For Dallas fans, this season has been about men becoming boys. You remember learning about “metamorphosis” in grade school? Well this is the same thing, only backwards.

On that note, I think I know a way to make a silk purse out of this mess and at the same time do some good.

Following is my letter to Rick Hill, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the Valero Alamo Bowl.

Dear Rick,

It has recently come to my attention that the Dallas Cowboys are under no management whatsoever. Therefore, as a 39-year fan of the team, I believe I can legally present myself as official spokesman and chief executive officer.

I have followed with interest your continuing coverage of the lead up to the bowl selection process. On behalf of the Cowboys, I request that you bring the Laredo Alamo Bowl Selection Committee the following proposal:

Have the Dallas Cowboys fill the Big 12 slot and play in the December 29, 2010 Laredo Alamo Bowl against your PAC-10 selection.

Bringing Dallas to play in a college bowl game is appropriate on a number of levels, but for starters please ask the Committee to consider simply the novelty factor and the resulting huge revenues for your stakeholders, including ESPN.

A Dallas Cowboys – Pac-10 Alamo Bowl would be one of the most-watched sporting events of all time, likely bringing a 100% increase in net revenue over last year – and on behalf of the Cowboys I can assure you we will agree to perform for absolutely no compensation whatsoever. We want no share in the take, because we obviously have money to burn and the last thing we need is any more.

Go ahead and split the money as you usually would between the PAC-10 and Big 12. The merchandise sales alone should be worth $50 million, at least.

At 1-7, the Cowboys are not a good football team by NFL standards. But they are not chopped liver, either. For comparison, look at the poor Buffalo Bills, who have fought and scrapped their way in heartbreaking losses to an 0-8 record. Dallas has joshed and sleepwalked through much of the season – many Cowboys barely breaking a sweat in recent games – and they are still one game better than the Bills.

It’s called latent talent, my friend, the elusive asset in all teenage athletes, requiring only decent coaching to tease it out. The Cowboys are awash in it.

In any case, one thing I can assure you after watching almost every minute of the Dallas Cowboys’ 2010 season so far: If you line up these Cowboys against the PAC-10′s (after BCS picks) #1 team, you WILL have a competitive game.

Dallas will be in need of coaches, of course, but it is a vacation week and I will bet that Alamo Heights Mules’ Don Byrd and his staff could make themselves available. Give the high school a 3% portion of net revenues and you will still come out way ahead and you might see a Dallas Cowboys team playing somewhere near their true potential.

Just tell Coach Byrd and his staff they can use their normal disciplinary tactics, that there are no “untouchable” players, and that Jerry Jones will stay completely out of the picture.

Knowing they have to show their faces in San Antonio again next July, just out of self-respect the Cowboys could actually play like they care. But one thing you can take to the bank is that it will be a spectacle. The Dallas Cowboys are all about the sizzle and the cash; let’s take some of that and invest it where it might make a difference, in the next generation of professional football players.

My money will be on the PAC-10, of course.

Thanks for your consideration, and please feel free to contact me at joe (at) if you want me to help set this up.

Joe Budzinski