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Ron Speakman, candidate for the Republican nomination for Loudoun County Sheriff, has announced a set of policies for dealing with illegal aliens arrested in Loudoun County.

For detailed coverage of Mr. Speakman’s proposals and some good discussions, see:

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NOVA TownHall is conducting interviews with the candidates for the office of Loudoun County Sheriff in the 2011 elections. The first interviews are with the Republican candidates. NOVA TownHall will offer the same opportunity to any Democratic candidates for sheriff who may enter the race, and also extends an open invitation to Sheriff Steve Simpson to be interviewed and to rebut any criticisms which may be leveled against him on these pages.

Click here to read the interview with candidate Mark Davis.

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Ron Speakman is a candidate for the Republican nomination for Loudoun County Sheriff. He will face off against two other candidates in the July 23 convention to represent the Republican Party in the November, 2011 elections.

Click here to learn more about Ron Speakman at his campaign Web site.

NVTH: Why do you want to be Sheriff?

Ron Speakman: In my campaign literature I express my mission of protecting our safety, community, and values. That really sums up why I want to be Sheriff in Loudoun County.

I believe in our country, our constitution and in the rule of law.
When I take office I want to impact the spike in violent crime in our county and provide the Sheriff’s department with the leadership it has been missing.

Most importantly, I want to take this position to help Loudoun’s citizens and their families live in safety.

I began my law enforcement career in California and then moved to Virginia to serve in the Army’s Military Police Force. Through these two initial career experiences, I came to understand the impact I could make through public service. After many years in police work, I started my own company. I built a very successful private sector business. Then as I watched violent crime in Loudoun County skyrocket I came to realize that this was the time to step back into public service.

Violent crime went up by 46% between 2006 – 2008 while the population only increased by 8%, according to the FBI. This is a crisis of leadership in the Sheriff’s Office. As a citizen of Loudoun, a husband, a father and business owner I felt compelled to act. After all, the Sheriff’s Office is the primary law enforcement agency in the county – and it’s not fulfilling its core mission of public safety.

NVTH: How long have you lived in Loudoun County?

Ron Speakman: I moved my family from Alexandria to Loudoun County in 1985 for a job at the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office. My sons Jeremy and Daniel grew up in Loudoun County, and I served here as a Sheriff’s Deputy and then as highly decorated member of the Leesburg Police Force. I have maintained my residence and business holdings here since the move – over 25 years.

NVTH: Why are you more qualified than the other Republican candidates?

Ron Speakman: I bring the best of both worlds to the position of Sheriff in Loudoun. I am a proven business leader and executive, and a decorated law enforcement professional. Twice, in two separate years, I was Leesburg Police Officer of the Year. In addition I received other awards for lifesaving and “The Valor Award.” When I left law enforcement after 13 years, I started my own company and created a team of over 300 employees. It was one of the largest and most successful financial services companies in the state. This combination of business leadership success and law enforcement leadership success is not something that any of the other candidates can offer.

I am the only candidate who has provided in-depth policy solutions, including a unique plan for dealing with criminal activity by illegal aliens.

NVTH: Why are you a Republican?

Ron Speakman: The Republican party is where I belong. Like most Virginians I believe in strong communities and strong values, I believe in limited government that is accountable to the citizens who pay taxes. Finally, I believe in life (for all), liberty and property, and I believe that the Republican Party best represents those constitutional values. I cast my first vote for Ronald Reagan, and I have always supported Republicans.

NVTH: Why do you think Steve Simpson should be replaced as Sheriff?

Ron Speakman: Steve Simpson has been in the Sheriff’s Office for over 16 years. I am not satisfied with his results. He has not done everything possible to combat the increase in violent crime. He is not the leader that the deputies need to do their job. While the crime rate is increasing, Sheriff Simpson is serving as an executive in a private sector company at the same time, and has taken large sums of money from sources that raise strong ethical questions about his judgment – at the very least.

Whether the crime increase has been 1% or 46% – this behavior is not acceptable. I feel that Sheriff Simpson is not the right person in this position – when he does not put the safety of Loudoun County’s citizens above his personal interests. He has failed the leadership test. He has failed the competency test. I pledge to bring leadership and competency back to the Sheriff’s Office.

NVTH: If elected, what are your top priorities?

Ron Speakman: Protecting our safety, our community and our values by arresting the alarming increase in violent crime in Loudoun County. I plan on addressing the crisis in leadership in the Sheriff’s Office, implementing proactive policing policies, combating issues related to crimes committed by illegal aliens and working with other elected officials to influence legislation that will enhance the safety of the citizens in Loudoun County.

The email press release below just arrived from the Mark Davis For Loudoun County Sheriff campaign, apparently as a joint effort with the Verne Dickerson campaign.

While the press release gives no details of any “filth” or “slander and attacks” that may have given rise to the statement, there was an instance at the recent Loudoun County Republican Committee meeting in which Mr. Dickerson took issue with a direct mail piece that had been circulated in late February. That same controversy could be the reason for this joint statement.

