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UPDATE: Dave Weigel unearths more about the image that launched a thousand hits (per half hour).

After the recent Halloween unpleasantness the best quick response was that of Shaun Kenney, who asked, basically: “Huh?”

[Note to LCRC: Next crisis, consider hiring Shaun as your first step.]

It’s a fascinating episode for one week out from what had threatened to be a pretty dry election run-up. On one level, you have the mistake itself, magnified by – in its devastating splendor – technology! – for without the means to quickly grab and circulate an image, the newsletter in question would have been before multiple pairs of eyes.

There’s the laughable immediate response from the LCRC, about which there will be PR and communications textbook chapters, mark my words.

And of course there is the usual mock horror from the usual sensitivity police, awaiting with hair trigger reflexes anything that can be construed as offensive. So when something like this episode occurs – a blunder which, coming from an official party committee, would have elicited an explanation even in less superficial times – most public figures are so well trained they race to the denunciation podium. “Most” – thank goodness – not all.

To put it all in perspective, and say thanks to all the public officials who held their voices for a day, here are some images pulled from around the Web out of a quick image search, including great compilations at Zombietime blog and Sodahead.

Not only does Newt Gingrich get it, he does not let Brian Williams get away with it. Gingrich in less than a minute spelled out what is bothering more than half of America about Obamacare. Everything from process to it impact, and all that is in between; Gingrich was succinct and brilliant. He also, in the same minute, took the media to task for its blatant attempt to wound the Republican front runners, and Gingrich did so with a clarity that typifies him when he is firing on all cylinders. Then, in that very same minute, he made an unequivocal and masterful call for unity of purpose — the defeat of Barak Hussein Obama.

The impact of his words is not to be measured by the talking heads for whom Gingrich has obvious disdain. It needs to be affirmed by the fact that the other candidates were nodding their agreement to all three of his points. It needs to be qualified by the three rounds of applause and cheers. The man is flawed, but this is America; as President Sarkozy brilliantly put it, “America embodies this extraordinary ability to grant each and every person a second chance.”

Anyone on that stage is a better choice for America than the current empty suit in the White House. Obama is an ideologue without imagination. He seeks a socialist Utopia, but aside from tired and pedestrian Keynesian bromides — he has no ideas on how to even begin a journey toward any Utopia. Obama is a man that was elected to the presidency who is without accomplishment. He is a mirage. Even the book he has ‘written’ appears to the result of someone else’s effort. Obama was the tabula rasa that was elected to the highest office in the land. Ultimately we must blame ourselves for this error.

Gingrich, unlike the current vacuous White House denizen, is a man of great imagination and worthy accomplishment. He was the author of the welfare reform Clinton signed in the 90′s. Gingrich was the architect of the 1994 tide that gave us the first Republican congress in 50 years. Gingrich is a man of ideas. He was the author of the Contract with America. He is also a man who has shown himself to be ill disciplined. The question is then, “Has he learned from his mistakes”

I am thinking that Gingrich is worth a second look. We need ideas. We need imagination. Newt would crush Obama in a head to head debate. Given the current field, is Gingrich the best choice? I am not sure. I am certain that none of the other candidates are a credibly better choice. Newt is certainly not the media’s choice. That along with his obvious strengths should make him worthy of further consideration.

I am sure many will be following me in this: I am out.

Having done little else in my free time for the past 8 years but political advocacy, I don’t have any regrets. Everyone deserves a break, and with John McCain at the top of the GOP ticket I am taking mine now.

It’s not just a passive thing because I have been well informed that my immediate instinct – advocating for a third party candidate for president – would be destructive, so by shutting up I am actually doing some good in the minds of those who see a Democratic victory in November as ominous. No more committees, no more delegations, no more party activism – and no more ragging on the ticket. I’ll be doing no harm.

You’re welcome.

UPDATE: Oh, that does not include the local party or even the national party. I am sure there will be a need for plenty of comment on the party. But I will leave the ticket alone, to stand on its own.