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Sarah Palin is Iron Man on the stump:

She led the 2008 Republican offensive before the 2008 Republican offensive was cool. We need to clone this woman.

Oh, the humanity.

I sincerely hope this story gets out … perhaps via the mainstream media itself? Is it too much to hope for? That Gwen Ifill feels she was disrespected in her journalistic greatness?

Because what little else we know about John Q. Public, we can be certain that John Q. will wholeheartedly relish the notion that Sarah Barracuda made the PBS “journalist” feel put out.

Testify, Gwen, shout it from the rooftops.

And welcome, MSN visitors!!

Long after the 2008 presidential campaign has been filed away, forgotten and all the shouting long since subsided, the one thing we shall ALL remember is the ungodly amount of traffic that Sarah Palin brought to our blogs. That, I assure you, is the story I will tell my grandchildren about.

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It’s time to put Charlie the Clown out to pasture.

Seriously, Charlie Gibson is an embarrassment to American culture. Say goodbye, Charlie the Clown – please.

Via Ace

David Kernell

David Kernell
Memphis, TN
amateur chess player
son of democratic state 93rd district senator Mike Kernell (Tennessee)

Anyone with some free time want to search on “rubico10.”

Background here.

More here

And of course, the most current info is from Full-Time Blogger.

UPDATE: May not be related, but people are starting to say keep an eye on Steve Steffens, aka LeftWingCracker, for a possible tie in to the story.

Steve Steffens

Could be a blind alley, but what the heck.

Todd Palin may turn out to be even more dangerous than Sarah … and shudder the thought that Barack Obama has not even begun to mount an attack. Time’s a wastin’.

Via Powerline: Yeah, I’d say Mr. Palin is pretty likable.

Watch the whole interview here.

Hey, I wonder how a comparison with Michelle Obama would pan out? Y’know, just let each of them speak from their hearts for an hour, and broadcast it to the American people. Supposing there might be some sentiment that the U.S. government has drifted from the people to the elites, it would be interesting to see how Sarah and Todd stack up against Barack and Michelle.

Sarah Palin speaking earlier today in Colorado. Covers Lehman Brothers, reform and economic policy – only about 40% stump speech.

(Found via The Corner)