Over the past few years, particularly since the election of Obama in 2008, I have noticed a growing phenomenon that some have begun to interchangeably refer to as “intra-white status whoring” and “intra-white moral posturing”. In other words, it has become quite fashionable for one group of whites to accuse another group of whites of being “racist”. It has gotten to the point where whites fight over who the “good whites” and “bad whites” are. The “good whites” are usually those who are of like political persuasion, while the “bad whites” are the political opponents.  Whites probably accuse other whites of racism more often these days than blacks ever do.

Note that I did not mention “white guilt” in any of this. This has almost nothing to do with “guilt”, over even blacks at all. It is all about appearing to be morally superior to those whites. In fact, the person accusing you of racism is arguing that YOU should feel guilty since he/she is one of the “good” whites and YOU are a “bad” white. Even if they “apologize”, it is just a bunch of moral grand standing designed to make them look good. It is not about blacks because even when their children get married, there’s not a black in sight amongst the guests. Doesn’t matter. He’s a “good” white person (as proven by his moral grandstanding), while his political opponents are “bad”.

There are people of every political persuasion that are guilty of this, but it takes different forms.

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