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This is interesting. The opposite of the self important narcissism is called humility. Obama is a walking monument to hubris. It appears that Romney is more of the genuine article than the cypher will ever be, or could be. He is certainly more genuinely decent than the caricature presented by the Democrats and their operatives.

The messiah is a leader in a cult of personality. Teachers brainwashed children to sing praises of him. This is the repeated pattern of a cult. This certain cult has been a scourge on humanity since its inception. It will never go away, so long as there is envy in men’s hearts. It will require the eternal vigilance of good men to keep it in check — lest liberty fade. Socialism is the political expression of envy in its most hateful form. Be it national socialism, or the communism of Mao. It is all the same evil cult.

The Republicans have some talent in their bullpen. Jindal, McDaniels, Ryan, Paul (to name a few). I have a feeling after the fiasco of the past four years, it will be another 30 before the Democrats, who are now openly progressive socialists, will see a victory like 2008. The Republicans still need to expunge the shame that is the Bush legacy. But that will fade quicker now that we have had four years of Obama.

Duncan Hunter just held a teleconference in which one of the questions was why he endorsed the Huckster – when the Huckster’s continuation in the presidential race will likely result in John McCain as the Republican nominee. The questioner also seemed to imply he’d like to see Hunter reconsider.

Hunter explained that Mitt Romney’s refusal to work against his former company’s – Bain Capital’s – involvement with the Chinese company Huawei Technologies, or even to answer questions about the association, made Romney a “non-starter” for him. (Hunter had publicly called on Romney to terminate a deal by which Huawei was to purchase a large stake in the American company 3com.)

Hunter explained that Huawei had installed telecom equipment in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and in Afghanistan for the Taliban, work that eventually would be used against U.S. armed forces.

Though he did not say so, the implication was that Romney and Huckabee were the only two Hunter would have considered endorsing at the time he dropped out.

Of course, Hunter was under no obligation to endorse anyone. So why endorse a guy whose record on illegal immigration was so antithetical to Hunter’s own supposedly strongly- held positions? My guess is Hunter has such strong antipathy to Mitt Romney that he wanted to help ensure he would not get the GOP nomination: Endorsing Huckabee would help ensure the Huckster would continue to leech support from Romney.

Undoubtedly, Hunter would rather see McCain in the White House than Romney. Though I supported Hunter, I think this was short sighted in light of what is going to happen within the Republican party if McCain is the nominee. Hunter in effect is saying he would rather see a Democrat in the White House.

UPDATE: A couple of other comments by Duncan Hunter were illuminating and should be reported in the interest of full disclosure: He noted that during one of the debates, Romney did not get the opportunity to answer a question Hunter posed about Bain Capital because the moderator changed the subject. He also said, with reference to Romney’s reported change to a more conservative position on abortion, “I could never understand beating a guy up because he comes over to your way of thinking.”

I am not sure these comments ameliorate what Hunter surely seemed to try to do to Romney with the Huckabee endorsement, but the latter comment would possibly explain why Hunter could endorse a formerly avid open borders guy like the Huckster. Maybe Huckabee just convinced him he’d had a change of heart.

Here is a great essay by Mark Levin on the importance of doing everything we can to help Mitt Romney towards the GOP nomination, the main reason being that John McCain would be an exceptionally poor choice as Republican nominee – because for one, he would likely lose, and two, that would be a good thing.

A longtime colleague of John McCain’s has endorsed Mitt Romney:

“The thought of his being president sends a cold chill down my spine,” Cochran said about McCain by phone. “He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me.”

McCain’s run-ins with other Republican senators are legendary…

I’m more concerned about McCain’s liberalism, frankly, than his temper. As the Captain notes, he does not evoke confidence regarding potential Supreme Court nominations – and if he ain’t good for that he ain’t good for much.