly good, but better than us for sure. 27-24 with 12 minutes to play. They make the plays we can’t make.

UPDATE X: 3:40 left, Cowboys ahead 31-30. Up to the defense.

UPDATE XI: Giants win. Well, I’d rather have the Cowboys lose in September, and perhaps build more character for December, because that is when they have had the problems. They have been the kings of September for several years now.

Not that it’s remotely likely to happen, but it would be wonderful for San Diego and poor old Norv Turner to knock off the Patriots.

At this juncture, the Chargers have shown they can control the game and also cannot score. It is 14-12 Patriots leading at the end of the 3rd quarter. Chargers play a lot of great football and then kick field goals; Patriots stumble around and every once in a while put it in the end zone. It just isn’t fair.

But if Norv could pull this one out … what a difference it would make for HIS particular head coaching career, the guy who despite his technical knowledge has seemed to show an inability to instill killer instinct in his players. What he has instilled so far over the years has seemed more like “I don’t want to disappoint my mom.” But the Chargers are playing well, especially in defense. If they could just get into the end zone once…

UPDATE: Well, it’s interesting, the Chargers are the third team this season that definitely had the Patriots figured out, but just could not close the deal. On the plus side the Patriots win will make it that much easier to take sides in the Super Bowl.

Settling in to watch some football before flying home tomorrow, and as if anyone cares here are my thoughts …

You all watching the Snow Bowl in Green Bay? That is some extreme precipitation. At this rate there will be five inches on the ground by the time the fourth quarter ends. Green Bay once again seems to have the weather on its side. It will be interesting to see just what Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck is made of. Personally, I wanted to see Seattle win because I think Dallas has a much better chance against them – BUT ….

Dallas, as much as I love them, will have their hands full tomorrow. Beating the same team three times in one season is not highly likely. This would apply to the absolute best team playing the absolute worst team, let alone two that are evenly matched….

And on that note, I think the Jaguars are going to be very hard for the Patriots to beat tonight. The Eagles, Ravens and Colts helped sketch the game plan to beat New England; in part, run the ball on offense and pressure Brady on defense. Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio is a smart guy and will have that team ready with the right game plan.

UPDATE: My wife has posted a guessing game about where we are this week.

UPDATE II: Congrats, Packers. That was not much of a game. It begs the question of was the one team great or did the other team blow donkey. I’m not King Solomon, so don’t ask me. It’s hard not to root for Brett Favre – if the Giants win tomorrow I will have to say, “Sorry, Gints fans, but I am rooting for Green Bay.”

UPDATE III: NE vs Jacksonville, end of second quarter: 14-14 says to me, the Patriots are mortal. Be very afraid, Patriots.

UPDATE IV: If the Cowboys get their act together enough to beat the Giants tomorrow, they will win the Super Bowl. Here’s why I say this: Dallas has enough talent to beat anyone, but they have shown an inclination to play to the level of their competition. The Giants are a really good team, and at this point in the season they will be Dallas’ final test.

UPDATE V: Hey, the Jaguars look ok. At 4:04 left in the third quarter they just lost a TD on a dropped pass, but these things happen. Their quarterback, David Garrard, has to be one of the major inspirational success stories of modern sports, so how can you not root for this guy – especially against the Superman/New York Yankee/Little-Lord-Fauntleroy Tom Brady? (RE: that “roughing” penalty at 1:50 in the third).

UPDATE VI: So much for interest and romanticism – Green Bay and New England, the favorites, won. Bleh.