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Here is Sarah Palin’s speech last week at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville.

Beyond being an outstanding public speaker, the reasons Sarah Palin poses such a threat to the left and the elitists are her authenticity and her clarity of expression on religion, morality and political philosophy. It is almost an hour time commitment to watch the entire appearance but it is worth it if you want to understand her current appeal.

Sarah is Everywoman. She can talk about her faith without a hint of contrivance, and she tells the stories of the remarkable events in her life in terms that resonate with all of us. The real Sarah Palin is very hard not to like. That is why they are so afraid of her.


Thank you, Ace.

UPDATE: Welcome to our Other McCain visitors!! And thanks to our buddy RS for yet another Stacylanche, of which few have been repaid by even the barest attempt at a Rule #2 reacharound. My bad. I have a post in the works on some of the brightest stars in the blogosphere and R.S. McCain will be featured prominently, it’s just this year has been a bad year for getting anything serious done in my off hours so I have been totally remiss in acknowledging the latest developments such as the new majordomo of DC blogs.

Color me surprised: The National Organization for Women (NOW) has actually acknowledged that David Letterman is a scumbag for his comments about Sarah Palin and her daughters.

Dave Letterman on Late Night June 10

David Letterman used his June 10 “Late Night” program to confront the daughter-raping issue head on.

Insisting that when he talks about daughters being raped, “Late Night” host David Letterman said on his June 10 broadcast that “I would never, never make jokes about raping or having sex of any description with a 14-year-old girl” and noted that when he spoke of Sarah Palin’s daughter being raped, he was referring to the 18 year-old, not the 14 year-old.

Nipping the recent controversy in the bud, Letterman went on to declare “you can rest assured, all of your daughters under the age of 15 are perfectly safe around me.”

David Letterman and young girls

It’s looking very good for Saxby Chambliss to become the 41st Republican senator in the upcoming session.

Click here to follow the results at the AJC blog. Just keep hitting F5.

He’s running much stronger than he did in the general election.

If Chambliss does win in a landslide, let me be the first to say: Thanks, Sarah.

UPDATE: at 9:00 pm Chambliss leads by over 250,000 votes – more than 60% – with over half the precincts reporting.

UPDATE II: … and at 9:05 pm, AP calls the race for Chambliss. Thanks, Sarah.

Not one to avoid controversy for long, Alaska Governor and former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin is back in the news for an interview she gave at a location that was possibly not thoroughly vetted by her public relations staff.

As Palin nonchalantly fielded questions from reporters in an ad hoc press opportunity on the occasion of her annual “pardoning” of a turkey for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day holiday, both the television cameras and audience noticed something terrible occurring in the background as the governor blithely continued the back and forth with the press.
Sarah Palin Al Franken
Just outside the governor’s field of vision but completely observable by everyone else, an apparently crazed political candidate from Minnesota was crushing small dogs one after the other, saying “THIS is how we win. THIS is how we win. THIS is how we win.”

During the course of the nearly 10-minute interview, an estimated 17 small dogs were either suffocated, or mortally wounded from massive blunt force trauma.

Confronted with the video evidence, neither the governor nor her staff would comment on yet another major miscalculation by the woman who would have been next in line for the presidency of the United States of America.

Just an observation as to why Sarah Palin has become such a phenomenon that she has literally (and I mean that exact word) been getting more television time than Barack Obama since the election. Add in the Internet and (such as it is) print “media” and I’d say it’s Palin over Obama by about 20%.

Why is such a crazy thing happening?

Obviously reason #1 is because Americans by and large are fascinated by Sarah Palin and want to know more about her. From the perspective of the mainstream media people, who are largely liberal but also quite concerned about making a buck these days, Sarah Palin represents eyeballs. As a longtime liberal Democrat, even I can accept this obvious fact.

But I think it is also because Sarah Palin represents an extreme anti- figure to us liberals. She freaks us out completely. Oh yes, the media workers are liberal but this means they are also 100% in touch with the liberal mindset, which means they think she is a monstrosity, and they recognize such things can be profitable so all the more justification to cover the airwaves with all-Palin all the time if that is what viewers want.

Remember: liberals gave us Planet Death and the Terminator movies. Same basic concept.

UPDATE: Here is a pretty interesting final perspective on the 2008 and campaign (and a first glimpse at 2012).