If there are any public statements on this matter from either of the other Loudoun County Sheriff campaigns – of Mike Chapman and Ron Speakman – they will be reprinted here at NVTH.

Davis and Dickerson Call For Civility in the Republican Nomination Process for Sheriff

Middleburg, Virginia — March 8, 2011 – Republican Sheriff’s candidates Mark Davis and Verne Dickerson have made a public pledge to run clean, positive campaigns in the race to be the next Sheriff of Loudoun County. In a joint statement, the candidates committed to providing the citizens with the information needed to make an informed decision on Election Day without the filth.

“When the Republican candidates met in January, we made a pledge to keep our campaigns positive. Today the campaigns of Mark Davis and Verne Dickerson reaffirm that commitment.

The people of Loudoun County know that the Sheriff’s Office needs a change. We believe that the decision to elect the next Sheriff of Loudoun County is too important to allow slander and attacks to muddle the race.

We stand together to reject the type of negative campaigning that divides fellow Republicans and demoralizes the electorate. Instead, we promise to run clean, constructive campaigns that focus on the important issues. Our campaigns will feature our backgrounds, experiences and visions for the future of the Sheriff’s Office. We will challenge each other fairly and with respect.

By running positive campaigns, we will keep the focus on repealing and replacing the incumbent Sheriff and ensuring a Republican victory in November.”

# # #

Davis Campaign: Caleb Weitz 703-408-5043
Dickerson Campaign: David Wachsman 703-828-7549

At this point in time, the only interesting local race already defined for the November, 2011 elections is the one for Loudoun County Sheriff. Sheriff Steve Simpson, an Independent, is likely to run for another term, there are four Republican candidates who will square off in a primary, and there may also be a Democratic candidate.

I decided to conduct a quick experiment to see what sort of information is available on the Web about the 2011 Loudoun County Sheriff race, on the assumption there could be some typical Loudoun County voters out there looking to get informed.

This will serve two purposes: Giving a snapshot of currently available information about the candidates, and also showing how each candidate is doing so far in terms of search engine optimization.

The methodology is non-scientific but, I think, representative of how people would search: I used the search term “loudoun county sheriff candidate” in both Bing and Google and recorded hits on the first six pages – only links that are relevant for 2011 and which provide direct access to relevant info. I recorded candidate Web sites, news coverage and blog coverage.

SUMMARY: So far, Verne Dickerson, Mark Davis and Ron Speakman are each doing pretty well, about equally well in the SEO department for their campaign sites. Mike Chapman has to improve his search engine ranking, although he does get some news mentions, and Steve Simpson is nowhere on the radar except for some negative press.

[UPDATE: Needless to say, Steve Simpson does not NEED to have an active campaign Web presence at this time nearly as much as the others because Sheriff Simpson will come up in the search results for anything having to do with "Loudoun County Sheriff" because of all the Sheriff's Office Web presence. Incumbency provides a big SEO advantage so you can start your Web campaign later.]

Here are the results in the order they came up as of February 24, 2011.

Bing search

Page 1

Loudoun Times: “Another candidate wants to wear the sheriff’s badge” (Verne Dickerson)

Loudoun Times: “Mark it down: Loudoun Sheriff’s race gets fifth candidate” (Mark Davis)

Page 2

Mark Davis campaign site

NOVA Common Sense: “Who’s in? Who’s out? Loudoun’s Sheriff Race Shapes up”

Too Conservative: “Mark Davis Joins The Loudoun GOP Sheriff Crowd”

Too Conservative: “Another Sheriff’s Race Post” (mentions Mike Chapman)

Verne Dickerson campaign site

Page 3

Verne Dickerson campaign Facebook page

Washington Post: “Loudoun sheriff donates controversial funds to charity” (Steve Simpson)

Page 4 “Convicted Felon’s Campaign Donations Raise Questions” (RE: Steve Simpson, with quotes from Mike Chapman and Ron Speakman)

Page 5

Page 6

Nothing else by page 6 – nobody’s going to search past page 6.

Google search

Page 1

Loudoun Times: “Another candidate wants to wear the sheriff’s badge” (Verne Dickerson)

Loudoun Times: “Sheriff’s candidate announces part of Step Up action plan” (Mike Chapman)

Ron Speakman campaign site

Mark Davis campaign site – “Republican” page

Page 2

NOVA Common Sense: “Who’s in? Who’s out? Loudoun’s Sheriff Race Shapes up”

Too Conservative: “Mark Davis Joins The Loudoun GOP Sheriff Crowd”

Verne Dickerson campaign Facebook page

Loudoun Times: “Candidate for sheriff announces intentions” (Ron Speakman)

Page 3

Mark Davis campaign site

Too Conservative: “Another Sheriff’s Race Post” (mentions Mike Chapman)

Page 4

Mark Davis campaign Facebook page “Convicted Felon’s Campaign Donations Raise Questions” (RE: Steve Simpson, with quotes from Mike Chapman and Ron Speakman)

Verne Dickerson campaign site

Mark Davis – “A Better Loudoun” page

Page 6 “Sheriff’s Race Opens With First Challenger; Speakman Presses Leadership Change”

Nothing else by page 6.